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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Stephen J Baker SCGeneral Practice1942330972
Susannah Chrysostom Shirer SCGeneral Practice1083925911
Talmadge Dewitt Wilkins SCGeneral Practice1528086741
Thomas Edward Payton SCGeneral Practice1922165596
Trent David Yoder SCGeneral Practice1689197691
William Avery Webb SCGeneral Practice1548401540
Ainsworth Dental Clinic Llc General Practice1457697153
Beatrice V Taylor NEGeneral Practice1063772440
David S Spann NEGeneral Practice1326036682
Ronald L Fuller NEGeneral Practice1417999509
William A Wever IAGeneral Practice1417966714
Robert Lebovitch Dds Pc NYGeneral Practice1538331384
Sohayla S. Zivari NYGeneral Practice1568604866
Eileen Marie Trifiletti NYGeneral Practice1508108564
Linda G Maiorano NJGeneral Practice1841346046
Michelle Sara Zivari NYGeneral Practice1467913517
Robert James Perri NJGeneral Practice1841348091
Stacey Brande Losman NYGeneral Practice1740542315
Alan O Cazan WAGeneral Practice1497881734
William E. Stein, D.d.s. MNGeneral Practice1497906457
River Oaks Dental MNGeneral Practice1780920256
Arthur Charles Swanstrom MNGeneral Practice1215000260
Jennifer Michelle Reem NEGeneral Practice1619930476
Sean Robert Carl Fleming MNGeneral Practice1801051685
Ajo Community Health Center General Practice1447388046
Kevin H Acone AZGeneral Practice1598993768
Locust Dental Center General Practice1609866227
Meckler Dental Providers (south Plaza), Inc. General Practice1275506966
Drs Marino Nassif & Associates Inc OHGeneral Practice1376652982
J. C. Kline, D.d.s., Inc OHGeneral Practice1477650992
Waterloo Dental Associates OHGeneral Practice1053406884
Akron Smiles Youth Dentistry Llc Michael Crites, Dds General Practice1639214745
Firestone Family Dental Inc OHGeneral Practice1982827085
Westchester Dentistry, Inc. OHGeneral Practice1427256411
Peoples Family Medical Center OHGeneral Practice1548449978
Michael G. Grimes Md, Inc OHGeneral Practice1053592899
Dental Services Of Northern Ohio General Practice1538333224
Family First Dental Associcates Of Primghar, P.c. General Practice1609042365
Dental Services Of Ohio, Daniel Jolly, Dds, Inc OHGeneral Practice1629245170
Drs. Marino, Nassif & Associates Inc. OHGeneral Practice1407130719
David M. Raiffe Dds Mba OHGeneral Practice1811273238
Drs Elrawy Abuzakyah And Thabet Llc General Practice1689912719
Dipiero Family Dental Llc OHGeneral Practice1467856377
Dr Marino And Associates Inc General Practice1043632755
Chris anthony Project Managers & Consultants, Llc General Practice1417349416
Chs Health Services, Llc General Practice1942622022
Chs Health Services Llc General Practice1659793354
Alan B Schlesinger Dds Llc OHGeneral Practice1255785887
Diversified Health Care Inc. OHGeneral Practice1548710866
Community Drug Board, Inc OHGeneral Practice1952631616
Anthony H Spann Dds & Assoc ( Rolling Acres) Inc General Practice1033181961
Dr Romitos Arlington Family Dental Practice Inc OHGeneral Practice1588633465
Valley Dental Group Inc General Practice1962508770
Melanie A Beam Dds Pc INGeneral Practice1407062656
Alan Rudick OHGeneral Practice1508866971
Allegra C Daniher OHGeneral Practice1083977300
Amanda Leigh Dohar OHGeneral Practice1992755177
Angelo Nasca OHGeneral Practice1003933961
Anna Ganios OHGeneral Practice1265056857
Anthony Lyamichev OHGeneral Practice1386231454
Bernard Howard Smith OHGeneral Practice1982663043
