Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Missouri

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Missouri:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Colby Lowel Wang 59801, MOGeneral Practice1801837067
Yaser R. Mustafa 53546, MOGeneral Practice1992217178
Stuart Alan Rockwell 63901, MOGeneral Practice1063436681
Dan Kip Young 64804, MOGeneral Practice1821184045
Timothy Denny 63385, MOGeneral Practice1588733984
Brian L Mowrey 92563, MOGeneral Practice1891806287
Richard William Wiedeman 28711, MOGeneral Practice1528102027
David Neilson King 87124, MOGeneral Practice1922160209
Dennis C Ayer 66224, MOGeneral Practice1144393943
Bernard Victor Miller 63110, MOGeneral Practice1851576029
Renee Elizabeth Doyle 62236, MOGeneral Practice1588963789
Susan Currey 65301, MOGeneral Practice1366962888
Melissa Boerema 64730, MOGeneral Practice1457640641
Justin Lamb 39534, MOGeneral Practice1164715587
Hemant Godara 65212, MOGeneral Practice1417184029
Su Han 91723, MOGeneral Practice1952533655
Allan L Link Dmd & Associates Llc 63011, MOGeneral Practice1205232295
Elizabeth Marie Barrett 63383, MOGeneral Practice1700225364
Southeast Mo Health Network 63830, MOGeneral Practice1053700435
Maxwell Tanyi Fohtung 63108, MOGeneral Practice1982088571
Jessica Houston Zweig 29572, MOGeneral Practice1194144303
Heather Marie Wilson 55384, MOGeneral Practice1437533858
Thomas Michael Touhey 44126, MOGeneral Practice1700036456
George Omondi 63044, MOGeneral Practice1558876912
George He 65631, MOGeneral Practice1164951828
Andrea Lee Sullivan 62034, MOGeneral Practice1871092502
Kenneth Edwards 64014, MOGeneral Practice1114471943
Alexay Tamas 97322, MOGeneral Practice1194178806
Anne Tampke 64133, MOGeneral Practice1518497502
Andrew J Bova 63703, MOGeneral Practice1356839971
Hussam Saleh 64030, MOGeneral Practice1659883320
Aubrie J Plummer 64633, MOGeneral Practice1235622218
Feras Al Khatib 63119, MOGeneral Practice1952895252
Pardeep Kaur Gill 66208, MOGeneral Practice1861914616
Michael P Estivo 64089, MOGeneral Practice1477039303
Sonal Kapoor 37075, MOGeneral Practice1396128161
Linh Phan 22192, MOGeneral Practice1710415716
Brett Thomas Parrott 65201, MOGeneral Practice1881175222
Shannon Dryer 83814, MOGeneral Practice1629482070
Jenna Behrents Edwards 64109, MOGeneral Practice1770922940
Waseem Gazale 65804, MOGeneral Practice1235611161
Gabrielle St Germain Colon 65203, MOGeneral Practice1225523269
Lauren Gehling 66214, MOGeneral Practice1558890285
Rivka Goldenhersh, D.m.d., Llc 63132, MOGeneral Practice1194295964
Michonne Danielle Parker 77845, MOGeneral Practice1225530124
Saralkumar R. Desai 65616, MOGeneral Practice1366927394
George Sebastian 72117, MOGeneral Practice1467940882
Sadie Markey 65305, MOGeneral Practice1942695952
Misty D Williams 65203, MOGeneral Practice1194138362
Joseph Robert Pleasant 64138, MOGeneral Practice1336661693
Daniel Sucher 64119, MOGeneral Practice1740639798
Mary Margaret Geiger 63379, MOGeneral Practice1548821515
Margaree Lachowiez 63109, MOGeneral Practice1952962714
Krystle Miles 60302, MOGeneral Practice1407219124
Anthony L. Griglione 60430, MOGeneral Practice1508177239
Alonso Ignacio Heudebert 35249, MOGeneral Practice1396127999
Justin S Garner 63042, MOGeneral Practice1760044390
Sara Bratton 64506, MOGeneral Practice1215235056
Lucas Winebaugh 62002, MOGeneral Practice1023677218
Adisa Hamataj 85392, MOGeneral Practice1134587579
Mehran Khanbabapour 85353, MOGeneral Practice1023480860
Mohammed Nuru 64055, MOGeneral Practice1447804091
Amy O Apodaca 64116, MOGeneral Practice1174878409
John E Holmes 64012, MOGeneral Practice1679677876
John Patrick Mccarthy 63011, MOGeneral Practice1265952089
Jeffrey Mark 64055, MOGeneral Practice1689126724
Shawn Allen May 65712, MOGeneral Practice1760571103
Jordan Heath Gipson 78234, MOGeneral Practice1366821357
David A Jackson 66043, MOGeneral Practice1639516776
Valudental Truman Corners Russell Llc 64030, MOGeneral Practice1952942880
