Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
George John Stratigopoulos 92117, CAGeneral Practice1467455410
Leslie C. Chow 94564, CAGeneral Practice1124021118
Yoshio - Nakashima 94118, CAGeneral Practice1669475653
Harry Francis Albers 95404, CAGeneral Practice1659374643
James A Pasternak 91311, CAGeneral Practice1659374650
Cynthia Mary Ruff 94533, CAGeneral Practice1336142322
Gregory Stephen Schumm 92708, CAGeneral Practice1316940307
John Bruce Mcbirney 94022, CAGeneral Practice1356344360
Kevin Thomas Fitzpatrick 92014, CAGeneral Practice1992708903
Martin C Courtney 91324, CAGeneral Practice1508869595
Sandra Calleros 90245, CAGeneral Practice1316940315
Jennifer Y Choi 95628, CAGeneral Practice1801899893
Richard Armstrong 92627, CAGeneral Practice1831192822
Miriam Kinsler Robins 94103, CAGeneral Practice1205839297
Khanda A Miller , A Professional Corp 92078, CAGeneral Practice1609373265
Ashish Arya 95765, CAGeneral Practice1295738052
Amethyst Rebecca Schlecht 95382, CAGeneral Practice1043213838
William F Tong 95076, CAGeneral Practice1457354110
Timothy Wilken 93901, CAGeneral Practice1275536930
G. Todd Jorgensen 94518, CAGeneral Practice1215930961
Zahra Nadji 91766, CAGeneral Practice1770586422
Frank A. Alvarado 90278, CAGeneral Practice1780687533
Gregory S. Zabek 94102, CAGeneral Practice1477556264
Charles Conley Wood 90403, CAGeneral Practice1295738169
Ines Bardin Munoz De Laborde 93901, CAGeneral Practice1912900796
Pamela Nomura 95125, CAGeneral Practice1134122815
Frank Turner Curry 92660, CAGeneral Practice1346243003
Douglas Fouchaeux 93901, CAGeneral Practice1316940083
Benjamin P. Woo 90706, CAGeneral Practice1649273301
Scott Prysi 93940, CAGeneral Practice1376546036
Mashallah Ezzati 92630, CAGeneral Practice1023011087
Steven Craig Chan 92708, CAGeneral Practice1396748240
Lan-huong Da Nguyen 94127, CAGeneral Practice1366445348
John Stephen Cupples 95125, CAGeneral Practice1275536187
Babak Ourian 90211, CAGeneral Practice1790788560
Simon S. Ourian 90210, CAGeneral Practice1326041054
Librada Calayag 95687, CAGeneral Practice1346243896
Kerery D Hanson 94602, CAGeneral Practice1265435895
Raymond Man-shu Chan 92807, CAGeneral Practice1841293578
Dennis Robert Scharer 92019, CAGeneral Practice1184627895
Ke Hu 92395, CAGeneral Practice1750384327
David G. Seccombe 91711, CAGeneral Practice1780687343
Daniel Susott 93901, CAGeneral Practice1700889292
Jean Braza 93033, CAGeneral Practice1619970159
Lewis L Specker 94104, CAGeneral Practice1467455980
John E Scoggins 95482, CAGeneral Practice1205839511
Danny Leung 94523, CAGeneral Practice1902809320
Robert Earl Reed 93309, CAGeneral Practice1285637561
Carolyn J Doherty 90505, CAGeneral Practice1699777920
Bruce Allan Jones 90503, CAGeneral Practice1609879048
Sasi Kala Mannem 95350, CAGeneral Practice1831192251
Jessica Yih-wen Nien 95035, CAGeneral Practice1659375988
Gerald Soohoo 94541, CAGeneral Practice1477557700
Frank Thomas Bordonaro 92395, CAGeneral Practice1205838356
David Allen Benson 94705, CAGeneral Practice1700880044
James Bryan Quattlebaum 95758, CAGeneral Practice1649272774
Claudine Wai-ting Tsui 92111, CAGeneral Practice1235131368
Darrell Humphrey Kearl 94566, CAGeneral Practice1104820455
Daniel Jenkins 91710, CAGeneral Practice1902800253
Danny M Colton 92307, CAGeneral Practice1831191956
Hercules Joel Real 92835, CAGeneral Practice1427052778
Michael Gerald Dab 94903, CAGeneral Practice1063416311
Bradford Jay Lockhart 92780, CAGeneral Practice1871597138
Samuel A Mogul 91345, CAGeneral Practice1427050533
Mark Larsen Bradford 95973, CAGeneral Practice1477555613
Mary Janet Castillo Roldan 93312, CAGeneral Practice1063414274
Carol Gomez Summerhays 92121, CAGeneral Practice1346244621
