Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Stephen Akseizer 11803, NYGeneral Practice1043212152
Evan L. Zingaro 14020, NYGeneral Practice1457707739
Cristian Stanescu 06850, NYGeneral Practice1003809302
Steve Leonidas 13820, NYGeneral Practice1598116501
Jeffrey A Sherman 11730, NYGeneral Practice1285622894
Mukesh Patel 12401, NYGeneral Practice1518956606
Allison Manly 14420, NYGeneral Practice1386172062
Delfina Elizabeth Colon-liz 10467, NYGeneral Practice1043293863
Neil Jason Resnick 30322, NYGeneral Practice1386614337
Carla H Schlissel 11795, NYGeneral Practice1770558546
Mary Kang 11201, NYGeneral Practice1134289416
Tram Le 11803, NYGeneral Practice1366895286
Active Life Health Of Ny Pc 11787, NYGeneral Practice1275814105
Michelle Kim-anh Hoang 92411, NYGeneral Practice1467809368
Michael S. Dick, Gregory P. Potempa, & Jihane M. Riad Dds 14094, NYGeneral Practice1245796283
Wyckoff Heights Dental Services P.c. 11237, NYGeneral Practice1447298070
Roxanna Khajavi 10280, NYGeneral Practice1558604264
Stephen C Green 06851, NYGeneral Practice1265456453
Alan M Smolen 10022, NYGeneral Practice1821004573
Olga Y Celleri-pincus 11520, NYGeneral Practice1144232877
Michael Wiener 12533, NYGeneral Practice1396847901
Giovanni Boiano 10709, NYGeneral Practice1316037732
Naomi Pelzig 10954, NYGeneral Practice1922194885
Mita Sharad Patel 10454, NYGeneral Practice1881787158
Nancy Sue Salisbury 12208, NYGeneral Practice1366531469
Jenna Nessa 11432, NYGeneral Practice1184194367
Mordehai Ahdut 11234, NYGeneral Practice1205945946
Jennifer Park Chu 98008, NYGeneral Practice1205976834
Elizabeth Abrams 11373, NYGeneral Practice1104956697
Olga Zavulunova 11375, NYGeneral Practice1396817664
Smiles 4 A Lifetime Pc 11598, NYGeneral Practice1447760970
Daniel Grabell 08901, NYGeneral Practice1851764336
Michael Kevin Keating 13021, NYGeneral Practice1568528289
Shay Markovitch 10701, NYGeneral Practice1124165519
Steven Geoffrey Gutterson 11743, NYGeneral Practice1063540318
Alexander Hall 07052, NYGeneral Practice1720116403
Jojo Joseph 00987, NYGeneral Practice1043669021
Junho Jung 07024, NYGeneral Practice1295859718
Colin Elvern Williams 17104, NYGeneral Practice1073771630
House Calls Plus Inc 24538, NYGeneral Practice1407072283
Cynthia J Provow 13617, NYGeneral Practice1922288844
Jaime M Poulos 11743, NYGeneral Practice1619138229
Evan Hertan 10977, NYGeneral Practice1457731432
Christina Hsu 02445, NYGeneral Practice1326200171
Carmen M. Vidal 14623, NYGeneral Practice1538389440
Mhd Hicham Alnachawati 10465, NYGeneral Practice1407041312
Don Sudara Dona 96789, NYGeneral Practice1801065586
William F Schmalz 07071, NYGeneral Practice1689852428
Nishita R Gandhi 10458, NYGeneral Practice1356662787
Liset Beltran 60160, NYGeneral Practice1841585791
Frantz Pierre-louis 33919, NYGeneral Practice1194091538
Chixin Fang Medical P.c. 11220, NYGeneral Practice1174772818
Benjamin Phillip Sapir 90280, NYGeneral Practice1538391263
Alvyn Yeoh 06890, NYGeneral Practice1811203458
Barbara Gruchalska 10541, NYGeneral Practice1174856991
Steve Yopa 20190, NYGeneral Practice1124550603
David A. Rogers 13790, NYGeneral Practice1063662930
Lourdes Marhilda Albandoz 11368, NYGeneral Practice1538316385
Fawaz Ahmed Sami Al-mufti 10595, NYGeneral Practice1376776153
Otego Family Dental P.c. 13825, NYGeneral Practice1437466059
Kays Kaysi 29501, NYGeneral Practice1538458864
Sathya Ram 15212, NYGeneral Practice1245686898
Kristina Thai Tran 94601, NYGeneral Practice1497082739
Bharat Kothakota 90036, NYGeneral Practice1134358641
Patricia Violeta Villalba 11219, NYGeneral Practice1083940423
Swati Pathak 95337, NYGeneral Practice1033409644
