Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sasi Kala Mannem 95350, TXGeneral Practice1831192251
Carolyn Huff 78589, TXGeneral Practice1447232301
Tommy Dow Fisher 39534, TXGeneral Practice1861471542
Somerica Dental, Pc 78641, TXGeneral Practice1487173258
Victor A Abrego 75019, TXGeneral Practice1134196967
Donald L Patrick 72143, TXGeneral Practice1962466748
Nathan Cecava 78236, TXGeneral Practice1235194168
Carl John Bonnett 78240, TXGeneral Practice1427007327
Wanda Jeanne Michaels 47804, TXGeneral Practice1811924459
Michael Gonzales 78234, TXGeneral Practice1205217908
Joseph James Perry 78216, TXGeneral Practice1174530380
Hazel P. Haynes 31904, TXGeneral Practice1518986942
Kenneth Kim 77354, TXGeneral Practice1205210929
Karen Tarm Guerrero 78233, TXGeneral Practice1588670780
Dileep Varghese 75048, TXGeneral Practice1053890095
Tracy Nguyen Martin 77081, TXGeneral Practice1538274246
Dick B. Davenport, D.d.s., P.c. 78041, TXGeneral Practice1497855761
Brooke Lowe 75159, TXGeneral Practice1366826323
Kourosh Nakhaei 63106, TXGeneral Practice1295259877
Fernando Enrique Karst 78723, TXGeneral Practice1326148586
Karen Elizabeth Skoruppa-key 79605, TXGeneral Practice1679680342
Paul I Nettles 75243, TXGeneral Practice1518019512
Roxana Lopez 78503, TXGeneral Practice1649315672
Ikenna K Okafor 78404, TXGeneral Practice1942686225
Brian Keith Burleson 50401, TXGeneral Practice1679619373
Stephen Ronald Slotnick 78148, TXGeneral Practice1235290172
Vu Quy Nguyen 78234, TXGeneral Practice1487794046
Shane D. Lewis 84107, TXGeneral Practice1588831861
Michael Seth Atkins 75165, TXGeneral Practice1578724316
Jackeline Audrey Argandona-daab 78641, TXGeneral Practice1013035948
Quyen Tran 79763, TXGeneral Practice1629592217
Jin Hao 77573, TXGeneral Practice1326442575
Anna Joy Windham Shirley 75965, TXGeneral Practice1598924342
Roxane G Mlcak 77845, TXGeneral Practice1780806455
Lucian Daniel Narita 75013, TXGeneral Practice1942486022
Surachon Weerachartkul 77081, TXGeneral Practice1447489463
Norma P Herrera 02150, TXGeneral Practice1942539614
Lu Cao Dinh 29414, TXGeneral Practice1295056570
Alberto Jehu Gonzalez 78539, TXGeneral Practice1588964621
Nikki Tram Nguyen 29414, TXGeneral Practice1902176860
Amit Prabhakar 30308, TXGeneral Practice1790050037
Benjamin Dow Daggett 79920, TXGeneral Practice1881833937
Nicolas Rafael Kindred 20018, TXGeneral Practice1255641536
Richa S Sharma 76210, TXGeneral Practice1942508148
Kaajal Mehra 75219, TXGeneral Practice1952533689
Mohammad Faizan Ali 75034, TXGeneral Practice1396026860
Marisa Rachel Gossweiler 98431, TXGeneral Practice1588958615
Levy T Do 76063, TXGeneral Practice1982992723
Syed Naseer 77459, TXGeneral Practice1396077368
Ruixiang Guo 77036, TXGeneral Practice1669735007
Casey J. Cate 77380, TXGeneral Practice1114364031
Natalie Marie Laughlin 75024, TXGeneral Practice1598194904
Tyler Preston Myser 76259, TXGeneral Practice1073892220
Jeremy Michael Unger 76244, TXGeneral Practice1033349428
Samuel Leathen Madson 78236, TXGeneral Practice1699064220
Aaron Turcotte Henderson 32542, TXGeneral Practice1316231129
Elizabeth Stevens 80033, TXGeneral Practice1780977249
Jacob Scott Majors 45433, TXGeneral Practice1700154275
Swati S Dixit 76308, TXGeneral Practice1376792259
Matthew Charles Kasprenski 96859, TXGeneral Practice1558676429
Wyeth Lee Hoopes 78236, TXGeneral Practice1154557874
Rosa Elena Beck 76011, TXGeneral Practice1497907240
Ngoc Tuyet Nguyen 77373, TXGeneral Practice1497064117
Jamie Marie Fritz 94536, TXGeneral Practice1861780389
Hal Willardson 78236, TXGeneral Practice1275924300
Purvi Nayak 75234, TXGeneral Practice1952866642
Carl L Mcmullen 98431, TXGeneral Practice1164718623
