Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Melanie Andrews 70047, LAGeneral Practice1447253430
Thomas Francis Mccoy Lll 70006, LAGeneral Practice1558364547
Lige Frank Dunaway 70508, LAGeneral Practice1154324937
Toby Bryan Moffatt 70471, LAGeneral Practice1194728006
Gerald Alan Williams 70461, LAGeneral Practice1114929262
William P. Bolton 71201, LAGeneral Practice1477555431
Lewis King Scott 71291, LAGeneral Practice1104820778
David Michael Pousson 70458, LAGeneral Practice1871597468
Bobby Dale Leach 70726, LAGeneral Practice1205831187
Michael Joseph Anderson 70726, LAGeneral Practice1477558369
James Jerome Smith 70503, LAGeneral Practice1366447161
Brian Broadwell 71105, LAGeneral Practice1689679383
Griffin Lavelle Deen 70433, LAGeneral Practice1003811753
David Anthony Tate 70548, LAGeneral Practice1679578108
Dennis Edward Donald 70605, LAGeneral Practice1295731537
Johnny Lynn Black 71105, LAGeneral Practice1437155660
Paul E Dugas 70461, LAGeneral Practice1992701288
Conrad Pettit Mcvea 70438, LAGeneral Practice1194721266
Conrad Pettit Mcvea 70438, LAGeneral Practice1356347249
Joseph Harrison Bumgardner 71068, LAGeneral Practice1427054303
Galen Frank Meyers 70810, LAGeneral Practice1609872092
Steven J Worley 71334, LAGeneral Practice1861499477
David Earle Johnston 70806, LAGeneral Practice1649277419
Bobby Dean Westerman 70809, LAGeneral Practice1437156304
Isaac A. House 71037, LAGeneral Practice1124026471
Scott J. Fin 70722, LAGeneral Practice1598763336
Fred Wesley Thomas 70510, LAGeneral Practice1962401349
David L. Barnes 71203, LAGeneral Practice1063411056
Robert William Kelly 70005, LAGeneral Practice1821098393
Gary Brandt 70807, LAGeneral Practice1255331450
Paul Abide 70726, LAGeneral Practice1376544106
Tony Leon Guilbeau 70501, LAGeneral Practice1083607261
Gregory D Lord 71446, LAGeneral Practice1639162290
Jimmy Nooe Guidry 70806, LAGeneral Practice1548253016
Thomas R Leach 70722, LAGeneral Practice1447242284
Gordy Louis Landry 70510, LAGeneral Practice1093700130
Fiaz Afzal 70062, LAGeneral Practice1003801044
Harold David Tyler 71040, LAGeneral Practice1629064019
James P Mire 70360, LAGeneral Practice1447247036
Predrag M Gagic 71351, LAGeneral Practice1811983877
Chester Gregory Boudreaux 70301, LAGeneral Practice1073502472
James Theard Soignet 70301, LAGeneral Practice1326037730
Salvador Nmi Flores 71110, LAGeneral Practice1194714543
Thomas Gregory Chaisson 70301, LAGeneral Practice1902895279
Carter Cox 71220, LAGeneral Practice1386633485
Wilton A Guillory 71301, LAGeneral Practice1386634186
Diana Fontenot Roy 70506, LAGeneral Practice1235129727
Baseemah Safa Najeeullah 71110, LAGeneral Practice1700877859
Suresh J Patel 70548, LAGeneral Practice1346231156
James Bradley Graham 71110, LAGeneral Practice1053302216
Randall R Perry 70605, LAGeneral Practice1932180601
Harry Mobley 71068, LAGeneral Practice1952382483
Lisa Allison-graves Post 71241, LAGeneral Practice1508848623
Alan Keith Neal 71110, LAGeneral Practice1164404943
Jeremy Gerard Dumas 70130, LAGeneral Practice1104808757
Stanley Thomas Hoover 70503, LAGeneral Practice1366423691
Lynn M. Guidry 70518, LAGeneral Practice1972584746
Ezekiel J Wetzel 71103, LAGeneral Practice1215913611
Allison O Brigham 71111, LAGeneral Practice1922086719
Charles P Brigham 71111, LAGeneral Practice1609854496
Julio E Iglesias 71483, LAGeneral Practice1780663476
Jonas Erwin Gauthier 71360, LAGeneral Practice1023097649
Jennifer Leigh Munson 70072, LAGeneral Practice1689654956
Mitou A Lemaire 70427, LAGeneral Practice1245200625
Lakica R Amos 36604, LAGeneral Practice1467422741
Joe B Holden 70526, LAGeneral Practice1427020825
Nicholas John Miniotis 70119, LAGeneral Practice1003881905
Russell P Mayer 70401, LAGeneral Practice1043286891
