Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Harrell Scott Russell 35242, ALGeneral Practice1770586760
Howard Ray Hix 36303, ALGeneral Practice1215930870
Catharine B Willis 35754, ALGeneral Practice1821091349
Martha Cochran Wallace 35233, ALGeneral Practice1639172158
Leo Riley Trehern 36106, ALGeneral Practice1417951773
Thomas Malcolm Warren 36607, ALGeneral Practice1467456749
Lindalee Clayton 35811, ALGeneral Practice1013911767
Michael Duane Knight 35801, ALGeneral Practice1952306888
Robert William Huskey 36801, ALGeneral Practice1093710139
Stephen David Dobbs 35173, ALGeneral Practice1326043001
Community Care Of Kentucky, Inc 42431, ALGeneral Practice1053799080
Thomas G Henderson 36695, ALGeneral Practice1609872779
J Melburn D Holmes 36274, ALGeneral Practice1477550051
Dentremont Dental Services Pc 36542, ALGeneral Practice1629452636
Marvin Austin Boyd 35126, ALGeneral Practice1760481857
Noah Dean Miller 35906, ALGeneral Practice1841299757
James Jackson Phillips 36830, ALGeneral Practice1245230150
Michael S Nowell 36301, ALGeneral Practice1861492639
W. Timothy Brooks 35801, ALGeneral Practice1366442394
Matthew Joseph Reardon 35223, ALGeneral Practice1760482475
Kristopher Anthony Portacci 36607, ALGeneral Practice1174524870
Jade Spurgeon 36112, ALGeneral Practice1154314086
Joann Tubbs Crim 35763, ALGeneral Practice1003809591
Jeffrey Leigh Wallace 36532, ALGeneral Practice1548262108
Ansley Parnell Allen 35501, ALGeneral Practice1194209650
Keith Raymond Kulow 36112, ALGeneral Practice1740273135
Sam J Citrano 35801, ALGeneral Practice1003800046
David W Mcmichael 36112, ALGeneral Practice1255326773
John Stefan Poczatek 35022, ALGeneral Practice1457346298
Dr.'s Blaum & Maddox 36532, ALGeneral Practice1467447144
Lora Renee Skeahan 36112, ALGeneral Practice1710973292
John Alton Maddox 36532, ALGeneral Practice1487640801
Charles Vance Buckmaster 36535, ALGeneral Practice1194711382
Benjamin B Ingram 36272, ALGeneral Practice1376539536
Bridget Anne Thill 36112, ALGeneral Practice1477549202
Latricia E Curley 35405, ALGeneral Practice1639167422
Gregory S Funk 36542, ALGeneral Practice1881682284
Kevin Ray Diel 36467, ALGeneral Practice1316938079
Bobby Charles Merkle 36786, ALGeneral Practice1417938663
Ilyas Ahmed Shaikh 36609, ALGeneral Practice1023099645
George Lemuel Beale 36251, ALGeneral Practice1487635843
Rebecca L Williams 35058, ALGeneral Practice1366424301
Mary Lou Quattlebaum 35816, ALGeneral Practice1639152994
Morgan Duffy Gibson 36207, ALGeneral Practice1669826616
Jack Smalley 35406, ALGeneral Practice1295710838
Julie Marie Mckibben 35801, ALGeneral Practice1992781462
Abner Lynn Luther 35957, ALGeneral Practice1437135688
George Westley Hartley 36608, ALGeneral Practice1851377873
Randall L Dearment 35611, ALGeneral Practice1538146055
Richard Steven Frederick 35901, ALGeneral Practice1306824073
Mark Leonard Gonsewski 36027, ALGeneral Practice1568440980
Richard D Vining 35594, ALGeneral Practice1851370670
Gary L Fishbein 36549, ALGeneral Practice1417936089
Arthur Garrett Miller 36451, ALGeneral Practice1427037845
John H Wagner 35055, ALGeneral Practice1487634085
Howard Mason Robertson 35801, ALGeneral Practice1003896325
Lloyd Scott Clements 36604, ALGeneral Practice1063498533
Lakica R Amos 36604, ALGeneral Practice1467422741
Gillette Dental Group, Pc 36526, ALGeneral Practice1609846971
Kristina Elaine Duffy 36617, ALGeneral Practice1184695348
Alicea M Mingo 35802, ALGeneral Practice1770554636
Ronald M Roan 35610, ALGeneral Practice1447221817
Robert Brian Hollingsworth 36801, ALGeneral Practice1851363220
Calvin Comer Starlin 35235, ALGeneral Practice1144292434
William H Hall 36330, ALGeneral Practice1538133137
Mary E. Shellhouse 36420, ALGeneral Practice1639143837
Robert Price Wright 35401, ALGeneral Practice1245205400
