Providers with Taxonomy: Gastroenterology in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dallas Shone 37660, TNGastroenterology1043213101
Eugene J. Spiotta 38119, TNGastroenterology1821091612
Robert A. Kerlan 38119, TNGastroenterology1881697696
Maan Akram Anbari 38501, TNGastroenterology1952303166
Jay M Philippose 37404, TNGastroenterology1992709364
Winford Richard Mcgowan 37604, TNGastroenterology1922002310
Thomas R. Borthwick 37604, TNGastroenterology1710981105
Lawrence W. Schmidt 37604, TNGastroenterology1427052828
David Brent Welch 37604, TNGastroenterology1871597278
Mark F. Young 37604, TNGastroenterology1568466969
Puneet Goenka 37604, TNGastroenterology1720082126
Dyersburg Clinic Corp 38024, TNGastroenterology1093710568
Chattanooga Gastroenterology, Pc 37404, TNGastroenterology1124024534
Richard H Sadowitz 37404, TNGastroenterology1639175631
Paul D. King 38671, TNGastroenterology1609872704
Mark Allen Miller 37087, TNGastroenterology1699773150
Kenya Kozawa 37874, TNGastroenterology1568460525
Howard R Mertz 37205, TNGastroenterology1649278474
Ronald Edward Pruitt 37205, TNGastroenterology1770582140
Robert W Herring 37211, TNGastroenterology1043219165
Jeffrey P Fenyves 37663, TNGastroenterology1700887106
Susanne S Mckinney 37663, TNGastroenterology1497756787
Edward L Cattau 38138, TNGastroenterology1356342687
Stephen W Fry 37663, TNGastroenterology1750382982
Matthew Edward Bagamery 37403, TNGastroenterology1174525182
Randall C Frederick 38138, TNGastroenterology1487656393
Christopher D Miller 38138, TNGastroenterology1699777409
Richard S Aycock 38138, TNGastroenterology1790787455
Michael J Levinson 38138, TNGastroenterology1508868258
Thomas Carter Towne 38138, TNGastroenterology1700888385
Gary A Wruble 38138, TNGastroenterology1215939897
Myron Lewis 38138, TNGastroenterology1033111661
Terrence L Jackson 38138, TNGastroenterology1760484372
Gastroenterology Center Of The Midsouth 38138, TNGastroenterology1811999394
Bryan F Thompson 38138, TNGastroenterology1164424644
Lawrence D Wruble 38138, TNGastroenterology1093717589
Michael C Diaz 37075, TNGastroenterology1427040021
David Newton Collins 37404, TNGastroenterology1417949900
Danelle Andee Jacobus 37205, TNGastroenterology1730172503
Kimberly Ann Dymond 37129, TNGastroenterology1649263419
Edmond Tanner Conway 37211, TNGastroenterology1871586545
Charles Winters 37115, TNGastroenterology1033102629
Oak Ridge Gastroenterology Associates, Pc 37830, TNGastroenterology1154314615
Ronald Keith Wray 37830, TNGastroenterology1184617649
Kenneth Frederick Luckmann 37830, TNGastroenterology1679566210
Phillip Morgan Ricks 37830, TNGastroenterology1467445015
Clement H Block 37830, TNGastroenterology1528051174
Charles F Gholson 37830, TNGastroenterology1932192499
Charles E Kelly 37160, TNGastroenterology1780678979
Phillip D Bertram 38501, TNGastroenterology1487648507
Nikhil S Shah 37412, TNGastroenterology1104810027
Joyce F Bremer 38501, TNGastroenterology1346234028
Allan Harold Bailey 37203, TNGastroenterology1396739140
Douglas J Springer 37660, TNGastroenterology1336134816
Fredric R Mishkin 37660, TNGastroenterology1134114614
J. Michael Spear 37620, TNGastroenterology1871588368
Douglas E Homoky 37660, TNGastroenterology1073508560
James L Lapis 37620, TNGastroenterology1891780987
Jackson Clinic Pa 38305, TNGastroenterology1285629386
Alan G Carnell 37620, TNGastroenterology1548255649
Gerald F London 37660, TNGastroenterology1659366888
R. Douglas Strickland 37660, TNGastroenterology1629063813
Wallace R Mcgrew 37203, TNGastroenterology1629063854
Jeffrey S. Levine 37620, TNGastroenterology1245225333
John W Duval 38301, TNGastroenterology1902891914
Abu S Fakhruddin 37203, TNGastroenterology1962497867
Mene Sugage Zua 37115, TNGastroenterology1003801937
Nashville Digestive Disease Center, P.c. 37115, TNGastroenterology1518952308