Christopher Blake Richardson 75110, TXGeneral Practice1902184476
Ada S. Neil 77022, TXGeneral Practice1790918159
Amanda Hartman 78130, TXGeneral Practice1982833786
Tara Lee Cully 76444, TXGeneral Practice1538447685
Natalie Noele Stimpson 75150, TXGeneral Practice1801190087
Tarana H Chhatriwala 06790, TXGeneral Practice1093703431
Rebecca A Koehler 78572, TXGeneral Practice1952485484
Manila P Joshi 20814, TXGeneral Practice1508125212
Belinda Margaret Martin 78023, TXGeneral Practice1982959854
Ernest P. Miller Jr. Dds Pc 78249, TXGeneral Practice1811246770
Marcia E Miranda 29404, TXGeneral Practice1982966461
Dick B Davenport 78041, TXGeneral Practice1881794147
Naryana Rao Enuganti 88005, TXGeneral Practice1518214428
Megan Lynn Donahue 20889, TXGeneral Practice1740523000
Ricardo Neira Dds Pllc 78501, TXGeneral Practice1356771323
Jessica Danielle Carmichael 66442, TXGeneral Practice1386064467
Nishabahen Vipulkumar Patel 77478, TXGeneral Practice1669811543
Garrett Klingsporn 78726, TXGeneral Practice1700298320
Charles R De Jesus Morales 79905, TXGeneral Practice1710388681
Jeremy Isaac Lawson 76544, TXGeneral Practice1780008250
Wisam Sakr 15222, TXGeneral Practice1306256946
Glenn Sariol 32712, TXGeneral Practice1083004709
Viren Jonathan Abreo 11201, TXGeneral Practice1740677137
Sara Elizabeth Golshani 78738, TXGeneral Practice1568844454
Stephanie Hai Vu 70503, TXGeneral Practice1700275211
Alicia Casarez-quintana 87112, TXGeneral Practice1902280977
Kanchan Sawlani 79316, TXGeneral Practice1992227219
Saleh Mohammad Akhras 60455, TXGeneral Practice1902225329
Colin Patrick Barbaro 27576, TXGeneral Practice1154761674
Shane Burr Patterson 94535, TXGeneral Practice1598028433
Jonathan Patrick Mcewen 77379, TXGeneral Practice1609002567
Crystal Vaughn Kondowe 62225, TXGeneral Practice1366702870
Klarisana Physician Services Pllc 78240, TXGeneral Practice1013384866
Timothy Daniel Hanaway 60453, TXGeneral Practice1093101586
Deborah A Guerra 78016, TXGeneral Practice1770928186
Eunhae Park-hyun 12303, TXGeneral Practice1174882088
Matthew Dale Davenport 78041, TXGeneral Practice1154735942
Abigail Sellers 78220, TXGeneral Practice1114302783
Jared Scott Folwell 78234, TXGeneral Practice1619312766
Rebecca Leigh Parrish 73523, TXGeneral Practice1679968127
Stephen V Marcoux 32403, TXGeneral Practice1467862144
Jaemi Cho 99504, TXGeneral Practice1740665058
Michael Miller 78234, TXGeneral Practice1609309475
John Edward Hoover 76020, TXGeneral Practice1164822896
Michael Zingalis 77304, TXGeneral Practice1093748030
James Philip 16866, TXGeneral Practice1144617358
Sanam Rohani Wright 75019, TXGeneral Practice1265787329
Klarissa Ann Renteria 78596, TXGeneral Practice1144606997
Mineral Wells, Pllc 76067, TXGeneral Practice1740663475
Eric Andrew Nygard 59834, TXGeneral Practice1134504566
Kristi Ann Karrington 75070, TXGeneral Practice1609284991
Lacy R Patterson 75070, TXGeneral Practice1548678832
Cesar Siska 79925, TXGeneral Practice1821483322
Michael Steven Clemens 28655, TXGeneral Practice1871852095
Brinda Nair 78744, TXGeneral Practice1649682105
Gabriela Pita 79109, TXGeneral Practice1861851826
Maurice Ibrahim Khayat 98431, TXGeneral Practice1518209758
Charles F Town 76712, TXGeneral Practice1770846222
Nicholas Paul Georgelos 60451, TXGeneral Practice1518378629
Christopher John Aguirre 77388, TXGeneral Practice1356699755
Texas Family Dentistry Pllc 77096, TXGeneral Practice1497130843
Protouch House Calls, Inc 75150, TXGeneral Practice1952721854
Huma Suhail 77030, TXGeneral Practice1710210851
Brian Scott Glazier 84721, TXGeneral Practice1033430111
Galyna Rudnikova Flink 85607, TXGeneral Practice1346594462
Myung Yoon 77068, TXGeneral Practice1154682342
Alicia M Unangst 96859, TXGeneral Practice1609228303
