Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bincy Kuttiplackal Mathai 21113, MDGeneral Practice1891214714
Gail Castillo Deguzman 76135, MDGeneral Practice1588046189
Richard Nelson Diaz 25414, MDGeneral Practice1760406706
Dawood Tafti 78234, MDGeneral Practice1003265570
Sandra Kouyoumjian 28314, MDGeneral Practice1053832683
Philip A Gentry 22201, MDGeneral Practice1811019086
Yetunde Ibiyemi Patrick 20009, MDGeneral Practice1225309362
Aisha Raheem 01570, MDGeneral Practice1013205921
Daniel Jay Lee 22304, MDGeneral Practice1134527781
Yash Mehta 20794, MDGeneral Practice1154635787
Corey Lee Smith 21811, MDGeneral Practice1942511563
Rinta E Mathews 19131, MDGeneral Practice1619255395
Robert Paul Renck 99205, MDGeneral Practice1013235522
Kiran V Nayudu 20886, MDGeneral Practice1720391030
Gloria Vants Wu-sheffield 21921, MDGeneral Practice1942434782
Iryna Korniyenko Yelisetty 30041, MDGeneral Practice1225310592
Candace Zorn 21120, MDGeneral Practice1013271212
Christine Louise Hammer 23462, MDGeneral Practice1083028773
Tarah Coleman 28092, MDGeneral Practice1306232327
Spencer Hirt 92083, MDGeneral Practice1306370747
Fazel Fakhari 20874, MDGeneral Practice1972097285
Jeremy Joel Mandia 90036, MDGeneral Practice1710326418
Freedom Healthcare, Llc 21202, MDGeneral Practice1184057481
Kathy Dipasquale Kim 20850, MDGeneral Practice1609209477
Deron Earl Davis 76544, MDGeneral Practice1972960862
James A Kiefer 21783, MDGeneral Practice1700315637
Ashli Cumberbatch 20019, MDGeneral Practice1699126268
Paula Maria Christie 21401, MDGeneral Practice1487192035
Marshall H Strickland 21228, MDGeneral Practice1629506647
Amanda Boodhoo 33617, MDGeneral Practice1639531460
Charles Bradie Toner 20735, MDGeneral Practice1508846817
Nicholas Boyd 20866, MDGeneral Practice1942795562
Colin Kenneth Kelly 32212, MDGeneral Practice1972953339
Trishna Patel 07102, MDGeneral Practice1376077180
Gustavo Manuel Arocha 22192, MDGeneral Practice1609308683
Meghan Brodsky 48093, MDGeneral Practice1922453539
Seyar Baqi 19977, MDGeneral Practice1912314139
Thomas Yoon 20879, MDGeneral Practice1578832739
Jigar Ashok Desai 30047, MDGeneral Practice1912349994
Bahram Pishdad 20774, MDGeneral Practice1265502389
Clarksburg Medical Center Inc 20871, MDGeneral Practice1063721629
John Hongkyu Choi 20002, MDGeneral Practice1891214029
Maura Lappin 42223, MDGeneral Practice1598177362
Ngac Nguyen Phan 77459, MDGeneral Practice1245582345
Dominique Knox 20602, MDGeneral Practice1003270612
Robert Raymond Mantoni 20910, MDGeneral Practice1174666838
William Bozek 18321, MDGeneral Practice1205281656
Ang Li 18951, MDGeneral Practice1568024636
Michele Columbus-jang 21204, MDGeneral Practice1730552027
Southern Maryland Family Dental 21054, MDGeneral Practice1225694029
Samuel K. Huang 20852, MDGeneral Practice1427154640
Daniel Robert Diblasi 76544, MDGeneral Practice1275896045
Harold Paul Kramer 19702, MDGeneral Practice1215902275
Shannon Lynden Vail 23511, MDGeneral Practice1679069918
Andre Moran-corpeno 21201, MDGeneral Practice1316434640
Amy O Apodaca 64116, MDGeneral Practice1174878409
Dolly Penn White 30008, MDGeneral Practice1669609442
Sridevi Yellepeddy 20874, MDGeneral Practice1548598717
Aya Jawad 22043, MDGeneral Practice1023660925
Monica Paige Parham 35235, MDGeneral Practice1548378896
Maham Fatima Shah 21117, MDGeneral Practice1811452543
Leonel Perez 20020, MDGeneral Practice1669638185
Marife Ann Ortega Teague 21218, MDGeneral Practice1326574799
Lida Alimorad 19803, MDGeneral Practice1013201987
Precious Elike 20613, MDGeneral Practice1366923336
Maurice Srour 20815, MDGeneral Practice1376019760
Arian Kohi 21742, MDGeneral Practice1417434762
Michael Kerins 21122, MDGeneral Practice1730593179
Monica F Tiu Silva 20774, MDGeneral Practice1679787220
David Francis Reilly 92101, MDGeneral Practice1568849495
Sheriff B Daramy 20745, MDGeneral Practice1245456318
