Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Fred L Horowitz 60606, ILGeneral Practice1265435200
Michael C Griffin 60613, ILGeneral Practice1376546382
Peter J. March 60468, ILGeneral Practice1528061538
Katherine Lauterbach 60657, ILGeneral Practice1528061520
Timothy C Altman 60067, ILGeneral Practice1356344352
David Allen Wurzbach 60030, ILGeneral Practice1417950403
Jennifer Y Choi 95628, ILGeneral Practice1801899893
Howard Leon Waldrop 61614, ILGeneral Practice1659374759
Alan Ara Boghosian 60611, ILGeneral Practice1285637272
Thomas C Bonuso 60194, ILGeneral Practice1295738177
Douglas L. Kay 60181, ILGeneral Practice1730182486
William Henry Slavin 60950, ILGeneral Practice1992708978
Joseph Alan Cioni 62254, ILGeneral Practice1578566550
Richard J. Mantoan 60422, ILGeneral Practice1740283605
Robert Bruce Dawe 61326, ILGeneral Practice1366445025
Mike L Fuesting 61832, ILGeneral Practice1699778159
Pamela A. Schmidt 61114, ILGeneral Practice1811990526
John Woong Yang 60014, ILGeneral Practice1619970332
Roger Charles Schmidt 61114, ILGeneral Practice1326041047
Thomas J Guzzardi 60506, ILGeneral Practice1518960020
Dale Glen Claussen 62025, ILGeneral Practice1780687293
Timothy Chase Canty 60073, ILGeneral Practice1457354870
Robert Gary Crane 60090, ILGeneral Practice1003819392
Amalou Villanueva Lim 60074, ILGeneral Practice1508869876
Maggie W Augustyn 60564, ILGeneral Practice1073515193
Mark A. Faught 61866, ILGeneral Practice1942204201
Guillermo Arizona 60085, ILGeneral Practice1275535338
Barbara Rusanowsky Webster 60515, ILGeneral Practice1710989876
Michael S Papendick 60085, ILGeneral Practice1801890215
Gary M Lamantia 60714, ILGeneral Practice1033114434
Mark J. Grunberg 60651, ILGeneral Practice1962407239
Richard C Mazanek 60714, ILGeneral Practice1043215445
Timothy D. Supan 61744, ILGeneral Practice1053316463
Roger Lance Robbins 60077, ILGeneral Practice1417952532
Randall Matuszewski 60451, ILGeneral Practice1205831286
Steven Peter Rempas 60657, ILGeneral Practice1720083611
Prasop Rattananont 61231, ILGeneral Practice1154326072
Sukyong Chang 60060, ILGeneral Practice1053316752
James E. Probst 62864, ILGeneral Practice1194729517
William J. Bennett 60467, ILGeneral Practice1750386504
William M Dondanville 62012, ILGeneral Practice1760487219
Brian Hugh Reynolds 62269, ILGeneral Practice1588669196
Stephen T. Blue 61744, ILGeneral Practice1205831773
Martin Lapidus 60646, ILGeneral Practice1619973831
Venancio Decastro 60004, ILGeneral Practice1205832243
Thomas J Feder 62220, ILGeneral Practice1114923281
David Schubert 60544, ILGeneral Practice1275539108
Thomas J Frymark 60050, ILGeneral Practice1003813684
Donald Otto Nelson 60169, ILGeneral Practice1962408401
Michael Shahan Garry 60169, ILGeneral Practice1013913565
Gary C London 62208, ILGeneral Practice1023015591
William C Lavery 61866, ILGeneral Practice1720085541
John Rees 61364, ILGeneral Practice1114925880
Gordon K. Jones 60045, ILGeneral Practice1023015401
William J Tonne 61074, ILGeneral Practice1447258355
Daniel Mcguire 60435, ILGeneral Practice1922007723
Vijay K Marwaha 60520, ILGeneral Practice1184623951
David Michael Cook 62946, ILGeneral Practice1720086531
Walter C Wrobel 60004, ILGeneral Practice1215936406
Lyle S. Chad Reedy 61032, ILGeneral Practice1417956566
Mark Bernard Lubienski 60423, ILGeneral Practice1376543025
Paul Steven Simmons 60804, ILGeneral Practice1457351629
Mamdouh H Hassaballa 60015, ILGeneral Practice1003815069
Soniya Salil Vasanwala 46311, ILGeneral Practice1235616780
Salud Merene Martinez 60618, ILGeneral Practice1154322865
Patricia Lynn Simmons 60804, ILGeneral Practice1083615660
