Providers with Taxonomy: Gastroenterology in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Frederick Martin Gessner 23606, VAGastroenterology1255335519
John Robert Stephens 23606, VAGastroenterology1992709257
Ray Lester James 23606, VAGastroenterology1265436521
Mark Andrew Titus 23606, VAGastroenterology1942204219
John William Boyd 23606, VAGastroenterology1477558229
Jin Hong Park 20110, VAGastroenterology1225033038
Joseph W Longacher 23294, VAGastroenterology1215934013
Hilton Almond 23294, VAGastroenterology1790782589
Patricia L Raymond 23456, VAGastroenterology1063410413
Alex Olabode Williams 23507, VAGastroenterology1548269483
Stephen Caplan 23507, VAGastroenterology1124027149
Walter W Immel 22151, VAGastroenterology1104826429
Houshang Makipour 22191, VAGastroenterology1184624389
Stephen Sander Frost 22314, VAGastroenterology1730180068
Hassan Adrian Hassan 23666, VAGastroenterology1154313377
Young Sung Hong 23666, VAGastroenterology1235121369
Myung Woong Kim 23666, VAGastroenterology1053303180
Lisa Odabasi 23606, VAGastroenterology1639161458
Robert Alan Nussbaum 22310, VAGastroenterology1659364511
Lindsay Jones Barnes 22060, VAGastroenterology1265425870
Kenneth A Adams 23606, VAGastroenterology1639161300
Alfred Lee 23834, VAGastroenterology1689675837
Robin Lynn Corbett 23666, VAGastroenterology1275528044
Catherine M Tsai 23059, VAGastroenterology1356337935
Ali Fazel 22031, VAGastroenterology1225024748
Henry M Ellett 23236, VAGastroenterology1356337059
Louis G Gelrud 23226, VAGastroenterology1295721926
Paul Ira Miller 22191, VAGastroenterology1720074412
Paul S Monroe 23226, VAGastroenterology1366438053
Ben P Bradenham 23229, VAGastroenterology1275529968
Tahmoures Dehesh 20017, VAGastroenterology1740277748
Stephen Clement 23236, VAGastroenterology1750378618
Ramy Eid 23236, VAGastroenterology1144217050
Irvin J Seeman 23226, VAGastroenterology1962499871
Rufus C Davis 23236, VAGastroenterology1649267501
Howard D Kahn 23116, VAGastroenterology1689662116
Paul Frederick Duckworth 23116, VAGastroenterology1013903723
Ofer Feder 23116, VAGastroenterology1801882501
Michael C. Brown 22192, VAGastroenterology1861488637
Jack C Huang 22192, VAGastroenterology1003802380
Kenneth Neil Josovitz 22192, VAGastroenterology1922094580
Atul V Marathe 22192, VAGastroenterology1326034695
Mohammad Hossein Razavi 22191, VAGastroenterology1639167661
Richard Craig Ranard 22031, VAGastroenterology1174514400
Lucille S Beck 22031, VAGastroenterology1356332548
Parminder Sodhi 22060, VAGastroenterology1528049061
Brent William Geissinger 23455, VAGastroenterology1821079146
Thomas Brian Cortellesi 24641, VAGastroenterology1588646459
William Crawford Hunter 24641, VAGastroenterology1043292501
Michael David Dann 22060, VAGastroenterology1982694725
Henri Renom De La Baume 22060, VAGastroenterology1790769792
Anant S Damle 23435, VAGastroenterology1831173665
Daniel A Neumann 23435, VAGastroenterology1295719094
Norman R Goldin 23435, VAGastroenterology1306820139
Thomas J Duntemann 23435, VAGastroenterology1336123074
John Mark Lawson 23435, VAGastroenterology1164406716
Walid F Makdisi 23320, VAGastroenterology1518941137
Keith Edward Berger 23454, VAGastroenterology1225012966
Alan J. Gamsey 23320, VAGastroenterology1043295348
Frank Taylor Wootton 23502, VAGastroenterology1750366761
Robert David Lafsky 20176, VAGastroenterology1336124163
David A Johnson 23502, VAGastroenterology1447236112
Michael J Ryan 23502, VAGastroenterology1962488668
Felix P Tiongco 23320, VAGastroenterology1124005830
Brian J Vanderlinden 24153, VAGastroenterology1184602864
Suhas L Deshmukh 23455, VAGastroenterology1053399501
