Providers with Taxonomy: Gastroenterology in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William S Shear 82601, TXGastroenterology1053523878
Fred F Poordad 78215, TXGastroenterology1174551766
Eric J. Lawitz 78215, TXGastroenterology1578661716
Gerald Wayne Mank 28655, TXGastroenterology1821309592
Ramya Muralimohan Vestal 27103, TXGastroenterology1750699229
Carmen Elena Landaverde 78215, TXGastroenterology1902093263
Christopher Kim 77030, TXGastroenterology1538696117
Ammar Nassri 01970, TXGastroenterology1548689409
Nicole Ming Ming Loo 32224, TXGastroenterology1508096025
Ludie Hernandez-buck 77521, TXGastroenterology1306842760
Amir R Ahmed 37830, TXGastroenterology1205824810
Hillcroft Medical Clinic 77478, TXGastroenterology1588605430
Jason Robert Phillips 78550, TXGastroenterology1760442685
Nolan E Perez 78550, TXGastroenterology1184726986
Nicole M Grigg Gutierrez 78550, TXGastroenterology1750516035
Sandeep Thomas Samuel 78550, TXGastroenterology1174822647
Ppg Health, Pa 76104, TXGastroenterology1295736973
North Houston Family Medicine Pllc 77386, TXGastroenterology1336585397
Matthew Timothy Clark 77384, TXGastroenterology1497072227
Cypress Signature Gastroenterology Pllc 77433, TXGastroenterology1922588896
Sameer Siddique 77433, TXGastroenterology1053544130
Yonas Getachew 52245, TXGastroenterology1669499000
Victorio Parayno Pidlaoan 95355, TXGastroenterology1871813097
Domenico Viterbo 12206, TXGastroenterology1932333093
Balaji Kodandaraman Ayyar 75039, TXGastroenterology1437595204
Rohit Sharda 98104, TXGastroenterology1962729053
Richard Benjamin Robbins 77030, TXGastroenterology1699033340
Matthew Glover 63110, TXGastroenterology1477949675
Gregory Brennan 76063, TXGastroenterology1689017105
David Donghyun Kim 78745, TXGastroenterology1174942791
Mark Gregory Cooper 78705, TXGastroenterology1164866430
Howard J Weiner 75390, TXGastroenterology1063472439
Vijaya M Dasari 76210, TXGastroenterology1881860484
Gregg Loren Wendorf 78503, TXGastroenterology1952747248
Richard Guerrero 79936, TXGastroenterology1962670463
Sun City Gastroenterology And Hepatology Pllc 79936, TXGastroenterology1487161410
Sherif Elhanafi 85259, TXGastroenterology1619237534
El Paso Integrated Physicians Group 79912, TXGastroenterology1598775348
Rolando Rene Longoria 79912, TXGastroenterology1417967282
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso 79905, TXGastroenterology1598705055
Paul Michael Estrada 53703, TXGastroenterology1770929226
Yi Jia 11229, TXGastroenterology1225398704
El Paso Center For Pediatric Gastroenterology Pa 79902, TXGastroenterology1194208892
Majd Michael 95020, TXGastroenterology1306223177
Paul Brandon Lamb 36305, TXGastroenterology1386769404
Michael James Brazeau 45433, TXGastroenterology1518220466
Sonja P Dawsey 22060, TXGastroenterology1417376286
Long Truong Hoang 76107, TXGastroenterology1477516128
Matthew Seto 80401, TXGastroenterology1003163486
Olakumbi Otulana 29204, TXGastroenterology1760769699
Jeffrey Capati 76104, TXGastroenterology1083034870
Angela Cherie Saunders 92563, TXGastroenterology1932456308
Hamzeh Saraireh 23298, TXGastroenterology1821472663
Yezaz Ahmed Ghouri 65212, TXGastroenterology1043566235
Judy A Trieu 60153, TXGastroenterology1477917698
John Robert Hyatt 75082, TXGastroenterology1881626091
Angel Gonzalez 77964, TXGastroenterology1518132711
Satish V Iduru 77521, TXGastroenterology1417045311
David W Victor 77030, TXGastroenterology1508048919
Mimi Chang Tan 77030, TXGastroenterology1265753107
Rashid Hasan Khan 77030, TXGastroenterology1437211786
Mazen Al-asadi 77030, TXGastroenterology1598782682
Veronika Panah 80631, TXGastroenterology1013113547
Hsin Yi Huang 77074, TXGastroenterology1760983340
Uma Y. Mohan 77429, TXGastroenterology1003916750
Victor W. Yang 77074, TXGastroenterology1023004470
