Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Mississippi

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Mississippi:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Frank O. Winn 39553, MSGeneral Practice1407859325
Gene Mark Baines 38930, MSGeneral Practice1396748067
Michael Stacy Cook 39451, MSGeneral Practice1801899620
Francis E Harman 39301, MSGeneral Practice1245232495
Jeffery Dale Hartsog 39211, MSGeneral Practice1518969633
Sergio G Gonzalez Md Pa 39440, MSGeneral Practice1952307308
Paul Felder 39422, MSGeneral Practice1902802655
Daniel Kirk Knighton 38801, MSGeneral Practice1255822169
Tobie Delton Moore 39669, MSGeneral Practice1275532806
John J. Zielinski 39564, MSGeneral Practice1508866088
Sergio G Gonzalez 39440, MSGeneral Practice1366443210
Roger E Pradelli 39534, MSGeneral Practice1215929039
Benny A Wright 39120, MSGeneral Practice1790770220
Christian Andrew Beebe 39350, MSGeneral Practice1629063003
Gregory W Randolph 39571, MSGeneral Practice1699760652
Dwight Thompson 38611, MSGeneral Practice1194710947
Bruce E Roberts 39209, MSGeneral Practice1770570038
Sara Dixon 39534, MSGeneral Practice1740277904
Curtis A Broussard 39503, MSGeneral Practice1447248661
Phillip Charles Portera 39534, MSGeneral Practice1437148483
Chris Griffin 38663, MSGeneral Practice1861473340
Willie E. Greer 39301, MSGeneral Practice1922080522
Edward Clarke Bozeman 39705, MSGeneral Practice1063495729
Brad Anthony Franklin 39071, MSGeneral Practice1528042801
Joseph N Gardner 39470, MSGeneral Practice1265418446
Richmond Dow Mccarty 38866, MSGeneral Practice1487632188
Benjamin Todd Clark 39534, MSGeneral Practice1598743627
Tommy Dow Fisher 39534, MSGeneral Practice1861471542
Ann Louise Lagreco 39309, MSGeneral Practice1245210269
James Eugene Clark 39309, MSGeneral Practice1669442786
James Aaron Mowery 39567, MSGeneral Practice1801876099
Dennis C Furey 39531, MSGeneral Practice1437129376
Billy Tommy Collum 38843, MSGeneral Practice1952373573
Kenneth Dean Draper 38852, MSGeneral Practice1124090600
Racquel Simone Allen 39501, MSGeneral Practice1184080855
Barry William Herring 39759, MSGeneral Practice1639144405
Thomas Michael Baldwin 39529, MSGeneral Practice1811964471
Michael Timothy Zanone 38866, MSGeneral Practice1063472157
Jimmy F Vessell 39183, MSGeneral Practice1134180557
Garvin Wallace Cunningham 39530, MSGeneral Practice1922069715
Jason Bradley Crowder 39503, MSGeneral Practice1114988086
Pacific Physician Services Llc 39465, MSGeneral Practice1902861651
Pacific Physician Services, Llc 39402, MSGeneral Practice1326003856
Sheila Lynn Farley 39560, MSGeneral Practice1730145541
Charles R Berryman 39367, MSGeneral Practice1689630204
Winnie Sue Simmons 39750, MSGeneral Practice1568428647
Janet R Cooper 39202, MSGeneral Practice1902854706
Albert Victor Horn 38851, MSGeneral Practice1902854227
Bobby Young Joe 38664, MSGeneral Practice1720037005
William David Mcclendon 39581, MSGeneral Practice1790735652
Anna Morton Epley 39301, MSGeneral Practice1538682307
Joseph K Shleweet 38614, MSGeneral Practice1346291580
Jack Clayton Biggs 38654, MSGeneral Practice1629021258
Ashley M Greco 38930, MSGeneral Practice1962994814
Lesa Ferrell Waters 39477, MSGeneral Practice1316984230
Frank L Conaway 39520, MSGeneral Practice1316987431
Michael Norbert Wajdowicz 39534, MSGeneral Practice1720028889
Melanie Paige-brown 39209, MSGeneral Practice1649210477
Dennis N. Green 39531, MSGeneral Practice1801838792
William A. Gary 38862, MSGeneral Practice1467495267
Arthur E Wood 39367, MSGeneral Practice1699718981
Baptist Minor Medical Center Inc 38654, MSGeneral Practice1295778397
Philip John Hage 39507, MSGeneral Practice1518902139
Charles Terry Hall 39531, MSGeneral Practice1386689412
Monica M, Jones 38701, MSGeneral Practice1528004249
John Witcher 39359, MSGeneral Practice1932135522
