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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Igor V Kaplansky 14067, NYGeneral Practice1033112024
Howard Jay Kirschner 11692, NYGeneral Practice1477556462
Gary William Lederman 11710, NYGeneral Practice1003819012
Jeffrey S Rein 11596, NYGeneral Practice1750384756
Alan Bruce Spector 10467, NYGeneral Practice1568465565
Martin J Lapidus 10118, NYGeneral Practice1639172638
Ronald M. Curtis 11563, NYGeneral Practice1629071626
Harold Biller 11423, NYGeneral Practice1083617088
Daniel Douglas Weinstein 11101, NYGeneral Practice1538162524
David A Grossman 11510, NYGeneral Practice1174526164
Edward Robert Raskin 11576, NYGeneral Practice1972506962
Michael Stuart Klein 10022, NYGeneral Practice1326041310
Christian Edward Mathiesen 12866, NYGeneral Practice1497758486
Anthony C. Palombaro 13905, NYGeneral Practice1063415941
Douglas R. Hill 13905, NYGeneral Practice1588667455
Paul Allen Geller 10605, NYGeneral Practice1578566220
Timothy J. Farrell 13905, NYGeneral Practice1477556355
Marc Irwin Bienenstock 11368, NYGeneral Practice1316940158
Robert Brian Raiber 10111, NYGeneral Practice1972506897
Jacques Doueck 11223, NYGeneral Practice1093718967
Steven Esposito 12020, NYGeneral Practice1619970373
Lynn Ann Stacy 13367, NYGeneral Practice1306849112
Randy Gordon Raetz 14618, NYGeneral Practice1811990807
Edward Jay Zuckerberg 10522, NYGeneral Practice1902809981
Gregory Voci 14424, NYGeneral Practice1144223892
Richard P Herman 12550, NYGeneral Practice1194728857
Rivoli Dental Of Glens Falls Pc 12801, NYGeneral Practice1609378231
H John Schutze 12804, NYGeneral Practice1801899745
Jack Binder 10023, NYGeneral Practice1588667190
Bruce L Rothschild 10954, NYGeneral Practice1528061199
Elizabeth Cameron Barra 12047, NYGeneral Practice1255334801
Jeffrey William Fox 11563, NYGeneral Practice1619970100
Andrew J. Lask 10580, NYGeneral Practice1912900564
Adam K Smith 10021, NYGeneral Practice1326041872
Stephen D Fluger 11967, NYGeneral Practice1235132788
James L Tedesco 14224, NYGeneral Practice1063415503
Scott W Rogers 10570, NYGeneral Practice1952304495
Jarrett Allan Pikser 11729, NYGeneral Practice1033112578
Jay B. Lubliner, Dmd, Pllc 11758, NYGeneral Practice1831192376
Warren J Kahn 11733, NYGeneral Practice1265435770
Michael J. Botty 13069, NYGeneral Practice1033112412
Gilbert Spector 10573, NYGeneral Practice1992708374
Everett Roy Forman 12110, NYGeneral Practice1528061967
Jeffrey Kochman 10019, NYGeneral Practice1194727495
David R Bourque 14001, NYGeneral Practice1427050624
John Paul Meyer 14843, NYGeneral Practice1154323350
Angelo Ralph Chiarenza 11762, NYGeneral Practice1306848452
Richard M Bronstein 10176, NYGeneral Practice1427050681
Alan F Seewald 11580, NYGeneral Practice1285636316
Richard Howard Wolff 10977, NYGeneral Practice1679577928
David Alan Stein 12308, NYGeneral Practice1174527428
Mark Howard Bornfeld 11230, NYGeneral Practice1427050541
Raymond Steven Krietchman 11228, NYGeneral Practice1932101185
Hometown Dental Care, P.c. 12839, NYGeneral Practice1245234590
Aaron Robert Polinsky 10601, NYGeneral Practice1548262652
Carl Peter Palmblad 11777, NYGeneral Practice1407858517
Anthony Joseph Tabone 13021, NYGeneral Practice1740282938
Eugene John Butera 11530, NYGeneral Practice1801898093
Salvatore A Ruffo 13905, NYGeneral Practice1982608246
Linda Plaag 11510, NYGeneral Practice1356345623
Jon Valdina 13021, NYGeneral Practice1316941693
Leslie N Simon 10518, NYGeneral Practice1538163894
Leon Lyford Wiggin 13820, NYGeneral Practice1942202049
Barry D Kurtz 11694, NYGeneral Practice1053313148
Shahida Qazi 13045, NYGeneral Practice1376547232
