Providers with Taxonomy: Gastroenterology in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jorge L Cortes-ruiz 00961, PRGastroenterology1770586273
Henry Gonzalez-rivera 00926, PRGastroenterology1770586265
Walter E Janer-martinez 00961, PRGastroenterology1134122625
Harry Ruiz-figueroa 00725, PRGastroenterology1942203427
Manuel R Urbistondo-feliciano 00926, PRGastroenterology1710980297
Victor J Colon-vazquez 00725, PRGastroenterology1598768061
Manuel A Santini Santiago 00923, PRGastroenterology1346243722
Hato Rey Medical Gastro,csp 00917, PRGastroenterology1316942956
Ferdinand Panelli 00716, PRGastroenterology1144226051
Melvyn Miguel Acosta 00919, PRGastroenterology1811993660
Jose Martin Ortiz 00921, PRGastroenterology1902802051
Edward S Singh 00680, PRGastroenterology1629076260
Hector M Perez Arroyo 00921, PRGastroenterology1043218480
Rafael E Rodriguez - Lopez 00918, PRGastroenterology1275530743
Nestor S. Aponte-reyes 00674, PRGastroenterology1003816802
Omar Javier Perez Jimenez 00680, PRGastroenterology1891795381
Ricky Jimenez 00907, PRGastroenterology1457352890
Instituto De Gastroenterologia De P.r. 00918, PRGastroenterology1942294012
Myriam Villafana-suarez 00918, PRGastroenterology1346234358
Raul Marquez Santiago 00683, PRGastroenterology1063406643
Juan R. Colon-pagan 00918, PRGastroenterology1154316685
Luis A Arturi 00918, PRGastroenterology1063407591
Fernando Ramos-mercado 00918, PRGastroenterology1972598407
Filiberto Colon-rodriguez 00918, PRGastroenterology1225023757
Jose C Jimenez 00917, PRGastroenterology1508851049
Marcia R Cruz-correa 00921, PRGastroenterology1962497164
Ruben Lugo Zambrana 00784, PRGastroenterology1225023567
Gastroenterology Centre C.s.p. 00784, PRGastroenterology1992790133
Gastro Sur Psc 00751, PRGastroenterology1124575444
Arnaldo I Rosa Torrens 00791, PRGastroenterology1679568620
Carmelo Herrero-torres 00791, PRGastroenterology1346230349
Rafael E Medina-rivera 00705, PRGastroenterology1568453157
Maria Eugenia Rios-enriquez 00683, PRGastroenterology1811988199
Acisclo Miguel Marxuach 00966, PRGastroenterology1043291628
Luis A Marrero-torres 00961, PRGastroenterology1184606998
Ivelisse Ramirez 00959, PRGastroenterology1083696629
Esther A. Torres 00929, PRGastroenterology1871576900
Ramon Rullan 00961, PRGastroenterology1417930488
Francis Zayas 00717, PRGastroenterology1255314993
Eladio Perez Cruz 00909, PRGastroenterology1194701706
Cristobal Gomez Duarte 00909, PRGastroenterology1972589414
Carlos Micames Muzaber 00680, PRGastroenterology1023095692
Rodolfo Rodriguez 00921, PRGastroenterology1578540423
Angel Manuel Molina 00969, PRGastroenterology1114905726
Roger David Polish 00961, PRGastroenterology1528047339
Waldo Santiago Montalvo 00603, PRGastroenterology1386624716
Roberto M. Vendrell 00969, PRGastroenterology1407830250
Rafael Armando Morales Solis 00961, PRGastroenterology1871579425
Suzette Rivera Macmurray 00907, PRGastroenterology1982678744
Gastroenterology And Therapeutic Endoscopy Center Psc 00907, PRGastroenterology1831165265
Allan Santiago 00907, PRGastroenterology1457327306
Pablo J Costas 00927, PRGastroenterology1558338616
Gines A Martinez-mangual 00725, PRGastroenterology1447228838
Joham Senior Marino 00960, PRGastroenterology1053370130
Hamid Galib 00909, PRGastroenterology1508825159
Federico Rodriguez Perez 00909, PRGastroenterology1639143480
Francisco J Vizcarrondo 00738, PRGastroenterology1972579571
Nelson R Medina 00731, PRGastroenterology1770543514
Arnaldo M Nieves Ramirez 00717, PRGastroenterology1902866437
Wilfredo Vazquez 00717, PRGastroenterology1881656304
Jaime Martinez-souss 00909, PRGastroenterology1063474872
Harry J Rodriguez-mcdougall 00780, PRGastroenterology1609839588
Javier Ivan Arroyo 00791, PRGastroenterology1598729162
De Jesus torres, Gastroenterologos Del Oeste, Csp 00680, PRGastroenterology1386608446
Roberto E Mera Lastra 00745, PRGastroenterology1407812381
Abdiel Cruz-loubriel 00969, PRGastroenterology1326005364
Doris H Toro 00921, PRGastroenterology1497705479
Fernando Fernandez Rosario 00918, PRGastroenterology1548211071
Virgen M Baez 00726, PRGastroenterology1326099466
