Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Judy Woodlief Warren 49224, MIGeneral Practice1518960517
Mary Bernona Stevens 49544, MIGeneral Practice1003819004
Phyllis Robin Indianer 48309, MIGeneral Practice1780687772
Shelly J. Temperley 48166, MIGeneral Practice1477556678
Raymond F Gist 48507, MIGeneral Practice1982607859
Allen J Russell 48375, MIGeneral Practice1184627945
Milan Dental Associates, D.d.s., P.c. 48160, MIGeneral Practice1902809726
Roger W. Thompson 48079, MIGeneral Practice1003819970
Louis D Maiorano 48051, MIGeneral Practice1205839107
Eldon Luis Bradham 49006, MIGeneral Practice1104829936
Charles Edward Hubbard 48328, MIGeneral Practice1295738268
William J. Ballard 48624, MIGeneral Practice1497758262
James G. Olsen 48108, MIGeneral Practice1174526131
Scott Raymond Smith 49221, MIGeneral Practice1154324002
Kenneth A Goodman 49009, MIGeneral Practice1851394894
Lane C. Stumpos 49224, MIGeneral Practice1497758320
John J Scherer 49719, MIGeneral Practice1356344998
Mary M Fisher 48322, MIGeneral Practice1508869058
Gary R. Hubbard 48823, MIGeneral Practice1023011301
Emergency Physicians Inc Pc 49548, MIGeneral Practice1114920550
Laurence C Lang 48640, MIGeneral Practice1043212368
Sylvan Manuel Failer 48073, MIGeneral Practice1578565867
Eric William Knudsen 49829, MIGeneral Practice1568466894
Paul J. Winn 49546, MIGeneral Practice1881698140
Robert C Dell 48101, MIGeneral Practice1134123409
Clifford Scott Rose 49304, MIGeneral Practice1427052471
David Thomas Brown 49004, MIGeneral Practice1376547208
Kristin Lee Castine 48854, MIGeneral Practice1144224064
Stephen P Forsyth 49735, MIGeneral Practice1518961390
Allan J Lasser 48152, MIGeneral Practice1659375111
Eric Richard Erickson 49010, MIGeneral Practice1043214430
Kevin Bruce Carolan 48060, MIGeneral Practice1184629453
Richard Laurence Lezell 48876, MIGeneral Practice1144225418
Riverview Dental, Pc 48817, MIGeneral Practice1881699239
Karen Ann O'rourke 49508, MIGeneral Practice1952306128
Kehinde Awofala 48071, MIGeneral Practice1265437388
Richard Loy Stovall 48310, MIGeneral Practice1326043449
Paul David Stuckey 48236, MIGeneral Practice1205831336
Vance Howard Smith 49444, MIGeneral Practice1508861436
Lorraine D. Hanna 49006, MIGeneral Practice1598760530
James Michael Sockolosky 48185, MIGeneral Practice1891790929
Richard Han 48103, MIGeneral Practice1518962687
Gary J Arnold 48116, MIGeneral Practice1386649325
Phillip Carl Yancho 49684, MIGeneral Practice1245235985
Brian Thomas Fosse 49445, MIGeneral Practice1699770479
Marilyn A Dahms 48108, MIGeneral Practice1891790473
Fred Shorter 48219, MIGeneral Practice1669477154
Jennifer Frances Mcfinton 48176, MIGeneral Practice1558367904
John Michael Khoury 48371, MIGeneral Practice1750387106
Howard Paul Potocsky 48192, MIGeneral Practice1295731420
Partners In Dental Care Pc 49546, MIGeneral Practice1871599258
Anthony L Tiberio 48075, MIGeneral Practice1295731453
Yuktanand Singh 48176, MIGeneral Practice1740286087
Jeffrey L Hollis 49090, MIGeneral Practice1386640480
Monoseta Covington-burwell 48076, MIGeneral Practice1760488670
John Orr Leitner 49417, MIGeneral Practice1396741146
George A Cripps 49548, MIGeneral Practice1790781441
Christian A Peabody 49444, MIGeneral Practice1932106564
James E. Glinski 48187, MIGeneral Practice1912903543
Steven James Gusfa 48124, MIGeneral Practice1053318634
Leszek S Sulanowski 48731, MIGeneral Practice1235136748
Steven Hechtman 48390, MIGeneral Practice1750388096
Gerrit Vanderlugt 48880, MIGeneral Practice1477550689
John A. Breza 48026, MIGeneral Practice1033116207
Kim Paul Mcpheeters 48532, MIGeneral Practice1760489934
Harvey S Ellis 48135, MIGeneral Practice1750388864
Saundra L Blanchard 49445, MIGeneral Practice1407854177
