Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Arkansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Arkansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lauren F Harmon 72401, ARGeneral Practice1205830130
Phillip L Rindt 71635, ARGeneral Practice1700880366
Frederick G.s. Deal 72719, ARGeneral Practice1871597344
Kim David Keisner 72715, ARGeneral Practice1851396980
Terri Devlin 71832, ARGeneral Practice1710982285
Marvin D. Loyd 71653, ARGeneral Practice1033116041
Dan Martin 71701, ARGeneral Practice1508863267
Steven Patterson Ray 72227, ARGeneral Practice1346248572
Edwin L. Coffman 72901, ARGeneral Practice1366440380
Virgil Anthony William Bartels 72401, ARGeneral Practice1154328441
Donald Lee Duncan 71854, ARGeneral Practice1598763591
Michael W Brown 72112, ARGeneral Practice1912907437
William S Piechal 72703, ARGeneral Practice1326049255
Ronald K. Girlinghouse 74955, ARGeneral Practice1285636027
Kyle K Catron 74955, ARGeneral Practice1922000595
Oboma Steve Asemota 71654, ARGeneral Practice1700878634
Jerry Derek Ford 72734, ARGeneral Practice1487646022
Deborah Brett Bibb 72704, ARGeneral Practice1245223841
Michael Jai Singh 71921, ARGeneral Practice1972596542
Ronald Arthur Abbott 72114, ARGeneral Practice1285628230
Joseph C. Bakke 77209, ARGeneral Practice1649264433
Aaron Joseph Irvin 72099, ARGeneral Practice1902890791
Herman Eldon Hurd 72120, ARGeneral Practice1356331359
Kim Kosmitis 71603, ARGeneral Practice1770565921
F. Allan Midyett 72704, ARGeneral Practice1295717353
John E Bell 72143, ARGeneral Practice1609865690
Deborah Mae Williams 72301, ARGeneral Practice1467443390
Thomas L Eans 72113, ARGeneral Practice1164405890
James E Seale 71730, ARGeneral Practice1578546131
John H. Puckett 72450, ARGeneral Practice1013993492
William Patrick Scott 72834, ARGeneral Practice1881671055
Karen Ann Perry 71953, ARGeneral Practice1033198056
Betsy Hendricks 72034, ARGeneral Practice1609855493
Wesley J Ashabranner 72543, ARGeneral Practice1578542015
Robert Shaw Dempster 72116, ARGeneral Practice1205806247
Sumner R Cullom 72354, ARGeneral Practice1902885015
Larkus Pesnell 72173, ARGeneral Practice1033193966
Bryan Downing 72903, ARGeneral Practice1043284888
Scott Matthew Taylor 72703, ARGeneral Practice1770558355
Bethany Lane Knight 72519, ARGeneral Practice1457327389
Dave Lloyd Ouellette 72117, ARGeneral Practice1619944402
Jonathan Bruce Junkin 38024, ARGeneral Practice1144297821
Raymond Martin Baumgardner 71730, ARGeneral Practice1295702207
Robert L. Barrow 72211, ARGeneral Practice1770551665
James Davis Russell 72315, ARGeneral Practice1497724223
James Bradley Tilley 72034, ARGeneral Practice1932178332
Michael R Westbrook 72949, ARGeneral Practice1295794857
Kenneth C Prather 71730, ARGeneral Practice1023086931
Joseph Michael Patterson 72301, ARGeneral Practice1063486413
Jimmy G Bozeman 72576, ARGeneral Practice1164499935
Williams A. Spades 72401, ARGeneral Practice1508826934
James Lee Miller 72301, ARGeneral Practice1780647479
Ngoc Van Hoang 72901, ARGeneral Practice1114982345
Robert Joe Matlock 72756, ARGeneral Practice1487610093
Timothy D Costello 72601, ARGeneral Practice1235195785
Seock Sone 72112, ARGeneral Practice1467410571
W Wesley Moore 72903, ARGeneral Practice1518924620
Paul L Winborn 72903, ARGeneral Practice1508824590
Steven R. Kilpatrick 72903, ARGeneral Practice1528026754
Ilsa Sanchez 72364, ARGeneral Practice1821046608
John Charles Sayre 71852, ARGeneral Practice1316995202
Johnny P Adkins 72703, ARGeneral Practice1164472908
Bobby Joe Witherington 71646, ARGeneral Practice1851343149
Stephen Edward White 72454, ARGeneral Practice1639123425
Ann Sharon Meador 72032, ARGeneral Practice1659331072