Daniel Raymond Plunkett 35404, ALGeneral Practice1427025261
Douglas C Tilt 35205, ALGeneral Practice1871561282
John Kerr 35570, ALGeneral Practice1073581260
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36551, ALGeneral Practice1447229208
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36610, ALGeneral Practice1013986785
John Robert Thomas 35630, ALGeneral Practice1750341822
Carole Fuller-edmonds 35957, ALGeneral Practice1144296302
Edward Hale 36526, ALGeneral Practice1487035283
Ashley Darnell Mcintyre 36117, ALGeneral Practice1699747709
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36908, ALGeneral Practice1093775918
Virginia W. Spisak 36362, ALGeneral Practice1447212170
Rizk M Abdel Moutagaly 35653, ALGeneral Practice1528021474
Robert E Sanderson 35216, ALGeneral Practice1780649053
Continuity Healthcare Inc 36106, ALGeneral Practice1417913948
Jerry Bruce Hankins 35128, ALGeneral Practice1952367377
Malcolm D Brown 36106, ALGeneral Practice1811953839
Stephen Blaise Chromiak 36603, ALGeneral Practice1124085048
Mukeshkumar B Patel 36106, ALGeneral Practice1861459703
Donald G Porch 35758, ALGeneral Practice1750348959
Marc Quentin Sonnier 35406, ALGeneral Practice1154389070
Adrian K. Rowe 35404, ALGeneral Practice1790743953
Gerri L Hendon 36108, ALGeneral Practice1649229808
Misti Baty 35233, ALGeneral Practice1417906421
Perry G Green 36104, ALGeneral Practice1376592410
Deveta Peoples 35218, ALGeneral Practice1558310961
Shubadha Virenjan 35903, ALGeneral Practice1255381273
Erica Eberlein Dana 35242, ALGeneral Practice1225088065
Katharine Nagle Culp 35903, ALGeneral Practice1558312801
Charles Franklin Yeager 36693, ALGeneral Practice1689625667
Kenneth A Alongi 35801, ALGeneral Practice1710939012
Thomas Walter Irving 36693, ALGeneral Practice1942252846
Charles William Bodie 36619, ALGeneral Practice1477505378
Gordon R Isbell 35901, ALGeneral Practice1891748281
Walter George Haynes 35209, ALGeneral Practice1043263536
Joel D Green 36560, ALGeneral Practice1558314385
Luis R Rodriguez 35757, ALGeneral Practice1487605432
Richard Allen Roller 36330, ALGeneral Practice1487610564
Arthur Walter Spiro 36575, ALGeneral Practice1316995236
Ann Louise Bagley 36362, ALGeneral Practice1841248895
Emergi care Clinici, P.c. 35404, ALGeneral Practice1366408502
Michelle Rhea Goodwyn 36116, ALGeneral Practice1669426607
Frank B Benson 35601, ALGeneral Practice1154377828
H. Paul Hufham 36303, ALGeneral Practice1548217649
Carl Arthur Humphries 35016, ALGeneral Practice1114974276
Michele Jordan 35173, ALGeneral Practice1982651436
Kevin Mcgowin Schambeau 35022, ALGeneral Practice1508803735
John Franklin Simmons 36340, ALGeneral Practice1922045905
Henry Coston Vaughn 36303, ALGeneral Practice1437197316
Russell Dewitt Nichols 36330, ALGeneral Practice1780623843
Nicholas Lamar Southall 36693, ALGeneral Practice1689613788
Robert G Emblom 36303, ALGeneral Practice1740229061
Keith A. Blackmon 36303, ALGeneral Practice1629017744
George B Waites 35806, ALGeneral Practice1992744890
Asher Abebe Turney 35773, ALGeneral Practice1811936479
James Lester Sanderson 35216, ALGeneral Practice1780623546
William Forrest Bryant 35601, ALGeneral Practice1093755084
Glenn E Harnett 35216, ALGeneral Practice1982644407
David Claude Fernandez 35476, ALGeneral Practice1275573222
Charles Tyrone Parrish 36301, ALGeneral Practice1730120056
Russel Keith Calvert 35215, ALGeneral Practice1023059961
Alan Lee Segrest 35801, ALGeneral Practice1235171976
Andrew J Mills 36330, ALGeneral Practice1376585216
John Bryan Deloney 36360, ALGeneral Practice1639111644
Michael Carl Precise 36350, ALGeneral Practice1770526493
Jon Franklin Strength 36350, ALGeneral Practice1629011374
David Naaman Strength 36350, ALGeneral Practice1356384051
Max H Mayer 35205, ALGeneral Practice1548203177
Robert Larkin Deshazer 35128, ALGeneral Practice1497798060
