Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sylvette De Leon 00926, PRGeneral Practice1730182833
Alfredo Vargas 00725, PRGeneral Practice1396748356
Juan A. Villafane 00920, PRGeneral Practice1497758353
Universal Medical Option, Inc 00918, PRGeneral Practice1205296183
Ricardo J. Perez 00985, PRGeneral Practice1831192327
Cynthia L Maldonado 00985, PRGeneral Practice1639172125
Yamira Roldan 00603, PRGeneral Practice1538162961
Jose Valentin 00603, PRGeneral Practice1447253877
Walter Javier 00949, PRGeneral Practice1043213374
Jose Antonio Pietri 00705, PRGeneral Practice1285637629
Gilberto Caraballo 00725, PRGeneral Practice1770586018
Surilo I Acosta Cadena 00961, PRGeneral Practice1437152964
Iriamar Velez Quinones 00612, PRGeneral Practice1336143379
Lorenzo E Bosque Hernandez 00926, PRGeneral Practice1407850175
Hector Osorio 00725, PRGeneral Practice1801890496
Elvin Olivero 00926, PRGeneral Practice1033113659
Lba Medical Services Inc 00926, PRGeneral Practice1144224874
Sergio Acevedo 00602, PRGeneral Practice1538163951
Fernando Manuel Padilla-nazario 00926, PRGeneral Practice1306841663
Desiree Rojas 00969, PRGeneral Practice1558366476
Eileen Diaz Cabrera 00777, PRGeneral Practice1902801822
Carlos F Benitez 00716, PRGeneral Practice1578568598
Mayra Vera 00983, PRGeneral Practice1740285717
Enid Pagan Miranda 00956, PRGeneral Practice1740285626
Guillermo Quinones 00915, PRGeneral Practice1801891783
Salvador Ribot Ruiz 00987, PRGeneral Practice1144225038
Juan F. Bravo-figueroa 00925, PRGeneral Practice1972508992
Juan Diego Hernandez 00693, PRGeneral Practice1851396584
Erlando Mendez 00685, PRGeneral Practice1407851298
Roberto Emilio Baco Viamonte 00730, PRGeneral Practice1730184128
Judith Ortiz Colon 00736, PRGeneral Practice1093710980
Hernan E. Vega Machal 00623, PRGeneral Practice1659376564
Jesus M Morales 00920, PRGeneral Practice1760487490
Carlos Manuel Morales 00674, PRGeneral Practice1982600250
Miguel A Cintron 00730, PRGeneral Practice1235135492
Bruce Robert Sheplan 00717, PRGeneral Practice1164428462
Hipolito Fantauzzi-ortiz 00603, PRGeneral Practice1659377745
Enrique Manuel Rivera 00918, PRGeneral Practice1710983853
Fernando Antonio Cabrera 00959, PRGeneral Practice1033115191
Antonio Saldana De La Rosa 00923, PRGeneral Practice1386640019
Juan Jose Rivera 00785, PRGeneral Practice1114923851
William Garcia 00960, PRGeneral Practice1669478301
Nanette R Mendez 00949, PRGeneral Practice1568468304
Ricardo J Abrams 00676, PRGeneral Practice1124024898
Ivan Sandoval 00956, PRGeneral Practice1881690535
Yaslin E Torres 00976, PRGeneral Practice1245236967
Yira Vionet Taboas 00687, PRGeneral Practice1871599514
Yves Volcy 00725, PRGeneral Practice1962409565
William Velazquez 00924, PRGeneral Practice1306842927
Ramon D. Rivera 00738, PRGeneral Practice1952307936
Rafael Soto 00949, PRGeneral Practice1932105665
Eugenio Rafael Barbosa Del Valle 00921, PRGeneral Practice1437155264
Jose Osvaldo Colon Maldonado 00725, PRGeneral Practice1144226887
Carlos Rafael Matos 00680, PRGeneral Practice1104823707
Ellis I Hernandez 00920, PRGeneral Practice1447257050
Lorelei Anne Ortiz 00949, PRGeneral Practice1669479135
Miguel Agustin Sugranes 00725, PRGeneral Practice1811994262
Julio C Vazquez 00725, PRGeneral Practice1417954876
Jose Luis Hernandez 00979, PRGeneral Practice1669479028
Alberto Vazquez 00735, PRGeneral Practice1740287069
Betzaida Frontera 00670, PRGeneral Practice1922005263
Doralma E. Negron 00777, PRGeneral Practice1578560728
Leonardo J Campiz Jimenez 00918, PRGeneral Practice1033116306
Reynaldo Gomez Adrover 00674, PRGeneral Practice1124025358
Aldo L Miranda-collazo 00927, PRGeneral Practice1811994072
Rafael Martinez-aguirrechu 00959, PRGeneral Practice1114924388
Jorge Mendez -lopez 00979, PRGeneral Practice1205833274
Diana Rubayo Garcia 00917, PRGeneral Practice1801893946
