Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Oklahoma

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Oklahoma:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John C Wood 73096, OKGeneral Practice1225031008
W. Richard Loerke 74135, OKGeneral Practice1790788651
James C Meehan 74137, OKGeneral Practice1649273418
Susan Renee Davis 73848, OKGeneral Practice1386647600
Patrick R Montgomery 73505, OKGeneral Practice1609870039
Andrea M Montgomery 73505, OKGeneral Practice1508860933
William Louis Edwards 73533, OKGeneral Practice1093719486
Margaret A Mehle 73036, OKGeneral Practice1346245248
Deboria Frances Gill 74137, OKGeneral Practice1568467504
William Carter 73505, OKGeneral Practice1659377711
Gary L Bryant 74467, OKGeneral Practice1285630236
Robert Eugene Rose 74136, OKGeneral Practice1194721159
Chiu Shang Tsai 73632, OKGeneral Practice1023015443
Jim Maxey 74135, OKGeneral Practice1497752422
Jim Maxey, D.d.s., Inc., Pc 74135, OKGeneral Practice1750388427
Lee Curtis Rittenhouse 73028, OKGeneral Practice1437157500
Craig Cameron Hine 74403, OKGeneral Practice1629076500
Jeanine Dianne Deterding 74601, OKGeneral Practice1033117072
Larry K Patterson 74859, OKGeneral Practice1003815754
Robin B. Hall 73834, OKGeneral Practice1871592931
Neal Kent Suthers 73834, OKGeneral Practice1700885894
Paul Abide 70726, OKGeneral Practice1376544106
John C Ogle 73701, OKGeneral Practice1467451500
Marilyn June Hiebert 73737, OKGeneral Practice1801898838
George J. Wulfekotte 73139, OKGeneral Practice1295737104
Jimmy J Richardson 73160, OKGeneral Practice1053313924
David A. Simon 73132, OKGeneral Practice1144222027
John R. Ainsworth 73064, OKGeneral Practice1205838026
Casey Glenn Fishburn 74403, OKGeneral Practice1730181579
Ronald K. Girlinghouse 74955, OKGeneral Practice1285636027
James Farley 73034, OKGeneral Practice1932101813
Stephen F. Smalley 73401, OKGeneral Practice1285636142
William M Nyquist 74129, OKGeneral Practice1548262314
Lloyd Kenneth Noble 73170, OKGeneral Practice1265434161
Michael D Jackson 73505, OKGeneral Practice1801898648
Bryan Ray Taylor 73099, OKGeneral Practice1396747176
Kyle K Catron 74955, OKGeneral Practice1922000595
Earl Wm. Miller 73139, OKGeneral Practice1750383428
Richard Douglas Hill 74137, OKGeneral Practice1275535957
William Alden Gray 74074, OKGeneral Practice1497757033
Gary Everett Whiteside 73703, OKGeneral Practice1568464113
Franklin P Gartin 73115, OKGeneral Practice1821090267
Bonnie L. Burton 73505, OKGeneral Practice1730181181
Solomon Ali 73737, OKGeneral Practice1588666010
Bernard C Rhone 73111, OKGeneral Practice1679565832
Hugh Ross Burch 73116, OKGeneral Practice1801898259
Mohammad Karami 73069, OKGeneral Practice1700878931
Charles Pyne 74354, OKGeneral Practice1891797296
Carl S Schreiner 73533, OKGeneral Practice1104828656
Jennifer Joy Griffin 73065, OKGeneral Practice1821090382
Terry J Schreiner 73533, OKGeneral Practice1396747853
Jerry L Thorman 74447, OKGeneral Practice1912909334
Kristi L Cobb 73064, OKGeneral Practice1891787057
Jimmy Dean Mccaskill 73069, OKGeneral Practice1619969763
Gary Bruce Dempsey 73112, OKGeneral Practice1528050689
Robert Bryan Crittenden 74960, OKGeneral Practice1700878725
Michael Elliott Aitson 73801, OKGeneral Practice1326030347
Thomas Richard Loken 74403, OKGeneral Practice1407848526
Patricia Deanne Cannon 74011, OKGeneral Practice1063404176
James R. Yeary 73069, OKGeneral Practice1386636504
Sarah J Campbell 74653, OKGeneral Practice1659363653
R. Randall Haskins 74017, OKGeneral Practice1942292859
Bradford Raymond Williams 74070, OKGeneral Practice1558353482
William E Beeson 73533, OKGeneral Practice1346232279
Scott M Carel 73127, OKGeneral Practice1922090737
Lionel Everett Bair 74601, OKGeneral Practice1386636967
