Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Nilo Artemio Hernandez 34103, FLGeneral Practice1396748372
Blue Water Doctors Llc 33063, FLGeneral Practice1821303744
Angel Gabriel Pagan 33513, FLGeneral Practice1063414381
Sharon M Dicristofaro 32807, FLGeneral Practice1316941289
Juana Maria Gutierrez 33175, FLGeneral Practice1114925427
Richard G Abood 34110, FLGeneral Practice1043218977
Miguel A Aponte 33063, FLGeneral Practice1174505929
Enas G. Iskander 32174, FLGeneral Practice1073591269
Pier D. Frank 33607, FLGeneral Practice1538135132
Madhushree Desiraju 32827, FLGeneral Practice1114977790
Elizabeth Marte 32828, FLGeneral Practice1821468554
Siu-mei Chan 33166, FLGeneral Practice1447214572
Guillermo Acevedo-aguilera 00969, FLGeneral Practice1134168727
David John Deam 34606, FLGeneral Practice1730124165
Kevin J. Farquharson 32159, FLGeneral Practice1396771721
Manik Kumar Gupta 33136, FLGeneral Practice1548655681
Marisela Gonzalez 33155, FLGeneral Practice1679500037
Linh Bao Nguyen 33781, FLGeneral Practice1194761510
Carlos D Amy 33409, FLGeneral Practice1417902685
William Jay Baldwin 33744, FLGeneral Practice1215941232
Brad Lewis 33020, FLGeneral Practice1376567685
James George Trantham 32901, FLGeneral Practice1265456826
Yuliet Moreno Montiel 34232, FLGeneral Practice1841786647
Fleurgin Rochelin 33136, FLGeneral Practice1477857563
Richard G Abood, M.d., P.a. 34110, FLGeneral Practice1265455182
Orlando Family Medical Inc 34741, FLGeneral Practice1023119641
Ruth Maria Vergara 32819, FLGeneral Practice1497848113
Patrick J Karson 32804, FLGeneral Practice1245339191
Damanjeet Singh 33409, FLGeneral Practice1699856302
Maria Cecilia Vidal 33179, FLGeneral Practice1780749473
Peter Neff Carbone 87131, FLGeneral Practice1871655670
Inti Fernandez Md Pa 33165, FLGeneral Practice1831235043
Gavin Carter Mcewan 32501, FLGeneral Practice1871648741
Paul Edward Wohlgemuth 32224, FLGeneral Practice1942373006
Jorge Rafael Delgado 33034, FLGeneral Practice1508901521
Heidi Santana Santana 32713, FLGeneral Practice1295889368
Greg Goran Stoici 33770, FLGeneral Practice1639209950
Randall Scott 32043, FLGeneral Practice1619138658
Nicholas Joseph Dundee 33909, FLGeneral Practice1134332026
Eliud Arnaldo Deltoro Rivera 33881, FLGeneral Practice1811167505
Saadia Fersobe 34741, FLGeneral Practice1013170893
Jorge Luis Garcia 33175, FLGeneral Practice1023219763
Rafael Carlos Crespo 33523, FLGeneral Practice1376727040
Maria Belen Game 33308, FLGeneral Practice1801098926
Sirin Thanasasavat 32809, FLGeneral Practice1437347101
Seth Ari Shapiro 33487, FLGeneral Practice1114136223
Paola Marcela Correa 33180, FLGeneral Practice1497945083
Erica Michelle Snider 33430, FLGeneral Practice1073702767
Adam Michael Van Den Boom 78229, FLGeneral Practice1295935716
Shawn James Douglas 34655, FLGeneral Practice1790990299
Juan Antonio De Jesus Kalil 34420, FLGeneral Practice1306087713
Rakesh Verma 32277, FLGeneral Practice1285900225
Frantz Pierre-louis 33919, FLGeneral Practice1194091538
Tj Mcnichol 32162, FLGeneral Practice1790939015
Candice M Rivera 32822, FLGeneral Practice1477799674
Joseph Rosado 32808, FLGeneral Practice1104068584
Carl Edward Juliao 34787, FLGeneral Practice1992930770
Bruce Novark 34112, FLGeneral Practice1407175227
Tyler Owen Vukmer 80207, FLGeneral Practice1114207875
Miguelina Arocha 33322, FLGeneral Practice1407081540
Derek Arthur Klemm 30535, FLGeneral Practice1225300494
Lori M Denny 33050, FLGeneral Practice1881994242
Joseph Noel Nieves 33190, FLGeneral Practice1417188319
James Matthew Bloom 80222, FLGeneral Practice1184910994
Michael James O'neil 34228, FLGeneral Practice1518290329
Jobse I Lebron Perez 34655, FLGeneral Practice1427367077
Hezekiah George Owojuyigbe 32177, FLGeneral Practice1588043350
Harvey S. Kleiner, D.o., Pa 33351, FLGeneral Practice1114224839