Ingrid M Rosso-tridas 00795, PRGeneral Practice1710984836
Zaida Pe´┐Ża-alvarado 00720, PRGeneral Practice1871590828
Lorna I. Esteves 00603, PRGeneral Practice1952308645
Luis Angel Martinez-suarez 00909, PRGeneral Practice1235137977
Luis Alberto Dominguez Carrazquillo 00784, PRGeneral Practice1659379303
Luis Angel De Jesus Sanchez 00717, PRGeneral Practice1760480313
Jorge Ortiz Class 00982, PRGeneral Practice1013915677
Ileana Echevarria 00624, PRGeneral Practice1780682385
Edwin Oscar Rodriguez 00794, PRGeneral Practice1710985304
Candelario A Sosa 00982, PRGeneral Practice1124026661
Victor S Palmer 00907, PRGeneral Practice1922006469
Magaly Santiago 00949, PRGeneral Practice1386642825
Luis Gilberto Marquez 00907, PRGeneral Practice1083612527
Magali Padilla-zapata 00623, PRGeneral Practice1225036643
Juan Carlos Ortiz 00682, PRGeneral Practice1265430631
Edwin F Girau 00692, PRGeneral Practice1144228537
Miguel Sosa-padilla 00926, PRGeneral Practice1831197037
Jose Luis Arce 00725, PRGeneral Practice1164420279
Ilia I Huertas Velazquez 00725, PRGeneral Practice1992703185
Edgardo Luis Ronda Lebron 00739, PRGeneral Practice1972501963
Oscar Francisco Cordero 00603, PRGeneral Practice1730187758
Carlos Clavell 00610, PRGeneral Practice1609874825
Edwin Bonilla Gonzalez 00703, PRGeneral Practice1407854649
Bianca S Pujol Angomas 00909, PRGeneral Practice1386641538
Pedro Sanabria 00778, PRGeneral Practice1013914258
Juan Ferran 00959, PRGeneral Practice1891793485
Jose V Rivera Irizarry 00784, PRGeneral Practice1245238856
Health Administration Services, Inc. 00921, PRGeneral Practice1356349229
Tulia De Pena Diaz 00785, PRGeneral Practice1619976487
Pio Vazquez-diaz 00784, PRGeneral Practice1750389573
Santiago Santiago Reyes 00674, PRGeneral Practice1861491698
Elba Antoinette Perez 00976, PRGeneral Practice1124027859
Jose Rivera Rivera 00785, PRGeneral Practice1871592519
Hiram Dexter Velazquez 00716, PRGeneral Practice1083613731
Luis R Rivera-navarro 00729, PRGeneral Practice1346249893
Carmelo E Zeno Cardona 00678, PRGeneral Practice1316946833
David W Colon-golderos 00745, PRGeneral Practice1114926342
Francisco Javier Moreda 00674, PRGeneral Practice1235138231
Nicolas J Miranda Torres 00687, PRGeneral Practice1558360438
Maria Beatriz Ruiz 00676, PRGeneral Practice1699774547
Manuel Antonio Santiago Rodriguez 00610, PRGeneral Practice1063412864
Jorge Edgardo Santiago 00717, PRGeneral Practice1538169255
Jose Luis Garcia 00949, PRGeneral Practice1447250089
Armando Figueroa 00693, PRGeneral Practice1194725655
Pedro Benito Rodriguez 00966, PRGeneral Practice1972503282
Francisco R. Garcia 00918, PRGeneral Practice1225038284
Mario Enrique Gonzalez Bauza 00745, PRGeneral Practice1205836301
Angel Gilberto Velez 00705, PRGeneral Practice1689675613
Jorge Vendrell 00717, PRGeneral Practice1437159092
Ana Lillian Ramos 00680, PRGeneral Practice1386642387
Eric M Quinones Medina 00676, PRGeneral Practice1538168638
Laura Georgina Zaragoza-buxo 00659, PRGeneral Practice1629366810
Ovianny Natalie Silverio Casilla 00923, PRGeneral Practice1609224740
Miguel Efrain Rivera 00757, PRGeneral Practice1124029723
Edgardo A Figueroa 00783, PRGeneral Practice1306847561
Maria Del Carmen Gutierrez Ortiz 00714, PRGeneral Practice1871594200
Laura Maria Noya 00907, PRGeneral Practice1225039456
Hiram Ortega Nieves 00602, PRGeneral Practice1033110275
Alfred Toledo Toledo 00674, PRGeneral Practice1366443566
Alwin L. Torres-ortiz 00924, PRGeneral Practice1225039431
Alma I Arana Martir 00603, PRGeneral Practice1386646123
Manuel Roche-asensio 00610, PRGeneral Practice1245232073
Pedro Dionisio Castilloveitia 00676, PRGeneral Practice1962404749
Victor Reyes Cabeza 00728, PRGeneral Practice1376545087
Carmen Anna Perez 00662, PRGeneral Practice1548262215
William A Nunez 00692, PRGeneral Practice1760474720