Betty Chinea Cruz 00674, PRGastroenterology1073566402
Ivan Antunez Gonzalez 00969, PRGastroenterology1962457408
Aileen Guzman Morales 00674, PRGastroenterology1083660807
Luis Rafael Gonzalez 00612, PRGastroenterology1093757858
Rafael Solis-mounier 00959, PRGastroenterology1144262270
Paul James Nieves 00983, PRGastroenterology1386687044
David Rivera 00959, PRGastroenterology1851334262
Manuel E Imbert Garraton 00917, PRGastroenterology1326076068
Maria I Dueno 00959, PRGastroenterology1295766855
Rafael Pastrana Laborde 00917, PRGastroenterology1073545257
Evelio Felix Bravo-fernandez 00918, PRGastroenterology1942233192
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00936, PRGastroenterology1255357174
Conrado W Asenjo 00923, PRGastroenterology1104835073
Univ Central Del Caribe 00960, PRGastroenterology1770594392
Felix M Rivera Borges 00680, PRGastroenterology1821000928
Ramon A. Marrero 00959, PRGastroenterology1336252907
Hector L Lozano 00917, PRGastroenterology1619083680
Viviana T Caban Garces 00680, PRGastroenterology1205941580
Juan T Tomasini 00921, PRGastroenterology1720197338
Diomedes Dieppa Mulero 00725, PRGastroenterology1861501975
Carlos A Latimer 00961, PRGastroenterology1508969833
Felix M Rivera Borges, Csp 00680, PRGastroenterology1124122510
Rene Rocha Rodriguez 00612, PRGastroenterology1235236670
Ivette Rodriguez-ruiz 00959, PRGastroenterology1649368416
Roberto L Casanova 00917, PRGastroenterology1437230463
Dagmary Purcell 00972, PRGastroenterology1134203276
Wilmer Rodriguez Silva 00961, PRGastroenterology1235215476
Wilfredo Pagani 00907, PRGastroenterology1477630127
Ricardo Jose Arroyo 00959, PRGastroenterology1750491056
Johanna Bigio 00987, PRGastroenterology1528179546
Rafael Andre Perez-bartolomei 00674, PRGastroenterology1871692319
Edwin Melendez Rios 00921, PRGastroenterology1467556159
Jose A Rios Collazo 00792, PRGastroenterology1700954666
Jorge Luis Hernandez-denton 00921, PRGastroenterology1447310537
Grupo Gastroenterologico Del Este P S C 00791, PRGastroenterology1235299306
Francisco Carlos Cebollero 00680, PRGastroenterology1073674271
Grupo Gastroenteroloyico Del Este 00792, PRGastroenterology1093877532
Gastrointestinal Diseases And Nutrition Consultant 00917, PRGastroenterology1669538716
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00984, PRGastroenterology1245397264
Luis E Navarro 00923, PRGastroenterology1508913930
Leonardo Castro 00959, PRGastroenterology1871641969
Jose Alberto Rivera-rodriguez 00918, PRGastroenterology1265582068
Francisco Javier Quintero Pena 00674, PRGastroenterology1306999859
Rafael A Mosquera Fernandez 00792, PRGastroenterology1588700173
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00929, PRGastroenterology1326189242
Victor Luis Carlo 00918, PRGastroenterology1104968676
Neuro Gi Wellness Centre Psc 00926, PRGastroenterology1053455014
Diana M Colon Gorbea 00918, PRGastroenterology1669508370
Clinica De Gastroenterologia 00961, PRGastroenterology1811023252
Instituto Digestivo De Puerto Rico, P.s.c. 00725, PRGastroenterology1548397573
Gastrocorp & Assoc., Psc 00725, PRGastroenterology1720115249
Centro De Gastroenterologia 00784, PRGastroenterology1922136068
Luis Martinez-sierra 00717, PRGastroenterology1376673335
Rafael A Martir-guevara 00717, PRGastroenterology1508996562
Jorge Melendez- Bonilla 00917, PRGastroenterology1902921364
Centro Gastroenterologia Avanzada Del Norte Csp 00961, PRGastroenterology1639206667
Ramon De Jesus 00683, PRGastroenterology1558485771
Marina Amelia Torres 00680, PRGastroenterology1164556635
Wanda E Ortiz Muniz 00674, PRGastroenterology1245379304
Mamie Annexy Lopez 00674, PRGastroenterology1497894505
Jose E Najul Zambrana 00612, PRGastroenterology1912079203
Jose W Baez 00680, PRGastroenterology1154443661
Neal C Monagas 00680, PRGastroenterology1629190145
Wilson Ortiz Cotti 00674, PRGastroenterology1295952984
Dilany M. Cancel- Font 00926, PRGastroenterology1679788376
Michelle Rivera Resto 00771, PRGastroenterology1982812376
Jorge David Melendez Hernandez 00674, PRGastroenterology1841491321
Yadira Mayttee Correa 00920, PRGastroenterology1275735938
