Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Alan Paul Salomon 38119, TNGeneral Practice1619970605
Nina Henson Foley 37067, TNGeneral Practice1225031107
Victor W. Hopson 37643, TNGeneral Practice1598768368
Terry L Etter 37330, TNGeneral Practice1154324119
Larry D. Reed 38555, TNGeneral Practice1487656716
Andrew Harding Johns 38501, TNGeneral Practice1669854170
Craig M Haire 37601, TNGeneral Practice1528060720
Richard Logan Barkley 37072, TNGeneral Practice1265434492
Philip Thomas Newton 37409, TNGeneral Practice1790789717
Appalachian Life Quality Initistive 37756, TNGeneral Practice1114921178
Leroy Sherrill 37404, TNGeneral Practice1407850431
William Stephen Jones 37923, TNGeneral Practice1043214893
Matthew Bolton 38555, TNGeneral Practice1720082548
John S Burrell 37766, TNGeneral Practice1528062197
Jerry H Johnson 37885, TNGeneral Practice1952305351
William C Turner 37412, TNGeneral Practice1437154895
Kenneth Wolf 37221, TNGeneral Practice1982609152
Thomas Francis Boduch 37763, TNGeneral Practice1770588741
James M Dash 37354, TNGeneral Practice1124023676
David John Balkon 37075, TNGeneral Practice1912902446
Coley Wilson Ramsey 37167, TNGeneral Practice1780680561
Michael Wayne King 38305, TNGeneral Practice1932105731
Kevin Dale Gurley 37167, TNGeneral Practice1649276486
Larry M. Smith 37321, TNGeneral Practice1629074380
Ronald Michael Leach 37814, TNGeneral Practice1609873165
Bernardino D Marcelo 37857, TNGeneral Practice1073510442
Patrick Benjamin Charles 37871, TNGeneral Practice1811994130
Nicholas Joseph Charles 37871, TNGeneral Practice1801893128
Howard Lewis Rowe 37343, TNGeneral Practice1689671356
J. Michael Amburgey 37615, TNGeneral Practice1326045238
Highland Park Dental Center, Pc 38111, TNGeneral Practice1215935614
Auna Gae Waller 37087, TNGeneral Practice1134127368
Zinamong Monzon-benavides 37813, TNGeneral Practice1750389961
Robert Lewis Cranfield 37115, TNGeneral Practice1407854532
Wesley A Suddarth 37012, TNGeneral Practice1649278557
James Dennis Read 38301, TNGeneral Practice1053310862
Minesh Y Patel 38301, TNGeneral Practice1225037963
Mary Appel Lewis 37807, TNGeneral Practice1619976354
Danny L Melson 37160, TNGeneral Practice1003815572
Evanston Clinic Corp 82930, TNGeneral Practice1013916519
Parkway Regional Medical Clinic Inc 42041, TNGeneral Practice1659370153
Dale Richard Dunn 37221, TNGeneral Practice1346249497
Anthony Scott Carroccia 37040, TNGeneral Practice1609876572
Glen A Hyde 37398, TNGeneral Practice1700885621
Harold A Sloas 37232, TNGeneral Practice1457351165
Laykoon Tan Huang 37912, TNGeneral Practice1346240462
First Care Medical Center Pc 37912, TNGeneral Practice1306846449
Arnold O Hopland 37643, TNGeneral Practice1689674681
Lawana J Green 37807, TNGeneral Practice1144221086
George Herda 37115, TNGeneral Practice1215938980
Shelley A Sigur 37174, TNGeneral Practice1861493033
Fred James Hollingsworth 37922, TNGeneral Practice1801374277
Scott E May 37643, TNGeneral Practice1407858442
John M Cummings 38261, TNGeneral Practice1255323499
Ronald A. Lewis 37072, TNGeneral Practice1043202112
Donald Keith Morley 37643, TNGeneral Practice1538151626
Phdc Of Knoxville, P.c. 37921, TNGeneral Practice1780676429
Katherine Elizabeth Keen Saunders 37355, TNGeneral Practice1427041540
Ernest W. Cooper 37601, TNGeneral Practice1841283975
Jerry Owen Barrett 38449, TNGeneral Practice1407849037
David J Dudzinski 37167, TNGeneral Practice1568456994
Cookeville Regional Dental Associates 38501, TNGeneral Practice1972597300
Dennis I. Watts 37115, TNGeneral Practice1700870045
Teri Diane Forster 37203, TNGeneral Practice1144214347
Edrick Jordan Ferguson 37129, TNGeneral Practice1659365872
Edmundo Diego Magpantay 37209, TNGeneral Practice1770577413