Robert D Moylan 24153, VAGastroenterology1760460943
Terrie Smith Causley 22060, VAGastroenterology1689653602
Anand T Kishore 24073, VAGastroenterology1255310165
Rachel Hays 22903, VAGastroenterology1104805274
James A. Mann 22908, VAGastroenterology1710966882
John H. Smith 23502, VAGastroenterology1447230750
Dong Heun Lee 22401, VAGastroenterology1629048723
Stephen J Antonik 20176, VAGastroenterology1770567257
Trent D Martin 23456, VAGastroenterology1194703728
Jeremy Peter Domanski 23320, VAGastroenterology1083691356
Douglas W Kirtley 24153, VAGastroenterology1235117904
Joseph A Brown 24211, VAGastroenterology1356320881
Patrick R Kenny 24502, VAGastroenterology1174509491
Merritt Jonathan Bern 24016, VAGastroenterology1720066483
Firdaus Dastoor 24153, VAGastroenterology1285605030
Ronald E Gurney 22101, VAGastroenterology1710959192
Harish Grover 24084, VAGastroenterology1295706687
Stephen A Howlett 22939, VAGastroenterology1760454433
Brian Sullivan 23320, VAGastroenterology1891767547
Syed I Thiwan 23502, VAGastroenterology1932174687
Ralph Michael Wisniewski 24502, VAGastroenterology1992770309
Loretta Maffei 24502, VAGastroenterology1952376105
Chalmers Morton Nunn 24502, VAGastroenterology1255306411
John D Long 23185, VAGastroenterology1386619393
Charles John Catalano 24502, VAGastroenterology1750356812
Robert Dirom Richards 24502, VAGastroenterology1821063884
Larry Edward Clark 24502, VAGastroenterology1780659508
Snowden C Hall 22939, VAGastroenterology1497723563
Beth Ann Taylor 24382, VAGastroenterology1699735720
Myron Alan Shoham 22033, VAGastroenterology1285694083
Richard Allen Blosser 22033, VAGastroenterology1720048630
Hiwot B Desta 20176, VAGastroenterology1558321091
Satinder S Gill 20176, VAGastroenterology1487614913
Leonard Stephen Fischer 22033, VAGastroenterology1487614863
Soloman Shah 22033, VAGastroenterology1578524997
Peter Lewis Goodman 23116, VAGastroenterology1770546012
Nadeem A Khan 20176, VAGastroenterology1396708392
Steven Lee Vest 24273, VAGastroenterology1326001140
Moussa Youssef Menasha 23434, VAGastroenterology1326003765
Venu Gopal Koduri 23434, VAGastroenterology1225093719
Zahid Rashid 23805, VAGastroenterology1255396164
Anita Wolke 20191, VAGastroenterology1215993068
Eduardo Christian Noguera 20191, VAGastroenterology1295791176
Alan J Plotner 20191, VAGastroenterology1114983004
Emil Frank Valle 20191, VAGastroenterology1497711238
Charles H. Parker 24592, VAGastroenterology1912963091
Mark A Ringold 24073, VAGastroenterology1588621023
Eddy Pizzani 23226, VAGastroenterology1346207982
Timothy Keith Vest 22801, VAGastroenterology1629035407
Thomas E. Noble 24073, VAGastroenterology1982661419
Robert H. Sease 22801, VAGastroenterology1215994421
Nicholas D Snow 22601, VAGastroenterology1235187295
Douglas W Shiflett 24541, VAGastroenterology1326098526
Joseph B Hollis 23707, VAGastroenterology1477504603
Jack B Spainhour 24541, VAGastroenterology1922059302
Michael A. Riel 24073, VAGastroenterology1568413987
Jasmohan S Bajaj 23298, VAGastroenterology1467403881
Michael D Lee 24014, VAGastroenterology1821040155
Alan Vladimir Burnstein 24014, VAGastroenterology1639121403
Roy Lee Meyers 24014, VAGastroenterology1548212319
John Edward Morgan 24014, VAGastroenterology1427000298
Thomas Mastri 22401, VAGastroenterology1073566642
John Boniface 22401, VAGastroenterology1841243441
Emily Christman 22902, VAGastroenterology1083677199
Brian Scott King 23502, VAGastroenterology1306807987
Gregg A Valenzuela 23294, VAGastroenterology1942250188
Timothy C. Landes 22801, VAGastroenterology1134184088
Harold F. Reilly 22801, VAGastroenterology1619935749
