Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jeffrey H Schillinger 07304, NJGeneral Practice1851394852
Joseph Anthony Battaglia 07470, NJGeneral Practice1578566576
Phyllis Horning Detwiler 08057, NJGeneral Practice1477556470
Jacklyn Maduro 07960, NJGeneral Practice1992708994
Gregory S. Freed 07094, NJGeneral Practice1972506889
Robert E Rozencwaig 08873, NJGeneral Practice1922001676
Joseph L Perno 08043, NJGeneral Practice1073516936
David Ira Kalter 08221, NJGeneral Practice1265435911
Bruce L Rothschild 10954, NJGeneral Practice1528061199
Steven M Kuitems 07920, NJGeneral Practice1033112537
Alan Shih-chieh Chien 08859, NJGeneral Practice1306849898
Sam S. Faltas 07920, NJGeneral Practice1386647873
Gary D Milanesi 07022, NJGeneral Practice1366445850
Christine M. Delduca 07041, NJGeneral Practice1629071113
James Walter Fisher 07013, NJGeneral Practice1962405514
William J Ratz 07920, NJGeneral Practice1548263940
Gerard L. Gonsalves 07040, NJGeneral Practice1710980180
Robert L. Daniels 07856, NJGeneral Practice1215930516
Anthony Fusco 07869, NJGeneral Practice1922001411
Howard Steven Glazer 07024, NJGeneral Practice1952303000
Gary Jannarone 07442, NJGeneral Practice1205838349
Shari Lynn Hyder 08107, NJGeneral Practice1073517322
Steven Ki Yun 07626, NJGeneral Practice1336143684
James D Muglia 07110, NJGeneral Practice1619971983
Jeffrey A. Hankinson 07078, NJGeneral Practice1629072988
Spencer Z Forman 08831, NJGeneral Practice1639173404
Pilar Ayarza 07022, NJGeneral Practice1073517538
Stuart K. Gold 07656, NJGeneral Practice1366446866
Stuart Wallet 08053, NJGeneral Practice1043215312
Husniye Dogan 07011, NJGeneral Practice1861497273
Louis Meyer Lees 07442, NJGeneral Practice1457356743
David Eidman 07407, NJGeneral Practice1518962554
Robert Holtzheimer 08080, NJGeneral Practice1417952458
Mitchell V. Karl 08816, NJGeneral Practice1730184763
Miles D Lazerwitz 07450, NJGeneral Practice1134123631
Richard P Richter 08701, NJGeneral Practice1285639864
Alan H Chenman 08221, NJGeneral Practice1235134867
Seth M. Wallerstein 08837, NJGeneral Practice1497750913
Gustavo A Garces 07631, NJGeneral Practice1215933445
Joseph Robert Krulewicz 08876, NJGeneral Practice1003812306
James W Vick 08033, NJGeneral Practice1336145465
Philip Howard Wolfson 07724, NJGeneral Practice1285630269
Joseph Di Benedetto 07739, NJGeneral Practice1043216930
Richard Melvin Friedman 08648, NJGeneral Practice1578569448
Scott Alan Blum 08518, NJGeneral Practice1700882354
Steven L Goldberg 07726, NJGeneral Practice1518963776
Jenny Chavez 07087, NJGeneral Practice1891791612
Khatuna Topadze Belov 07463, NJGeneral Practice1881699528
Tzulin T Fu 08861, NJGeneral Practice1447257472
Linda M Graves 07514, NJGeneral Practice1528066610
Thomas M Panitch 07111, NJGeneral Practice1982602736
Stephen Neil Resnick 08837, NJGeneral Practice1801895453
Albert Arabit Almeda 08251, NJGeneral Practice1508865882
Joseph Allen Bocian 08816, NJGeneral Practice1588665483
Richard Evan Goldberg 08831, NJGeneral Practice1023019874
David M. Weedon 08807, NJGeneral Practice1124029905
Nirmala Rao 08816, NJGeneral Practice1891195087
Mark Lewis Waltzer 08003, NJGeneral Practice1891795761
Bharat J Jhaveri, Md 08205, NJGeneral Practice1356341473
Alyssa Susan Bernstein 07065, NJGeneral Practice1578564290
Stephen David Press 07043, NJGeneral Practice1619978376
David Patrick St.ledger 07043, NJGeneral Practice1720089493
Steven Abrams 07828, NJGeneral Practice1528069143
Alan Lane Silverstein 07032, NJGeneral Practice1518968049
Michael Grizzaffi 08816, NJGeneral Practice1528069069
Brett Howard Loeser 08859, NJGeneral Practice1093716508
