Providers with Taxonomy: Gastroenterology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jack Soterakis 11576, NYGastroenterology1598768624
Anthony Francis Cordaro 11001, NYGastroenterology1609879451
Jeffrey N Berger 11042, NYGastroenterology1174526941
Anthony Celifarco 11042, NYGastroenterology1205839305
Dean Pappas 11042, NYGastroenterology1962405076
Joseph Tripodi 11042, NYGastroenterology1982607081
John Rizzo 11042, NYGastroenterology1720081813
Henry Sy Lao 11218, NYGastroenterology1649273194
Bart Avrum Kummer 10006, NYGastroenterology1821091166
Jonathan I Warman 10021, NYGastroenterology1083617534
Kenneth I Pearlman 10016, NYGastroenterology1770585952
Michael L. Klein 10016, NYGastroenterology1154325488
Joseph Anthony Caruana 14221, NYGastroenterology1134123417
Stephen M Brenner 10583, NYGastroenterology1245234202
Louis D. May 10956, NYGastroenterology1164426987
Arthur J Berman 10583, NYGastroenterology1013911932
Peter Michael Varunok 12601, NYGastroenterology1598769283
Michael T. Kram 10956, NYGastroenterology1245234830
Stephen Goodman 10956, NYGastroenterology1154325744
Sharon Molinas 10956, NYGastroenterology1063416659
James S. Vela 10956, NYGastroenterology1699779298
Winson Lo 10956, NYGastroenterology1508860107
Mitchell Evan Auerbach 10701, NYGastroenterology1083618607
Orest John Kozicky 10701, NYGastroenterology1861496481
Peter Kim Wayne 10701, NYGastroenterology1831193457
Khurram Iqbal Ashraf 12601, NYGastroenterology1811991508
Salvatore Martin Buffa 12601, NYGastroenterology1346244027
Sunil Kumar Khurana 12601, NYGastroenterology1720082407
Robert Steven Dean 12601, NYGastroenterology1326042011
John F Defrancisco 12027, NYGastroenterology1326040411
George B Boyar 12027, NYGastroenterology1497759740
Donald R Morere 12027, NYGastroenterology1689678930
Mark G Adsit 12027, NYGastroenterology1750385001
Gerardus Lee Jameson 12027, NYGastroenterology1215931563
Arthur H Ostrov 12027, NYGastroenterology1952305203
Howard S Malamood 12027, NYGastroenterology1760486013
Stephen M. Mulrooney 10011, NYGastroenterology1700880168
Howard P Fritz 12801, NYGastroenterology1518962950
Kevin J Herlihy 12801, NYGastroenterology1891790101
Michael Joseph Demaria 11542, NYGastroenterology1790780724
David Lloyd Burns 10566, NYGastroenterology1548265481
Nicholas Roditis 11105, NYGastroenterology1932104494
Peter Rolf Holt 10025, NYGastroenterology1881690352
Jonathan David 10707, NYGastroenterology1922004241
Michael H Finck 10924, NYGastroenterology1467458679
Barry S Obadiah 11105, NYGastroenterology1447256508
Lewis P Schneider 10022, NYGastroenterology1518963420
Kevin L Tack 11030, NYGastroenterology1871599605
Sheldon D. Leidner 12701, NYGastroenterology1649275280
Jeffrey S Brooks 10924, NYGastroenterology1932106499
David J Ellis 10924, NYGastroenterology1891792214
Hal J Freiman 10011, NYGastroenterology1619974953
James David Lax 10021, NYGastroenterology1487651410
Robert Franklin Raicht 10010, NYGastroenterology1407853179
Robert Don Herman 11023, NYGastroenterology1366440067
Jane Vlodov-levitt 11204, NYGastroenterology1518965250
Jacques M. Schmid 11725, NYGastroenterology1972500858
Gina Sue Kwak 11023, NYGastroenterology1396742201
David Gabbaizadeh 11746, NYGastroenterology1194722009
Michele Frances Belding 11373, NYGastroenterology1265439194
Stephen Robert Siegel 11023, NYGastroenterology1871591560
Asim R Malik 11215, NYGastroenterology1518965086
Lance M Siegel 10924, NYGastroenterology1184622672
Chaim B. Reich 10016, NYGastroenterology1194723791
Ravi S Ainapudi 11787, NYGastroenterology1477551091
Michael Joel Goldstein 11023, NYGastroenterology1063410645