Roman Johnson 10002, NYGeneral Practice1124264148
Michael J Shaffer 11566, NYGeneral Practice1043579857
Viviana C Brignoni 07083, NYGeneral Practice1356681597
Roy H Kim 92610, NYGeneral Practice1437417391
Rami Nabil Ghorab 22202, NYGeneral Practice1477895357
Samudragupta Sanyal 11010, NYGeneral Practice1922442359
Sapan M Bhatt 04901, NYGeneral Practice1841615101
Rose Santina Pizzi 12603, NYGeneral Practice1144568130
Tamara Yelizar 11801, NYGeneral Practice1487034609
Youstina Guirguis 10901, NYGeneral Practice1285017269
Victoria Alexander 11204, NYGeneral Practice1013301662
Jim Lu 27203, NYGeneral Practice1922486703
Kanu Priya Goel 30263, NYGeneral Practice1457739971
Nidal Zahi Salameh 10029, NYGeneral Practice1043691157
Ben Michael Corpron 11218, NYGeneral Practice1457727463
Ousha Bajelan Farrokhi 11201, NYGeneral Practice1831576065
Katrina Ventura-morano 85635, NYGeneral Practice1396127742
Shelli Funt 30327, NYGeneral Practice1679945455
Sergio Carlos Ibarra 90505, NYGeneral Practice1720467145
Jhezanuel Carolina Goncalves Cordero 33180, NYGeneral Practice1477979557
Sakshi Sharma 47304, NYGeneral Practice1497197750
Billy Scott Abungu 10453, NYGeneral Practice1881033272
Vishal Praful Patel 07470, NYGeneral Practice1841663309
Christen Jade Carute 10305, NYGeneral Practice1043691306
Erika Janelle Donovan 07652, NYGeneral Practice1003221656
Ryan Ilg Reichelt 06033, NYGeneral Practice1619350576
Hargun Kaur Singh 90010, NYGeneral Practice1477993699
George Sarandev 12912, NYGeneral Practice1801056908
Beverly Zidor 30101, NYGeneral Practice1992144554
Vishal Suri 11554, NYGeneral Practice1487096566
Gidon Akler 11021, NYGeneral Practice1770978181
Kadeem Bartley 14621, NYGeneral Practice1720473267
Mary Kathryn Donovan 14202, NYGeneral Practice1104354448
George He 65631, NYGeneral Practice1164951828
Pediatric Dental Associates Pllc 14221, NYGeneral Practice1144730649
Natalie Sukiasian 11590, NYGeneral Practice1689040917
Salina Sophera Suy 13502, NYGeneral Practice1649620535
Mark Zafir 11222, NYGeneral Practice1669823415
Tiffany Campbell 77032, NYGeneral Practice1043661887
Alexandra R. Porcu 12304, NYGeneral Practice1891145777
Sy Mitsuharu Nakao 96826, NYGeneral Practice1427418789
Sheryl Lee 11234, NYGeneral Practice1144680406
Kirty Pathak 14043, NYGeneral Practice1407309271
Charnia Hall 48201, NYGeneral Practice1538523477
Fabian Ameil Dunn 06811, NYGeneral Practice1881040954
Kashfia Vohra 08820, NYGeneral Practice1104281815
Youjin Park 21215, NYGeneral Practice1326406265
Supreet Kaur Dhillon 95823, NYGeneral Practice1134580541
Christopher M Rong 11354, NYGeneral Practice1336595842
Paul Schulze 10930, NYGeneral Practice1245686260
Lavi Zaret 60076, NYGeneral Practice1992151518
Neera Gupta 93215, NYGeneral Practice1285087403
Isaac Kempe 12603, NYGeneral Practice1477906949
Jennifer Aiello Jesko 44094, NYGeneral Practice1407300353
Family Smiles Dental, Pllc 12590, NYGeneral Practice1841713344
Gabrielle Theresa Blenis 13815, NYGeneral Practice1043727373
Lake Dental Of Saratoga, Pc 12866, NYGeneral Practice1801196134
Paul Francis Kenworthy 05403, NYGeneral Practice1336106525
Rocio Palomino 11368, NYGeneral Practice1760846950
Cheryl Li 07836, NYGeneral Practice1457705485
Sang Kwon Seo 75238, NYGeneral Practice1427402981
Aviva Schur 11201, NYGeneral Practice1780190751
Anukriti Gupta 08103, NYGeneral Practice1013376904
Dr. Zeng Dental Office, Pc 10002, NYGeneral Practice1033649447
Adrian Weifung Lau 11106, NYGeneral Practice1679836100
Arnulfo Herrera Dds Pc 11550, NYGeneral Practice1275023178
Nicole Holder 11351, NYGeneral Practice1073004628
Alexandra Dee Fuller 14620, NYGeneral Practice1184177941