Bradley Kou TXGeneral Practice1912468935
Bryan Matthew Stephens OHGeneral Practice1700973559
Charles Paul Yamokoski OHGeneral Practice1720232572
Chris Marquart OHGeneral Practice1316957517
Christmas V Salapare OHGeneral Practice1184613853
Cristian Chirla OHGeneral Practice1073668299
Crystal Jean Harper OHGeneral Practice1811470339
Dan Edward Wilson OHGeneral Practice1922109917
Daniel Florian OHGeneral Practice1407830961
David R Bourque NYGeneral Practice1427050624
David Bruce Imbeau OHGeneral Practice1831348713
David B Solitt OHGeneral Practice1831268119
Diane Frances Mackey OHGeneral Practice1598354946
Dimitris John Demos OHGeneral Practice1073508867
Dominic Hohman OHGeneral Practice1730619107
Elaine Markowski OHGeneral Practice1508951294
Elzie Lee Byrd Ll OHGeneral Practice1043427123
Frank Arthur Romito OHGeneral Practice1699970152
Garry L. Thrasher OHGeneral Practice1104965284
Gary Michael Flasco OHGeneral Practice1467505693
Gary Douglas Olson OHGeneral Practice1336232685
George Michael Appel OHGeneral Practice1205991544
Grant B Turner OHGeneral Practice1427286848
Gregory Kirk Daniel PAGeneral Practice1780722876
Gregory Droba OHGeneral Practice1851486583
Hannah Beus OHGeneral Practice1982956157
Heather Louise Wright COGeneral Practice1700057601
Howard C Nichols NYGeneral Practice1669676698
James Mecheal Brennan OHGeneral Practice1508959222
James Allen Engle OHGeneral Practice1518164409
James F Mungo OHGeneral Practice1245235241
Janet Wong OHGeneral Practice1588046544
Jeffrey Paul Anderson OHGeneral Practice1801294558
Jennifer M Dipiero OHGeneral Practice1740419217
Jennifer Jean Jerome OHGeneral Practice1578622510
Jeremy L. Berning OHGeneral Practice1821437666
John Dimitris Demos OHGeneral Practice1366438988
John B. Graef Jr. OHGeneral Practice1548378599
John Raymond Keim OHGeneral Practice1871679761
John Lorin Kimberly OHGeneral Practice1992910897
John C Kline OHGeneral Practice1912010356
John Thomas Nabors OHGeneral Practice1578673018
John Novak OHGeneral Practice1063508794
Joseph B Chapman OHGeneral Practice1881705630
Joseph G Marcius OHGeneral Practice1154545598
Joseph Charles Smith OHGeneral Practice1083833057
Joseph Clark Walker OHGeneral Practice1407930134
Katherine Lynn Kincaid OHGeneral Practice1962067892
Kenneth G. Hudak OHGeneral Practice1467546739
Kieo Pung OHGeneral Practice1326165507
Kristin Judy Marie Donison OHGeneral Practice1346733722
Lanny P Cortez OHGeneral Practice1154617488
Linda A. Pommier OHGeneral Practice1730198722
Lizzeth Rodriguez TXGeneral Practice1154882181
Loren Michael Petry OHGeneral Practice1720083728
Louis Wilber Brasaemle OHGeneral Practice1598989139
Louis William Konstan OHGeneral Practice1922216852
Lynn M Wellman OHGeneral Practice1497733950
Mandakini Y Tamaskar OHGeneral Practice1063401552
Mark W Perko OHGeneral Practice1295889459
Melanie Anne Beam INGeneral Practice1588724710
Melissa Ann Horn OHGeneral Practice1265561534
Michael Crites OHGeneral Practice1306983879
Michael Andrew Kimberly OHGeneral Practice1700060027
Nathaniel Taylor OHGeneral Practice1598920589
Nithin Nirmal OHGeneral Practice1922278068
Patricia M. Petroff MAGeneral Practice1366557936
Peggy H Wright COGeneral Practice1831183813
Peter Paraskos OHGeneral Practice1912380890
Prahladkumar J Agarwal OHGeneral Practice1477786820
Prameela Vasireddy OHGeneral Practice1447298864
Rebekkah J Smeiles OHGeneral Practice1093043077