Jay Steinberg 11746, NYGastroenterology1366440950
Stuart I. Finkel 10028, NYGastroenterology1114925559
Steven P Field 10016, NYGastroenterology1871591784
Stuart Charles Weinberger 12524, NYGastroenterology1235137902
David J Berger 11042, NYGastroenterology1871591677
Robert D Pfeffer 10016, NYGastroenterology1558360172
John A. Balacki 14760, NYGastroenterology1578562179
Jeffrey Stephen Crespin 10017, NYGastroenterology1164421277
Daniel Charles Mausner 11570, NYGastroenterology1912907882
Dean Nick Cassimatis 12553, NYGastroenterology1821097742
Seth Alan Levin 12553, NYGastroenterology1528067444
Murali Authur Perumal 12553, NYGastroenterology1538169461
Michael Peter Krumholz 10021, NYGastroenterology1700886645
Thomas Aquinas Scileppi 12553, NYGastroenterology1598765430
Daniel J Alpert 10016, NYGastroenterology1063412708
Sebastian Angelo Mazzotta 13617, NYGastroenterology1013917624
Eliot Howard Zimbalist 11209, NYGastroenterology1063412609
James John Betzhold 12208, NYGastroenterology1265432660
Catherine Roberts Bartholomew 12208, NYGastroenterology1689674095
Joseph Frager 10467, NYGastroenterology1992705974
Barry Joseph Kilbourne 12983, NYGastroenterology1619977675
Ali Marhaba 13903, NYGastroenterology1104827138
Mark Jay Kirchblum 11570, NYGastroenterology1578564316
John Podeszwa 10940, NYGastroenterology1841291697
Timothy C Johnson 10013, NYGastroenterology1801895248
Joseph B Felder 10022, NYGastroenterology1174522569
Carylann Hadjiyane 11042, NYGastroenterology1003816786
Naresh K Jain 14301, NYGastroenterology1285633032
David Paul Cohen 12309, NYGastroenterology1972504611
Muhammad Abdullah 11209, NYGastroenterology1053312645
H Alan Schnall 11375, NYGastroenterology1295736817
Arthur Feinerman 11375, NYGastroenterology1952302507
Prem Shanker Misra 11375, NYGastroenterology1366443863
Mark Shumeyko 13903, NYGastroenterology1588665038
Kenneth Marc Miller 10021, NYGastroenterology1164424099
Clarence B Henry 12534, NYGastroenterology1245232917
Luis Ivan Canales 13662, NYGastroenterology1518969260
Tamton Mustapha 12534, NYGastroenterology1962404616
Chris E Lascarides 11021, NYGastroenterology1447242649
Ronald Robinson 11530, NYGastroenterology1881686913
Borys Buniak 13088, NYGastroenterology1497747091
Mark Sander Friedman 11375, NYGastroenterology1912999491
Baroukh El Kodsi 11219, NYGastroenterology1811989247
Perry J Milman 11042, NYGastroenterology1851383194
Mitchell I Weinstein 11795, NYGastroenterology1942292206
Richard Dubin 10016, NYGastroenterology1851384051
Lyn Jennifer Howard 12208, NYGastroenterology1083607287
Henry Leon Safier 11222, NYGastroenterology1255324174
Donald P Kotler 10025, NYGastroenterology1598758435
Michael Allen Lampert 11201, NYGastroenterology1073506937
John Courtney Kaufman 11375, NYGastroenterology1841283546
Richard Pratt Macdermott 12208, NYGastroenterology1497748073
Nicholas Triantafillou 11361, NYGastroenterology1144212853
Robert El Kodsi 11204, NYGastroenterology1710979158
Jijy Easow 10453, NYGastroenterology1508859539
Mitchell Josephs 10567, NYGastroenterology1063413532
Herman B Kleinbaum 10567, NYGastroenterology1528069093
David Samuel Eskreis 30322, NYGastroenterology1265424550
Lisa Ganjhu 10019, NYGastroenterology1710970702
Hyman L Kirschenbaum 10019, NYGastroenterology1063405900
Lawrence Bruce Cohen 10029, NYGastroenterology1023010956
Basil Lucak 10016, NYGastroenterology1720071145
Morris Traube 10016, NYGastroenterology1679566095
Ira Daniel Breite 10024, NYGastroenterology1306830732
Jonathan Rosenberg 10016, NYGastroenterology1578556908
Roshini Rajapaksa 10016, NYGastroenterology1609869023
Cherif M. El Younis 11212, NYGastroenterology1417941618