Vincente D. Cabansag 49091, MIGeneral Practice1932106622
James Walter Gusfa 48124, MIGeneral Practice1477551117
Nancy Jane Wade 48726, MIGeneral Practice1114925864
Gregory L Weaver 49546, MIGeneral Practice1093713687
Angela M Porter 48342, MIGeneral Practice1578561015
Antonio F Mendiola 48756, MIGeneral Practice1659379915
Steven Joseph Wood 48154, MIGeneral Practice1649278524
Richard G. Raad 48314, MIGeneral Practice1053310730
Randy James Breen 49506, MIGeneral Practice1003815655
David Joseph Fedewa 48820, MIGeneral Practice1740289305
Warren H. Thompson 48846, MIGeneral Practice1700885027
John Thomas Frey 49306, MIGeneral Practice1003815002
Paul J Racine 48420, MIGeneral Practice1457351298
Kenneth C Ackley 48420, MIGeneral Practice1891795639
Helen Lee 48334, MIGeneral Practice1285634832
Mark Harold Saidman 48322, MIGeneral Practice1447250782
Seong Cheol Kim 49091, MIGeneral Practice1457351702
Adam J Hoard 49509, MIGeneral Practice1578092011
Donald P. Cousineau Do Pc 49735, MIGeneral Practice1386645851
Christa Letizia Stern-lubahn 49307, MIGeneral Practice1619978087
Hemlata Amin 48038, MIGeneral Practice1649271941
William Thomas Mangan 48864, MIGeneral Practice1851392195
Redwood Dental Group 48187, MIGeneral Practice1164893392
Hosack, Bieszka, Halverson, Pllc 49080, MIGeneral Practice1104828839
Harriet Kathryn Mcgraw 49740, MIGeneral Practice1760474548
Gary M Pusateri 49969, MIGeneral Practice1851383525
Joseph Jean Rambo 49106, MIGeneral Practice1447242789
Christopher John Sortman 49444, MIGeneral Practice1528051570
David A. Farlow, Dds, Pc 48178, MIGeneral Practice1295728822
David A Farlow 48178, MIGeneral Practice1548253008
Susan L Shore-vignola 49651, MIGeneral Practice1952394439
Todd Aaron Meredith 43551, MIGeneral Practice1841283272
Babu J Amin 48323, MIGeneral Practice1184618464
Jose Dennis Lim 46619, MIGeneral Practice1821082090
Pritoj Singh Gill 48912, MIGeneral Practice1073507885
Bruce A Sexton 49348, MIGeneral Practice1609860139
Allan R Currey 48158, MIGeneral Practice1164417655
Andrea G Johnson 48864, MIGeneral Practice1679568174
Sara Jeanne Bond 48197, MIGeneral Practice1972598324
Mark Shain 48327, MIGeneral Practice1801881073
Gary Hayes Coller 49464, MIGeneral Practice1720073794
Stephen Jerome Sterlitz 48109, MIGeneral Practice1992790885
Jaime F Tan 48441, MIGeneral Practice1346235207
Derrick Williamson 48214, MIGeneral Practice1215922059
My Family Dental Novi Pllc 48075, MIGeneral Practice1376096339
Annette L Aquino 48021, MIGeneral Practice1922094341
Thomas W. Adams 49862, MIGeneral Practice1720074834
Holly Elaine Ross 48109, MIGeneral Practice1740276633
William Robert Langenderfer 49201, MIGeneral Practice1952397879
Rashmi Kakar 48323, MIGeneral Practice1831570795
Harold Franklin Roth 48912, MIGeneral Practice1023005659
Deyaaeddin Ali Alnaas 48093, MIGeneral Practice1336642636
Mark W Tournell 49546, MIGeneral Practice1275520199
Greg A Rowdon 47907, MIGeneral Practice1770570616
Richard J Strikwerda 49423, MIGeneral Practice1346238060
Susan Beving Strikwerda 49423, MIGeneral Practice1356339089
James Strikwerda D.d.s., P.c. 49423, MIGeneral Practice1225026958
John Theodore Golden 48066, MIGeneral Practice1235127077
Keith Wilcox Sleeper 48610, MIGeneral Practice1255329660
Lawrence Carr 48610, MIGeneral Practice1760470132
Karen Ann Monroy 49461, MIGeneral Practice1134117443
Jeffrey D Hurst 49201, MIGeneral Practice1588654206
Patricia Ann Mcgarry 48451, MIGeneral Practice1720078207
Michael B Hutcheson 48933, MIGeneral Practice1316937758
Richard M. Bedinghaus 48084, MIGeneral Practice1619967791
Gregory Stephen Herzler 48603, MIGeneral Practice1235120064
Raymond Arthur Hestres 34221, MIGeneral Practice1043201882
Shane Michael Langolf 48040, MIGeneral Practice1194716670
