Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael A Balenson 21208, MDGeneral Practice1013910017
Paul Sangtaek Yi 21228, MDGeneral Practice1144223132
Marianne Phillips Lasher 21502, MDGeneral Practice1750384962
George Matthew Stephens 21801, MDGeneral Practice1730182726
Tuan D Pham Dmd & Joseph A Maloney Dds, Llc 20602, MDGeneral Practice1558364208
Walter S. Hong 21122, MDGeneral Practice1083617922
Kevin Richard Doring 21037, MDGeneral Practice1114920840
Paul E Feild 21051, MDGeneral Practice1518960129
Laurence J. Fields 20877, MDGeneral Practice1447253984
Mark Gasbara 21113, MDGeneral Practice1962405407
Raymond J Mansfield 20874, MDGeneral Practice1386647758
Jennifer Blume Matelis 20879, MDGeneral Practice1760485031
John Edward Longley 21093, MDGeneral Practice1053315317
Tracy Lynn Sulc 21117, MDGeneral Practice1114921475
Nelson H Hendler 21153, MDGeneral Practice1790789766
M. Monica St. Jean 21042, MDGeneral Practice1912901901
Kenneth Anson Film 21713, MDGeneral Practice1881698223
Samuel A. Leishear 21851, MDGeneral Practice1790780054
Stephen M Dargan 20678, MDGeneral Practice1538164900
Thomas Hicks Downs 21617, MDGeneral Practice1063417434
Lev Tomashevsky 20878, MDGeneral Practice1962407338
George C Ego-osuala 20912, MDGeneral Practice1679578835
Lewis Simpson Libby 21204, MDGeneral Practice1508861626
John Ellis Glancy 20905, MDGeneral Practice1073518155
Friendship Dental Group 20815, MDGeneral Practice1205831930
David H. Frome 20877, MDGeneral Practice1821093600
Michael David Marcus 20901, MDGeneral Practice1396740031
Robert G Miller 20678, MDGeneral Practice1952306409
Nilima K Jayaraman 20659, MDGeneral Practice1194721647
Vincent F. Fiorentino 21562, MDGeneral Practice1053317552
Edward Roy Gillis 21044, MDGeneral Practice1164427688
Joseph George Strozykowski 21502, MDGeneral Practice1518963867
Alexander A. Arnold 20735, MDGeneral Practice1629074836
Tara Jensen Creamer 21403, MDGeneral Practice1114923521
Sam J. Hamam 20735, MDGeneral Practice1548266794
Gary Lucombe 20910, MDGeneral Practice1497751531
Alan H. Michaels 20735, MDGeneral Practice1760488803
Karen Kile Mcglothlin 21001, MDGeneral Practice1962408559
Julie A Price 21225, MDGeneral Practice1326044900
Kevin Francis Healy 20874, MDGeneral Practice1306843701
Steven Raymond Mckane 20872, MDGeneral Practice1962409946
Horizon Physicians Pc 20876, MDGeneral Practice1952308819
Paul Edward Gauthier 21702, MDGeneral Practice1407853278
Valinda R Nwadike 20650, MDGeneral Practice1760480099
Robin Lee Bissell 21536, MDGeneral Practice1033117221
Erwin R. Aldana 21208, MDGeneral Practice1609874718
Khalida Saeed Malik 21215, MDGeneral Practice1114925039
Mohammad S Malik 21133, MDGeneral Practice1740288620
Mark Edward Cohen 20850, MDGeneral Practice1588662316
Hasan Huseyin Babaturk 21221, MDGeneral Practice1679572325
Edward T Dougherty Jr Dds Pc 21842, MDGeneral Practice1932108446
Michelle Denise Thomas 20721, MDGeneral Practice1659370039
Louis B. Sachs 20688, MDGeneral Practice1740289685
Harry Robert Shaw 21244, MDGeneral Practice1295735603
Mary F Bean 21093, MDGeneral Practice1104826437
Donna N. Jacobs 21875, MDGeneral Practice1760482004
Moustafa S Shamma 20706, MDGeneral Practice1336149632
Georgia A Davis 21217, MDGeneral Practice1336149715
Navpreet Kaur Khatra 21244, MDGeneral Practice1598259004
Leonard Harry Goldsmith 21222, MDGeneral Practice1801896964
Jerry Neil Rudden 20902, MDGeneral Practice1477554491
Sean Christopher Meehan 20889, MDGeneral Practice1740281724
Clayton Cheung 20904, MDGeneral Practice1841291218
Morris Andrew Branch 20889, MDGeneral Practice1154322444
Ram Kumar Rastogi 21061, MDGeneral Practice1801897350
David Glenn O'neal 20745, MDGeneral Practice1922009158
Gerard Albert Caron 20032, MDGeneral Practice1336141134