Lee R. Centracco 73112, OKGeneral Practice1326030107
George Michael Bird 74350, OKGeneral Practice1922090620
Stephen G Mckeever 73703, OKGeneral Practice1891787461
Stephen Ross Cash 73013, OKGeneral Practice1407848096
Mark E Wilson 73075, OKGeneral Practice1093707523
Elbert A. Franklin 73086, OKGeneral Practice1558353037
Douglas Brant 74030, OKGeneral Practice1588656094
Karl R Jobst 74344, OKGeneral Practice1588656011
Eric Nolan Eakers 73111, OKGeneral Practice1528051851
Alan T. Plaxico 74074, OKGeneral Practice1023001112
Janet C. Barresi 73120, OKGeneral Practice1346233343
Brant Philip Rouse 74464, OKGeneral Practice1588657563
Darwin James Tims 73080, OKGeneral Practice1063405884
Randall K Graham 74133, OKGeneral Practice1518950088
George A. Razook 74074, OKGeneral Practice1801898507
Donald Wayne Swearingen 73120, OKGeneral Practice1649272220
Nathan Davis Guilford 73132, OKGeneral Practice1861484867
Mary Susan Jennings 74820, OKGeneral Practice1740273432
Stephanie L Kendrick 74074, OKGeneral Practice1437143864
Vernon Ralph Willcox 73013, OKGeneral Practice1760476873
Joseph Kerwin Darrow 73122, OKGeneral Practice1114911344
Corbyn L Vanbrunt Dds Pc 74136, OKGeneral Practice1871587832
Lars Olav Bouma 73142, OKGeneral Practice1588658470
Foster Family Dentistry 73112, OKGeneral Practice1073507679
Bailey W Harrison 74501, OKGeneral Practice1881688463
Richard M Freeman Dds Pc 76160, OKGeneral Practice1114912649
Wiliam Ross Ryan 73013, OKGeneral Practice1669467171
Michael P Sanchez 74055, OKGeneral Practice1952396137
Henry Taylor Wittenberg 74017, OKGeneral Practice1932194933
Jimmy Dean Swan 73132, OKGeneral Practice1053306985
Dennis E. Weibel 74401, OKGeneral Practice1730174418
C. Brant Worthington 73110, OKGeneral Practice1235124850
Parley Hubler Jr Dds Pc 74955, OKGeneral Practice1669467270
Paul E Weathers 73450, OKGeneral Practice1801882295
Keifer Layne Fisher 74959, OKGeneral Practice1205822681
Don Logue Dds Pc 74464, OKGeneral Practice1508853235
Richard S Pitts 74066, OKGeneral Practice1174519904
Robert A. Gruenberg 74017, OKGeneral Practice1033105853
Phillip Alan Tyndall 74601, OKGeneral Practice1477540813
Steven Ray Scott 74017, OKGeneral Practice1003803917
Bryan Edward Bonnet 74066, OKGeneral Practice1144217985
Eugene Welker Mccormick 74137, OKGeneral Practice1962496851
Margaret Ann Grayson 74346, OKGeneral Practice1417943259
Robert Miracle 73507, OKGeneral Practice1518955111
Glenn A Ashmore 73107, OKGeneral Practice1750379921
Marc L. Susman 74403, OKGeneral Practice1346238300
Roger B. Young 73160, OKGeneral Practice1235127358
Oklahoma Dental 73099, OKGeneral Practice1467440503
Michael James Dugan 73122, OKGeneral Practice1063400927
Clifford Brian Hooper 73013, OKGeneral Practice1376532770
James Ashley Hancock 73112, OKGeneral Practice1932190964
Clay Douglas Henning 74017, OKGeneral Practice1508857418
Edwin F Ellis 74536, OKGeneral Practice1467443309
Beth Lee Leader 74523, OKGeneral Practice1891786737
Richard L. Hankins 73503, OKGeneral Practice1407847130
Jeffery Baker 73145, OKGeneral Practice1881685055
Lamont Lynn Gee 74075, OKGeneral Practice1144201328
Brian Leslie Tuttle 73505, OKGeneral Practice1952382806
Stephen William Owen 73503, OKGeneral Practice1508847278
William Gregory Morgan 73013, OKGeneral Practice1770564312
Danyabhai B Dhimmar 74030, OKGeneral Practice1316929441
James Noel Herndon 73080, OKGeneral Practice1932181195
Neal K Suthers Md Dba Hudson suthers Clinic 73834, OKGeneral Practice1770565970
Edmond Dental Associates Pllc 73013, OKGeneral Practice1407838113
Errol James Allison 74464, OKGeneral Practice1568444016
Errol J. Allison, D.d.s., P.c. 74464, OKGeneral Practice1053393504
Patrick Crowley, Dds, Pllc 73134, OKGeneral Practice1144604034
