Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Madeline Jimenez-torres 75701, PRGeneral Practice1689952509
M&p Medical Services 00685, PRGeneral Practice1720573892
Carlos R Cardona 34744, PRGeneral Practice1629067707
Tasha Marie Soto Colon 00603, PRGeneral Practice1629391321
Juan Manuel Corchado 00662, PRGeneral Practice1043665631
Karylane Palermo Cruz 00935, PRGeneral Practice1780131110
Melissa Ortiz Pena 00727, PRGeneral Practice1043726920
Jessica N. Portela Soto 00662, PRGeneral Practice1447404769
Ann Marie Garcia Chaparro 00685, PRGeneral Practice1053800805
Juan Carlos Moises Gutierrez 00603, PRGeneral Practice1659892693
Luis Roberto Ortiz Rios 00659, PRGeneral Practice1447789656
Roberto Gerardo Aldarondo Vargas 00603, PRGeneral Practice1740631746
Francisco Jose Rodriguez 00676, PRGeneral Practice1710161104
Zaddy Lafourcade Prada 33169, PRGeneral Practice1104374842
Jonathan Emmanuel Ayala Pagan 00603, PRGeneral Practice1215444849
Vanessa Cruz Cruz 00603, PRGeneral Practice1700359783
Concepcion Barreto 34741, PRGeneral Practice1932236601
Tania Ivette Diaz Rosado 00985, PRGeneral Practice1326569013
Ismael Santiago Soto 00921, PRGeneral Practice1063928133
Ana I Negron Rosario 00703, PRGeneral Practice1316991151
Bernardo Francisco Malaga 32809, PRGeneral Practice1386600187
Rafael Enrique Suarez 00612, PRGeneral Practice1861435588
Barbara I Santiago-roman 71360, PRGeneral Practice1710932512
Jessette S Melon 00612, PRGeneral Practice1871682948
Merlin Ivan Osorio 33144, PRGeneral Practice1154596146
Jrrdmd Psc 00627, PRGeneral Practice1013417690
Odelaisys Enriquez Hernandez 33409, PRGeneral Practice1164916615
Stanley Pizzitola 06120, PRGeneral Practice1962400309
Caridad Gonzalez 34741, PRGeneral Practice1033489042
Tania Denisse Gonzalez Fuentes 00659, PRGeneral Practice1497287536
Lissette Diaz Olmeda 00714, PRGeneral Practice1194379750
Myriam Chevres 33607, PRGeneral Practice1487764726
Lloyd Santiago Rodriguez 00674, PRGeneral Practice1356727101
Rafael Martinez 34744, PRGeneral Practice1578990438
Felix Omar Santiago 00926, PRGeneral Practice1336593474
Maria M Irizarry Toledo 00957, PRGeneral Practice1164976809
Larry Guillermo Liriano-espinal 32803, PRGeneral Practice1932514833
Gerardo Olivella 00716, PRGeneral Practice1578040648
Erick Castillo-baca 33174, PRGeneral Practice1720057151
Gabriel Montalvo-castro 33172, PRGeneral Practice1851704589
Raymond Manuel Rivera Vergara 00956, PRGeneral Practice1851761555
Adalberto Aguilera 32809, PRGeneral Practice1104110386
Estefania Teron Cosme 23298, PRGeneral Practice1124570817
Keishla Jimenez Ortega 00935, PRGeneral Practice1700288453
Luniz M Seguinot Rivera 00960, PRGeneral Practice1336662766
Marjorie Acosta-guillot 00953, PRGeneral Practice1013166107
Paola Valeria Berrios Merced 34109, PRGeneral Practice1700232824
Tania Torres Fernandez 00961, PRGeneral Practice1679540611
Vital care Medical Center L.l.c. 00705, PRGeneral Practice1881083848
Wendel Pagan 00623, PRGeneral Practice1649757634
Jennifer Suris Cancel 00623, PRGeneral Practice1730645565
Melvin Padilla-martinez 00683, PRGeneral Practice1770736449
Ilsa J Andujar-matos 00962, PRGeneral Practice1356317549
Coralia Leticia Delgado-gonzalez 00736, PRGeneral Practice1558304758
Mary Carmen Villar Zamora 00969, PRGeneral Practice1306392451
Melvin Enrique Ortiz 00791, PRGeneral Practice1972908259
Wilmarie Rivera Morales 00782, PRGeneral Practice1851604300
Silvia Maria Sanchez Del Campo 33161, PRGeneral Practice1609365907
David Jose Cohen 34994, PRGeneral Practice1194241729
Victor Juan Rivera 34983, PRGeneral Practice1396199303
Luz Patricia Morales Gonzalez 33584, PRGeneral Practice1548790413
Emilio Encarnacion - Melendez 00725, PRGeneral Practice1316041775
Jessica Cotto Rosado 00926, PRGeneral Practice1538626940
Milmarie Lopez Silva 00921, PRGeneral Practice1871032946
Valerie Maldonado 00921, PRGeneral Practice1649829664
Harry William Acevedo-negron 34471, PRGeneral Practice1194113712
Ramiro Rodriguez 33030, PRGeneral Practice1336708478