Randy P Dugas 70563, LAGeneral Practice1033187687
Robert Randolph Laville 70508, LAGeneral Practice1679541353
Gregory Aaron Raczniak 70112, LAGeneral Practice1861460636
Rayfield Lotten 70119, LAGeneral Practice1205805124
Ralph Michael Hennessee 71446, LAGeneral Practice1760451819
Talmadge Kirk Crane 70503, LAGeneral Practice1497724520
Charles Raymond Mehle 70427, LAGeneral Practice1689643348
Jeremiah Joseph Shiplov 71110, LAGeneral Practice1477522092
Jerome J Arimura 70601, LAGeneral Practice1962461756
Michael Douglas Friley 70058, LAGeneral Practice1770542003
Gary Lynn Miller 70546, LAGeneral Practice1154381481
William Joseph Carlisle 70072, LAGeneral Practice1174583041
Scott Christopher Chapman 70506, LAGeneral Practice1447226741
Christopher Robert Culliton 71112, LAGeneral Practice1467427989
John Patrick Higgins 70586, LAGeneral Practice1396713657
Gordon Troy Prairie 42223, LAGeneral Practice1992776991
Diana Novakovic Kessler 37412, LAGeneral Practice1295701795
Miguel Angel Aguilera 70805, LAGeneral Practice1598735334
Robert Sergent 70119, LAGeneral Practice1588625842
John C Theriot 70503, LAGeneral Practice1871554402
Kenneth Paul Mauterer 71480, LAGeneral Practice1811959380
Sarat K Donepudi 70090, LAGeneral Practice1962464297
Bruce Gregory Green 20889, LAGeneral Practice1659333599
Wynn Christopher Russo 70062, LAGeneral Practice1881656403
Mark G Petry 70591, LAGeneral Practice1902868649
Danny J Gerstner 70123, LAGeneral Practice1417911728
Abdolreza Vadiee 70043, LAGeneral Practice1093770794
Thompson Tal Lanius 71110, LAGeneral Practice1053377200
Arnold E Gelfand 70115, LAGeneral Practice1649236621
Michael Edward Woolbert 71104, LAGeneral Practice1396702908
George Douglas Sagrera 70560, LAGeneral Practice1093772402
Douglas Troy Talley 71107, LAGeneral Practice1932167848
James Richard Brown 71107, LAGeneral Practice1013975879
Daniel C. Megison 70816, LAGeneral Practice1194783464
Samuel Hart Sanders 70360, LAGeneral Practice1295783173
Nolan Herbert Boudreaux 70058, LAGeneral Practice1912955295
Bryan Clark Mccann 71351, LAGeneral Practice1548218969
Trang Hoang Burke 70053, LAGeneral Practice1649229501
William Rust Hughes 71201, LAGeneral Practice1922050731
Joseph Anzelmo 70058, LAGeneral Practice1427001569
Theodore A. Irra 70006, LAGeneral Practice1104879253
Carl Wendell Ross 70601, LAGeneral Practice1295788370
Manuel Y Imseis 70114, LAGeneral Practice1508823329
Randy Reppert Cole 71483, LAGeneral Practice1801841408
Gary David Klasser 70119, LAGeneral Practice1346297231
Dov Glazer 70115, LAGeneral Practice1215984414
Jerod Paul Petry 70501, LAGeneral Practice1518904317
Jake Thomas Hollen 70605, LAGeneral Practice1457390858
Edward J. Hebert 70605, LAGeneral Practice1982643052
Shannon R Bergeron 70123, LAGeneral Practice1659310365
Rodney La'ree Pendleton 71103, LAGeneral Practice1508806605
Timothy Rhett Raborn 70818, LAGeneral Practice1760422679
Roy Joseph Delatte 70123, LAGeneral Practice1902848997
Peter J. Dorsey 70607, LAGeneral Practice1073556726
Karen Louise Koehler 71201, LAGeneral Practice1659314920
Harris Lionel Poret 71366, LAGeneral Practice1376586321
Leonard Lewis 70506, LAGeneral Practice1699719567
Paul Cade Hargis 71423, LAGeneral Practice1629012984
Thomas Henderson Price 70607, LAGeneral Practice1295770253
Charles Edward Fontenot 70586, LAGeneral Practice1417992413
Cleveland Columbus Carpenter, Iii 70810, LAGeneral Practice1598700163
William Tyler Heath 71269, LAGeneral Practice1609811124
Gregory John Folse 70506, LAGeneral Practice1255367272
Richard Louis Leblanc 70607, LAGeneral Practice1245267038
Gary Caskey 71106, LAGeneral Practice1912934530
Stephen Owen Harkness 70433, LAGeneral Practice1679501704
