Providers with Taxonomy: General Practice in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Practice
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Yathindran J. Lingam nattamai, Dds, Pc 98501, WAGeneral Practice1104829191
Steven Joseph Crawford 98204, WAGeneral Practice1154324911
Kirk E King 98057, WAGeneral Practice1497758148
Douglas Paul Walsh 98106, WAGeneral Practice1194728931
Raymond Jui-lung Kao 98335, WAGeneral Practice1720081482
Robert R Shaw 99223, WAGeneral Practice1255334025
Donald William Robinson 98036, WAGeneral Practice1538162284
Roger C Jones 98225, WAGeneral Practice1851394514
Gaoman Gu 98168, WAGeneral Practice1124021886
Stanley A. Sargent 99203, WAGeneral Practice1053314856
Scott Andrew Mazanec 99011, WAGeneral Practice1063415917
Mary J Burns 98002, WAGeneral Practice1013910769
Karen L Wollenberg 99204, WAGeneral Practice1720081979
Sharon Patricia Feller 98237, WAGeneral Practice1912900390
Frontier Behavioral Health 99202, WAGeneral Practice1861495327
Stephen Patrick Porter 98036, WAGeneral Practice1154323202
Susan M Hollinsworth 98042, WAGeneral Practice1164424396
Darrel Duane Dreke 98043, WAGeneral Practice1669474714
Richard Michael Voget 98101, WAGeneral Practice1609878719
Jerome Lee 98405, WAGeneral Practice1790789626
Paul E Isaacson 98506, WAGeneral Practice1619971413
Russell B Timms 98632, WAGeneral Practice1063416725
Jordan Harold Harris 98406, WAGeneral Practice1093717308
Dustin E Van Tassell 98584, WAGeneral Practice1184004996
Bruce E Cooper 98506, WAGeneral Practice1104820901
Romanine Loch 98108, WAGeneral Practice1659375129
Tom K. Michael 98802, WAGeneral Practice1306840780
Rory Scott Jefferson 98310, WAGeneral Practice1174528434
Garrick J Lo 98052, WAGeneral Practice1316942683
Brian E Mahoney 98663, WAGeneral Practice1356346639
Edwin R Thorp 98225, WAGeneral Practice1316942691
Bruce Paul Kinney 98908, WAGeneral Practice1356346555
Don G Marshall 99205, WAGeneral Practice1699770537
Wallace C Volz 98310, WAGeneral Practice1861497729
Jeffrey D. Green 98115, WAGeneral Practice1285639153
Barry A Feder 98027, WAGeneral Practice1962407734
Dat Phuc Patrick Giap 98144, WAGeneral Practice1013912062
Michael Kenneth Jensen 98683, WAGeneral Practice1386649333
Vaughn W Teuscher 98683, WAGeneral Practice1104821289
Robin J Henderson 99403, WAGeneral Practice1962407866
Jerry Fisher 98661, WAGeneral Practice1568467223
Stephen Frank Rupert 98520, WAGeneral Practice1528063294
David Alan Knopf 98004, WAGeneral Practice1720083413
Thomas Frost Mckenny 98101, WAGeneral Practice1700881935
Linda Sue Johnson 98125, WAGeneral Practice1427053925
Kim Alan Mcginnis 98203, WAGeneral Practice1285630640
Alan Edward Moritis 98101, WAGeneral Practice1083610158
Brandon Lloyd Atkinson 98257, WAGeneral Practice1073519435
David Jungjoo Kang 98101, WAGeneral Practice1881077907
Eva C Van Der Hoeven 98027, WAGeneral Practice1609873108
John T Linvog 98201, WAGeneral Practice1629075924
Claude K Robertson 98328, WAGeneral Practice1689671760
Roger Leland Stuart 98686, WAGeneral Practice1750388583
Timothy Ross Gray 98031, WAGeneral Practice1588662118
Robert L Kiehl, Dds Ps 98499, WAGeneral Practice1962400457
Arthur L Rudd 99208, WAGeneral Practice1568460095
Richard E Davies 98382, WAGeneral Practice1780682039
Lynn R Cheney 98072, WAGeneral Practice1700884962
James Christopher Parrish 99362, WAGeneral Practice1215935242
James C Hoppe 99223, WAGeneral Practice1164429379
Eric Peter Messinger 98607, WAGeneral Practice1730188590
Mikael B Kautsky 98501, WAGeneral Practice1427057066
Eugene Shih-yu Hsu 98006, WAGeneral Practice1750380127
Shannon Ursula Waterman 98444, WAGeneral Practice1649279860
Birchwood Fine Dentistry, Inc. 98225, WAGeneral Practice1720087851