Stella Kim Kim 22314, NYGeneral Practice1467892943
Fawad Hameedi 06473, NYGeneral Practice1124318068
Lynn Secunde Keller 80303, NYGeneral Practice1124512850
Yoonjin Yi 55901, NYGeneral Practice1558867440
Shaughna Szymanski Winslow 14589, NYGeneral Practice1417306796
Alejandro Alonso 78520, NYGeneral Practice1003823964
Dana Lynn Zwiebel 10004, NYGeneral Practice1487017042
Margaret Grace Ferrara 06484, NYGeneral Practice1134649643
Ellis Mossaded 30101, NYGeneral Practice1790195261
Samantha Raquel Lewis 10570, NYGeneral Practice1104846724
Arkadiy Murdukhayev 10027, NYGeneral Practice1588198196
Xuxin Zhang 11764, NYGeneral Practice1447782172
Kevin Walker 79924, NYGeneral Practice1891089207
Adam Robert Gregor 14226, NYGeneral Practice1336673987
David Szames 10453, NYGeneral Practice1508307794
Marissa L Schwartz 10549, NYGeneral Practice1083153936
Kirk Jagdeo 12401, NYGeneral Practice1083152979
Jose Alvarez 13214, NYGeneral Practice1124568993
Charles Ensworth Buchanan 79701, NYGeneral Practice1184157513
Spring Medical Care Of New Jersey, Pc 10001, NYGeneral Practice1306349287
Jinwoo Michael Park 11237, NYGeneral Practice1316467004
Carrie M Reynolds 06385, NYGeneral Practice1336571843
Artur Natanov 11419, NYGeneral Practice1972822567
Mallika Murali 10022, NYGeneral Practice1740729672
Andrea Folayan 77044, NYGeneral Practice1902290554
Neal Singh 33634, NYGeneral Practice1427597277
Howard Cohn Md P.c. 11355, NYGeneral Practice1366923286
Kaycee Obi-gwacham 28110, NYGeneral Practice1013441831
Ellen Cole 10032, NYGeneral Practice1558884080
Jadwiga Katarzyna Stec 11207, NYGeneral Practice1497283121
Paul Mccarthy 11552, NYGeneral Practice1720437783
Jae Do Kim 95437, NYGeneral Practice1437501566
Josiane Chrisphonte 11735, NYGeneral Practice1972950244
Vincent Fraccalvieri 11767, NYGeneral Practice1326425042
David Jiayuan Xu 13850, NYGeneral Practice1932648201
Richard Brian Ariza 53132, NYGeneral Practice1902309685
Jillian Spring 08690, NYGeneral Practice1326591181
Joana Compere 10027, NYGeneral Practice1235678202
Ya Qing Chen 11355, NYGeneral Practice1164961736
Remi Lerch 07424, NYGeneral Practice1205296555
Michael Cho 17331, NYGeneral Practice1427596337
Jacqueline Isabelle 20707, NYGeneral Practice1336669977
Hugo Hernando Vega 11101, NYGeneral Practice1679040919
Antonio Calascibetta 14609, NYGeneral Practice1679026439
Sae Rom Yoon 10022, NYGeneral Practice1093283012
Jelena Urosev 07087, NYGeneral Practice1407235559
Yoonhee Hong Choi 92705, NYGeneral Practice1063703569
Israel Willis 10453, NYGeneral Practice1932448701
Tyler J Maxwell 13035, NYGeneral Practice1396273298
Chidubem Matthew Obegolu 11432, NYGeneral Practice1205306693
William Michael Brzeczka 10027, NYGeneral Practice1962924795
Ryan Wisdom 10940, NYGeneral Practice1528588167
Siavash Kiumehr 10010, NYGeneral Practice1588015259
Sam Hyun-ju Na 12550, NYGeneral Practice1093160608
Batya Lazarus 10952, NYGeneral Practice1023540762
Hannah Marchese 14626, NYGeneral Practice1790216620
Damien Domenech 01747, NYGeneral Practice1306980800
You Hwan Ho 75063, NYGeneral Practice1689029233
Adrianne Verdeflor Castro 97086, NYGeneral Practice1891223129
Mordehai Ahdut Dds Pc 11234, NYGeneral Practice1891250007
Jun Oh Kim 11375, NYGeneral Practice1285072298
Robert Anthony Sharp 33064, NYGeneral Practice1447561964
Sarah Jawhari 10128, NYGeneral Practice1306378898
Vikas Goel, Dmd Pllc 13035, NYGeneral Practice1396056008
Abner O De Los Santos 14626, NYGeneral Practice1710415039
Marina Shurova 33548, NYGeneral Practice1265830590


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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