John T Symonds 64468, MOGeneral Practice1922035070
Laurain C. Hendricks 63144, MOGeneral Practice1326159245
Charles Thomas Spencer 64108, MOGeneral Practice1477844041
Bruce W Howard 63376, MOGeneral Practice1528166584
Robyn D Hayes 63017, MOGeneral Practice1548391220
Brenda Phillips Herrman 64865, MOGeneral Practice1689774200
Thien Van Le 32708, MOGeneral Practice1689160483
Nathan Antoine 89506, MOGeneral Practice1659801819
Amanda Wyatt Detar 65739, MOGeneral Practice1396944294
Katina Richardson 33190, MOGeneral Practice1992362800
Molly Elizabeth Tegerdine 65203, MOGeneral Practice1780017889
Michael J Smoljan 63141, MOGeneral Practice1598262263
Amy Tils 64014, MOGeneral Practice1336763788
Janice Chan 94954, MOGeneral Practice1588210280
David L Hatch 63028, MOGeneral Practice1700401577
Kyle Montgomery Price 65301, MOGeneral Practice1922413509
Jennifer Robyn Rosseau 64658, MOGeneral Practice1124349832
Keisha Monique Butler 10453, MOGeneral Practice1164834628
Michael Ryan Greaves 63385, MOGeneral Practice1710416458
Erik Seaberg 97408, MOGeneral Practice1326555251
Tho Cao 66061, MOGeneral Practice1942839766
Justin K Fox 63368, MOGeneral Practice1134611494
Lake Saint Louis Health Center Llc 63367, MOGeneral Practice1962034942
Corina Freitas 13210, MOGeneral Practice1699118471
Megan Bierle 66202, MOGeneral Practice1134611411
Jennifer Fongsamouth 63117, MOGeneral Practice1952922395
Steven B Livingstone 63303, MOGeneral Practice1013981109
Jessica Lynn Underhill 63376, MOGeneral Practice1417362880
Blake D Besancenez 63128, MOGeneral Practice1669082301
Garland R Tschudin 63128, MOGeneral Practice1013978394
Kendra Thomas 94501, MOGeneral Practice1316451180
Spandana Mukka 27513, MOGeneral Practice1417333881
Brian Lee Pienkos 28139, MOGeneral Practice1376759811
Stephanie T Bui 49017, MOGeneral Practice1245461292
Teresa Kerbawy 98168, MOGeneral Practice1033600879
Logan T Jones 72719, MOGeneral Practice1134610975
Samantha Jean Sutton 64470, MOGeneral Practice1548469398
Dana L Browning 64506, MOGeneral Practice1285841742
Alan M. Krebs 64506, MOGeneral Practice1700267812
Kyle A. Milson 64506, MOGeneral Practice1316329618
April Renee Due 64130, MOGeneral Practice1447693593
Jeremy C. Strom 66204, MOGeneral Practice1932320439
Quychi H Le 64014, MOGeneral Practice1366738445
Megan Michelle Guletz 63011, MOGeneral Practice1992235899
Shea Durington 64506, MOGeneral Practice1952864910
Jordan A Perriman 64506, MOGeneral Practice1255992889
Maren L Pratt 63122, MOGeneral Practice1821448143
Justin Hummelgard 64506, MOGeneral Practice1316561566
Clifford Strupp 65584, MOGeneral Practice1184136558
Holistic Family Medicine And Obstetrics Llc 65301, MOGeneral Practice1780149336
Andrew Akindutire 77532, MOGeneral Practice1104470368
Kunj G Patel 63110, MOGeneral Practice1699185249
Rishi Santosh Mhapsekar 63106, MOGeneral Practice1619131505
Daniel Guerra 63026, MOGeneral Practice1548790066
Todd S Scott Dds Pc 65203, MOGeneral Practice1861906711
Mbs Advantage Inc 63126, MOGeneral Practice1083612253
Blake Ferando Dmd Llc 63366, MOGeneral Practice1750868915
Monaco & Badihi Dds Pc 63074, MOGeneral Practice1063401172
Premier Dental And Oral Health Group 65049, MOGeneral Practice1023090081
Hurley Family Dentistry Llc 63017, MOGeneral Practice1346605219
St. Louis Centers For Pain Management, Llc 63127, MOGeneral Practice1528345295
Dalin Dental Associates 63141, MOGeneral Practice1770569659
Fannin, Kaelin, Ropka, Scott & Sponenberg Dds Pc 65807, MOGeneral Practice1821076811
Sme Indiana Pc 65201, MOGeneral Practice1932663184
Ssm Depaul Medical Group, Inc. 63043, MOGeneral Practice1760456743
Mountain Grove Medical And Laser Center Inc 65711, MOGeneral Practice1972573699
S And M Baig Md Pc 63367, MOGeneral Practice1255394086
Williams Medical Group, P.c. 63122, MOGeneral Practice1558311969
Cabot Westside Health Center 64108, MOGeneral Practice1104879055
J. Warren Hildreth, Jr Dds Pc Of Missouri 65712, MOGeneral Practice1942681994