Jackson State University 39217, MSGeneral Practice1366991523
Natchez After Hours Clinic, P.l.l.c. 39120, MSGeneral Practice1982634051
Jeffery Todd Willis 39350, MSGeneral Practice1639100340
Tiffany Priscilla Green 39232, MSGeneral Practice1770515389
Sherry C Pippen 39654, MSGeneral Practice1649201591
Jeremy Douglas Hayes 39501, MSGeneral Practice1649205014
Daniel Albert Regan 39501, MSGeneral Practice1194750513
James Keenan Wilson 39744, MSGeneral Practice1003841354
Coleman A. Boyd 39041, MSGeneral Practice1679598783
Starkey L. Hudson 38751, MSGeneral Practice1083639744
Andrew K Dulaney 39272, MSGeneral Practice1710902119
James R Taylor 38732, MSGeneral Practice1093730517
Robert Doyle Newton 38821, MSGeneral Practice1205852092
Mississippi State Hospital At Whitfield 39193, MSGeneral Practice1982620712
Kimberly Winters 39180, MSGeneral Practice1346267242
Dustin G. Smith 39470, MSGeneral Practice1326066481
Michael Barry Ellis 39180, MSGeneral Practice1619995743
Charles G. Wood D.m.d.p.a. 39501, MSGeneral Practice1063430924
Alexander J. Bibighaus 38801, MSGeneral Practice1821016767
Norman C Underwood 39272, MSGeneral Practice1154349967
Gordon Earl Fletcher 39401, MSGeneral Practice1255350369
Pacific Physician Services, Llc 39402, MSGeneral Practice1285653386
Adam Weems D.m.d., P.a. 38930, MSGeneral Practice1962422402
Jarad Joseph Braddy 38671, MSGeneral Practice1831119940
Stephen W. Joe 38654, MSGeneral Practice1609896729
Barbara B Mauldin 39465, MSGeneral Practice1508886706
Daniel Rhett Simmons 38671, MSGeneral Practice1861412975
Edward James Banas 39564, MSGeneral Practice1689695413
Pacific Physician Services, Llc 39402, MSGeneral Practice1790706463
Pacific Physician Services, Llc 39402, MSGeneral Practice1316968084
Donald Perrin Roten 38663, MSGeneral Practice1982626826
Lexi A. Polk 39218, MSGeneral Practice1447272802
James Floyd Stanovich 39531, MSGeneral Practice1295757599
Richard Harold Russell 38652, MSGeneral Practice1689696759
Charles G Wood 39501, MSGeneral Practice1588686067
Jason L Polk 39218, MSGeneral Practice1033131487
Pedro P Aleman 39216, MSGeneral Practice1255353272
Kenneth Lawrence Ramsey 39759, MSGeneral Practice1093738841
Jimmy Dale Vance 39216, MSGeneral Practice1962425421
Charles Culley Tolbert 39216, MSGeneral Practice1225051899
Leon Anderson 39216, MSGeneral Practice1821011123
Joann Hobbs Travis 39216, MSGeneral Practice1346263662
Eric Cleo Mccormick 39422, MSGeneral Practice1306860028
Pat S Burke 38614, MSGeneral Practice1487678868
Gerald W. Segraves 39503, MSGeneral Practice1184648420
Patrick Edwin Tucker 38834, MSGeneral Practice1295749349
Esaias Steven Richardson 38901, MSGeneral Practice1518981844
Courtney M Gianola 39056, MSGeneral Practice1538173513
Daniel H. Kellum 38804, MSGeneral Practice1710991492
Thomas N. Kellum 38804, MSGeneral Practice1205840998
Robert L Sutton 39503, MSGeneral Practice1205840824
Hollingsworth Dental Clinic, P.a. 39345, MSGeneral Practice1518971431
Dennis Davis Bond 38801, MSGeneral Practice1114931896
Acie Whitlock 39216, MSGeneral Practice1013921998
Gulf Coast Dental Care 39503, MSGeneral Practice1417961376
Clyde E Spraberry 39503, MSGeneral Practice1548274152
Erika Lynn Coleman-goodloe 39046, MSGeneral Practice1063427961
Djuana Matthews Beruk 38701, MSGeneral Practice1710992409
Charles Frederick Ezelle 39232, MSGeneral Practice1669488763
Paul Riley 39232, MSGeneral Practice1285640383
Alvin Lafayette Felts 39581, MSGeneral Practice1861409633
Michael Paul Steward 39553, MSGeneral Practice1407863251
Terrace Hill Dental Center Llc 39402, MSGeneral Practice1679580518
Billy Dean Williams 39567, MSGeneral Practice1669480174
Daryl Lance Johnson 38732, MSGeneral Practice1619985272
Leslie Brewer 39666, MSGeneral Practice1295742823
William E Moore 39666, MSGeneral Practice1497762025
Robert E Decoux 39648, MSGeneral Practice1487662763
Mario E Alfonso 38671, MSGeneral Practice1225048911