David J. Powell 48310, MIGeneral Practice1013908474
Howard J Korman 48073, MIGeneral Practice1467433599
Lawrence S. Freedman 48017, MIGeneral Practice1780666891
Roy Steinbock 48336, MIGeneral Practice1205818499
Daniel Leske 48085, MIGeneral Practice1568445633
Richard W. Strong,d.d.s.,p.c. 48101, MIGeneral Practice1982687844
Thomas Scott Emerson 49855, MIGeneral Practice1447233093
Mercedes Lau Betz 48170, MIGeneral Practice1063495653
Marcel Kasha 48015, MIGeneral Practice1013079151
Scott M Hagle 49855, MIGeneral Practice1497738090
Jeffrey M Shipkey 49855, MIGeneral Practice1659354256
Richard L Tomacari 49855, MIGeneral Practice1437132065
James R Addison 49855, MIGeneral Practice1275517740
Robin D Cook 49855, MIGeneral Practice1255315727
Gregory Q. Clague 48237, MIGeneral Practice1184608457
Stanley Remer 48071, MIGeneral Practice1235113374
J Daniel Cline 48640, MIGeneral Practice1346224136
Todd Allen Brower 49424, MIGeneral Practice1609851286
Krista Carol-ison Gorenchan 49886, MIGeneral Practice1740265131
Lyle J Vanderschaaf 49855, MIGeneral Practice1063497386
Parminderpal Singh 49886, MIGeneral Practice1265417422
Asfandiar A Shukri 48509, MIGeneral Practice1255316295
Paul R Voss 49461, MIGeneral Practice1992780951
Shepherd Of Hope Clinic Pc 49686, MIGeneral Practice1225014715
Allan Birk 48034, MIGeneral Practice1396721510
Andrew Colman 48185, MIGeneral Practice1912983131
David Andrew Noffert 48444, MIGeneral Practice1932185899
Douglas Wigton 49686, MIGeneral Practice1184600116
Milton Stern 48185, MIGeneral Practice1922084896
Dan Scott Proctor 48609, MIGeneral Practice1083690820
Basil John Marrella 48071, MIGeneral Practice1407833270
Robert Eldridge Marriott 48044, MIGeneral Practice1497732002
Silvia Beatriz Operti-considine 48309, MIGeneral Practice1740267384
Zaheda Shafqat Ali 48198, MIGeneral Practice1023095296
Donn Ketcham 49401, MIGeneral Practice1598742702
Thomas J Burdo 49544, MIGeneral Practice1881672673
Robert J Bates 48001, MIGeneral Practice1255319984
Douglas William Koenke 48313, MIGeneral Practice1942288865
Edward Street Dental 48071, MIGeneral Practice1700864527
Brian Scot Nylaan 49525, MIGeneral Practice1043298771
Keith W. Kelley 48098, MIGeneral Practice1992783658
William B. Keskimaki 49707, MIGeneral Practice1417935198
James Rogers Bakeman 48640, MIGeneral Practice1235117938
Peter G Anderson 48009, MIGeneral Practice1821076480
David Russell Zwingman 48603, MIGeneral Practice1144208729
Jack H Behl Dds, Pc 49707, MIGeneral Practice1982682555
Jack Hunter Behl 49707, MIGeneral Practice1831177401
Meredith Haar Sheridan 49707, MIGeneral Practice1649258229
David Joseph Dobbins 48080, MIGeneral Practice1841278405
John Robert Hoitenga 49707, MIGeneral Practice1134107709
Mary Anne Simmons 48469, MIGeneral Practice1366420762
Donald Ray Heys 48104, MIGeneral Practice1295713618
Thomas Alan Simmons 48469, MIGeneral Practice1295713691
Tyson J Roethlisberger 48162, MIGeneral Practice1487632949
Terry J Rowland 49080, MIGeneral Practice1538147970
Peter G Anderson Dds Professional Corporation 48009, MIGeneral Practice1598743866
Louis E. Leonor 48336, MIGeneral Practice1568440915
Herbert M. Gardner 48336, MIGeneral Practice1093793457
Christopher J. Maino 48336, MIGeneral Practice1992783351
James Cantwil 48433, MIGeneral Practice1497733968
Richard L Ludwig 48840, MIGeneral Practice1215915798
Robert D. Young 48444, MIGeneral Practice1982682365
Thomas A Simmons Dds Mary Anne Simmons Dds, Pc 48469, MIGeneral Practice1043298433
Ronald Mark Thompson 49006, MIGeneral Practice1629056965
Thomas Joseph Burke 48130, MIGeneral Practice1073591335


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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