Jerald D. Bates 98072, WAGeneral Practice1245239243
Russell John Christensen 98011, WAGeneral Practice1669471686
Michael James Giesy 98406, WAGeneral Practice1740280528
John William Wagner 98103, WAGeneral Practice1467452037
Dennis William Graham 98663, WAGeneral Practice1215937792
Gregory Joseph Gosch 98270, WAGeneral Practice1053311522
William Cris Simmons 98101, WAGeneral Practice1467452631
Daryl Bruce Eckland 98072, WAGeneral Practice1770583825
Michael Lawrence Gage 98406, WAGeneral Practice1912907064
Mark V Walker 98030, WAGeneral Practice1407857279
Kimberly Ann Bolak 98290, WAGeneral Practice1174524995
Robert J Golden 99216, WAGeneral Practice1710988746
Jason Christopher Shirley 98433, WAGeneral Practice1447764345
Chris Rosinski 98226, WAGeneral Practice1275534703
Peter W Wylie 98188, WAGeneral Practice1952302176
Roger Knaphus 98208, WAGeneral Practice1104818236
John B Ludu 98038, WAGeneral Practice1023000163
Minh Van Nguyen 98106, WAGeneral Practice1962494070
Rhenu Sharma 98038, WAGeneral Practice1598757486
The Dental Village Of Shelton 98584, WAGeneral Practice1922090869
Keith Benoit Tucker 98221, WAGeneral Practice1235121054
Brian L Juel 98382, WAGeneral Practice1144212804
Lavern Henry Swenson 98362, WAGeneral Practice1336131846
Thomas Michael Vaneaton 98357, WAGeneral Practice1730171240
Gary Keith Cowart 98030, WAGeneral Practice1508859810
Ronald Lee Jeffrey 92069, WAGeneral Practice1104819374
Joshua Keith Cowart 98030, WAGeneral Practice1386637494
Stephen E. Pliska 98665, WAGeneral Practice1174516082
Mendel Michael Gordin 98225, WAGeneral Practice1841283793
Michael Thomas Mcdonald 98502, WAGeneral Practice1457344327
Eugene H Peeples 98501, WAGeneral Practice1750374740
Healthpoint 98002, WAGeneral Practice1730172420
Annabelle Choi 98003, WAGeneral Practice1861485567
Irene S. Parkhill 98106, WAGeneral Practice1609869312
Healthpoint 98030, WAGeneral Practice1538152269
Healthpoint 98052, WAGeneral Practice1548253263
Healthpoint 98003, WAGeneral Practice1104819788
Margaret S Chiu 98003, WAGeneral Practice1972596682
Julie I-ching Tseng 98003, WAGeneral Practice1144213844
Stephen D Hennessey 98532, WAGeneral Practice1376544098
Harbors Home Health & Hospice 98550, WAGeneral Practice1699777276
Daniel James Mergen 99204, WAGeneral Practice1548253982
Stephanie J. Richards 98665, WAGeneral Practice1285628974
Leann Marie Winter 98201, WAGeneral Practice1679567374
Robert D Thornton 98661, WAGeneral Practice1689668246
Darrell M. Miller 98683, WAGeneral Practice1396739967
Jill Ellen Hansen 98335, WAGeneral Practice1679568026
Dengda Tang 98112, WAGeneral Practice1467447821
Debra L Cederbaum 98115, WAGeneral Practice1841285806
John D Bond 98274, WAGeneral Practice1740276807
Donald J Arima 98557, WAGeneral Practice1275529034
Evan D Schafer 99205, WAGeneral Practice1205822939
James Wilford Tetz 98531, WAGeneral Practice1598752263
Nathan Eugene Gelder 98382, WAGeneral Practice1952398661
Erik Melvin Tjelmeland 98438, WAGeneral Practice1609863059
James Marcus Pritchett 98520, WAGeneral Practice1760479703
Richard Alan Hayashi 98030, WAGeneral Practice1811984842
Arash Alex Aflatooni 98012, WAGeneral Practice1770570681
Kz Hsue Dds Pllc 98021, WAGeneral Practice1043208770
Ronald J Will 99021, WAGeneral Practice1518955368
Sonia Pal 98407, WAGeneral Practice1154319937
Marian Tzu Miao Lin 98059, WAGeneral Practice1275521072
Timothy Lynn Lillard 98438, WAGeneral Practice1952399677
Payal Manu Patel 98003, WAGeneral Practice1043205354
F Dahm Dds Pllc 98007, WAGeneral Practice1659735199
Richard Dickinson 98195, WAGeneral Practice1245688894
Samuel Y Shiu 98004, WAGeneral Practice1710970207
Justin Blake Perkins 98684, WAGeneral Practice1164417796
