Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kevin Ray Buckwalter 89128, CAGeneral Surgery1003813478
Nicholas J Orme 93722, CAGeneral Surgery1689674632
William Brent Carroll 84095, CAGeneral Surgery1225021900
Jerry Lynn Seydel 93301, CAGeneral Surgery1912991233
County Of Santa Clara 95128, CAGeneral Surgery1063406551
Grant R Gwinup 95667, CAGeneral Surgery1669463964
Robert Mark Shideler 94533, CAGeneral Surgery1588652408
John Paul Cardin 90806, CAGeneral Surgery1467411744
Janna Huyen Tran 90813, CAGeneral Surgery1659340024
Edward S. Suh 90620, CAGeneral Surgery1407804172
Darren Lee Takeuchi 90403, CAGeneral Surgery1982649141
Sam Ghalili Md Inc 90011, CAGeneral Surgery1891724993
Jung Yeol Lee 90037, CAGeneral Surgery1619476470
Providence Health System Southern California 90732, CAGeneral Surgery1942247291
James A Hartleroad 92307, CAGeneral Surgery1336189067
Nick Pavlov 92084, CAGeneral Surgery1154355741
William D Gilbert 95746, CAGeneral Surgery1265456651
Michael John Kucsera 94558, CAGeneral Surgery1154334480
Nicholas Eugene Nomicos 93610, CAGeneral Surgery1235164898
Errol Wilson 92201, CAGeneral Surgery1760598130
William S. Clark 95320, CAGeneral Surgery1770690430
Eric M Sauk 40216, CAGeneral Surgery1093822934
David W. Cho 75407, CAGeneral Surgery1306955455
Christine M Tapp 91320, CAGeneral Surgery1558463018
Michael J. Morris 92325, CAGeneral Surgery1013008648
Arkady Tsibel 90706, CAGeneral Surgery1073611133
Bruce Matthew Thompson 92115, CAGeneral Surgery1457459554
Tibebu Mekonnen Tsegga 78236, CAGeneral Surgery1528149358
Lindsey Van Duyn 52591, CAGeneral Surgery1871975185
Nancy Sue Salisbury 12208, CAGeneral Surgery1366531469
Pallavi Rajendra Gole 94598, CAGeneral Surgery1376612556
Dan Gustavson 95603, CAGeneral Surgery1063581635
Elise J Daggs-marshall 94541, CAGeneral Surgery1518066117
Steven Ray Zollman 95113, CAGeneral Surgery1679664114
Brian L Mowrey 92563, CAGeneral Surgery1891806287
Sevasti Dames 94102, CAGeneral Surgery1619022233
Enrique Tamayo 90037, CAGeneral Surgery1811033699
Katyuska Paredes Lopez 92553, CAGeneral Surgery1083758296
Luis E Moran 90620, CAGeneral Surgery1649397530
Feras Al Riyabi 95816, CAGeneral Surgery1386705952
Njdeh Nick Ghazaryan 91331, CAGeneral Surgery1851453427
Laura Winfrey Plue 92102, CAGeneral Surgery1053461541
Christopher Joseph Rehage 94510, CAGeneral Surgery1023464112
Andrew Joseph Stoy 09464, CAGeneral Surgery1518093616
Louella Bangsil Zapanta 90806, CAGeneral Surgery1316091556
Olga Rubtsova 91335, CAGeneral Surgery1770642985
Joseph Jett Fernandez Zapanta 90806, CAGeneral Surgery1366596413
Karim A. Soliman 91801, CAGeneral Surgery1669506226
Sang Hun Yoon 37411, CAGeneral Surgery1154483592
Susan Han-lu Chu 91763, CAGeneral Surgery1972955524
Stanley R. Surabian 93701, CAGeneral Surgery1558425579
Richard P Anderson 95482, CAGeneral Surgery1265558605
Wennifred Sinyu Hsu 95023, CAGeneral Surgery1770639254
William Michael Beer 53226, CAGeneral Surgery1710182092
Stella Gonzalez 33125, CAGeneral Surgery1942473301
Lee Paul Heid 92115, CAGeneral Surgery1972705515
Oluyemisi Laditan 78839, CAGeneral Surgery1023215159
Tina Marie Moran 48071, CAGeneral Surgery1407042930
David D Tran 95037, CAGeneral Surgery1205033149
Armen Minasyan 91411, CAGeneral Surgery1720270937
Gulalai Matin 92057, CAGeneral Surgery1457543472
Corinne Ellen Tabert 20622, CAGeneral Surgery1366621435
Mohamed A Hammam 90006, CAGeneral Surgery1598960445
Soheyla Marzvaan 91790, CAGeneral Surgery1083837181
Kamau Bandele Kokayi 11238, CAGeneral Surgery1659585388
Carrel Dean Balderston 95954, CAGeneral Surgery1750580288