James E Egan 38301, TNGastroenterology1457346041
Thomas J Lewis 37203, TNGastroenterology1760478192
Columbia Medical Group The Frist Clinic Inc 37203, TNGastroenterology1679560023
Maysoon Shocair Ali 37185, TNGastroenterology1841287216
Allan M Menachem 38305, TNGastroenterology1700873056
Bob T Souder 38305, TNGastroenterology1316934664
Trans South Health Care Pc 38305, TNGastroenterology1659368900
Mark W Swaim 38305, TNGastroenterology1649267998
Ronald Mark Short 38301, TNGastroenterology1205823473
Elizabeth W Goodwin 37404, TNGastroenterology1306834064
Amir R Ahmed 37830, TNGastroenterology1205824810
Waverly Clinic Pc 37185, TNGastroenterology1306834908
Siva Maran 37814, TNGastroenterology1619965043
Robert Lee Knox 37129, TNGastroenterology1457349425
Robert P Ingle 37129, TNGastroenterology1740278712
Roy Lee Hood 37129, TNGastroenterology1427046499
Robert Mcphail Hunt 37814, TNGastroenterology1407845787
Ryan M Roberts 37203, TNGastroenterology1871584532
David H Mcmillen 37203, TNGastroenterology1275524936
Harrison J Shull 37203, TNGastroenterology1669463337
Douglas P Mitchell 37203, TNGastroenterology1033100730
Joseph P Parker 37203, TNGastroenterology1013908730
Robert C Dunkerley 37203, TNGastroenterology1720079445
Orin Leonard Davidson 38138, TNGastroenterology1619968294
George D Wright 37203, TNGastroenterology1285625814
Raif Wassef Elsakr 38133, TNGastroenterology1083695704
Daniel Eugene Griffin 38119, TNGastroenterology1093796724
Michael S Dragutsky 38138, TNGastroenterology1851372213
Donald P Hetzel 37404, TNGastroenterology1932181245
James Scott Manton 37404, TNGastroenterology1538141411
Vijaykumar P Patel 37404, TNGastroenterology1558343434
Rolando J. Leal 38138, TNGastroenterology1841272556
Randolph M. Mccloy 38138, TNGastroenterology1316929912
William F Buchner, Jr. 37311, TNGastroenterology1154304574
Stephen Fitzgerald 32958, TNGastroenterology1558344549
Mary Cecelia Portis 38119, TNGastroenterology1265415822
Carles Raylor Surles 38133, TNGastroenterology1851374300
Alan Daniel Samuels 38138, TNGastroenterology1689657223
David Dale Sloas 38133, TNGastroenterology1063495505
Patrick Stephen Yachimski 37232, TNGastroenterology1871577445
William Zachary Taylor 38119, TNGastroenterology1063497642
John David Ward 38138, TNGastroenterology1568447142
Robert Strode Wooten 38138, TNGastroenterology1437134020
Ziad Hanna Younes 38119, TNGastroenterology1285619874
Randy Howard 37075, TNGastroenterology1952386401
Lawrence Delmore Bailey 37660, TNGastroenterology1437134723
Linda Renee Miller 38305, TNGastroenterology1891770921
Gastroenterology Center Of The Midsouth, P.c. 38138, TNGastroenterology1417932492
Michael Jude Sullivan 37660, TNGastroenterology1326023078
Vincent Fiore Vacca 02919, TNGastroenterology1407832595
Medical Specialists Of Cookeville, Pllc 38501, TNGastroenterology1912984196
Raymond Leslie Hargrove 37917, TNGastroenterology1912984378
Lorrie Henson 38501, TNGastroenterology1780662189
Roman E Perri 37232, TNGastroenterology1457339707
The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc 78758, TNGastroenterology1548248750
Joseph L Nelson 24153, TNGastroenterology1447238522
Dean Raymond Conley 37923, TNGastroenterology1306826201
Scott Louis Wilhoite 37909, TNGastroenterology1366422164
Jon Scott Fantz 38301, TNGastroenterology1568442002
Mark W Jackson 37916, TNGastroenterology1699745273
Muhammed Iqbal 37916, TNGastroenterology1144290727
Robert A Pollack 37916, TNGastroenterology1497725089
Richard A Cohn 37916, TNGastroenterology1295705879
Jeffrey I Brown 37916, TNGastroenterology1730159310
Nikhil R Patel 38237, TNGastroenterology1104897032
Ira E Stein 37203, TNGastroenterology1790757821
William F Alexander 37203, TNGastroenterology1609848738
Cntr For Digestive Disorders & Clinical Reasearch 37404, TNGastroenterology1619949666