Aamer Mirza 13413, NYGastroenterology1730173857
Nora V. Bergasa 11206, NYGastroenterology1396739553
Thomas J Romano 13088, NYGastroenterology1720072846
Kirk J Zachary 06851, NYGastroenterology1376537563
Swaminath K. Iyer 11203, NYGastroenterology1700870474
Stephen M Krigsman 11570, NYGastroenterology1881688646
Joseph Aboujaoude 10306, NYGastroenterology1750375416
Charles S Narasi 14150, NYGastroenterology1649264151
Isadore Phillip Gutwein 10463, NYGastroenterology1053306480
Michael Krickellas 11209, NYGastroenterology1659366862
Henry Sidney Pohl 12208, NYGastroenterology1982699054
Michael S Ader 10463, NYGastroenterology1760477830
Robert Alan Rosenzweig 12601, NYGastroenterology1073508818
Howard N Garson 12401, NYGastroenterology1154316826
Stephen P Esposito 11358, NYGastroenterology1639165293
Seth Joseph Richter 12208, NYGastroenterology1780670323
John Barclay Rodgers 12208, NYGastroenterology1871589465
Herbert I. Pasternak 11758, NYGastroenterology1184610370
Paul M Stoopack 07306, NYGastroenterology1073509931
David Franklyn Stein 10463, NYGastroenterology1285620237
Arthur J Vogelman 11375, NYGastroenterology1417943200
Eileen Frances Colligan 10924, NYGastroenterology1972599645
Michael J Bradford 11030, NYGastroenterology1366439762
Joel Albert 11209, NYGastroenterology1396732384
Safak Reka 11203, NYGastroenterology1538154844
Phillip Moskowitz 11793, NYGastroenterology1285628032
William Stephen Silver 10994, NYGastroenterology1720074172
Robert Allen Sable 10463, NYGastroenterology1487649554
Arthur G Walczyk 12601, NYGastroenterology1003800723
Paul D Burrows 12601, NYGastroenterology1023002748
Madhavi Gaddam 12601, NYGastroenterology1932193653
Ravi Hotchandani 12601, NYGastroenterology1477547198
Bhavna N Balar 10457, NYGastroenterology1336137322
Biswarup Syam 13045, NYGastroenterology1942299771
Adam Howard Beckerman 11783, NYGastroenterology1518956366
Stanley Alan Fox 11758, NYGastroenterology1780673566
Lester Frederick Goldblum 11783, NYGastroenterology1962491654
Arain Mohammad Nawaz 11777, NYGastroenterology1083603070
Richard B. Rubin 11554, NYGastroenterology1851381750
Pretam Ganesh Rampersaud 11228, NYGastroenterology1104816685
Steven Batash 11374, NYGastroenterology1225029242
Gerald S Weinstein 13601, NYGastroenterology1265423081
Bruce Eric Sands 10029, NYGastroenterology1093706665
Frank Evanov 11040, NYGastroenterology1750362984
Jay Kenneth Mehlman 11598, NYGastroenterology1649251885
Yitzhak David Twersky 11559, NYGastroenterology1386625556
Theodore Von Wells 14226, NYGastroenterology1619958816
Michael C Barth 11793, NYGastroenterology1104807130
Michael Finnegan 12010, NYGastroenterology1083695944
Michael L Steckman 12401, NYGastroenterology1285615823
Kevin K Dodd 12401, NYGastroenterology1437130085
James Rand 11361, NYGastroenterology1912988254
Michael Dov Schiff 14263, NYGastroenterology1841271152
Leslie Bank 13903, NYGastroenterology1124000310
Jay Samuel Fenster 11516, NYGastroenterology1467434126
Mark I Rubin 10461, NYGastroenterology1891777694
Jonathan Zinberg 11516, NYGastroenterology1003898602
Steven Kussin 13502, NYGastroenterology1962485128
Brett Gandhi 13421, NYGastroenterology1114900388
Farshad Elmi 12601, NYGastroenterology1477535797
James V Puleo 12206, NYGastroenterology1487636254
Corina Serer 11783, NYGastroenterology1700875556
Steven Leonard Kadish 11559, NYGastroenterology1154303683
Farah Toyserkani 12601, NYGastroenterology1821087362
Seth Andrew Gross 10016, NYGastroenterology1154304111
Howard D Merzel 14526, NYGastroenterology1447233002
David Reuben Musher 10029, NYGastroenterology1104800218


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