Clifford V Anderson Dds And Associates Inc 64133, MOGeneral Practice1376599373
Burcham Dental Arts Clinic 63857, MOGeneral Practice1982633699
Long And Associates Pain Therapy Inc 64057, MOGeneral Practice1154878122
Jackson Madison County General Hospital 38301, MOGeneral Practice1467493916
Mike A. Lutz, D.d.s., P.c. 65018, MOGeneral Practice1326095159
Northland Medical And Wellness Center Llc 64151, MOGeneral Practice1265465363
Martin Family Dental, Llc 63026, MOGeneral Practice1053346122
Howard B. Schwadron, D.m.d. P.c. 63353, MOGeneral Practice1326061680
Lester E Cox Medical Center 65807, MOGeneral Practice1811901564
Audrain Health Care, Inc. 65240, MOGeneral Practice1912916248
Mark F. Hilton, Dds, Pc 63033, MOGeneral Practice1386656130
O W John & Assc 20646, MOGeneral Practice1235142837
Saint Lukes Hospital Of Trenton 64648, MOGeneral Practice1831202431
Tinsley & Shultz Dds Pc 64068, MOGeneral Practice1790899102
Saint Lukes Hospital Of Trenton 64683, MOGeneral Practice1184730590
Mallott Family Dental, Inc. 65201, MOGeneral Practice1457732208
Barnes jewish Hospital 63112, MOGeneral Practice1033132220
Missouri Baptist Medical Center 63131, MOGeneral Practice1467461434
Bridge Integrative Medicine Llc 64118, MOGeneral Practice1740784214
He & Ta Rechtin Dds,pc 63044, MOGeneral Practice1043324593
Gavini Medical Group,ltd 63126, MOGeneral Practice1912014606
John D Wildgen Dds Pc 65038, MOGeneral Practice1831208594
Steven R Connelly Dmd Pc 63122, MOGeneral Practice1447362959
Steven D. West Dds Pc 63128, MOGeneral Practice1336250802
James H Stanford Dds Pc 63021, MOGeneral Practice1114020385
Wolken Dental 63124, MOGeneral Practice1104929710
Raymond H. Wilbers, Inc. 65265, MOGeneral Practice1629173232
R P Mcgraw Dds Llc 64429, MOGeneral Practice1124126131
Mark R Zust Dds Ltd 63376, MOGeneral Practice1639263460
Prestige Dental Care, Llc 63144, MOGeneral Practice1174618045
Terence A. Friskel Dds,pc 63020, MOGeneral Practice1255426979
Oakville Dental Care 63129, MOGeneral Practice1801978101
Julie L. Ring, Dds, Pc 63017, MOGeneral Practice1295819233
J. Warren Hildreth, Jr Dds Pc Of Missouri 65712, MOGeneral Practice1952403040
Sme Kentucky Psc 65201, MOGeneral Practice1295208403
Valley Medical Center P.c. 65793, MOGeneral Practice1215002027
Clinton M Johnson Dds, Lawrence J. Shine Jr. Dds Pc 64110, MOGeneral Practice1790851889
Boain Dental Care 63031, MOGeneral Practice1386703262
Jackson Dental, Llc 63755, MOGeneral Practice1932260338
Arnold S Barber,dds,pc 65201, MOGeneral Practice1518027002
William G. Herrington, Dds Pc 64836, MOGeneral Practice1558422477
Charles E. Niesen Ii, Dmd, Michael J. Faddis, Dds 63144, MOGeneral Practice1548321318
Eugenia Kardaris 63005, MOGeneral Practice1588725170
Lake Dental Clinic Llc 65020, MOGeneral Practice1720141849
Mark D. Meyers Dds, Pc 63128, MOGeneral Practice1184788507
Overland Medical Center 63114, MOGeneral Practice1679637870
Michael P Frith Dds 63011, MOGeneral Practice1760549380
Boulevard Dental Care L.l.c. 63303, MOGeneral Practice1831247048
North Kansas City Family And Cosmetic Dental Care Llc 64116, MOGeneral Practice1326193392
Flucke & Associates Dds Pc 64063, MOGeneral Practice1780738864
Dr. Donald R. Jump Dds Inc Pc 65613, MOGeneral Practice1073668216
Bright Smiles, Llc 63301, MOGeneral Practice1760538649
Thomas D. Jordan, Dds, Pc 63366, MOGeneral Practice1700932464
Edward M Norman Dds Pc 63548, MOGeneral Practice1962540328
H. Fred Christman, D.d.s., L.l.c. 65203, MOGeneral Practice1568503753
William J. Esicar, D.m.d., P.c. 63401, MOGeneral Practice1366585317
Mark F. Hesker, D.d.s., P.c. 63141, MOGeneral Practice1063548675
Timothy A. Schaible P.c. 63138, MOGeneral Practice1508993510
Dr Edward A Schanda And Dr Albert H Schanda Dds Llc 65653, MOGeneral Practice1922137652
The Doctor's Office, Inc. 63109, MOGeneral Practice1891829602


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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