Ronal Roberson 38921, MSGeneral Practice1720098510
Heather Killebrew Tutor 39095, MSGeneral Practice1043220312
Bradley Emmett Williams 39145, MSGeneral Practice1720098908
William Thomas Neely 38606, MSGeneral Practice1144230327
Alan D Lucas 39402, MSGeneral Practice1841201209
Melinda G Lucas 39402, MSGeneral Practice1962413336
James Gregory Graves 38668, MSGeneral Practice1760493134
Richard L. Smith 39110, MSGeneral Practice1073526760
Dixon Family Dentistry Pa 39401, MSGeneral Practice1205849189
Ashley D. Hollowell 39046, MSGeneral Practice1083627509
Erin T. Rhodes 39402, MSGeneral Practice1205949047
Tillery Dental Clinics, P.a. 39440, MSGeneral Practice1376656041
Danny Patrick O'keefe 39232, MSGeneral Practice1902910227
Brad Young Bryan 39206, MSGeneral Practice1790899912
Family Dental Care 39232, MSGeneral Practice1326152554
Carrol Frazier Landrum 39066, MSGeneral Practice1356455208
Donna Louise Foster 39601, MSGeneral Practice1295849354
Kent B Leggett 39440, MSGeneral Practice1457465924
David L. Rice 39440, MSGeneral Practice1649384124
John H Barrow 39440, MSGeneral Practice1831203322
Meridian Medical Associates, Pa 39301, MSGeneral Practice1316051766
Joseph Stephen Bennett 38703, MSGeneral Practice1366557571
William Michael Campbell 39056, MSGeneral Practice1881709996
Katherine A Gray 39705, MSGeneral Practice1295840874
Leland Moore Roberts 38824, MSGeneral Practice1821103474
Daniel Bobby Story 39211, MSGeneral Practice1568577039
Lamar Von Knight 39212, MSGeneral Practice1225143746
William C Baker 39402, MSGeneral Practice1306952882
Erik Graham 39402, MSGeneral Practice1508972092
Jennifer L Avara-lott 39305, MSGeneral Practice1891801544
Karen Bryant Luckett 39648, MSGeneral Practice1821104621
James Enochs Long 39759, MSGeneral Practice1619084191
Frank T Dalton 38834, MSGeneral Practice1700994126
Baylor Looper Jewell 38801, MSGeneral Practice1801904891
Family Dental Center Of Laurel, P.a. 39440, MSGeneral Practice1255440277
Family Dental Center Of Waynesboro, P.a. 39367, MSGeneral Practice1518076546
Thomas L Jones 39056, MSGeneral Practice1720197031
Clinton Harlan Whittington 39071, MSGeneral Practice1215047717
Roger Millard Simnicht 39564, MSGeneral Practice1669582763
Physicians Urgent Care Of Corinth, P.a. 38834, MSGeneral Practice1316059405
Randy S Hathorn 39421, MSGeneral Practice1912018748
Timothy Duncan Estes 39204, MSGeneral Practice1285746511
John Dale Dumas 39648, MSGeneral Practice1831200849
Robert Curtis Watson 39421, MSGeneral Practice1558472381
Arbie Burton Hinton 39194, MSGeneral Practice1245341916
Eleanor Karen Pruitt 39272, MSGeneral Practice1598876161
Albert J. Singletary, Inc 39059, MSGeneral Practice1467554378
Richard Daniel Hill 38917, MSGeneral Practice1356443410
Teena Freeman Horn 38851, MSGeneral Practice1730281809
Keith D Bishop 39150, MSGeneral Practice1427160654
Jeffrey Michael Niolet 39560, MSGeneral Practice1245332303
Richard Scott Nance 38804, MSGeneral Practice1609978659
Andrea Renae Gaddis 39301, MSGeneral Practice1528160140
Michael Dean Weems 39564, MSGeneral Practice1720180185
Mario Joseph Roybal 39532, MSGeneral Practice1033212196
Charles A Smith 39564, MSGeneral Practice1003919903
Jason Christopher Papania 39503, MSGeneral Practice1245333483
Gregory P Duke 39202, MSGeneral Practice1619070190
Stephen W Baker 39503, MSGeneral Practice1013011303
Okolona Family Dentistry 38860, MSGeneral Practice1932203585
Rodolfo Noche Arriola 38843, MSGeneral Practice1477658912
John Robinson 39701, MSGeneral Practice1053416370
Drs. Mills, Redding & Dennis, Pa 39211, MSGeneral Practice1861597106
North Mississippi Medical Clinics Inc 38852, MSGeneral Practice1568567956
North Mississippi Medical Clinics Inc 38843, MSGeneral Practice1467557868


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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