Joan Marie Sahul 07747, NJGeneral Practice1124029459
John B. Dibling 07726, NJGeneral Practice1689675860
Richard Alan Marcus 08701, NJGeneral Practice1811998024
Matthew Steven Steinberg 08536, NJGeneral Practice1417958562
Joseph Arthur Oleske 08701, NJGeneral Practice1538161526
David N. Grayson 07054, NJGeneral Practice1841291952
Emanuel Dominic Catania 07856, NJGeneral Practice1912909946
Norman T Blumenstock 08831, NJGeneral Practice1205838034
Ari Yaakov Krug 08701, NJGeneral Practice1992707897
Sandra Dawn Picazio 07009, NJGeneral Practice1558363259
Richard Howard Savitz 08742, NJGeneral Practice1518969336
Paul Burt Bratter 07029, NJGeneral Practice1669474144
Arthur G Calise 07102, NJGeneral Practice1184626509
Kim-king Chan 07666, NJGeneral Practice1750383188
Mamta M Shah 08854, NJGeneral Practice1043212582
Chester B Kulak 08648, NJGeneral Practice1366444713
Bruce Israel Leibowitz 07457, NJGeneral Practice1154313328
Christopher Raymond Westfall 08043, NJGeneral Practice1538151519
Jacob M. Plawner 07208, NJGeneral Practice1144212234
Mary Varghese 10002, NJGeneral Practice1760474753
David Jacob Glick 07029, NJGeneral Practice1962494963
Calixto G Garcia 07105, NJGeneral Practice1154313724
Ludmila Ivchenko 08857, NJGeneral Practice1720070345
Jayalakshmi Ganapathy 07031, NJGeneral Practice1942292479
Talat Y Hmoud 07105, NJGeneral Practice1295727758
Rajesh S Kothari 07107, NJGeneral Practice1659363174
Hiep Phuc Nguyen 08401, NJGeneral Practice1952393449
Shing Hong Lu 07514, NJGeneral Practice1285626721
Iosif Shuster 07090, NJGeneral Practice1073505426
Alexander B Delgra 07107, NJGeneral Practice1154313526
Guillermo Gutierrez 08861, NJGeneral Practice1912999301
Larry Morris Edelman 07801, NJGeneral Practice1992797310
Haig Herbert Daniel Rickerby 07306, NJGeneral Practice1407848708
Mark William Sisko 08243, NJGeneral Practice1134112493
Brett W Goldsmith 07825, NJGeneral Practice1396738662
Justin Howard Stone 07103, NJGeneral Practice1083607188
Daniel Henry Markham 07052, NJGeneral Practice1215920095
Steven A Puma 08863, NJGeneral Practice1932192648
Alfred O Cappelli 07642, NJGeneral Practice1053304493
Joseph Arthur Oleske 08701, NJGeneral Practice1851393698
Penelope Chang 07670, NJGeneral Practice1760474365
Michael A Rosenberg 07087, NJGeneral Practice1023010535
Matthew L Sorkin 08884, NJGeneral Practice1639171465
Richard N Tiedemann 07076, NJGeneral Practice1952394132
Patricia A Piccillo 07416, NJGeneral Practice1023019783
Jeffrey Kerper Ladine 08641, NJGeneral Practice1851384580
Stuart Scott Albin 07746, NJGeneral Practice1306830757
Donato T. Soranno 07874, NJGeneral Practice1730173055
George Albin Woronko 07722, NJGeneral Practice1720072838
Ihuoma N Nwachukwu 07105, NJGeneral Practice1629062419
Henry A Odujebe 07107, NJGeneral Practice1487648283
Chinwe H Ogedegbe 07018, NJGeneral Practice1659365450
Diane Mackenzie 07107, NJGeneral Practice1316931264
William R. Cregar 08080, NJGeneral Practice1548254469
Grace Melendez 07013, NJGeneral Practice1710971676
Beatrice Monroe 07936, NJGeneral Practice1811981780
Michael John Santo 07701, NJGeneral Practice1518951458
Richard Charles Schonberg 07041, NJGeneral Practice1275527723
Eric Rosier 07003, NJGeneral Practice1790770253
Rina Kapadia 08857, NJGeneral Practice1679567184
Tiffany K Ruth 08638, NJGeneral Practice1770578221
Robert Rudolf Wolf 08097, NJGeneral Practice1194710699
Restituto S Ruiz 07675, NJGeneral Practice1215922661
Rani V Vaswani 07018, NJGeneral Practice1235124694
Asma Talukder Ahmed 08043, NJGeneral Practice1225023682
Pidok Thepmankorn 07107, NJGeneral Practice1073508438
Thalia K Psillakis 07444, NJGeneral Practice1366437683