Mark E Eaton 21409, MDGeneral Practice1629070495
Cecilia Susanne Ashton 20723, MDGeneral Practice1396737409
John C. Arrabal 21620, MDGeneral Practice1295727063
Kelvin Bruce Smith 21244, MDGeneral Practice1902898430
Kimon Arthur Rumanes 20889, MDGeneral Practice1619969102
Arundel Medical Group Inc 21061, MDGeneral Practice1366435596
Bruce David Finagin 20653, MDGeneral Practice1871586800
John R Kovitch 21702, MDGeneral Practice1104819093
Armstead Leayle Galiber 20889, MDGeneral Practice1164415154
Tifani Grizzell 20374, MDGeneral Practice1740273564
Allan Jay Chircus 21133, MDGeneral Practice1093708810
Glenn A Munro 20889, MDGeneral Practice1376536078
Christopher Michael Hamlin 20889, MDGeneral Practice1134112907
Ronald Dale Holderman 20878, MDGeneral Practice1619961596
Amatun Noor Naeem 21201, MDGeneral Practice1760476691
Bincy Kuttiplackal Mathai 21113, MDGeneral Practice1891214714
Louis Nmi Silverstein 21078, MDGeneral Practice1033103775
Ross I Heisman 21061, MDGeneral Practice1679567283
George R Kesten 20815, MDGeneral Practice1568457984
Kathryn Joan Ehmann 21401, MDGeneral Practice1003801549
Todd Henry Sterling 20889, MDGeneral Practice1982699849
J Richard Lilly Md Abfp Chtd 20781, MDGeneral Practice1336135821
Sharon Denise Gaylord 20688, MDGeneral Practice1962498261
Kiumars Elyasi 20794, MDGeneral Practice1669468500
The Physicians Group, Chartered 20602, MDGeneral Practice1851387641
Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics Pa 21204, MDGeneral Practice1841287034
Ruben Del Pilar 21402, MDGeneral Practice1710974902
Charles E Dyer 20190, MDGeneral Practice1972590099
Mehran Ahmadi-armani 20815, MDGeneral Practice1891783395
Michael Ntuk 20748, MDGeneral Practice1134117617
Richard A. Batz 20707, MDGeneral Practice1669460069
Henry A Miller 20902, MDGeneral Practice1730177205
Angela S Wiredu 20715, MDGeneral Practice1730177189
Francisco J Munero 20904, MDGeneral Practice1588652952
James R Eskew 20110, MDGeneral Practice1114915592
Stephen Todd Mullins 21550, MDGeneral Practice1992793178
Alan Craig Graves 20910, MDGeneral Practice1437147741
William Andrew Taylor 20910, MDGeneral Practice1710975081
Frank Breitfeller 21502, MDGeneral Practice1730177890
Frederick Nobel Wyman 21620, MDGeneral Practice1184612319
Richard Neil Lamb 21230, MDGeneral Practice1992793087
Iris Lamae Shields 21014, MDGeneral Practice1518955566
James Paul Drabo 21047, MDGeneral Practice1699763698
Glander Fitchett 20602, MDGeneral Practice1871581777
Tiffany M Wedlake 21218, MDGeneral Practice1609864628
Mary Teddy Wray 21015, MDGeneral Practice1629067475
Henry Dunn 20832, MDGeneral Practice1922392232
James Percy Hood 20602, MDGeneral Practice1760471254
Nathan Louis Fletcher 21207, MDGeneral Practice1487643797
Sheldon Meltzer 20850, MDGeneral Practice1912996125
Gregory Jonathan Miller 20012, MDGeneral Practice1821087032
Paul William Bushman 21206, MDGeneral Practice1720077985
Larry G Lyles 20012, MDGeneral Practice1891784039
Lisa Diane Urban 21629, MDGeneral Practice1023008000
Bianca Braxton Smith 21217, MDGeneral Practice1093705840
Ha Doan Thi Ung 20877, MDGeneral Practice1871583401
George J Gerdts 20332, MDGeneral Practice1114917861
Saideh Tehrani 20724, MDGeneral Practice1144210816
Atul P Purohit 21701, MDGeneral Practice1093705451
Gary Wayne Scaggs 21225, MDGeneral Practice1710977095
Claudine Ward 20814, MDGeneral Practice1447240684
Baseemah Safa Najeeullah 71110, MDGeneral Practice1700877859
Vijayalakshmi Natarajan Angamuthu 21244, MDGeneral Practice1144211046
Kyumars Kanani 20782, MDGeneral Practice1811988744
Cassandra Darice Burnett 21213, MDGeneral Practice1629069125
Christopher J Doerrer 20721, MDGeneral Practice1598746422
Rose Marie Chan 21742, MDGeneral Practice1447231121