David Wayne Furr 72762, ARGeneral Practice1023070638
Jerry Cannaday 71909, ARGeneral Practice1194774646
Donald L Patrick 72143, ARGeneral Practice1962466748
Jacky Fred Dunn 72641, ARGeneral Practice1235195306
Keith Wayne Smith 72908, ARGeneral Practice1194770362
Carol Sue Caruthers 72209, ARGeneral Practice1528014016
Shirley Leung Mccleskey 72401, ARGeneral Practice1578500773
Patrick Paul Moseley 71742, ARGeneral Practice1184662140
Sheila Elinor Hellman 72401, ARGeneral Practice1184663783
Scott C. Bell 72703, ARGeneral Practice1144260209
Juan B Cazano 72422, ARGeneral Practice1598705683
Casey Tate Jones 72908, ARGeneral Practice1861433344
Daniel Kurrus Jones 72908, ARGeneral Practice1720029200
Ryan Clinton Shearer 72006, ARGeneral Practice1558303032
Johnny L Bakker 72764, ARGeneral Practice1366484511
James William Fergus 72401, ARGeneral Practice1598707531
Leslie Purifoy Cooner 72205, ARGeneral Practice1851334023
Craig Cooper 72764, ARGeneral Practice1528002599
Stephen A. Beeler 72601, ARGeneral Practice1942245998
Don K. Rosa 72653, ARGeneral Practice1457396996
Corbin Turpin Amman 72762, ARGeneral Practice1083659551
Kirby L Davenport 72619, ARGeneral Practice1619912896
Thomas Stotts Isbell 72560, ARGeneral Practice1003851189
Larry E Sipes 71730, ARGeneral Practice1649216656
Marty Joe Harderson 72438, ARGeneral Practice1598701807
James Verl Beavers 72031, ARGeneral Practice1134165335
April Buffington 72301, ARGeneral Practice1942236823
Harold N Willmuth 72476, ARGeneral Practice1871529875
James Gray Buffington 72301, ARGeneral Practice1548296445
Janet Lynn Titus 72703, ARGeneral Practice1902832660
Linda M Ekman 72703, ARGeneral Practice1356377741
Lindsey Leigh Dolan 71913, ARGeneral Practice1215964580
Robert Edward Gardner 72476, ARGeneral Practice1932137387
Mark R. Stewart 71832, ARGeneral Practice1063449528
Thomas Melvin Isbell 72560, ARGeneral Practice1497783906
John H Young 72703, ARGeneral Practice1467481705
Butch Edward Hamlett 72450, ARGeneral Practice1982634457
Carolyn Vogler 71638, ARGeneral Practice1215968599
Rodney Terrill Routsong 72756, ARGeneral Practice1346297488
Karl Haws 72764, ARGeneral Practice1194767897
Billy H Noel 72927, ARGeneral Practice1790716314
L Joseph Parker 71854, ARGeneral Practice1174566574
George A Mccrary 72704, ARGeneral Practice1285663955
John Conley Mason 71909, ARGeneral Practice1013958149
Thomas Lane Turpin 72114, ARGeneral Practice1164454203
James Brett Burris 72401, ARGeneral Practice1639101843
James L Fish 72160, ARGeneral Practice1912939273
Ronald L Pleis 72114, ARGeneral Practice1215960877
Angela Howard Gray 72040, ARGeneral Practice1346275690
Chuck Kauffman 71742, ARGeneral Practice1770508491
Stan M Udouj 72901, ARGeneral Practice1457376246
William Beller 72501, ARGeneral Practice1538185822
Maria Mason 72958, ARGeneral Practice1710903174
Tina H Nichols 72210, ARGeneral Practice1457377012
Jeff A Powell 72120, ARGeneral Practice1447276944
Ray E Colclasure 71603, ARGeneral Practice1962420067
John E Sanford 72401, ARGeneral Practice1952329773
Edward Oliver 72104, ARGeneral Practice1336168772
Van Parker 72315, ARGeneral Practice1417976275
John M Lally 71654, ARGeneral Practice1194745745
Jonathan P Dacus 72120, ARGeneral Practice1952320681
Noble Skidmore Dallison 72714, ARGeneral Practice1588683700
Joe Keith Jones 72455, ARGeneral Practice1164442786
Christopher Jay Beller 72501, ARGeneral Practice1194744961
Randall R Hickerson 71854, ARGeneral Practice1538189246
W. Lindsay Cloud 72223, ARGeneral Practice1851311211
Richard Alan Cain 72022, ARGeneral Practice1700806841
Donald W. Warren 72031, ARGeneral Practice1285654533
Lane Hercher Smith 72022, ARGeneral Practice1689694721