Leonard Yee 08854, NJGeneral Practice1336134519
Vipan Kumar Gupta 07666, NJGeneral Practice1871588988
Louann B Van Liew 08731, NJGeneral Practice1255326237
Donald I. Jones 07444, NJGeneral Practice1669467676
Herman Edwin Gang 07821, NJGeneral Practice1821083981
John Gregory Krinks 08066, NJGeneral Practice1710972765
Han Jong Kang 07657, NJGeneral Practice1346235397
Robert Charles Raffetto 08733, NJGeneral Practice1013902915
Nancy Sierra 07102, NJGeneral Practice1083609846
Erlinda M Remo 07039, NJGeneral Practice1821083692
Shan Sivendra 07039, NJGeneral Practice1538154307
John J Wolozen 07102, NJGeneral Practice1316932189
Uma P Reddy 08861, NJGeneral Practice1366437220
Mohammad Rizwan 07107, NJGeneral Practice1811982648
Yi-der J Shen 07109, NJGeneral Practice1205821030
David Alan Mcelroy 07801, NJGeneral Practice1386639094
Jason Shapiro 07109, NJGeneral Practice1457346165
Walter Allan Gang 07821, NJGeneral Practice1720073372
Patricia Ortiz Patterne 07054, NJGeneral Practice1437145778
Thomas John Pizzolo 10962, NJGeneral Practice1053307280
Cheryl Ann Vicari-indeck 07046, NJGeneral Practice1699761601
Jessica Kim Bramlette 08050, NJGeneral Practice1790772119
Meena Sinha 08857, NJGeneral Practice1376531186
Tarun Kumar 07109, NJGeneral Practice1346235926
Norman Margolies 07739, NJGeneral Practice1265426233
Serena T Wong 08901, NJGeneral Practice1881689511
Natalie Nebblett 08902, NJGeneral Practice1134112568
Rajnish Chawla 08619, NJGeneral Practice1932197456
Jane Shalman 07203, NJGeneral Practice1609864826
Pardeep Kaur Sidhu 07208, NJGeneral Practice1023006350
Priscilla Lane Hodson 07834, NJGeneral Practice1174511307
Louis Tratenberg 07306, NJGeneral Practice1679561807
Sunil Porecha 08861, NJGeneral Practice1497743769
Safinaz L. Morcos 07601, NJGeneral Practice1144218397
Norton Louis Smith 07450, NJGeneral Practice1467440552
Robert Dorsky 07087, NJGeneral Practice1184612277
Morris Sonbolian 07306, NJGeneral Practice1710975883
Nataliya Donskaya 07093, NJGeneral Practice1982692059
Revadee Songsakphisarn 07306, NJGeneral Practice1316935497
Jan M Gladstone 07087, NJGeneral Practice1013905124
Jeffrey Scott Sachs 07730, NJGeneral Practice1902894058
Jacob S Cohen 07087, NJGeneral Practice1124016126
Zlata G Bavli 07202, NJGeneral Practice1730178674
Robert Jon Gelman 08102, NJGeneral Practice1447248356
Manorama Guntunur 07047, NJGeneral Practice1124017843
Alvan E Mitchell 07018, NJGeneral Practice1720077449
Dinesh C Desai 11243, NJGeneral Practice1841289543
Gertrudis Garcia 07306, NJGeneral Practice1144219841
Vladimir Meskin 07660, NJGeneral Practice1477542082
Carmen R Salcedo 07010, NJGeneral Practice1699764233
Robert J Agresti 07104, NJGeneral Practice1235128729
Charanpreet Singh 08846, NJGeneral Practice1700875218
Dellanira C Rosario-leger 10033, NJGeneral Practice1083603419
Suresh N Bendale 11385, NJGeneral Practice1073502274
Douglas Allen Sootin 10605, NJGeneral Practice1730178948
John R Jones 08232, NJGeneral Practice1346239514
Mark S Walker 08057, NJGeneral Practice1902895147
Michael Bruce Kushner 10302, NJGeneral Practice1578552592
Maha Younis Aldoori 11228, NJGeneral Practice1013907930
Subodh Gopaldas Patel 10474, NJGeneral Practice1962492728
David M Mayer 07501, NJGeneral Practice1457341232
Paul S Freeman 07304, NJGeneral Practice1053301846
R. Douglas De Mott 07670, NJGeneral Practice1518957786
Myrna O Regino 11206, NJGeneral Practice1871583013
Gregory Belok 07020, NJGeneral Practice1962492157
Adham Hussein Fahmy 10029, NJGeneral Practice1952391054
Suzanne Land 08057, NJGeneral Practice1790776813


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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