Johns Hopkins University 21205, MDGeneral Practice1033190442
Cheryl Denise Adams-williams 21228, MDGeneral Practice1801877105
Reginald Oneal Salter 21213, MDGeneral Practice1275515348
Chantal Newsome 21921, MDGeneral Practice1730161118
J. Karl Sachs 21286, MDGeneral Practice1780666123
Joseph Roy Feinsod 21208, MDGeneral Practice1154303634
Dariusz Grzegorz Mydlarz 21005, MDGeneral Practice1063494631
Chwen-jing Chen 20854, MDGeneral Practice1275516809
Steven Craig Scherr 21208, MDGeneral Practice1396728879
Lloyd Stanley Drucker 20740, MDGeneral Practice1801870456
Ali Reza Elyassi 20770, MDGeneral Practice1447235940
Heidi Susan Ellis 20889, MDGeneral Practice1003891201
Aamir M Sheikh 20723, MDGeneral Practice1518942630
Steven Paul Pruce 21225, MDGeneral Practice1386629293
John Francis Uphoff 20850, MDGeneral Practice1902881741
Isagani D Laurencio 21532, MDGeneral Practice1730164492
Robert Marc Lieder 21215, MDGeneral Practice1508842220
Anita Bright 21226, MDGeneral Practice1356327985
Saqib Muhammad Ishteeaque 20670, MDGeneral Practice1134105786
Patricia Lynne Bell-mcduffie 21205, MDGeneral Practice1578549291
Sint Wai Wai 20707, MDGeneral Practice1437135928
Felicia Maresca Nesbit 20602, MDGeneral Practice1982680096
John L Ferrell 20852, MDGeneral Practice1649256496
Ivan Sumitra 20018, MDGeneral Practice1578540118
David Haichi Hartzell 20889, MDGeneral Practice1174501944
Nicolas Anis Kfouri 21102, MDGeneral Practice1205814845
Jeffrey Tod Herrell 21702, MDGeneral Practice1881672459
John Charles Knowlton 20653, MDGeneral Practice1730167727
Gabrielle Larrea Ramellini 20650, MDGeneral Practice1053390922
Joseph Anthony Ramellini 20650, MDGeneral Practice1225017197
David Mark Skwara 20310, MDGeneral Practice1639158454
Hyejin Esther Cho 20889, MDGeneral Practice1144209750
Calvin James Wilson 20735, MDGeneral Practice1225017338
Geoffrey William Wilson 20889, MDGeneral Practice1881674760
Grace L Key 20889, MDGeneral Practice1417937301
Reva B Press 20374, MDGeneral Practice1366422826
Kevin Michael Groszkowski 21401, MDGeneral Practice1548240716
Medical Health Group Inc 21009, MDGeneral Practice1780654814
Hugh Michael Dainer 20889, MDGeneral Practice1902876832
Holly Lynn Griffin 20878, MDGeneral Practice1700856564
Vaqar Ahmad Choudry 20707, MDGeneral Practice1154391910
Howard H Bond 21047, MDGeneral Practice1639149248
I-jun Lin-kung 20815, MDGeneral Practice1023088549
Beth L. Beal 20889, MDGeneral Practice1134190309
Patricia A Weber 21005, MDGeneral Practice1548231566
Franklin J Addison 21217, MDGeneral Practice1124099163
Jonathan P. Dukes 21229, MDGeneral Practice1356312318
Rebecca Marie Smullen 20889, MDGeneral Practice1508837592
Jamshid Danaie 21093, MDGeneral Practice1003888488
Patrick John Munley 20889, MDGeneral Practice1760453252
C.w. Uriah Edmondson 21536, MDGeneral Practice1497727754
Frank H Lewis Dds Llc 20872, MDGeneral Practice1508838111
Stephen Park, D.d.s. 20910, MDGeneral Practice1902879430
Susan Renee Clanzy 21201, MDGeneral Practice1568435634
Michael Paul Szczepanski 22060, MDGeneral Practice1013980937
Rita Marie Kurek 21220, MDGeneral Practice1326011016
S V Ramamurthy 21234, MDGeneral Practice1962476812
Michael Exler 21224, MDGeneral Practice1548234305
Carlos H Powers 20748, MDGeneral Practice1043285679
L. John Finamore 20852, MDGeneral Practice1003881582
Brian Willetts 21120, MDGeneral Practice1841265204
Richard A Friedman 20688, MDGeneral Practice1326013376
Theresa Ann Heifert 20889, MDGeneral Practice1609841584
Vincent M. Gore 23831, MDGeneral Practice1740255702
Jerry David Shepherd 21532, MDGeneral Practice1508831371
Kenneth Peter Green 20889, MDGeneral Practice1649245614


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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