L. Douglas Marsh 98683, WAGeneral Practice1356335046
John R Quinn 99218, WAGeneral Practice1174512909
Bryan D Anderson 99223, WAGeneral Practice1386634392
Li-kuei Gabrielle Hung 98074, WAGeneral Practice1851381651
Robert Dean Rock 98438, WAGeneral Practice1366432171
Rick E Chavez 98117, WAGeneral Practice1972594646
Scott J Bibbens 98801, WAGeneral Practice1578554135
Arturo Bravo 98801, WAGeneral Practice1013908680
Colin P Del Rosario 98033, WAGeneral Practice1114918570
John C Popenoe 98271, WAGeneral Practice1679564876
David H Chen 98034, WAGeneral Practice1316938525
Thu Van Le 98405, WAGeneral Practice1295716884
Wyatt T. Lee Dds Pllc 98122, WAGeneral Practice1154302495
Dennis B. Dyson 98031, WAGeneral Practice1336121466
Khanhlam K. Phan 98033, WAGeneral Practice1558343715
Walker And Kraus D.d.s. Pllc 98022, WAGeneral Practice1487636676
Eric Richard Stephan 98335, WAGeneral Practice1518949601
Willard Henry Henkes 98362, WAGeneral Practice1255313235
Daniel R Byrne 98335, WAGeneral Practice1710969761
Loren Brantley Davis 98105, WAGeneral Practice1760464747
Jack R Ashlock 99208, WAGeneral Practice1174505002
Brent Lynn Child 99218, WAGeneral Practice1518949387
Jay Heyden Sciuchetti 99203, WAGeneral Practice1760464432
Bill H Molsberry 99207, WAGeneral Practice1366424046
Robert Patrick Parker 99203, WAGeneral Practice1831171537
Steven M Stanley 98133, WAGeneral Practice1063494805
James P Purvis 99022, WAGeneral Practice1609858059
Thomas W Mitchell 98004, WAGeneral Practice1528040912
James Edwin Newman 98431, WAGeneral Practice1124000526
Gary Thomas Gregg 98661, WAGeneral Practice1326021650
Thomas C Song 98036, WAGeneral Practice1578546842
Brandy P. Richey 99223, WAGeneral Practice1609859701
Edward Saffer 99205, WAGeneral Practice1396728531
Cynthia Thiel 99205, WAGeneral Practice1295718435
Cheri Dunham 98404, WAGeneral Practice1407847072
Katherine M Weaver 98033, WAGeneral Practice1619958709
John W Shumaker 98037, WAGeneral Practice1114908787
Doran James Riehl 98908, WAGeneral Practice1013990340
Earl L Whittaker 99201, WAGeneral Practice1447232954
Thomas Frederick Weiler 99207, WAGeneral Practice1871575449
Douglas Seymour 98133, WAGeneral Practice1417939166
James D Pister 98023, WAGeneral Practice1093705337
Charles Turner Chaffee 98223, WAGeneral Practice1063401347
Krystyna Izabella Pilecki 91355, WAGeneral Practice1033191531
Stacy Reed Kanda 98023, WAGeneral Practice1063495174
Joseph M Gossler 98373, WAGeneral Practice1154304152
John Junji Shingu 98501, WAGeneral Practice1851374862
Kelly R Clarke 99203, WAGeneral Practice1437132305
Gregory Barry 98368, WAGeneral Practice1508849472
Peter J Lancaster 98052, WAGeneral Practice1780667659
Bill N Bethards 98221, WAGeneral Practice1982687737
Richard L Koch 98003, WAGeneral Practice1861475329
Randolph C Pearson 99362, WAGeneral Practice1336122852
David W Seiffert 98501, WAGeneral Practice1629052055
Arnold R Sims 98027, WAGeneral Practice1134103526
Edward Randall Mcleary 98391, WAGeneral Practice1063496388
Ross Alan Haddow 98203, WAGeneral Practice1245214634
Bradford Paul O'brien 98826, WAGeneral Practice1124002332
Drewett George Malidore 98366, WAGeneral Practice1013991967
Earl C Simpson 98661, WAGeneral Practice1922082775
Lisa M Greene 98133, WAGeneral Practice1033193701
Jonathan C Shirey 98908, WAGeneral Practice1780668343
Jennifer Phuong Ngai 98026, WAGeneral Practice1093799678
Robert William Juhl 98278, WAGeneral Practice1346225901
Victor S Stime 99003, WAGeneral Practice1316922792
Mike L Clark 98908, WAGeneral Practice1093790396
Terence Stephen Swiatkowski 98312, WAGeneral Practice1801871900


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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