Rachel Lynn Schiesser 77030, TXGastroenterology1710122452
Sandeep Lahoti 77030, TXGastroenterology1134106602
Greg Wayne Galler 77025, TXGastroenterology1548356827
Neel Sharad Choksi 77014, TXGastroenterology1124228234
Muhammed Gulzar Nathani 77014, TXGastroenterology1497745145
Reena Vijay Chokshi 77030, TXGastroenterology1255494746
Ronald Hirotsugu Omino 93065, TXGastroenterology1871912451
Marc L Kudisch 77063, TXGastroenterology1093716375
Meera Avila 77034, TXGastroenterology1740608348
Daniel Siao Zhang 77014, TXGastroenterology1306264130
Dr. Adeeb Associated 77479, TXGastroenterology1326587643
Prasun Pushkarray Shah 77090, TXGastroenterology1720575293
Adeeb Jay Dwairy 77478, TXGastroenterology1679826929
Homayon Sidiq 77025, TXGastroenterology1033301502
Noah Montgomery Hall 78234, TXGastroenterology1396056172
John Paul Magulick 78234, TXGastroenterology1356668271
Ryan Sung-eun Cho 78234, TXGastroenterology1699096180
Hazel Aguda 77055, TXGastroenterology1871136192
Radha Ann Tamerisa 77494, TXGastroenterology1366440653
Xiaotuan Zhao 75702, TXGastroenterology1285619205
Kingwood Gastroenterology Pllc 77351, TXGastroenterology1033716014
Martin Peter Kaszubowski 99508, TXGastroenterology1518016187
Michael J Guirl 78258, TXGastroenterology1962496711
John T Swan 78229, TXGastroenterology1366436032
Patrick A Masters 78229, TXGastroenterology1073507836
Mario A Garza 78258, TXGastroenterology1194719666
Alejandro Pruitt 78229, TXGastroenterology1568447118
Richard T Shaffer 78258, TXGastroenterology1134158736
Sunil K Dwivedi 78229, TXGastroenterology1003854076
James F. Jackson 78258, TXGastroenterology1730115528
Alfredo Espinoza 78229, TXGastroenterology1629185616
Donna M Mcmyler 78258, TXGastroenterology1861599524
Jorge Miguel Cavazos 78229, TXGastroenterology1184801359
Paresh P Mehta 78258, TXGastroenterology1144494451
Zarema J Singson 78229, TXGastroenterology1003068008
Muhammad Ali 78251, TXGastroenterology1427248608
Ronald Norman Wool 78240, TXGastroenterology1205814316
John Ryan Cunningham 78006, TXGastroenterology1578686507
Delbert Lee Chumley 78229, TXGastroenterology1740272962
Sajneet Kaur Khangura 78251, TXGastroenterology1043445588
Habeeb M Salameh 78258, TXGastroenterology1538449459
Associated Clinicians Of East Texas 75605, TXGastroenterology1932640349
Kanak Das 65212, TXGastroenterology1568604502
Palo Pinto County Hospital District 76067, TXGastroenterology1366400582
Ramakrishna Venkata Behara 78539, TXGastroenterology1225323397
Carl R Jones 75965, TXGastroenterology1760478838
Nacogdoches Gi Consultants Pllc 75965, TXGastroenterology1609147263
Permian Digestive Disease Center Pa 79701, TXGastroenterology1386000180
Indira Donepudi 79703, TXGastroenterology1447406137
Sahil Mittal 77025, TXGastroenterology1326242900
Tony Trang 77598, TXGastroenterology1467607226
Luis Saul Lizardo Sanchez 29605, TXGastroenterology1922397017
Markus Goldschmiedt 75390, TXGastroenterology1760441604
Jeffrey Evan Juneau 77014, TXGastroenterology1851681167
Narasimharao Vemula 40215, TXGastroenterology1912966391
Henry Robert Herrera 78539, TXGastroenterology1386961720
Robert Just 78665, TXGastroenterology1235171471
Melvin K Lau 78665, TXGastroenterology1407006836
West Texas Medical Associates 76904, TXGastroenterology1457339525
Hays L. Arnold 78233, TXGastroenterology1699765461
Muhammad Naeem 78251, TXGastroenterology1043201668
David Pryor Jones 78233, TXGastroenterology1265410914
Stephen A Harrison 78233, TXGastroenterology1104805506
James Murray Francis 78236, TXGastroenterology1750352852
Darren Christopher Spearman 78233, TXGastroenterology1851323034
Michael Piesman 78233, TXGastroenterology1750402046
Elizabeth Coss 78229, TXGastroenterology1013112127
Luis X. Velez-colon 78234, TXGastroenterology1245468776
Neha Mathur 77030, TXGastroenterology1821254483