Darryl W Warren 72031, ARGeneral Practice1861412082
Jeremy Stephen Simon 72921, ARGeneral Practice1306867767
John Allan Shuffield 72211, ARGeneral Practice1891716031
Daniel A Leis 72758, ARGeneral Practice1902828551
Leona C. Kemper 72131, ARGeneral Practice1821010018
Bryan D Copeland 72401, ARGeneral Practice1629091178
James Timothy Kauffman 71923, ARGeneral Practice1457375420
Robert Harris Carter 72501, ARGeneral Practice1023032174
Mark Floyd Harris 72703, ARGeneral Practice1225052392
Alan W Winberry 72554, ARGeneral Practice1770507642
Terry G Box 72703, ARGeneral Practice1023032802
William E Shelton 72501, ARGeneral Practice1659395648
Michael Eugene Carter 72701, ARGeneral Practice1457375271
Patrick D Fields 72023, ARGeneral Practice1467476564
Regina R Hudec 72703, ARGeneral Practice1558385260
Charles Chad Johnson 72703, ARGeneral Practice1437163599
Brian R Holt 72076, ARGeneral Practice1790709087
Richard Alan Staton 72903, ARGeneral Practice1194749358
Stephen Layne Long 72034, ARGeneral Practice1821012089
Andrew Thomas Bain 72753, ARGeneral Practice1811911100
James Russell Hildebrand 72114, ARGeneral Practice1861406217
Troy Dryden John Bartels 72401, ARGeneral Practice1619981396
David Vincent Zarlingo 72927, ARGeneral Practice1457365165
Roland Niles Rains 72638, ARGeneral Practice1275547887
Michael Bourns 72015, ARGeneral Practice1801800578
Leslie V Monroe 72205, ARGeneral Practice1720093578
John Gary Tumlison 72034, ARGeneral Practice1235145277
John Henry Kendrick 72762, ARGeneral Practice1902812019
Robert W. Beavers 72012, ARGeneral Practice1750397881
Scott David Fedosky 72704, ARGeneral Practice1710993654
Damon C Wright 72401, ARGeneral Practice1598771560
Robert E Richardson 72205, ARGeneral Practice1740296631
Kevin Scott Pierce 72401, ARGeneral Practice1336155225
Scott William Eichhorn 72143, ARGeneral Practice1699782128
Jared Edward Cox 72143, ARGeneral Practice1568479004
Charles Edward Hartsfield 72901, ARGeneral Practice1336156777
Scott Jolly 72116, ARGeneral Practice1073520300
William Richard Hixson 72116, ARGeneral Practice1265448070
Dee L Tucker 72150, ARGeneral Practice1952318453
William Higgs 72034, ARGeneral Practice1861409104
Clyde S Efird 72104, ARGeneral Practice1821004664
Richard Lloyd Gore 72211, ARGeneral Practice1336156801
Dan L Ballenger 72211, ARGeneral Practice1639186984
Bradley Wilson Jolly 72116, ARGeneral Practice1437166758
Richard Ivy Ezell 72703, ARGeneral Practice1336156702
Robert L Jolly 72116, ARGeneral Practice1356358691
Darwin Turner 71958, ARGeneral Practice1316954126
Charles Keith Neaville 72143, ARGeneral Practice1235146382
Gregg A Alford 71913, ARGeneral Practice1578570610
Joseph Scott Parker 71913, ARGeneral Practice1972510709
Fred W Dietrich 71701, ARGeneral Practice1356358170
Jeffery Scott Wisener 72756, ARGeneral Practice1285642819
Gary Stewart Dehls 72454, ARGeneral Practice1992712574
Darron Ross Cooper 72756, ARGeneral Practice1457369092
Daniel L Bird 72301, ARGeneral Practice1023026630
Robert A. Carter 71801, ARGeneral Practice1184632762
Jerry Dallas Nichols 71964, ARGeneral Practice1285642876
Alan Douglas Clark 72703, ARGeneral Practice1619985884
John David Richardson 72422, ARGeneral Practice1710995766
Scott Harlan Taylor 72933, ARGeneral Practice1588673453
Jack W. Wilson 71957, ARGeneral Practice1598774465
Dale Thomas Fallis 72205, ARGeneral Practice1497765903
Kristi Mitchell Elia 71730, ARGeneral Practice1457360257
Robert F Beyer 72745, ARGeneral Practice1649280124
James R Hunt 72764, ARGeneral Practice1558371047
G. Cliff Hays 72015, ARGeneral Practice1720098999


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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