Angela M Crawford 34242, MDGeneral Practice1083657985
Arshdeep Chhina 20015, MDGeneral Practice1366873002
Chioma Marcellina Umeh 21044, MDGeneral Practice1477979029
Gregory Sterling Allen 21804, MDGeneral Practice1326112160
Kwan Yee Ngai 20707, MDGeneral Practice1366949240
Wendy Kaye Drys 20636, MDGeneral Practice1649515818
Nam Hee Kim 20747, MDGeneral Practice1801427372
Keechun Hong 20707, MDGeneral Practice1700931748
Gerald Patrick Durkan 93246, MDGeneral Practice1831689793
Oh Cheol Kwon 20850, MDGeneral Practice1265933071
Charles W. Elwell 45227, MDGeneral Practice1053835017
Miriam Dalton Martin 24333, MDGeneral Practice1154348787
Charl Woo 96271, MDGeneral Practice1063883585
Emily Sapp 21222, MDGeneral Practice1619519303
Danielle Waranch 21117, MDGeneral Practice1740669290
Melissa Quiggins 20109, MDGeneral Practice1609155613
Rafik Boulos 21286, MDGeneral Practice1053961276
Gideon Eke 21085, MDGeneral Practice1831713023
Samantha F Rolen 36106, MDGeneral Practice1790217263
Medstar Medical Group Ii Llc 21237, MDGeneral Practice1083247894
Daniel William Feather Stern 09461, MDGeneral Practice1285168740
June Maureen Castner 20037, MDGeneral Practice1619137726
Stephen Joseph Park 20850, MDGeneral Practice1649407289
Lorenzo Leggio 21224, MDGeneral Practice1891303038
Moizza Rajan 21146, MDGeneral Practice1265040984
Courtny Patterson 33308, MDGeneral Practice1598198608
Marwa Aly Abdelhamid Abdelrahman 45431, MDGeneral Practice1073008959
Adam B Lewis 21801, MDGeneral Practice1891134219
Victoria Leigh Castens Hynes 20003, MDGeneral Practice1710466727
Lindsey Allison Cunningham 67221, MDGeneral Practice1184242604
Kayla L Torrez Chang 28547, MDGeneral Practice1215595566
Amin Shams Soolari 20901, MDGeneral Practice1750995353
Mary Boluwatife Idowu 23451, MDGeneral Practice1235664376
Joseph Vincent Ferraro 22302, MDGeneral Practice1518982032
Kathleen Kramer 92101, MDGeneral Practice1033644844
Pooja Soni 20785, MDGeneral Practice1770066243
Dana R. Weikel 21201, MDGeneral Practice1861985434
Silviano Joseph Mastromarino 27870, MDGeneral Practice1073072245
Ryan Douglas Fashempour 23551, MDGeneral Practice1750945713
Peter Baumeister 17403, MDGeneral Practice1932275625
Afshin Nateghi 21113, MDGeneral Practice1891281549
Tumouh Talib Al-allaq 21613, MDGeneral Practice1497058051
Myra Jehangir 21613, MDGeneral Practice1497116735
Yiya Zhou 21636, MDGeneral Practice1518264415
Gabrielle Le 21114, MDGeneral Practice1225693633
Melanie Josephine Sawhney 21093, MDGeneral Practice1194189563
Jonathan Martin Deeth 95116, MDGeneral Practice1376866335
Munsha Sidhu Chadha 33511, MDGeneral Practice1487148631
Joseph Andre Merai 21804, MDGeneral Practice1427474519
Peter Ian Smith 21220, MDGeneral Practice1174715239
Jim K Lai 21201, MDGeneral Practice1164859484
Mabel Stanley 21237, MDGeneral Practice1487774055
Stephen Lewis Fischer 20024, MDGeneral Practice1457391161
Aakash Chamu Mudaliar 19401, MDGeneral Practice1366964884
Chaitanya H Raval 75060, MDGeneral Practice1619319662
Alexander Chi-shun Tsang 06117, MDGeneral Practice1861464323
Meredith L Burns 20152, MDGeneral Practice1689228330
Navneet Dhaliwal 20852, MDGeneral Practice1790156131
Sunanda Bhushan 21742, MDGeneral Practice1548302284
Drew Christopher Shiner 20762, MDGeneral Practice1902199706
Phillip Sherman Ragland 21229, MDGeneral Practice1912145707
Tarunashri Purihella 20165, MDGeneral Practice1295341493
Kali L Gordon 30102, MDGeneral Practice1508106600
Zainab Aleid 22030, MDGeneral Practice1548870280
Yulia Meadows 26505, MDGeneral Practice1568923837
Richard Jonathan Long 00802, MDGeneral Practice1497252233
Rashad M Jefferson 20011, MDGeneral Practice1275678609
Tuan D Pham Dmd & Joseph A Maloney Dds, Llc 20602, MDGeneral Practice1558364208
Edward T Dougherty Jr Dds Pc 21842, MDGeneral Practice1932108446
J Richard Lilly Md Abfp Chtd 20781, MDGeneral Practice1336135821
Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics Pa 21204, MDGeneral Practice1841287034
Medical Health Group Pa 21085, MDGeneral Practice1780654814
Sme Indiana Pc 65201, MDGeneral Practice1932663184
Stephen Park, D.d.s. 20910, MDGeneral Practice1902879430
Ms hc Llc 21220, MDGeneral Practice1033177696
Leon Discavage, D.d.s., P.a. 20906, MDGeneral Practice1316998933
Confident Smiles, Llc 20912, MDGeneral Practice1265804306
Tidewater Llc 20754, MDGeneral Practice1437643384
Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Inc. 21204, MDGeneral Practice1396774238
My Frederick Dentist Llc 21702, MDGeneral Practice1942767074
Timothy J. Dunn, D.d.s, P.a. 20814, MDGeneral Practice1952310294
Joel I Nathanson Dmd Magd Pa 21030, MDGeneral Practice1639189764
Baltimore South Smiles Youth Dentistry, Pc 21230, MDGeneral Practice1568473759
Lustman cohen Dental, Llc 21221, MDGeneral Practice1841303658
Ronald J. Mccurdy, Dds, Pa 21788, MDGeneral Practice1053425082
Longmeadow Family Dental Care 21742, MDGeneral Practice1174637185
Abramson & Kneussl Pa 21236, MDGeneral Practice1548370216
Drs. Sarubin & Sarubin, Pa 21244, MDGeneral Practice1578667747
Anton A. Minassian Pain Medicine & Rehabilitation Svcs 20814, MDGeneral Practice1417052366
Dr Hanenbaum&pina,p.a. 20903, MDGeneral Practice1154428852
John R Baronas Dmd Pa 21228, MDGeneral Practice1154421782
Craig E Slotke Dds Pa 21210, MDGeneral Practice1538260484
Abramson & Kneussl Pa 21224, MDGeneral Practice1497846745
Drs. Michnick & Takacs, D.d.s., Pa 21842, MDGeneral Practice1497847784
Abramson & Kneussl Pa 21061, MDGeneral Practice1275625477
Walter M. Mazzella, D.d.s., P.c. 21163, MDGeneral Practice1881787513
Jun Y. Lee, D.d.s., P.c. 20740, MDGeneral Practice1104910975
The Physicians Group Chartered 20602, MDGeneral Practice1881780211
Joseph M Rosenwald Dds Pc 20886, MDGeneral Practice1265529754
Julian Center For Comprehensive Dentistry 21042, MDGeneral Practice1114015468
Ravi Ganesh Dds Pa 20782, MDGeneral Practice1245314822
Peninsula Dental Center Pc 21804, MDGeneral Practice1427135243
Tidewater Dental And Assoc Inc 20653, MDGeneral Practice1184703803
Derek A Siemon Dds Llc 21401, MDGeneral Practice1497825152
St. Charles Family Dental 20603, MDGeneral Practice1619359213
Eldersburg Dental Group, Llc 21784, MDGeneral Practice1679022834
Ver Brugge And Phillips Dds Llc 21014, MDGeneral Practice1952488611
Sme Illinois Pc 60604, MDGeneral Practice1376000513
Sme Kentucky Psc 65201, MDGeneral Practice1295208403
Williams Dental Group Pc 20748, MDGeneral Practice1487726758
Faith A Cousins Dds Pc 20910, MDGeneral Practice1841362365
Lynne S Brodell Dds 21502, MDGeneral Practice1437223682
Hyman J. Grosberg, D.d.s., P.c. 20904, MDGeneral Practice1013082437
Edward G. Dahne & Marlene Z. Dahne Dds 21228, MDGeneral Practice1255406922
Dr Lipman Llc 21921, MDGeneral Practice1770659310
Clearly Dental 21014, MDGeneral Practice1366502312
Jun Y. Lee, D.d.s., P.c. 20877, MDGeneral Practice1477614550
Dr.v.davis,pa 21009, MDGeneral Practice1770645889
Potomac Dental Clinic, Inc. 20852, MDGeneral Practice1104988492
Sharon D Gaylord Dmd Pc 20688, MDGeneral Practice1427111863
Theresa T Kujala Dmd Llc 21001, MDGeneral Practice1841353653
Richard W. Muths, D.d.s. And Associates, P.c. 21237, MDGeneral Practice1013071240
David William Deveas Dds 21204, MDGeneral Practice1356407225
P. Golestani Dds, Llc 20874, MDGeneral Practice1346307261
Pak Dental Associates, Pc 21042, MDGeneral Practice1629127386
Nguyen & Nguyen, Dds, Pc 20902, MDGeneral Practice1932251881
Mohit K. And Jennifer P. Virmani, D.d.s., P.a. 21208, MDGeneral Practice1083767644
The Smile Wizards 20759, MDGeneral Practice1396898490
Valley Dental Associates Llc 21117, MDGeneral Practice1043364698


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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