Arvind Bhasin 24153, VAGastroenterology1932154655
Douglas M Heuman 23249, VAGastroenterology1659328425
David Monahan 22401, VAGastroenterology1598712929
Shahwali Arezo 23185, VAGastroenterology1215975370
Charles Jun Huh 22033, VAGastroenterology1255379889
Kelvin Hornbuckle 23502, VAGastroenterology1215976154
Bhushan H. Pandya 24541, VAGastroenterology1295777654
Joseph Sumner Bell 23454, VAGastroenterology1922041953
Whitney D Brooks 23502, VAGastroenterology1558305128
Alfred Sidney Barritt 24014, VAGastroenterology1760428718
Dennis Barry Weiserbs 24014, VAGastroenterology1528004942
Donald George Seibert 24014, VAGastroenterology1467498881
Ramesh Maganlal Desai 22204, VAGastroenterology1477580645
Mukesh B. Patel 24541, VAGastroenterology1902835325
Ram Nimmagadda 22101, VAGastroenterology1396773859
Truc Thi Trinh 22205, VAGastroenterology1063441863
Michael P Jones 23229, VAGastroenterology1174552764
John E Habeck 22601, VAGastroenterology1427087014
Victor M Fishman 22801, VAGastroenterology1093754285
Alan P Ganderson 23454, VAGastroenterology1669410213
Jeffrey H Kauffman 23454, VAGastroenterology1033151105
James W Rawles 23454, VAGastroenterology1609819200
David H Stockwell 23454, VAGastroenterology1326080490
Kevin T White 23454, VAGastroenterology1861434730
Silvia Degli Esposti 23298, VAGastroenterology1720017924
Hannah M Lee 23298, VAGastroenterology1275570988
Omer Khalid 23236, VAGastroenterology1174565899
Darren S Baroni 20110, VAGastroenterology1154377497
Myung W Choi 20110, VAGastroenterology1023057445
Shweta Nagendra Joshi 23233, VAGastroenterology1427093152
Lawrence Whitley Comerford 22939, VAGastroenterology1982646519
Jan A Janson 23454, VAGastroenterology1124060298
Anastasios Athanasios Mihas 23834, VAGastroenterology1427081066
William Michael Pandak 23249, VAGastroenterology1942234497
Alan Bruce Shauer 22306, VAGastroenterology1710912035
Gursharn Singh Rakhra 23606, VAGastroenterology1528093143
Horace J Jackson 23220, VAGastroenterology1669407003
Leonardo Mendez 22205, VAGastroenterology1164441408
Marie Sharkey 24153, VAGastroenterology1225057615
Yiping Rao 23059, VAGastroenterology1811916836
Constantinos Adamantios Rozos 23221, VAGastroenterology1447271952
Marrieth Garciela Rubio 24016, VAGastroenterology1538180575
Maurice Atiyeh 22042, VAGastroenterology1467474817
Iliana Simeonova Bouneva 23298, VAGastroenterology1770591166
Eric R Wollins 22046, VAGastroenterology1518976778
Cynthia K Satterwhite 23666, VAGastroenterology1174532733
Mu Kyung Hong 22003, VAGastroenterology1346251196
Marechal-neil Brooks 23504, VAGastroenterology1629089768
Joseph Oliver Converse 23185, VAGastroenterology1669485330
Wiley Jacob Latham 23220, VAGastroenterology1730192576
Nirish S Shah 35406, VAGastroenterology1932129566
Nina Phatak 20110, VAGastroenterology1093828147
Stafford S Goldstein 22003, VAGastroenterology1144249749
Martin G Prosky 22003, VAGastroenterology1740215391
Waseem Aziz 20037, VAGastroenterology1023038270
Bakul K Patel 24592, VAGastroenterology1912914102
Ravi K Vachhani 23298, VAGastroenterology1023125291
Han Ton-that 22044, VAGastroenterology1215045729
Ernest Katz 22150, VAGastroenterology1477656791
Stephen R. Voss 22150, VAGastroenterology1992808125
Michael Mogadam 22304, VAGastroenterology1376646893
Amir Shahzad Butt 24153, VAGastroenterology1205931144
Lawrence Stephen Peters 22304, VAGastroenterology1457458549
Diego Ignacio Kuperschmit 22205, VAGastroenterology1457450280
Ann I Ma 20176, VAGastroenterology1043318942
Kenneth Apollo Musana 24502, VAGastroenterology1952401697


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