William Foster Hensel 71303, LAGeneral Practice1356379317
William E Kramer 70115, LAGeneral Practice1255360111
Elizabeth E Riggs 70115, LAGeneral Practice1679502520
Ryan P Wicker 71106, LAGeneral Practice1487684775
Joseph Frank Giardina 70002, LAGeneral Practice1679503569
Jason R. Ray 70301, LAGeneral Practice1023040789
Kathy Lynne Tracy 70652, LAGeneral Practice1942255070
Randall J. O'brien 70560, LAGeneral Practice1255376372
Robert Harris Krupkin 71322, LAGeneral Practice1053359299
John Lindsly 70747, LAGeneral Practice1427090810
Bradley James Killebrew 70737, LAGeneral Practice1902334600
David Hormoz Kalantar 00662, LAGeneral Practice1093755332
Barbara I Santiago-roman 71360, LAGeneral Practice1710932512
Kenneth Richard Dubois 70126, LAGeneral Practice1093748972
Donald Paul Harris 70563, LAGeneral Practice1447283262
Carroll Buck Atkins 71101, LAGeneral Practice1689607517
Charles Edward Guth 70605, LAGeneral Practice1851323125
Louis C Lefebvre 70737, LAGeneral Practice1366475907
Olivier C Poe 70343, LAGeneral Practice1801829445
Toby Gregory Cothren 70448, LAGeneral Practice1104859495
Shayne Dian Guy 70809, LAGeneral Practice1659304954
Douglas Clayton Sawyer 71052, LAGeneral Practice1376577304
Camille Joseph Russo 70737, LAGeneral Practice1881628501
Robert Burton Bode 70503, LAGeneral Practice1801820790
Gregory J Zeringue 70343, LAGeneral Practice1265467336
Russell Wayne Cranford 71291, LAGeneral Practice1306861497
Melville Q. Wyche 70122, LAGeneral Practice1003831942
Robert K. Hill 71112, LAGeneral Practice1538184387
Timothy John St.romain 70809, LAGeneral Practice1629093950
David Joseph Bellew 71107, LAGeneral Practice1558386847
Niranjan Shashikant Patel 71360, LAGeneral Practice1346265097
Dana M Jackson 71129, LAGeneral Practice1225053531
William S Darr 70518, LAGeneral Practice1417973967
Stuart Jules Guey 70037, LAGeneral Practice1023035193
Kasan Stevens 70816, LAGeneral Practice1508884396
Edward H. Eiland 71232, LAGeneral Practice1902824741
Charles B Hogue 70114, LAGeneral Practice1043239643
Michael N Rouhana 70114, LAGeneral Practice1548289150
Kent Raymond Mauduit 70068, LAGeneral Practice1700804473
Sancerie O'rourke-allen 70815, LAGeneral Practice1962420836
Dean Leonard Listi 70380, LAGeneral Practice1598783425
Joseph William Barrois 70508, LAGeneral Practice1215956552
Darrell I Jobe 71118, LAGeneral Practice1104845163
Jon Aubry Feerick 70506, LAGeneral Practice1275552135
Gordon Earl Fletcher 39401, LAGeneral Practice1255350369
Ralph W. Wilson 70401, LAGeneral Practice1083633861
Harold Conrad Rider 70560, LAGeneral Practice1477572642
James C Richey 70526, LAGeneral Practice1407875156
Marion Jack Stigall 71306, LAGeneral Practice1093735169
Peter Scott Guidry 70380, LAGeneral Practice1396766127
Louis Charles Passauer 70471, LAGeneral Practice1174544589
Michael Scott Porta 70809, LAGeneral Practice1730101601
Robert Vance Costello 70506, LAGeneral Practice1376565580
Andrew W Porter 71118, LAGeneral Practice1902828148
James M Cotton 71118, LAGeneral Practice1790707933
Warren P Brumfield 71360, LAGeneral Practice1013930619
Kay Jordan 70072, LAGeneral Practice1205859808
Daniel A Weaver 70605, LAGeneral Practice1962425538
Ronald Joseph Edmiston 71105, LAGeneral Practice1992728232
Joseph Malcolm Lattier 71106, LAGeneral Practice1861415093
Robert Michael Warren 71449, LAGeneral Practice1083637185
David Milton Carlton 71301, LAGeneral Practice1366466054
Robert Eugene Spatafora 71201, LAGeneral Practice1952325680
Antoinette Minnie Sheppelman 71111, LAGeneral Practice1871507004
James Howard Long 70809, LAGeneral Practice1073527271
Russell M Davis 70582, LAGeneral Practice1083628143


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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