Dory Green 33009, FLGeneral Practice1538459409
Comfortable Care Dental Health Professionals, P.a. 33069, FLGeneral Practice1023380995
Vanessa Marie Lopez 33175, FLGeneral Practice1497239610
Lashaun Denise Elliott 30064, FLGeneral Practice1497074298
Gretchen Josefina Rodriguez 32808, FLGeneral Practice1992938849
Eduardo Ubieta Arbesu 33139, FLGeneral Practice1477992436
Alma Vallderuten 33308, FLGeneral Practice1306278510
Phillip Estes 32935, FLGeneral Practice1255766937
Abelardo Heredia 33145, FLGeneral Practice1760809149
Sowmya Rao Kumar 32955, FLGeneral Practice1316354467
American Health, Llc 33165, FLGeneral Practice1356769343
Kirstin Walther 32308, FLGeneral Practice1073931416
Brian Shee 11235, FLGeneral Practice1457700015
Morgan Jenkins 34715, FLGeneral Practice1124194980
Luis Fonseca 34134, FLGeneral Practice1114330586
Nhung Nong 33884, FLGeneral Practice1306094313
Alberto Sanchez-torres 32168, FLGeneral Practice1083812408
Natalie Steinhoff 72758, FLGeneral Practice1588067375
Sara El-sherbini 91730, FLGeneral Practice1407197288
Ransky Max Allonce 33063, FLGeneral Practice1770991010
Harriet Crockett-woods 31201, FLGeneral Practice1497161715
Joshua Leon Blimbaum 32223, FLGeneral Practice1912379926
Hilton Antonio Alemar Hernandez 00909, FLGeneral Practice1659765352
Laura Marie Peterson 68516, FLGeneral Practice1356605117
Christine Van Groesbeck 33771, FLGeneral Practice1366824419
Jon M Baumbauer 32308, FLGeneral Practice1821181835
Christina M Robinson 33162, FLGeneral Practice1386023810
Eduardo Felipe Matto 33931, FLGeneral Practice1477966463
Alexandra Farah Griffin 33615, FLGeneral Practice1962882100
Kevin Thomas Keys 23708, FLGeneral Practice1649518176
Rafael Martinez 34744, FLGeneral Practice1578990438
Caroline M Inaba 33596, FLGeneral Practice1629319249
Sepideh Sabooree 32209, FLGeneral Practice1114310943
Anand Shah 32904, FLGeneral Practice1619226016
Kg Health Partners, Inc 33760, FLGeneral Practice1487654042
Tuquyen Nguyen 32162, FLGeneral Practice1952501934
Kyna Z Shnayderman 53215, FLGeneral Practice1831455534
Jasmine Cruz Sanchez 34759, FLGeneral Practice1891010716
Sandy Cassandra Rodney 85017, FLGeneral Practice1770920985
Jean Berlonge Pierre 33313, FLGeneral Practice1255769246
Stephanie Thomas 32952, FLGeneral Practice1295247427
Stephanie Grondahl 48912, FLGeneral Practice1760805352
William Hickman 23708, FLGeneral Practice1407213515
Christian Vidalon 32940, FLGeneral Practice1295264232
Frank Kristian Gassler 34698, FLGeneral Practice1477082212
Kejia Julia Sun 32819, FLGeneral Practice1881115178
Claudia Mansito-lopez 00692, FLGeneral Practice1134643133
James Nguyen 32207, FLGeneral Practice1417326794
Elizabeth Ellen Kerr Amador 33024, FLGeneral Practice1407203169
Koby Scott Sarubin 21208, FLGeneral Practice1912358979
Rehab & Therapy Wellness Of South Florida Llc 33174, FLGeneral Practice1184075764
Julianne Elizabeth Burke 32212, FLGeneral Practice1154781748
Rene E Cabrera 33186, FLGeneral Practice1518313675
24 Hr Virtual Md, Llc 33487, FLGeneral Practice1598127516
Shauna Pittman 32904, FLGeneral Practice1386090165
Veronica Cecilia Narvaez De V 33027, FLGeneral Practice1366979270
Jonathan Casiano 32578, FLGeneral Practice1699205880
Sleep Health Florida, Pllc 33442, FLGeneral Practice1316463250
Jean Jules 33168, FLGeneral Practice1720598022
Sarah Shuayb 34609, FLGeneral Practice1003325820
Wilmer Columbie Sardinas 32812, FLGeneral Practice1699205310
Danling Yu 32757, FLGeneral Practice1902336613
Austin Richard Fowler 32257, FLGeneral Practice1225567530
Camilo Rodriguez 33437, FLGeneral Practice1710409990
Geoffrey William Bennett 33446, FLGeneral Practice1619499415
Tania Herschdorfer 33023, FLGeneral Practice1669994125
Procare Dentistry 33436, FLGeneral Practice1780198978