Robert Joseph Demboski OHGeneral Practice1538252002
Robert M Lazarow OHGeneral Practice1104912195
Robert Edwin Lowery OHGeneral Practice1396978565
Rubina Saleem OHGeneral Practice1447572177
Ryan Mark Walton OHGeneral Practice1609052620
Samantha L Zellhart OHGeneral Practice1407163611
Samuel Pupino OHGeneral Practice1144388208
Shawnte Laresse Skinner OHGeneral Practice1801235452
Stephanie Faye Morris OHGeneral Practice1942629100
Steven Q. Paris OHGeneral Practice1669674537
Stuart B Gair OHGeneral Practice1578647699
Thomas Dakermanji OHGeneral Practice1184006157
Thomas Huhn KYGeneral Practice1447271283
Thomas D Semans OHGeneral Practice1194720136
Todd R. Daigler NYGeneral Practice1740470038
Vickie Lynn Patterson NYGeneral Practice1366636110
William W. Corfman OHGeneral Practice1558402552
William V. Genkin OHGeneral Practice1336338383
William Mark Helmkamp OHGeneral Practice1801994090
William E. Morisak OHGeneral Practice1841418969
William Tyler Rogus OHGeneral Practice1366626608
Xiang Dunker OHGeneral Practice1659823045
Xiaomu Guan General Practice1487114088
Stonecreek Acquisitions, Llc ALGeneral Practice1548364029
Brookwood Dentistry Pc ALGeneral Practice1881887990
Craygraft Llc ALGeneral Practice1962687608
E Simmons Inc ALGeneral Practice1083845879
Albritton & Ardovino Family Dentistry ALGeneral Practice1215246822
Alabama Dental Professionals, Pc General Practice1891219432
American Family Care, Inc. General Practice1336242908
Andrew Craft ALGeneral Practice1992997621
Callyn Tedin ALGeneral Practice1205257565
Genesis Morgan ALGeneral Practice1568061422
Gregory L. Horn ALGeneral Practice1811091382
Harold Keith Emmons ALGeneral Practice1831293463
Jerome H Fiorella ALGeneral Practice1689778169
Jocelyn A Mcclelland ALGeneral Practice1619063716
John Tyler Haywood ALGeneral Practice1952960775
Joseph A Zanthos ALGeneral Practice1770734345
Kevin Lane Morris ALGeneral Practice1316080856
Lauren Brooke Cabaniss ALGeneral Practice1336765650
Michael John Boohaker ALGeneral Practice1184712218
Scott Alan Anderson ALGeneral Practice1609961135
Stephen Robert Stricklin ALGeneral Practice1174552897
Alachua Family Dentistry FLGeneral Practice1184802522
Jose L Davila FLGeneral Practice1306831474
Jose Miguel Garces-rivera FLGeneral Practice1225285190
Justin Scott Mitchell FLGeneral Practice1891225983
Lauren Danielle Tabis FLGeneral Practice1417212945
Marie Josephine Garcon FLGeneral Practice1043644982
David Stuart Patterson NCGeneral Practice1609806074
Nathan Wright Patterson NCGeneral Practice1427460476
Stuart Mckinley Patterson NCGeneral Practice1194836668
Rose Magno Dds Emeryville Dental Care CAGeneral Practice1114061363
Alameda Family Physicians Medical Group, Inc. CAGeneral Practice1932310372
Bay View Dental CAGeneral Practice1871735548
Erick N Cuenca,dmd,inc General Practice1619238219
Alameda Spine And Physical Medicine Inc. CAGeneral Practice1700124260
Thuy T. Bui D.d.s., Inc. CAGeneral Practice1093148017
Steven Chan Dds Dental Inc CAGeneral Practice1376941468
Wadie Dughman, Dmd, Inc. CAGeneral Practice1205360328
John Khade, Md General Practice1275125049
Alain Andrea Montiel CAGeneral Practice1902959901
Albert S Lin CAGeneral Practice1255433553
Alexander Chang CAGeneral Practice1619585635
Andrew C Rowe CAGeneral Practice1285708206
Barbara A. Galera CAGeneral Practice1891881298


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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