Mark Alan Ellis 37402, TNGeneral Practice1265426894
William Stone Howard 37391, TNGeneral Practice1134114341
Carl Younger 38111, TNGeneral Practice1669467825
Thomas A Kowal 37087, TNGeneral Practice1043205008
Randy Estacion Florendo 37172, TNGeneral Practice1235124207
James Rives Bragg 37871, TNGeneral Practice1093700908
Wilfrido D Bernardo 37030, TNGeneral Practice1003801887
Midstate Health Associates Inc 37203, TNGeneral Practice1063407856
Larry L Turner 37030, TNGeneral Practice1871589473
Aaron C Knop 37745, TNGeneral Practice1376539650
Gloria J Pryor 38108, TNGeneral Practice1700872975
Edward A Meydrech 37312, TNGeneral Practice1225024938
Elizabeth June Conley 37343, TNGeneral Practice1578559282
Russell Dental Group, P.c. 38012, TNGeneral Practice1942297643
Joel F Johnson 38501, TNGeneral Practice1962499194
George L Ivey 38501, TNGeneral Practice1720076342
Edward Vaughan 38305, TNGeneral Practice1477541704
Richard Dewey Meekins 38114, TNGeneral Practice1235127465
Dellwyn Michelle Turnipseed 38105, TNGeneral Practice1629066873
Zeb Conley Shope 37803, TNGeneral Practice1871581033
Harold Glenn Speer 37029, TNGeneral Practice1558359679
Kenneth Merlin Caldwell 38116, TNGeneral Practice1730177981
Dale E Douglas 38501, TNGeneral Practice1528056694
Harvey Lindsay Latimer 37203, TNGeneral Practice1457349409
J B Johnsonius 38242, TNGeneral Practice1144218124
Steve Allen Koplow 37862, TNGeneral Practice1184612285
Roy Elton Crowder 38063, TNGeneral Practice1083602197
John P Jones 37918, TNGeneral Practice1679561658
Mark Allen Miller 38305, TNGeneral Practice1831187822
James F.ranklin Shaw 37766, TNGeneral Practice1932197993
Christina Wyckoff Ledbetter 37128, TNGeneral Practice1477541464
Larry David White 38004, TNGeneral Practice1477541472
Frank Steven Kail 38006, TNGeneral Practice1053309062
Herbert J. Dunn 37814, TNGeneral Practice1932197944
Fred C Heros 38128, TNGeneral Practice1134117179
Stacy Ronald Wilkerson 38372, TNGeneral Practice1093703928
Henry F. Lee 37701, TNGeneral Practice1952390890
William W. Lents 38059, TNGeneral Practice1477542355
Evon Elizabeth Hulse 37763, TNGeneral Practice1356330229
Russell Arbrey Hulse 37763, TNGeneral Practice1700875671
Charles Lee Preston 37055, TNGeneral Practice1689663452
Julian Jackson Swain 38242, TNGeneral Practice1093704884
Robert N Rooks 38012, TNGeneral Practice1346239134
Andrew S Troutt 38242, TNGeneral Practice1972592764
Russell George Chambers 37701, TNGeneral Practice1770572661
Lee T Myers 38114, TNGeneral Practice1104815091
Rodric Ledell Miller 38134, TNGeneral Practice1194714014
Twin Lakes Dental Associates 38242, TNGeneral Practice1215926001
William Farr Andrews 38301, TNGeneral Practice1043209943
John Hugh Sullivan 38351, TNGeneral Practice1699764514
John Morgan Beasley 38464, TNGeneral Practice1407845118
Richard L Robinette 37174, TNGeneral Practice1609865278
Derek Y Jones 38242, TNGeneral Practice1992794531
Jacqueline Butler-mitchell 37167, TNGeneral Practice1841289535
Marty L. Cathey 38242, TNGeneral Practice1609865229
Joseph M. Leonard 38006, TNGeneral Practice1972592566
John W Kinney 37040, TNGeneral Practice1124017892
Chadwick Lee Williams 37087, TNGeneral Practice1831188507
Roger Abraham Vazquez 37917, TNGeneral Practice1295724979
Don Allen Wilson 37110, TNGeneral Practice1659360261
Benjamin T Blackiston 37419, TNGeneral Practice1427047083
Donald Ray Spencer 38012, TNGeneral Practice1699764118
William P Davis 37217, TNGeneral Practice1073502597
James Kenneth Williams 37115, TNGeneral Practice1154310696
Bradley Eugene Jolly 37027, TNGeneral Practice1518956044
Mary Beth Tabor 37075, TNGeneral Practice1659360105
Paul Frank Luther 37062, TNGeneral Practice1528057098
Darryl T Deason 37190, TNGeneral Practice1437148905