East Lake Chiropractic & Medical Center, Inc. 34769, FLGeneral Practice1811495617
Rogelio Anthony Solis 32825, FLGeneral Practice1174039382
Fraga Medical Center, Inc. 33175, FLGeneral Practice1871698027
Patricia Devilliers 34212, FLGeneral Practice1669568861
Khalid Aldorri 33881, FLGeneral Practice1396261277
Christine A Marijanovic 32962, FLGeneral Practice1538414073
Reliance Medical Associates Of Jax Llc 32250, FLGeneral Practice1023522315
Alan J Martin 32084, FLGeneral Practice1154819043
Philip M Demola 32940, FLGeneral Practice1942484688
Emerald Coast Diabetes & Nutrition Center 32548, FLGeneral Practice1700307550
Ravi Mirpuri 34119, FLGeneral Practice1679856710
Naveen Krishna Allin 34479, FLGeneral Practice1316439193
Jose C Ramirez 33185, FLGeneral Practice1205329968
Kelli Riddle 34202, FLGeneral Practice1841711264
Kara Trapp Reardon 73104, FLGeneral Practice1972950285
Keri Anne Eberhardt 60451, FLGeneral Practice1841711579
Cintia D Kopecny 33073, FLGeneral Practice1851885156
Community Therapy Associates Llc 32837, FLGeneral Practice1568956548
Sirin Thanasasavat, Dmd 32809, FLGeneral Practice1104311331
Alejandro Marco Quesada Garcia 80219, FLGeneral Practice1720570559
Alex Reinaldo Gutierrez Nieves 00719, FLGeneral Practice1114297868
John Paul Aylmer 33326, FLGeneral Practice1023468766
Nareh Issayans 21703, FLGeneral Practice1306369954
Andrew Kalman 32508, FLGeneral Practice1225524580
Mdpa Solutions, Inc 32168, FLGeneral Practice1992181077
Ariel J. Mir Remedios 33014, FLGeneral Practice1285096669
Eileen Castro 33030, FLGeneral Practice1518348796
Ellis Mossaded 30101, FLGeneral Practice1790195261
Supriya Narang 33315, FLGeneral Practice1477031771
Camilo O Moynelo Coll 34983, FLGeneral Practice1376039115
Jason Brian Blundell 34684, FLGeneral Practice1801058276
Michael Baleno 14618, FLGeneral Practice1952500514
Erik Roos 32225, FLGeneral Practice1083078828
Leilani Lorenzo 33134, FLGeneral Practice1861971632
Yudancy P Gangi 33020, FLGeneral Practice1821579459
Giselle Prado 10016, FLGeneral Practice1851822704
Mohammad Salman Choudhary 32807, FLGeneral Practice1992037121
Aspire Health Medical Partners Of Middle Tennessee Pc 37201, FLGeneral Practice1215372354
Chandani Desai 34470, FLGeneral Practice1235653767
Dustin Nielsen Hickman 32763, FLGeneral Practice1396210266
Erick Yglesias Ruiz 33770, FLGeneral Practice1427534239
Myriam Glavash 79424, FLGeneral Practice1891134383
Nadia H Dao 34429, FLGeneral Practice1619339140
Sara Nikfar 32809, FLGeneral Practice1316388101
Chanelle Commedore 32301, FLGeneral Practice1831581693
Isabel Maria Acosta Valdes 33033, FLGeneral Practice1043678485
Gar Michael Reyes Crespo 00698, FLGeneral Practice1750807251
Yomaly Madera Kuhns 34453, FLGeneral Practice1780183632
Amber Rowe 32948, FLGeneral Practice1760937627
Happy Smiles Of Port Saint Lucie 33901, FLGeneral Practice1831660026
Srividya Vulugundam 34653, FLGeneral Practice1710354881
Alexander Rodriguez Castillo 33141, FLGeneral Practice1114381704
Estero Healthcare 33931, FLGeneral Practice1609330059
Jose Ricardo Burgos Polo 33834, FLGeneral Practice1013903996
Tahira Williams 33322, FLGeneral Practice1477913093
Enrique Solis Lafont 33169, FLGeneral Practice1023476140
Fabiola Eugenia Camacho 32809, FLGeneral Practice1740746551
Jamila Mckinnis Riley 70538, FLGeneral Practice1003354929
Douglas Allen Nartker 43220, FLGeneral Practice1053849299
Chacey Bryan 10453, FLGeneral Practice1699228734
Consult With Md 33607, FLGeneral Practice1912401035
Delio Garcia 33175, FLGeneral Practice1790006823
Skills 4 You Florida, Llc 32809, FLGeneral Practice1740630946
Gregory A Keifer 33042, FLGeneral Practice1184127912
Mount Of Mercy Healthcare Llc 32836, FLGeneral Practice1205396611


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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