Maria Del C. Iguina 00757, PRGeneral Practice1275525255
Dennis Rivera -gonzalez 00641, PRGeneral Practice1578555652
Radames C Marin Roman 00698, PRGeneral Practice1003808890
Marco A Rojas 00924, PRGeneral Practice1962494625
Haydee Gely De La Rosa 00771, PRGeneral Practice1346232170
Fernando L Costas 00983, PRGeneral Practice1720070311
Milton Irizarry 00921, PRGeneral Practice1679565154
Richard Camacho Cuevas 00926, PRGeneral Practice1790777282
Mirelis Nyvette Colon 00719, PRGeneral Practice1194717496
Mario L. Castillo Maldonado 00698, PRGeneral Practice1568454932
Tomas Narvaez Rodriguez 00641, PRGeneral Practice1417949728
Carlos Robles 00646, PRGeneral Practice1568455582
Diana Idalia Santos 00603, PRGeneral Practice1487647236
Edgar Diaz-ruiz 00923, PRGeneral Practice1689667289
Saul Irizarry Vazquez 00698, PRGeneral Practice1871585265
Jerry Solis-gonzalez 00692, PRGeneral Practice1861493561
Jennifer Valdes Cochran 00767, PRGeneral Practice1861485625
Gina Jorraine Thomas 00969, PRGeneral Practice1164423737
Eladio Roman Gonzalez 00613, PRGeneral Practice1730180811
Mirta Lopez Comas 00754, PRGeneral Practice1326032657
Gustavo Cordero Garcia 00754, PRGeneral Practice1235123563
Yesmin Fadul Paulino 00961, PRGeneral Practice1104810373
Norma M Martinez 00617, PRGeneral Practice1518951789
Angel L Pacheco-rivera 00918, PRGeneral Practice1467446591
Helios A Zeno 00784, PRGeneral Practice1669466702
Adriana M Ramirez 00979, PRGeneral Practice1982698072
Gladys Sandra Deliz-figueroa 00961, PRGeneral Practice1578557435
Rafael A Cepeda Lara 00961, PRGeneral Practice1790779395
Isabel R Gonzalez 00936, PRGeneral Practice1295729879
Walter F Irizarry-morales 00667, PRGeneral Practice1679568000
Jaime Ayala 00716, PRGeneral Practice1588659007
Rahadames Hernandez 00909, PRGeneral Practice1376538785
Yazmin M Mojica-arroyo 00795, PRGeneral Practice1306831797
Martin Martino 00961, PRGeneral Practice1679568547
Lissette Enid Perez 00782, PRGeneral Practice1780679597
Margarita M Vincenty 00717, PRGeneral Practice1356336176
Ivonne Migdalia Nieves Cruz 00782, PRGeneral Practice1093700718
Jorge Antonio Toro 00623, PRGeneral Practice1285629865
Rossvelt Rijo 00680, PRGeneral Practice1568458131
Sigrid A Ramirez 00907, PRGeneral Practice1184619702
Jossepp Berry-polanco 00983, PRGeneral Practice1831185271
Lilianne Rosado 00723, PRGeneral Practice1154317568
Jose R. Rios-orlandi 00680, PRGeneral Practice1407842842
Nestor R. Frontera-tacoronte 00653, PRGeneral Practice1043206246
Jose A Ruiz 00602, PRGeneral Practice1770579914
Anibal Toledo-velez 00631, PRGeneral Practice1720074925
Janice Sanchez 00603, PRGeneral Practice1669468948
Maxuel E. Genao Encarnacion 00961, PRGeneral Practice1366438434
Jorge L Mendez 00979, PRGeneral Practice1659367746
Maria Yarina Robles Barreto 00959, PRGeneral Practice1831185016
Ricardo Cedeno-rivera 00716, PRGeneral Practice1598751661
Manuel Hernandez 00791, PRGeneral Practice1376539122
Juan Ignacio Irizarry 00725, PRGeneral Practice1346236387
David Perez 00739, PRGeneral Practice1144216003
Wilda Guzman 00976, PRGeneral Practice1750377560
Carmen Negron 00622, PRGeneral Practice1457347122
Luis Francisco Colon 00926, PRGeneral Practice1639165418
Andres David Molina 00901, PRGeneral Practice1851387567
Ileana A Corretjer 00924, PRGeneral Practice1720075328
Sylvia R Romero Urbino 00985, PRGeneral Practice1881681146
Santiago Joaquin 00949, PRGeneral Practice1568459758
Priscilla Gayol 00976, PRGeneral Practice1902893191
Edgar Reyes 00612, PRGeneral Practice1376530477
Ivan Rafael Rodriguez Colon 00777, PRGeneral Practice1821085739
Jose A. Cruz 00953, PRGeneral Practice1194712026
Carmen Rita Charneco 00983, PRGeneral Practice1538156393


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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