Fredrick H. Abernathy 38478, TNGeneral Practice1285623769
James R Pace 37205, TNGeneral Practice1669461067
Arvind K Patel 37086, TNGeneral Practice1760471064
James Roy Mccawley 37129, TNGeneral Practice1861481186
Bobby Lee Larry 37203, TNGeneral Practice1356330559
Carl Walter Bankston 37066, TNGeneral Practice1811986029
Richard Coppo Ribeiro 37043, TNGeneral Practice1972592269
Robert Leslie Horton 38320, TNGeneral Practice1841289048
Loyd T Sullivan 37205, TNGeneral Practice1750370953
John C. Osborn 37807, TNGeneral Practice1306835525
Andrew P Bucher 37190, TNGeneral Practice1629067855
Shelley Ann Sigur Dds Pc 37055, TNGeneral Practice1154310241
Greg N Grobmyer 38006, TNGeneral Practice1295724417
Leslie Paige Dillard 37221, TNGeneral Practice1427047679
Thomas W Onstottddspc And Larry E Farris Ddspc Family Dentistry 37172, TNGeneral Practice1700875879
Kenneth Michael Garrett 37043, TNGeneral Practice1073502183
J Lamar Dugan 37303, TNGeneral Practice1245220235
James Lamar Dugan 37303, TNGeneral Practice1770573768
Michael E Bowman 37774, TNGeneral Practice1700876778
Joyce Franklin-freshwater 38109, TNGeneral Practice1750371779
Joseph Evans 37174, TNGeneral Practice1619967551
Paul E Honeycutt 37355, TNGeneral Practice1558351254
Daniel M Dietrich, Dds, Pc 37660, TNGeneral Practice1144765793
Noah D Britton 37857, TNGeneral Practice1194715094
Bobbi L Smith 37216, TNGeneral Practice1851381677
Kevin Michael Fisher 37172, TNGeneral Practice1154311942
Billie Stephens 37917, TNGeneral Practice1164412920
Chase T. Boyd 37042, TNGeneral Practice1801886452
Lovelace P Gipson 38107, TNGeneral Practice1265422810
Rodney Dean Runyon 37066, TNGeneral Practice1881684462
Ethel P Harris 37204, TNGeneral Practice1932199601
Andrew Herod Marshall 37074, TNGeneral Practice1407846975
Vincent Heard Copeland 38116, TNGeneral Practice1811987258
Beverly H Lewis 38107, TNGeneral Practice1104816560
Kahala C Cannon 38115, TNGeneral Practice1770573131
Kenya Jihad Larkins 38004, TNGeneral Practice1326038852
Ronald J. Reed 38024, TNGeneral Practice1841280179
Robert I Bourne 38320, TNGeneral Practice1174513303
Byron Victor Bush 37204, TNGeneral Practice1043200124
Harlen Duane Hobbs 38583, TNGeneral Practice1013908193
Charles Joseph Krusa 38555, TNGeneral Practice1497746440
Solomon K Christian 38118, TNGeneral Practice1457342362
Gerald Thomas Martin 37160, TNGeneral Practice1881685725
Derrick D. Payne 38116, TNGeneral Practice1144211947
Scott Tomlinson, D.d.s.,p.c. 37663, TNGeneral Practice1972594513
Michael Rogers 37745, TNGeneral Practice1437140290
James R. Elrod 37742, TNGeneral Practice1003807678
Gary D Davis 37115, TNGeneral Practice1982695409
Ross J. Baker 37814, TNGeneral Practice1518958032
Andrew Cox 37075, TNGeneral Practice1669463121
Eric E. Schuh 37066, TNGeneral Practice1487645818
Kelli Arnet Turner 37203, TNGeneral Practice1558352906
John E Petty 37388, TNGeneral Practice1558352997
Laura Lee Cox 37909, TNGeneral Practice1427049618
Odds Dental Services, P.c. 37086, TNGeneral Practice1801887005
John Alan Smith 37664, TNGeneral Practice1003897281
Nathan Dale Willis 37620, TNGeneral Practice1851372015
Micah L Westmorland 37821, TNGeneral Practice1407837545
William Spalding Green 37215, TNGeneral Practice1073594271
Daniel Frank Frederick 38401, TNGeneral Practice1003897190
Clarice Rena White 38049, TNGeneral Practice1891776845
Thomas Shappley Underwood 37215, TNGeneral Practice1700867769
Gregory Guy Dugger 38478, TNGeneral Practice1396726360
Michael Scott Vetter 37620, TNGeneral Practice1053392076
Ronald E. Noe 37769, TNGeneral Practice1487635348
Claranell H Fleming 37115, TNGeneral Practice1952382657


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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