Liz I Vergara Cordero 00771, PRGeneral Practice1841508561
Gloria Ivette Rodriguez-cuadrado 73942, PRGeneral Practice1861700841
Felix Manuel Mckenzie 32211, PRGeneral Practice1578660874
Migdaliz Cotto Ayala 32812, PRGeneral Practice1720286545
Ileana C Rodriguez Delgado 00983, PRGeneral Practice1932187697
Yaremi E Gonzalez-del Valle 00777, PRGeneral Practice1477069680
Saied Ebrahim Shemiranei 32801, PRGeneral Practice1871951970
Javier Puentes 33012, PRGeneral Practice1679946982
Clinica Borinquen Medical Services, Csp 00982, PRGeneral Practice1497986574
Edgardo Noel Rosario Burgos 00982, PRGeneral Practice1699765040
Hildeberto Blasco 00738, PRGeneral Practice1023581931
Richard Graulau Rosario 00739, PRGeneral Practice1730480989
Maria Del Carmen Torres-gonzalez 00921, PRGeneral Practice1205349149
Cristina M Ortiz Malave 00921, PRGeneral Practice1518466614
Christian Lopez Aponte 00921, PRGeneral Practice1104373505
Katira Nicole Andino 00921, PRGeneral Practice1174012033
Mayelin Carpio 33908, PRGeneral Practice1528429537
Luis T Tavarez Gonzalez 00966, PRGeneral Practice1780974063
Yanelis M Cintron 00962, PRGeneral Practice1083232086
Laura Rodriguez Figueroa 00736, PRGeneral Practice1518287622
Agosto Diabetes thyroid And Endocrinology Csp 00736, PRGeneral Practice1780970178
Daniel Velez 00739, PRGeneral Practice1902878119
Alejandra Maria Figueroa 00921, PRGeneral Practice1235781204
Maria Rosa Otero Suria 33884, PRGeneral Practice1346440708
Javier Torres Marin 00901, PRGeneral Practice1538434329
Abner Eric Vazquez Pabon 00949, PRGeneral Practice1932652740
Clari J Salgado Rios 33579, PRGeneral Practice1801052485
Henry Xavier Nieves Diaz 00692, PRGeneral Practice1588168850
William P Hudson 73104, PRGeneral Practice1528572542
Maria Virginia Gomez Padron 33138, PRGeneral Practice1841795747
Daniel Lopez Infante 33407, PRGeneral Practice1932762309
Jrv Med Group Llc 00637, PRGeneral Practice1821591280
Carlos R Conesa 74401, PRGeneral Practice1366914111
Enid Santos Cintron 00656, PRGeneral Practice1275637456
Rafael Francisco Diaz Rodriguez 77380, PRGeneral Practice1396952495
Melissa Santos Perez 35235, PRGeneral Practice1306291711
Francisco Jose Irizarry Rivera 00921, PRGeneral Practice1831642420
Jehisa Contreras 00925, PRGeneral Practice1063928877
Nelson Anibal Crespo Martinez 00984, PRGeneral Practice1467999631
Jose A Pares 33812, PRGeneral Practice1912115445
Jose J Martinez Santana 00754, PRGeneral Practice1063643948
Atiyeh Amer Atiyeh 33812, PRGeneral Practice1437602422
Miriam Haydee Castro Chandri 00927, PRGeneral Practice1447748207
Melanie Martinez-negron 33619, PRGeneral Practice1215425996
Sergio Collazo 33614, PRGeneral Practice1619531027
Natividad Antonia Rodriguez Vargas 00928, PRGeneral Practice1538626478
Lizmar Vega Ross 00692, PRGeneral Practice1831755677
Alexandra Feliz Camilo 32084, PRGeneral Practice1346807625
Pedro A Valentin Buscamper 00926, PRGeneral Practice1164086823
Karimar Loumyr Sanchez 34785, PRGeneral Practice1649836560
Agustin Vanoni 00705, PRGeneral Practice1144561184
Rosa Veronica Manrique 75220, PRGeneral Practice1811329493
Zulma Fernandez Villaronga 00725, PRGeneral Practice1619927621
Carmen Brito Antonio 32159, PRGeneral Practice1568889053
Max Arthur Daniel 33168, PRGeneral Practice1972037760
Sandy Carmona Zamora 00725, PRGeneral Practice1679995245
Abelardo E Le Compte Torres 00602, PRGeneral Practice1952429177
Marielly Melendez Tirado 00791, PRGeneral Practice1184646911
Jose A. Iturregui 00685, PRGeneral Practice1275751414
Jose Sanchez-lopez 00723, PRGeneral Practice1740446145
Carlos E Guevara Munoz 00603, PRGeneral Practice1881668671
Dalitza M Alvarez Valentin 00725, PRGeneral Practice1225325574
Gail Vanesa Gonzalez Corchado 00662, PRGeneral Practice1316083108
Teresa Irizarry Quiles 73104, PRGeneral Practice1851744189
Maria De Lourdes Gonzalez 00662, PRGeneral Practice1942362074
Carmarie Santiago Ortolaza 00601, PRGeneral Practice1740708114
Celia Maria Lozada-murcelo 00716, PRGeneral Practice1194224410