Ken Kromash 60611, ILGeneral Practice1134121932
Andrzej A Sowinski 60193, ILGeneral Practice1588656557
Shehnaz Ansari 62363, ILGeneral Practice1508858283
Nasir J Ahmed 60123, ILGeneral Practice1962494633
David M Oligschlaeger 62565, ILGeneral Practice1851383418
Honghoa Thien Le 60616, ILGeneral Practice1952825119
Bhavana P Vaidya 60621, ILGeneral Practice1437141108
John A Vallone 60914, ILGeneral Practice1578557997
Timothy A. Ridenour 60103, ILGeneral Practice1942294988
Gregory L Wigton 62024, ILGeneral Practice1588658520
Jeffrey Michael Grimley 60540, ILGeneral Practice1538153440
Christopher C Larsen 61265, ILGeneral Practice1821082884
Lee Eugene Moore 61571, ILGeneral Practice1093709842
Robert Bruce Stephens 60201, ILGeneral Practice1033103585
Robert F Gamble 62225, ILGeneral Practice1861487209
James Edward Blood 62225, ILGeneral Practice1124013982
Young Nahm Lee 60064, ILGeneral Practice1699760462
Wayne Robert Helge 60491, ILGeneral Practice1871588517
Lora D. Graves 62225, ILGeneral Practice1366437089
Brent S Mcclenny 62225, ILGeneral Practice1477548014
Dennis R Hayes 62703, ILGeneral Practice1477549079
Joseph P Barry 60016, ILGeneral Practice1598751950
Charles W Thie 62225, ILGeneral Practice1861488165
Rex Dale Moore 61701, ILGeneral Practice1669468344
John J Boeren 62220, ILGeneral Practice1376530949
Konstantin John Kohan 60004, ILGeneral Practice1265420855
William Genter Davis 60016, ILGeneral Practice1316935828
Angela Bogacki Skidmore 60103, ILGeneral Practice1720072762
Perkins Jones 60660, ILGeneral Practice1639341118
Monica M Wilwert 61071, ILGeneral Practice1720074206
Ann Elizabeth Roberts 40031, ILGeneral Practice1437145695
Satish V Vayuvegula 60462, ILGeneral Practice1477547875
Ronald Dean Weems 62234, ILGeneral Practice1073501672
Ghassan Abboud 60640, ILGeneral Practice1508854910
Jae Sung Roh 60544, ILGeneral Practice1790773117
Inah Park 60544, ILGeneral Practice1225026651
Naira Simonyan 60625, ILGeneral Practice1619965050
Krikor Papazian 60053, ILGeneral Practice1073501417
Sadia Hafeez 62233, ILGeneral Practice1245228683
Ajitha Paruchuri 60185, ILGeneral Practice1912995333
Kristin Ann Miller 62226, ILGeneral Practice1922096148
Dan O Bowlin 62988, ILGeneral Practice1164410312
Atwood Jackson Huff 62703, ILGeneral Practice1811985922
Frank Lambros Karkazis 60202, ILGeneral Practice1922096171
Chris Kyros 60714, ILGeneral Practice1275522153
Heather Surratt 62207, ILGeneral Practice1386633295
Promila Marwaha 60520, ILGeneral Practice1073502704
Lee J Moore 60655, ILGeneral Practice1255320842
Richard E. Nosal 60602, ILGeneral Practice1912996406
Albert K Andrew 60543, ILGeneral Practice1912996604
1navjit Kaur Gill 60099, ILGeneral Practice1184613887
Aroon Pal 60632, ILGeneral Practice1538158142
Shuba Anantha 60031, ILGeneral Practice1346239902
Surekha Sakala 60506, ILGeneral Practice1205825817
Shweta Kamal 60506, ILGeneral Practice1457340002
Alicia Susana Rubinstein 60660, ILGeneral Practice1710976261
Glenn A Parker 62914, ILGeneral Practice1740279215
Jose F Camacho 60647, ILGeneral Practice1073502464
Lourdes Terrado Anonuevo 60618, ILGeneral Practice1225027634
Tom Chan 60629, ILGeneral Practice1407845936
Jayantilal T. Malli 60647, ILGeneral Practice1891784252
Nandini Tumkur Subbaraju 60608, ILGeneral Practice1417946872
Joseph Vincent Cappello 60632, ILGeneral Practice1457340630
Maria Romana Roman 60061, ILGeneral Practice1881683076
Ronald Herman Neidhart 60477, ILGeneral Practice1386633592
Sumrana S Ahmed 60085, ILGeneral Practice1922097294
Prasad B Gonavarum 60616, ILGeneral Practice1174512339
Jet Chiranand 60657, ILGeneral Practice1740279066