Christopher Stauch 32542, TXGastroenterology1194985150
Muhammad Naeem, M.d., P.a 78251, TXGastroenterology1992044366
Laura A Rosenkranz 78229, TXGastroenterology1659479103
Hendrikus S Vanderveldt 75390, TXGastroenterology1700052008
Shail Mahendra Govani 43202, TXGastroenterology1841317526
Karthik Garapati 78745, TXGastroenterology1659717445
Joshua David Sultz 77802, TXGastroenterology1588820054
Oscar G Ramirez 78233, TXGastroenterology1962497420
Tisha N Lunsford 85259, TXGastroenterology1194708198
Obinna Charles Ukabam 78258, TXGastroenterology1528354545
Harsh D Patel 78229, TXGastroenterology1598159733
Eric J Marple 42223, TXGastroenterology1366855942
Sheela Chandra 77014, TXGastroenterology1316147465
Hassan Karim Dakik 77014, TXGastroenterology1275850513
Amit B Mori, Pllc 77382, TXGastroenterology1194219295
Texienne Oncology Centers, Pllc 77380, TXGastroenterology1700017449
Gastroenterology Of Texas, Pllc 77304, TXGastroenterology1154945111
Tushar Dilip Dharia 77025, TXGastroenterology1043317605
Ammar Zahid Hassan 49519, TXGastroenterology1497072243
Michelle Bradley Thompson 98502, TXGastroenterology1851684765
Priyanka Pankaj Patel 44129, TXGastroenterology1083059992
Amit B Mori 77382, TXGastroenterology1053548891
Jimmy J Morrison 62948, TXGastroenterology1881782654
Michael Berg 78596, TXGastroenterology1588771653
Knapp Medical Group 78596, TXGastroenterology1689905309
Robin Lynn Ferguson 77488, TXGastroenterology1376507681
Darshan P Anandu 77015, TXGastroenterology1487657680
Brooks Dickson Cash 77030, TXGastroenterology1114920626
Eddie Flores 78212, TXGastroenterology1568466217
Michael Scott Lindner 78212, TXGastroenterology1649274309
Michael J Rensch 78028, TXGastroenterology1366446023
Jeff Bullock 78212, TXGastroenterology1528062288
Belinda Ramirez 78212, TXGastroenterology1548264146
Susana Escalante-glorsky 78504, TXGastroenterology1043214760
Joseph E Johnson 78212, TXGastroenterology1477557072
Steven R. Ramos 78212, TXGastroenterology1346244936
Jordan Fred Worth 77004, TXGastroenterology1598769879
Jeffrey S Fine 75039, TXGastroenterology1649272816
Craig Mahlon Womeldorph 78234, TXGastroenterology1649274135
Isaac L Raijman 77098, TXGastroenterology1689679557
Richard L Otero 78212, TXGastroenterology1881699734
Ernesto Guerra 78212, TXGastroenterology1558366435
Healthtexas dallas Diagnostic Association 75093, TXGastroenterology1245235886
Karen Woods 77030, TXGastroenterology1790781961
Ramon K Domingo 79752, TXGastroenterology1083610265
Healthtexas Provider Network dallas Diagnostic Association 75042, TXGastroenterology1255337275
Herman Leonard Bentch 78624, TXGastroenterology1134125008
Kumara S Peddamatham 77469, TXGastroenterology1659377547
Healthtexas Provider Network 76034, TXGastroenterology1235135906
Fredric L Hochman 77030, TXGastroenterology1306842992
Healthtexas Provider Network 75246, TXGastroenterology1760488936
Roberto Ponce 78521, TXGastroenterology1174529291
Gastrointestinal & Liver Associates Of North Texas P A 76048, TXGastroenterology1174520720
Rajeshwar Pal Abrol 77375, TXGastroenterology1447258108
Douglas Keith Fernandez 77493, TXGastroenterology1447258835
Andrzej Jerzy Janecki 77493, TXGastroenterology1871591263
Carol A. Batty 77642, TXGastroenterology1619975844
William Alexander Currie 77450, TXGastroenterology1093713596
Healthtexas Provider Network 75246, TXGastroenterology1376541193
William H Sweatt 77566, TXGastroenterology1255330445
Johnasan M Gregory 75092, TXGastroenterology1699774869
Michael Paolucci 75503, TXGastroenterology1639179500
John M. Tune 79902, TXGastroenterology1770583676
Leka Gajula 77479, TXGastroenterology1033119748
Jesus A Hernandez 79902, TXGastroenterology1568462398


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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