Joseph Stephen Towbin 10003, NYGeneral Practice1508860305
Harold Moshe Kellner 10523, NYGeneral Practice1639173552
Steven E. Bornfeld 11230, NYGeneral Practice1669476503
Peter Paul Capone 13905, NYGeneral Practice1700880655
Eric Min Huang 11373, NYGeneral Practice1396749016
Sullivan S Gallo 11978, NYGeneral Practice1356345003
Leo Meizlik 11385, NYGeneral Practice1508860388
Stephen Akseizer 11803, NYGeneral Practice1043212152
Theresa Anne Casper-klock 13021, NYGeneral Practice1013911502
Alfred Cornelius Joseph 10301, NYGeneral Practice1336143874
Cyril G Gillman 11434, NYGeneral Practice1457356883
Steven Gounardes 11206, NYGeneral Practice1821093261
Douglas A Sandmann 12302, NYGeneral Practice1407851868
Steven Douglas Morton 12033, NYGeneral Practice1376548586
Paul Richard Leary 11787, NYGeneral Practice1316942600
Sanford E Klein 11577, NYGeneral Practice1255336558
Steven M Klein 10573, NYGeneral Practice1245235548
William J Buckley 13142, NYGeneral Practice1972508273
Willard Charles Boehm 14625, NYGeneral Practice1356346126
Heidi L. Nelson 11104, NYGeneral Practice1598760522
Howard Ira Allan Lieb 10314, NYGeneral Practice1972508919
Michael James Darling 13208, NYGeneral Practice1952306094
Gunanand Persaud 10452, NYGeneral Practice1396740270
Kenneth R. Siva 11364, NYGeneral Practice1023013919
Matthew Hyde 11803, NYGeneral Practice1649275686
Kenneth Welles Boynton 12184, NYGeneral Practice1205831047
Kathleen Elizabeth Poleon 14618, NYGeneral Practice1679578447
George Birman 13045, NYGeneral Practice1346245008
Stephen Robert Burgart 14620, NYGeneral Practice1124023858
Alida Anne Dejong 13203, NYGeneral Practice1013912153
Robert P Blitz 13733, NYGeneral Practice1548265978
Ren Yamagata 10169, NYGeneral Practice1649275306
Louis F Weiskopf 11561, NYGeneral Practice1306840830
Jack Irwin 11215, NYGeneral Practice1154326957
Bruce Harold Niedle 10314, NYGeneral Practice1790780559
Randolph L Mitchell 14489, NYGeneral Practice1730184334
Janet Fitzgerald 14221, NYGeneral Practice1124023684
Mark Allan Schimelman 12180, NYGeneral Practice1649276122
Gilda Barbour 10457, NYGeneral Practice1528064946
James H Ganey 10457, NYGeneral Practice1972509313
Naeema Bhuiya 11432, NYGeneral Practice1124024567
Victoire Bogui 10457, NYGeneral Practice1003812447
Steven Hobson 10457, NYGeneral Practice1679579080
Robert A Contente 14437, NYGeneral Practice1447256615
Richard James Gochman 11355, NYGeneral Practice1346246733
Maria Theresa Amago Benedicto Yu 11692, NYGeneral Practice1972509206
Paul Lonstein 12428, NYGeneral Practice1710983028
Rocco Noto 10598, NYGeneral Practice1740286947
Joseph P. Mcmahon 13069, NYGeneral Practice1831195171
Thomas James Miller 14513, NYGeneral Practice1386640621
Shlomo Feldman 11211, NYGeneral Practice1790781904
David Levine 12180, NYGeneral Practice1700882925
Bruce Ian Marshall 10918, NYGeneral Practice1699771733
Leslie Frances Smithey 10457, NYGeneral Practice1760488787
Peter David Gold 12308, NYGeneral Practice1851397517
Thomas Herbert Davis 13905, NYGeneral Practice1730185703
Alberto Domingo Segura 10024, NYGeneral Practice1427413780
Lewis Rogatnick 10453, NYGeneral Practice1780680389
Michael J. Tabone 14221, NYGeneral Practice1083610885
Daniel Charles Doyle 10512, NYGeneral Practice1316944796
Carl E Lavorata 11787, NYGeneral Practice1194722355
Scott D. Benjamin 13838, NYGeneral Practice1376540450
Kevin Joseph Grant 11432, NYGeneral Practice1407853492
Leonard Harvey Mann 10983, NYGeneral Practice1144227141
Michael J Sloan 11730, NYGeneral Practice1750389433
David R Devito 13069, NYGeneral Practice1447258082
Clifford P Williams 10020, NYGeneral Practice1124026737
Monika Bhatia 11801, NYGeneral Practice1487652863