Patrick T. Cohenour, Dds, Pc 73099, OKGeneral Practice1649268764
Jeffory W Beaty 75601, OKGeneral Practice1194715888
Joe D Sagely 74105, OKGeneral Practice1255321162
James E Hereford 74021, OKGeneral Practice1972587400
Paul A Heath 73159, OKGeneral Practice1063496446
Gina C. Bostick 73084, OKGeneral Practice1689658700
Bryan Lee Whitwell 73118, OKGeneral Practice1174507065
Doug Riggs 73064, OKGeneral Practice1043294887
Curtis L Smith 73084, OKGeneral Practice1457335143
Jimmie W Taylor 74960, OKGeneral Practice1811972318
Sid L Johnson 73064, OKGeneral Practice1184609521
Nathan Clark Villines 73096, OKGeneral Practice1407832157
Phillip Washington 73401, OKGeneral Practice1588640114
Terry Lynn Dean 74464, OKGeneral Practice1730165820
Ernest V Turner 73114, OKGeneral Practice1336125392
Pamela G. Low 74114, OKGeneral Practice1114903127
Karey R. Low 74114, OKGeneral Practice1184600199
Dale Robert Brown 73112, OKGeneral Practice1992781850
Alan Palmer 73503, OKGeneral Practice1336125186
Beena Tej Lad 74008, OKGeneral Practice1093792798
Jessica M Halley 74074, OKGeneral Practice1972580538
Claire Dinh Tran 73119, OKGeneral Practice1609853829
Ray W Broadfoot 73120, OKGeneral Practice1700864048
Chris Edward Manschreck 74501, OKGeneral Practice1467430561
Donald Scott Wyatt 73099, OKGeneral Practice1194704098
Duane Gerard Koehler 74354, OKGeneral Practice1811976566
Samuel Davis 73503, OKGeneral Practice1073592697
Luther Wayne Ghormley 74631, OKGeneral Practice1245210954
John Joseph Chiaffitelli 73159, OKGeneral Practice1053391672
Christopher Edge 73071, OKGeneral Practice1447233184
Ronald L. Hill 73015, OKGeneral Practice1780669036
Jennie M Hunnewell 73142, OKGeneral Practice1548244387
James Ray Turrentine 73401, OKGeneral Practice1548243447
Michael James Fox 74035, OKGeneral Practice1477539559
Donald L Sutmiller 74035, OKGeneral Practice1629052311
Gary Linn Britton 73099, OKGeneral Practice1578534582
Timothy L Moore 73159, OKGeneral Practice1518939792
Dennis John Roberton 73503, OKGeneral Practice1043282007
David Carroll Mathis 74571, OKGeneral Practice1588636385
Thomas Alan Corwin 73503, OKGeneral Practice1477525210
Wesley Mark Hodge 74012, OKGeneral Practice1861464687
Mars Baldoza Gonzaga 74030, OKGeneral Practice1427021773
Jeffery Hayes Kerr 74953, OKGeneral Practice1427021328
James Lee Knecht 73077, OKGeneral Practice1114991122
Nancy Keim Woodruff 74745, OKGeneral Practice1730153776
Bryan Downing 72903, OKGeneral Practice1043284888
John Andrew Carletti 74066, OKGeneral Practice1518932359
Robert Blaine Mongrain 74012, OKGeneral Practice1598731655
Charles Lindy Goodwin 73159, OKGeneral Practice1477520237
Jacob William Jorishie 74145, OKGeneral Practice1316914013
Christian Heath Pilgrim 73170, OKGeneral Practice1609843291
Jeffrey C Hill 73069, OKGeneral Practice1255308623
Dr Christian H Pilgrim Dds Pc 73170, OKGeneral Practice1669449872
Charles Alan Mcquigg 74346, OKGeneral Practice1427025501
Brian Ernest Drew 74804, OKGeneral Practice1891762951
Robert Stephen Jones 74464, OKGeneral Practice1306814934
Mark David Smith 74464, OKGeneral Practice1124096755
Steven C Durr 73703, OKGeneral Practice1083682413
Rodney O Mccrory 74868, OKGeneral Practice1407815368
Stephen A Feuerborn 74868, OKGeneral Practice1760441612
Premiere Dentistry Of Tahlequah 74464, OKGeneral Practice1245299825
Terry Justin Reavis 74008, OKGeneral Practice1548220650
Laura Sarfatis Miles 73013, OKGeneral Practice1053388504
Barney E Blue 73139, OKGeneral Practice1205807773
Thomas Paul Edmonson 73145, OKGeneral Practice1467423103
Robin E Acker 73013, OKGeneral Practice1184692576
Richard Lee 73401, OKGeneral Practice1386618122


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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