Ira Koren 95492, CAGeneral Practice1316949373
Ronald Gene Shrader 92504, CAGeneral Practice1285638270
Matthew Dennis Ryan 95821, CAGeneral Practice1265436257
Chien Chuan Chen 91748, CAGeneral Practice1215931209
Richard Edward Heyes 91203, CAGeneral Practice1700880614
Krystyna Maria Wrona 94541, CAGeneral Practice1457355430
Yash P Verma 93662, CAGeneral Practice1619971439
Jack W. Chan 92054, CAGeneral Practice1891799714
Agnes Gan Ong 93263, CAGeneral Practice1700880622
John W. Berg 91202, CAGeneral Practice1477557163
Julian Patrick Miller 90746, CAGeneral Practice1487658001
Luis Antonio Jourdan Figueroa 95965, CAGeneral Practice1942204961
David Bryan Coutin 96021, CAGeneral Practice1043214661
Jerry David Minsky 92807, CAGeneral Practice1184628539
Rachel R Dunn-black 96097, CAGeneral Practice1588668065
Doug Disraeli 92103, CAGeneral Practice1376547703
Steven Robert Pickett 94591, CAGeneral Practice1376548701
Christi Ann Peterson 90720, CAGeneral Practice1568467975
Brad Lawrence Hart 94070, CAGeneral Practice1487659751
Robert I Sirotnik 92509, CAGeneral Practice1881699155
Karim Ahmad Samy El Nokrashy 95210, CAGeneral Practice1699770966
David Goldberg 91355, CAGeneral Practice1326043696
Lam Gia Ngo 92683, CAGeneral Practice1053316323
David Jonathan Hauss 90813, CAGeneral Practice1871598144
Michael Hanna 90640, CAGeneral Practice1518962927
Stefan Moiceanu 94806, CAGeneral Practice1174528590
Rita Weisberg 90404, CAGeneral Practice1407851751
Roger Ramirez Cedillo 90602, CAGeneral Practice1326043662
Peter Jacobsen 94115, CAGeneral Practice1639174923
Maria Caroline Aguilar 92270, CAGeneral Practice1134124381
Alan Vern Pickett 94591, CAGeneral Practice1154326452
Peter J Dolas 92870, CAGeneral Practice1619972726
Parvin S Carter 96001, CAGeneral Practice1104821354
Stefanie O Dolas 92870, CAGeneral Practice1235134347
Douglas W Vierra 95135, CAGeneral Practice1154326270
Thomas R Hirsch 90265, CAGeneral Practice1265437131
Mehrzad Seraji 90014, CAGeneral Practice1063417939
Efren Nathan Juarez 91803, CAGeneral Practice1235134107
Tedde Marie Rinker 94022, CAGeneral Practice1306841176
Harriet F Seldin 92117, CAGeneral Practice1104821156
Jack S Broussard 91105, CAGeneral Practice1821093832
Byron D. Alder 91101, CAGeneral Practice1780689760
Mark Ralph Sylvester 94541, CAGeneral Practice1851396733
Willie S Chao 92134, CAGeneral Practice1245235134
Barbro Lauri-beckett 95926, CAGeneral Practice1508861410
Bruce Torkan 90057, CAGeneral Practice1699770321
Bruce Torkan Md A Medical Corporation 90057, CAGeneral Practice1487659116
Conway K.w. Woo 93720, CAGeneral Practice1639174477
Robert N Katibah 95821, CAGeneral Practice1083619795
Jocelyn Perey Mcpherson 93291, CAGeneral Practice1316942196
Lisa Itaya 94103, CAGeneral Practice1538164314
Lynn Robert Oakleaf 94519, CAGeneral Practice1023013810
John Sheldon Hough 92284, CAGeneral Practice1902800428
Hayk Arakelyan D.d.s., Inc 90048, CAGeneral Practice1326493644
Renee Lois Kilmer 92108, CAGeneral Practice1356346225
Mirage Medical Group Center 92260, CAGeneral Practice1356811061
Lynn Elizabeth Napoli 92691, CAGeneral Practice1477558252
James Christopher Cope 95762, CAGeneral Practice1194720979
Irmino Galang Angeles 93551, CAGeneral Practice1184629974
Kenneth Leroy Holder 95035, CAGeneral Practice1871598516
Charles Margiotta 95035, CAGeneral Practice1295730943
Gregg A Louk 91335, CAGeneral Practice1104821859
Steven Roy Czekala 94583, CAGeneral Practice1689679276
Charles Victor Brown 90247, CAGeneral Practice1124023759
Jeffrey John Stehly 90631, CAGeneral Practice1043215585
Anthony F Riforgiate 93454, CAGeneral Practice1518962125
Robert D. James 91711, CAGeneral Practice1871598375