Fernando Bajit 11206, NYGeneral Practice1356349542
Debra Fischer Weinstein 11558, NYGeneral Practice1215935473
Paul Selinger 11385, NYGeneral Practice1407854664
William Steven Kappel 11793, NYGeneral Practice1366440505
Howard Kantrowitz 11010, NYGeneral Practice1740288869
Drew Sterling Strum 11758, NYGeneral Practice1982602066
Anatoly Tabak 11235, NYGeneral Practice1073511937
Richard Michael Bloom 11756, NYGeneral Practice1326046301
Kapoor Llc 46526, NYGeneral Practice1255898730
Henry Francis Cuttler 11570, NYGeneral Practice1992704704
Anthony N Ciccariello 14905, NYGeneral Practice1396743126
Glenn Park 12866, NYGeneral Practice1083613715
Stephen Gerstman 10591, NYGeneral Practice1326047978
Barry Moinester 11758, NYGeneral Practice1225037781
Ian Jd Caisley 14787, NYGeneral Practice1033118534
Steven A Cohen 11803, NYGeneral Practice1184623472
Mark F Sommer 11042, NYGeneral Practice1649279084
Jeffrey Moskovic 11559, NYGeneral Practice1962401141
Joseph John Porcu 11791, NYGeneral Practice1366442964
Robert Ilyayev 11692, NYGeneral Practice1518967108
Alice Riegel 10011, NYGeneral Practice1912907072
George Spicer Cook 12983, NYGeneral Practice1568462562
Pilar Gamboa 11692, NYGeneral Practice1063411403
Evan L. Zingaro 14020, NYGeneral Practice1457707739
Stuart Howard Ditchek 11229, NYGeneral Practice1528068103
Mahadeo Rambarran 11730, NYGeneral Practice1124029046
Babra Saeed 10533, NYGeneral Practice1871594440
Eddy Gindi 11229, NYGeneral Practice1932100310
Lawrence I. Fuchs 11789, NYGeneral Practice1497756696
Omar S Khokhar 14011, NYGeneral Practice1750382834
Bruce T Smith 13662, NYGeneral Practice1710988845
Lasaundra C Estelle 10017, NYGeneral Practice1124020235
Leonard I Flug 11235, NYGeneral Practice1407858822
Shern Hart 14886, NYGeneral Practice1255333688
Amritbhai Patel 10472, NYGeneral Practice1952393100
Safwat H Salama 10453, NYGeneral Practice1154313393
Henry Young 11209, NYGeneral Practice1275535676
Jose Aristides Roa 11373, NYGeneral Practice1205828423
Tatyana Yapport 11104, NYGeneral Practice1235121203
Mary Varghese 10002, NYGeneral Practice1760474753
Marlene Reynolds-cox 11434, NYGeneral Practice1922090927
Bruce H. Safran 11030, NYGeneral Practice1568454460
Linda M Simkin 13147, NYGeneral Practice1790777514
Vijaykumar C Shah 10456, NYGeneral Practice1902898570
Ronald A. Rao 11237, NYGeneral Practice1922090505
Arkadiy Khaitov 11357, NYGeneral Practice1821080540
Spyridon Christoforatos 11361, NYGeneral Practice1023000577
Umesh Kumar Mahindra 10036, NYGeneral Practice1396737862
Shing Hong Lu 07514, NYGeneral Practice1285626721
Iosif Uvaydov 11229, NYGeneral Practice1235122490
Boris Yusupov 11746, NYGeneral Practice1922091222
Martin M Blair 10016, NYGeneral Practice1427041417
Stanley L Shih 10710, NYGeneral Practice1790778579
Tariq S Malik 14225, NYGeneral Practice1851384655
Steven Speziale 11373, NYGeneral Practice1295728970
Shigeru Hosoyama 12307, NYGeneral Practice1811980501
Lyle Bruce Borman 11374, NYGeneral Practice1407849847
Carol A Scuro 14624, NYGeneral Practice1780677278
W Bradford Emery 14624, NYGeneral Practice1952394447
Dennis Chan 10801, NYGeneral Practice1750374278
Michael A Rosenberg 07087, NYGeneral Practice1023010535
Cheryl Denise Ancrum 11550, NYGeneral Practice1518969492
Patricia A Piccillo 07416, NYGeneral Practice1023019783
Alexandra L Chan Katz 11249, NYGeneral Practice1144222654
Tushar Niranjan Shah 13407, NYGeneral Practice1114919594
Harvey Samuel Coco 12832, NYGeneral Practice1023001351
Envision Dental Care Pllc 10579, NYGeneral Practice1518310374


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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