Richard Randy Mikos 60077, ILGeneral Practice1649269812
Max H Kim 60652, ILGeneral Practice1285623470
Edward Vayman 60659, ILGeneral Practice1629067848
Saradkumar M Lakhani 60302, ILGeneral Practice1982693065
Peter S Lim 60612, ILGeneral Practice1417946641
Ashraf Ahmad 60641, ILGeneral Practice1558350793
Deborah Jeanne Galen 60088, ILGeneral Practice1366431504
Richard R. Marek 60646, ILGeneral Practice1851380927
Najung Kim 60133, ILGeneral Practice1114916210
Jamie Y Park 60714, ILGeneral Practice1073502035
Shirali Minesh Patel 60133, ILGeneral Practice1427047489
Robert Thomas Miserendino 60458, ILGeneral Practice1134118110
Spiros J Lafazanos 60031, ILGeneral Practice1215926290
Shafeeq H Bader 60632, ILGeneral Practice1114916129
Chi-ing Li 60620, ILGeneral Practice1366431371
Alexander Ayngorn 60712, ILGeneral Practice1447249479
Joseph A Lepkowski 60304, ILGeneral Practice1972593937
James L. Orrington 60619, ILGeneral Practice1639169691
Cheng Li Chin 60647, ILGeneral Practice1376533299
Shafaq Raafat Mustafa 60473, ILGeneral Practice1255321170
Linh Nguyen 60640, ILGeneral Practice1033109996
Hsien Che Kuo 60640, ILGeneral Practice1295725000
Gerald Allen Dismer 60085, ILGeneral Practice1053301895
Alexandra Anderson 60660, ILGeneral Practice1700876661
John S Kim 60634, ILGeneral Practice1922098748
Gregory S Jacob 60025, ILGeneral Practice1992795710
Calvin Mandel Finkel 60077, ILGeneral Practice1063402824
Kalpana Tushar Shah 60436, ILGeneral Practice1407846298
Luis Guillermo Lopera 60090, ILGeneral Practice1578553103
Ronald Townsend 60619, ILGeneral Practice1275523847
Richard S Conen 60077, ILGeneral Practice1801886544
Oleg M Zorin 60626, ILGeneral Practice1194715532
Sasa Stojanovic 60625, ILGeneral Practice1184614224
Suzi Azhari 60120, ILGeneral Practice1356331490
Chris J Lafazanos 60031, ILGeneral Practice1578553632
James Ikjae Kwon 60067, ILGeneral Practice1023008174
Jason Kenneth Korkus 60608, ILGeneral Practice1427049576
Vincent I-sun Lin 60516, ILGeneral Practice1760473839
Ahsan Ahmed 60175, ILGeneral Practice1306837349
Larry Alan Fisher 60640, ILGeneral Practice1639160658
Kenneth Milan Kozik 60617, ILGeneral Practice1174514038
Robert E Rada 60525, ILGeneral Practice1770574576
Georgia Vlachogiannis 60617, ILGeneral Practice1275524050
James P Kanellos 60617, ILGeneral Practice1255322038
Horace C. Broy 60653, ILGeneral Practice1669463394
Phillip William Robinson Jones 61956, ILGeneral Practice1255322723
Bill J Kotis 60617, ILGeneral Practice1497746739
Linh Thuy Tran 60614, ILGeneral Practice1619968880
Anhminh Trandai 60640, ILGeneral Practice1902897119
Moeen Ikram 60107, ILGeneral Practice1730160979
Eugene P Durbin 60675, ILGeneral Practice1225019474
Michael Burton Feinberg 60625, ILGeneral Practice1396726576
Alamdar H Bader 60653, ILGeneral Practice1801877089
George A. Demeros 60630, ILGeneral Practice1760463772
Ross Andrew Fraser 60305, ILGeneral Practice1215918198
Seung Eun Baik 60714, ILGeneral Practice1033190913
Kevin D. Mcclure 60546, ILGeneral Practice1356322929
Genaro Romo 60632, ILGeneral Practice1811978471
Ashraf Jehan Ahmed 60660, ILGeneral Practice1568443083
William Jackson Jones 61956, ILGeneral Practice1720069099
Jacob S Lake 60659, ILGeneral Practice1811979933
Elizabeth Pajak 60714, ILGeneral Practice1760464762
Jeffrey David Staley-henne 61944, ILGeneral Practice1245212273
Harvey Friedman 60160, ILGeneral Practice1881676625
Payal Shah 60402, ILGeneral Practice1487636908
Joanna Zdzislawa Kolanowska 60030, ILGeneral Practice1972585362


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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