Clayton L Wright 36303, ALGeneral Practice1063455400
Robert W Theakston 35967, ALGeneral Practice1255374492
Marion Lawrence Harris 36303, ALGeneral Practice1790728186
Angela Lyn Wright 35810, ALGeneral Practice1851335236
Benjamin B Bailey 35801, ALGeneral Practice1386680965
David M Hubbs 36451, ALGeneral Practice1669418919
Stanley Ray Mccardle 36345, ALGeneral Practice1508892928
Cary M. Adams 36609, ALGeneral Practice1124055512
Phillip Kelley Bobo 35401, ALGeneral Practice1184652596
Stuart Lee Griswold 35555, ALGeneral Practice1437187143
Robert Bruce Andrews 36109, ALGeneral Practice1932138500
Stephen Robert Stricklin 35007, ALGeneral Practice1174552897
Frances Kahanec Bartel 36853, ALGeneral Practice1659301174
William A Mcclanahan 35630, ALGeneral Practice1477583219
Reginald Swanson 35214, ALGeneral Practice1518998178
The Crossings Dental Center 35244, ALGeneral Practice1003297797
Bruce Wayne Russell 35148, ALGeneral Practice1447280300
Ruth L Shields 36606, ALGeneral Practice1316993488
Dayo Obebe 36867, ALGeneral Practice1043266893
George Carpenter Andrews 35051, ALGeneral Practice1528096039
Samuel W Beenken 35242, ALGeneral Practice1801830815
Frederick M Moss 36117, ALGeneral Practice1427094465
Affinity Physician Services Llc 35213, ALGeneral Practice1366485617
James Daniel Cartwright 36067, ALGeneral Practice1376582049
William Marion Thomas 36081, ALGeneral Practice1598797854
William T Wilson 36532, ALGeneral Practice1407889223
John Raymond Durant 36853, ALGeneral Practice1790717858
Robert Alan Schuster 36853, ALGeneral Practice1871525931
James W. Samford 35242, ALGeneral Practice1922031152
Chudy Nathaniel Okoye 36703, ALGeneral Practice1922032226
G.michael Maitre Dmd Pa 36609, ALGeneral Practice1306871405
Louie C. Wilson 36607, ALGeneral Practice1780619247
Wallace Byron Mcgahan 35768, ALGeneral Practice1801811781
John Paul Livengood 15522, ALGeneral Practice1356366157
Gregory Shelton Dukes 36109, ALGeneral Practice1265458780
William Edward Holley 36442, ALGeneral Practice1316965718
American Family Care Inc 36609, ALGeneral Practice1992724124
Lester Rice Norvell 35630, ALGeneral Practice1316966237
American Family Care 35244, ALGeneral Practice1720008311
James T. Melton 35244, ALGeneral Practice1780604074
Jeffery Jack Solomon 35127, ALGeneral Practice1780604033
Myra M Stafford 35504, ALGeneral Practice1255352233
Harry Eugene Ohme 36104, ALGeneral Practice1891717740
Jonathan Holmes Barnette 35501, ALGeneral Practice1821010216
Gary M Silbernagel 36441, ALGeneral Practice1679595839
Michael T Barker 35957, ALGeneral Practice1801819776
John Heustis King 36603, ALGeneral Practice1053334870
Teena Jeffreys Mclaughlin 35630, ALGeneral Practice1093738460
Kerri Gilbert Bowie 36603, ALGeneral Practice1649293143
Bruce Edward Cunningham 36265, ALGeneral Practice1215950753
Jason Darryl Howes 36609, ALGeneral Practice1831112226
Benjamin Alan Crunk 35115, ALGeneral Practice1003830134
R. Denton Kimbrough 35801, ALGeneral Practice1215950670
Miquel Angel Santiago 36107, ALGeneral Practice1174547970
John Brett Bettis 35173, ALGeneral Practice1184648917
Gerald Amos Anderson 36701, ALGeneral Practice1073537973
Sarah Elizabeth Martin 35976, ALGeneral Practice1720002538
Benjamin A. Crunk, Dds, Llc 35115, ALGeneral Practice1083638746
Steven Arthur Carter 36460, ALGeneral Practice1487678892
James Thomas Gardiner 35674, ALGeneral Practice1306860655
Michael Edward Mann 35801, ALGeneral Practice1386658573
Linda Michelle Jones-seidenfaden 35043, ALGeneral Practice1154335198
Larry Gene Deep 35244, ALGeneral Practice1518981034
Emily Ingram Payne 35244, ALGeneral Practice1730103136
Paul Vickery Barganier 35216, ALGeneral Practice1386668663


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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