Miguel A De Varona Negron 00726, PRGastroenterology1235331943
Lilliana Morales-vasquez 00909, PRGastroenterology1215130588
Arnaldo Enrique Lasa Imbert 00917, PRGastroenterology1801092671
Wilma L Cotto Oyola 00961, PRGastroenterology1235320086
Rafael Cordero-arill 00935, PRGastroenterology1851584130
Jeannette Aileen Vergeli-rojas 00921, PRGastroenterology1457545246
Clinica De Gastroenterologia Dr. Rafael Perez Bartolomei Csp 00674, PRGastroenterology1437339462
Irene S Villamil - Sanchez 00921, PRGastroenterology1518148782
Gastroenterologia Avanzada Del Caribe,c.s.p. 00680, PRGastroenterology1760645105
Jose E Rivera-acosta 00917, PRGastroenterology1922201292
Manati Gastrointestinal Office Psc 00674, PRGastroenterology1215124680
Karla Michel Amaral 00725, PRGastroenterology1275737389
Dilka I. Gonzalez-ortiz 00737, PRGastroenterology1649432543
Emanuel Warrington-colon 00727, PRGastroenterology1629262456
Carol Lorenis Torres-cotto 00613, PRGastroenterology1831386887
Jose M Vega-martinez 00922, PRGastroenterology1801050695
Robert Brian Sojo-altieri 00674, PRGastroenterology1033367172
Vasco Eguia Moreda 00961, PRGastroenterology1316184161
Dra Barbara Rosado Carrion Psc 00716, PRGastroenterology1932348075
Cotto Laurel Gastroenterology Consultants Psc 00780, PRGastroenterology1871732990
Gastroenterology And Cardiac Arrhythmia Service Psc 00976, PRGastroenterology1497997555
Rvw Gastroenterology Psc 00969, PRGastroenterology1003144569
Acl Gastro Psc 00921, PRGastroenterology1447589247
Zom Professional Gastroenterology, Psc 00926, PRGastroenterology1144530916
Advanced Gastroenterology, Psc 00961, PRGastroenterology1164720975
Dr Ricardo J Arroyo Arroyo Csp 00959, PRGastroenterology1316233885
Pr Gi liver Associates Psc 00912, PRGastroenterology1144516436
Innovative Gastroenterology, Psc 00745, PRGastroenterology1124315809
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00921, PRGastroenterology1013299015
Puerto Rico Gastro, Psc 00680, PRGastroenterology1538437082
Ibrahim Perez 00969, PRGastroenterology1306110762
San Patricio Gastroenterology, Psc 00966, PRGastroenterology1588976161
J.r.a.gastroenterology 00917, PRGastroenterology1093197683
Yamilka Abreu Delgado 00791, PRGastroenterology1164670295
Jose J Munoz Acaba 00922, PRGastroenterology1295984375
Rafael Antonio Urbina-velez 00921, PRGastroenterology1902119845
Loscar Santiago 00921, PRGastroenterology1356655732
Rafael Tirado-montijo 00921, PRGastroenterology1285947127
Mervin Figueroa-pinto 00987, PRGastroenterology1891928123
Felipe Antonio Velez Gonzalez 00611, PRGastroenterology1790012524
Carlos Laboy-olivieri 00926, PRGastroenterology1407080856
Juan Manfredo Marques-lespier 00674, PRGastroenterology1407142227
Sulimar Rodriguez-santiago 00935, PRGastroenterology1982905329
Prosperitus Psc 00926, PRGastroenterology1649525874
A & S Gastrointestinal Diseases Clinics Psc 00969, PRGastroenterology1356692057
Rsm Gastroenterology Services Psc 00959, PRGastroenterology1023369055
Jimenez huyke Medical Offices, M.d. , L.l.c. 00791, PRGastroenterology1316284409
Agm ge,llc 00674, PRGastroenterology1144568098
Betty Chinea,llc 00969, PRGastroenterology1780923409
Integrated Medical Services Inc 00984, PRGastroenterology1366782070
Gastro Services Psc 00603, PRGastroenterology1932548518
Instituto De Gastroenterologia De Humacao 00791, PRGastroenterology1063842854
Malave Surgical Group,psc 00791, PRGastroenterology1164846879
Platinum Gi Consulting Services, Inc 00725, PRGastroenterology1356767990
Castro Gastroenterology Medical Services, Llc 00738, PRGastroenterology1528487949
Lmv Gastroenterology Psc 00909, PRGastroenterology1386064558
Mor Medical Services 00907, PRGastroenterology1518370378
Neuro Gi Wellness Centre, Psc 00926, PRGastroenterology1528475035
Malave Surgical Group, Psc 00771, PRGastroenterology1871901728
Javier I Arroyo Camunas Md Psc 00791, PRGastroenterology1104226000
Hato Rey Gastroenterology Corp. 00918, PRGastroenterology1386032514
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00921, PRGastroenterology1245628445
Rs Gastroenterology, Llc 00969, PRGastroenterology1942697727


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