Ada Antuna Melendez 00777, PRGeneral Practice1265511182
Luis Arnaldo Marchany-alfonso 33331, PRGeneral Practice1447241542
Christian Andres Munoz 00667, PRGeneral Practice1144847195
Jorge R Gonzalez 78501, PRGeneral Practice1366567539
Hernandez amb Medical Clinic, Llc 00771, PRGeneral Practice1508354515
Julio Elvin Estrada Serrano 00767, PRGeneral Practice1306454566
Ronald Serrano Ramos 00771, PRGeneral Practice1902270952
Lorraine Riopedre-gomez 32953, PRGeneral Practice1649711417
Adan Alejandro 00754, PRGeneral Practice1700912490
Luis Montalvo Toledo 00987, PRGeneral Practice1871945980
Enrique Solis Lafont 33169, PRGeneral Practice1023476140
Kattya Dinora Cruz Lopez 00687, PRGeneral Practice1134644727
Yamirka Sanchez Perez 33012, PRGeneral Practice1346741618
Israel Nieves Rodriguez 00617, PRGeneral Practice1821520057
Luis Alfredo Garcia Fresneda 34741, PRGeneral Practice1326539388
Nabil Parsiani 00911, PRGeneral Practice1851864698
Sergio Alejandro Chevere 00733, PRGeneral Practice1295384295
Jorge Manuel Gomez 00680, PRGeneral Practice1366911471
Gar Michael Reyes Crespo 00698, PRGeneral Practice1750807251
Kanould Dolcine 34983, PRGeneral Practice1366962979
Hector Luis Yordan 00660, PRGeneral Practice1619154283
Humberto Rivera 00602, PRGeneral Practice1700976495
Joseph Taverne 32839, PRGeneral Practice1942758339
West Medical Llc 00680, PRGeneral Practice1699319293
Norbert J Seda Olmo 00979, PRGeneral Practice1972709749
Vicente V Nazario Laracuente 00680, PRGeneral Practice1942715107
Rahel Hailemichael Woldemariam 67880, PRGeneral Practice1295255289
Nestor Samuel Garcia Ceballos 33142, PRGeneral Practice1467779579
Eythan Morenu Villarrubia 00680, PRGeneral Practice1265048706
Awilda Vera Perez 00680, PRGeneral Practice1962916510
Manuel Antonio Egozcue 00602, PRGeneral Practice1508087230
Ivan Garcia 33771, PRGeneral Practice1437672995
Santos Garcia Hernandez 33614, PRGeneral Practice1518989714
Lemuel O Soto Cruz 00676, PRGeneral Practice1982645057
Saladilla Llc 00603, PRGeneral Practice1316558356
Moises Alomar 00952, PRGeneral Practice1750850855
Marilyn Rodriguez Ortiz 32808, PRGeneral Practice1144491010
Martin Jesus Sueiro 33174, PRGeneral Practice1699213777
Dalianie Nieves 00921, PRGeneral Practice1073044517
Angie Marie Mangual Rivera 00717, PRGeneral Practice1720346893
Policlinica Las Americas Medical Center, Inc. 00717, PRGeneral Practice1386613446
Jofgrek Oliveras Gotay 00730, PRGeneral Practice1053495218
Janice Marie Rodriguez Perez 34606, PRGeneral Practice1710156096
Alejandro Jose Lopez-mas 00733, PRGeneral Practice1043487960
Sheila Monique Capre-franceschi 75041, PRGeneral Practice1285864793
Heine Rivera Rodriguez 33136, PRGeneral Practice1629590492
Darrell Ian Soler 11237, PRGeneral Practice1821549049
Carlos A Morales Figueroa 00725, PRGeneral Practice1851870083
Jean Paul Colon-pons 96813, PRGeneral Practice1043654015
Karla M Figueroa Colon 00730, PRGeneral Practice1548700032
Juan Carlos Alvarez Rivera 00717, PRGeneral Practice1043626278
Eduardo Manuel Diaz Figueroa 00716, PRGeneral Practice1275868887
Heidi Marie Perez Roman 00728, PRGeneral Practice1497965776
Jonathan A Santos Garcia 00717, PRGeneral Practice1811479231
Ivan J Torres 34741, PRGeneral Practice1093090094
Jan Carlos Ortiz Rosario 75390, PRGeneral Practice1386020709
Gladys Enid Santos Torres 00926, PRGeneral Practice1477735942
Novapsych Psc 00757, PRGeneral Practice1003388448
Mariela Raquel Hernandez Cajigas 00669, PRGeneral Practice1366869323
Melissa M Vega 00717, PRGeneral Practice1659824415
Niurka Alicea Jimenez 00601, PRGeneral Practice1285761452
Claudio Samuel Santos Garcia 00751, PRGeneral Practice1699861286
Jose Edwin Quinones Vazquez 00624, PRGeneral Practice1992329239
Alejandro De Los Santos 75701, PRGeneral Practice1558527846
Sail Nieves Garcia 00678, PRGeneral Practice1700385580
Dr Julio Cesar Cordero Psc 00602, PRGeneral Practice1396323598


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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