Cody Paul Mugleston 89014, TXGeneral Practice1720366412
Cory Mackenzie Rush 85044, TXGeneral Practice1194131557
Arun Vashisht 77833, TXGeneral Practice1235641416
Steiner Ranch Dds Pllc 78717, TXGeneral Practice1871008060
Kelechi Azuogu 77074, TXGeneral Practice1003220625
Tiffany Thuy Trinh Vo 92626, TXGeneral Practice1336544048
Smrity Amatya 76502, TXGeneral Practice1023482940
Rebecca Ruth Buie 75160, TXGeneral Practice1366962615
Raanaa Davis Howard 77095, TXGeneral Practice1558889766
Jerry Arthur Allen 27519, TXGeneral Practice1104277326
Jon D Price 79607, TXGeneral Practice1316392087
Harish Gogineni 76901, TXGeneral Practice1285161372
Danielle Schwartz 29927, TXGeneral Practice1609322775
St. Lazarus Family Practice P.a. 78229, TXGeneral Practice1598210411
Preetkamal Sidhu 95835, TXGeneral Practice1205383999
Maxim Mossman 78501, TXGeneral Practice1386193373
Texas Regional Health Providers 77459, TXGeneral Practice1841724150
Ivette F Soto 76210, TXGeneral Practice1093245920
Cesar Arvid Rivera 75246, TXGeneral Practice1801326855
Jimmie Chen 78664, TXGeneral Practice1679095137
Azhar Ahmed 79331, TXGeneral Practice1023531407
George M Jabbour 77459, TXGeneral Practice1912420373
Anas Muaamar 75230, TXGeneral Practice1053833327
Allan Rodrigo Jauregui 78155, TXGeneral Practice1437671229
Barbara V Lee 75401, TXGeneral Practice1881110443
M&m Dental Partners Pllc 77581, TXGeneral Practice1386151926
Sang Park 75231, TXGeneral Practice1275717928
Quynh Lan Nguyen 77036, TXGeneral Practice1295710531
Tejash Patel 78155, TXGeneral Practice1790126142
Timothy Onyiuke 21093, TXGeneral Practice1093102782
Rainish Dhuka 77071, TXGeneral Practice1699296186
Justine May Bielza Jimenez 77051, TXGeneral Practice1497100960
Aleka Pearl Zimmer 78634, TXGeneral Practice1457871634
Quang Bui 77034, TXGeneral Practice1073033916
Kevin Chuang 75254, TXGeneral Practice1326577560
Gabriela Aranda 78230, TXGeneral Practice1548799620
Randi Elyse Polster 78666, TXGeneral Practice1730605007
Rubie A Rakian 78249, TXGeneral Practice1629584032
Audrey Rakian 75218, TXGeneral Practice1255847570
Veena N Raj 78410, TXGeneral Practice1952347858
Paula Woonji Noh 78602, TXGeneral Practice1760902902
Share Dentistry Grapevine, Pllc 76051, TXGeneral Practice1447700844
Norma Soto Lehman 75146, TXGeneral Practice1477069177
Kimberly M Wilson 85016, TXGeneral Practice1235316159
Joseph Park 78628, TXGeneral Practice1699916585
Richard Lee Paschedag 39534, TXGeneral Practice1700018041
Salman Lakhani 75025, TXGeneral Practice1922167899
Thomas D Tran 77063, TXGeneral Practice1174045801
Timothy A Durso 78236, TXGeneral Practice1255799268
Derek Kalvin Vo 78735, TXGeneral Practice1699293266
Core Md Managment Llc 77479, TXGeneral Practice1467943142
Marcus Martin Montalvo 78550, TXGeneral Practice1578056909
Kristen Ariel Ackerman 77079, TXGeneral Practice1174016414
Hetvi Patel 77055, TXGeneral Practice1710402250
Yaa Owusuah Amoah-honny 77095, TXGeneral Practice1124001581
Dr. Alvaro Garza , Dmd, Pllc 78520, TXGeneral Practice1770011470
Noah Cruz 76177, TXGeneral Practice1972097384
Freedom Therapeutics 77384, TXGeneral Practice1932644556
Geoffrey Carignan 76308, TXGeneral Practice1780070524
Cayce Wallace 85251, TXGeneral Practice1477860526
Landry David Clapp 79401, TXGeneral Practice1750876801
Americare Medical Partners, Pllc 75067, TXGeneral Practice1346651072
Trung X Trinh 77433, TXGeneral Practice1790271872
Kirpal Toor Dmd Pllc 75228, TXGeneral Practice1538672258
Devin Joseph Burns 84102, TXGeneral Practice1235661992
Dipesh Patel 75061, TXGeneral Practice1720574932


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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