Quentin Patrick Ray 38104, TNGastroenterology1619949690
Babu V Rao 38305, TNGastroenterology1477525103
Alan C Dopp 37203, TNGastroenterology1407828221
Digestive Endoscopy Center Llc 45429, TNGastroenterology1003888710
Mark D Uhl 37066, TNGastroenterology1912979501
Marshall L Horton 37343, TNGastroenterology1417921917
Roland J St. Hilaire 38103, TNGastroenterology1902871676
Richard Kent Farris 37909, TNGastroenterology1154396950
Barry Victor Maves 37909, TNGastroenterology1063487866
Raj Indru Narayani 37909, TNGastroenterology1407821200
Maria Bonet Newman 37909, TNGastroenterology1689649485
Charles O'connor 37909, TNGastroenterology1720053523
Stanley Lee Miller 37909, TNGastroenterology1194790915
John Michael Haydek 37909, TNGastroenterology1275508095
Steven John Bindrim 37909, TNGastroenterology1255306072
Meade Castleton Edmunds 37909, TNGastroenterology1376519074
Bergein Frederick Overholt 37909, TNGastroenterology1669448031
Donald Franklin Mackler 37404, TNGastroenterology1013983188
Michael Claus Buchholz 37208, TNGastroenterology1588630842
Larry D Shuster 37312, TNGastroenterology1588630891
Sumeet Jagdish Bhushan 37404, TNGastroenterology1558337451
Munford Radford Yates 37404, TNGastroenterology1104892017
Louis Robert Lambiase 37403, TNGastroenterology1245207513
Gregory Szych 38301, TNGastroenterology1841268521
Harold Steven Silver 37923, TNGastroenterology1861461899
Richard L Williams 38301, TNGastroenterology1730158833
Morris A Barocas 37934, TNGastroenterology1801865043
Deaconess Physician Services Llc 73120, TNGastroenterology1427017862
James Chike Ezi-ashi 38501, TNGastroenterology1063473569
Stuart Craig Jarvis 37804, TNGastroenterology1467415067
Michael John Coffey 37804, TNGastroenterology1225091564
Richard Glen Cline 37804, TNGastroenterology1942263280
Edward Francis Brown 37804, TNGastroenterology1851354195
Chad M Charapata 37404, TNGastroenterology1972567592
Henry Ki Paik 37404, TNGastroenterology1194789149
Willamette Valley Clinics Llc 97128, TNGastroenterology1790740520
Colleen Maclin Schmitt 37404, TNGastroenterology1528023512
Mid south Gastroenterology Assoc Pc 38401, TNGastroenterology1336104280
Amit A Choksi 38401, TNGastroenterology1376508374
Chad E Potteiger 37849, TNGastroenterology1346205358
Dayaker Reddy Mallipeddi 38401, TNGastroenterology1548225444
Robert Wallace Mcclure 38401, TNGastroenterology1386600906
Srikar S Reddy 38401, TNGastroenterology1467418087
Blount Gastroenterology Assoc Pc 37804, TNGastroenterology1144286709
Joel I. Bessoff 38132, TNGastroenterology1669438032
Claudio Tombazzi 38103, TNGastroenterology1649236811
Gastrointestinal Associates Of Northeast Tennessee, Pc 37604, TNGastroenterology1578529632
Jonathan David Benson 37211, TNGastroenterology1417913492
Barbara Kay Jackson 38132, TNGastroenterology1548227598
Christopher Marino 38132, TNGastroenterology1588621502
Mohammad Ismail 38132, TNGastroenterology1093772923
Douglas L. Seidner 37232, TNGastroenterology1528025715
Petersburg Clinic Company Llc 23805, TNGastroenterology1881643617
Arvinder Sachdev 37813, TNGastroenterology1255381281
Eapen Thomas 37604, TNGastroenterology1073563961
Lakshmi K Dasaree 38119, TNGastroenterology1225089477
Alex E. Baum 38138, TNGastroenterology1962452615
Scott Alan Hande 37075, TNGastroenterology1083665962
Medical Specialty Clinic P.c. 38301, TNGastroenterology1104877703
Robert Hollis 38301, TNGastroenterology1356393078
Gastroenterology Consultants Of Middle Tennessee, Pllc 37211, TNGastroenterology1619923547
Daniel Kayal 38301, TNGastroenterology1629025697
Michael R Ellis 37849, TNGastroenterology1386681310
Steven R. Kessler 37403, TNGastroenterology1689611626


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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