Steven Victor Donia 91436, CAGeneral Practice1851397301
Leslie T Matsumura 94550, CAGeneral Practice1295731776
Jon M Nishikubo 94550, CAGeneral Practice1609872191
Robert F. Childs 92708, CAGeneral Practice1518963966
Lawrence Franklin Perkins 91105, CAGeneral Practice1700882974
Karyn D. Chun 94577, CAGeneral Practice1518963826
Michael Scott Stokes 94564, CAGeneral Practice1578569943
Clifford Owen Marks 95008, CAGeneral Practice1396741484
Robert Theodore Lambing 94602, CAGeneral Practice1659377646
Richard Hugh Tabor 94501, CAGeneral Practice1942206974
Leslie R. Betz 90604, CAGeneral Practice1710983796
Lanchi Pham 95121, CAGeneral Practice1083610067
Khari Nelson 95831, CAGeneral Practice1679579692
Ellen Brackett Leaf 94403, CAGeneral Practice1992701957
Helena Caballero 94501, CAGeneral Practice1447256409
Longway Tsai 90701, CAGeneral Practice1265438113
Myron Jay Taranow 94611, CAGeneral Practice1437155348
Kamen Ivanov Nedeltchev 93311, CAGeneral Practice1740286392
Gregory Grant Smith 90650, CAGeneral Practice1619973401
Saurabh Kumar Sinha 92832, CAGeneral Practice1376549014
Michael C.h. Tsai 91770, CAGeneral Practice1457357105
Kathleen Jo Lucas 91106, CAGeneral Practice1417953175
Edward Todd Fort 90045, CAGeneral Practice1578569281
Dennis Collins Romary 95682, CAGeneral Practice1356347074
Bobi V Chau 93305, CAGeneral Practice1780680371
Dr Yabu & Dr Lim Dds 94602, CAGeneral Practice1316943038
Maureen Roberta Dornan 92780, CAGeneral Practice1477559896
Stephanie B Loller 95128, CAGeneral Practice1316943954
Missagh Pezeshkian, D.d. S., A Professional Corporation 91205, CAGeneral Practice1578062121
Rick T Gavin 93309, CAGeneral Practice1356348882
William P Thomas 93308, CAGeneral Practice1699772129
John B Christensen 92821, CAGeneral Practice1881691376
Brian Binh Trinh 94612, CAGeneral Practice1720085194
James Stephen Hartmann 92801, CAGeneral Practice1407853708
Iftikhar Ali Khan 91740, CAGeneral Practice1952308199
Gregory Carl Tinloy 95671, CAGeneral Practice1588661730
Robert David Lyons 95817, CAGeneral Practice1548267867
Amal Abiaoui 93206, CAGeneral Practice1407853690
Thorpe R Whitman 95076, CAGeneral Practice1447257696
Doris Ingrid Rojas 91711, CAGeneral Practice1508863762
Houman Rahnama 92677, CAGeneral Practice1851398010
Michael R Boyer 95350, CAGeneral Practice1396742458
Marc Warren Judd 93021, CAGeneral Practice1124025218
Michael Peter Belluscio 95540, CAGeneral Practice1912904020
Paul P. Shinto 91105, CAGeneral Practice1801893920
Mitchell Allen Ulibarri 93446, CAGeneral Practice1255338372
Susan Vivien B Chadkewicz 92128, CAGeneral Practice1053318048
Kelvin Wayne Hall 94108, CAGeneral Practice1740287432
Mark W Lai 95823, CAGeneral Practice1376540088
Kenneth M Berrin 92064, CAGeneral Practice1255338190
Richard Jan Schoen 96097, CAGeneral Practice1003813858
Russell E Haag 92117, CAGeneral Practice1366449175
Jerry Bruce Malleus 91340, CAGeneral Practice1447257290
Laura Leon 92805, CAGeneral Practice1114925690
James H Johnson 92069, CAGeneral Practice1700884384
Luke H Iwata 92354, CAGeneral Practice1578561106
Quynh Truong 92705, CAGeneral Practice1881692424
Seung Wook Paik 91792, CAGeneral Practice1972501575
Jarrod Craig Cornehl 94108, CAGeneral Practice1619975117
Jose Guadalupe Perez-luna 91768, CAGeneral Practice1679571095
Mary A Ditto 91303, CAGeneral Practice1417955816
Ginger Lynne Scoggins 92345, CAGeneral Practice1326046723
Paul Lowell Skaggs 95320, CAGeneral Practice1942208236
John Bryan Dell 94080, CAGeneral Practice1376541706
Parviz Asher Lahiji 91436, CAGeneral Practice1154329597
Marcelo Geneston Moncada 90027, CAGeneral Practice1215935564


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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