Hung X Dinh Dmd A Professional Dental Corp 92869, CAGeneral Surgery1528277050
Brian Allen Conway 94568, CAGeneral Surgery1942403282
Paul Maria Gahlinger 95926, CAGeneral Surgery1548441728
Latisha Chan 94118, CAGeneral Surgery1255784161
Samer Said Alassaad 95616, CAGeneral Surgery1104086875
Dzenan Lulic 92562, CAGeneral Surgery1356503791
Brandon A Vannoord 92103, CAGeneral Surgery1558407510
Anita Emperatriz Gonzalez 91411, CAGeneral Surgery1518161629
April Buckins 93550, CAGeneral Surgery1356762934
Mark M Moya 91765, CAGeneral Surgery1295914240
Manolet Bias Santos 92646, CAGeneral Surgery1699952887
Michael Lee Johnson 79920, CAGeneral Surgery1629216726
Devon Lia-soan Wan 92113, CAGeneral Surgery1255666228
William Randall Cone 20747, CAGeneral Surgery1346550225
Michael Siazon Capio 90292, CAGeneral Surgery1538390562
Trieu Phuoc Ton 94561, CAGeneral Surgery1760798896
Craig Daniel Cheng 91001, CAGeneral Surgery1376839753
Daniel T Heard 77807, CAGeneral Surgery1780825182
Anthony M. Nguyen 91746, CAGeneral Surgery1811277015
Mankirat Gill 93711, CAGeneral Surgery1396973319
Don T Nguyen 92653, CAGeneral Surgery1528372455
Keith L Sheppard 95946, CAGeneral Surgery1497164008
Jeffrey Valdez Flores 92692, CAGeneral Surgery1801026919
Kimberly Elyse Conley 90025, CAGeneral Surgery1164665550
Vanessa Elizabeth Franks 95811, CAGeneral Surgery1578717856
Priyanka Assudani 90069, CAGeneral Surgery1053684431
Abdullah Kandil 03756, CAGeneral Surgery1922397082
Mandana Kouroshnia 10019, CAGeneral Surgery1609038637
Julie Tran 90630, CAGeneral Surgery1306152145
Sarah M Wied 90822, CAGeneral Surgery1013228279
Orson K Leong 94566, CAGeneral Surgery1588898365
Christina Kim 92808, CAGeneral Surgery1124512827
Silvia S. Huang-yue 03110, CAGeneral Surgery1316184880
Jamie Marie Fritz 94536, CAGeneral Surgery1861780389
Diana Hyun Kim 95678, CAGeneral Surgery1881923027
Aimee Katharine Belier Trujillo 92610, CAGeneral Surgery1932411022
Regina Guadalupe Espinoza 91306, CAGeneral Surgery1194058768
Michelle Duong 91606, CAGeneral Surgery1912163692
Katie Wu Fogarty 94611, CAGeneral Surgery1861704124
Ling Jing 92123, CAGeneral Surgery1073810636
Paola Melissa Hamel 04005, CAGeneral Surgery1649503350
Danielle Abramo Levi 94965, CAGeneral Surgery1376893040
Gilda Ngo 90015, CAGeneral Surgery1922238880
Live Well Medical Center Inc. 95691, CAGeneral Surgery1285975060
Stephanie Victoria Brenman 90404, CAGeneral Surgery1417299231
Rossana Leticia Aravena 92113, CAGeneral Surgery1699118729
Charlene Diemandezi 98499, CAGeneral Surgery1154751139
Hua Feng Kuan 94601, CAGeneral Surgery1518341247
Hector Arreaza 93304, CAGeneral Surgery1366853194
Shamik Mahendra Shastri 75028, CAGeneral Surgery1003224056
Sheri Gray 99140, CAGeneral Surgery1780063263
Chelsea Anne Hennen 90007, CAGeneral Surgery1760871065
Daniel Vera 93065, CAGeneral Surgery1407234206
Christopher Niklaus Weber 37064, CAGeneral Surgery1841675246
Amir Balouch 93203, CAGeneral Surgery1770968463
Leo S Shin 92660, CAGeneral Surgery1003162066
Christine Jane Cao 98087, CAGeneral Surgery1841631504
Calvin Mclemore 92408, CAGeneral Surgery1609083989
Sukh Chauhan 94565, CAGeneral Surgery1396179040
Arlene Bravo 92093, CAGeneral Surgery1528488350
James Cheng-pang Chiu 92708, CAGeneral Surgery1366794216
Shyama Subhadarsini 95008, CAGeneral Surgery1407256464
Duy-phu Phan 94588, CAGeneral Surgery1144600123
Maria Paz Dulay 90712, CAGeneral Surgery1124369186
Prajakta Kamat 94705, CAGeneral Surgery1659613164
Buu-dien Le 90033, CAGeneral Surgery1396139556
Troy Swimmer 91950, CAGeneral Surgery1992129076
Lila Ninh 01040, CAGeneral Surgery1407272966
John Seong Kim 92801, CAGeneral Surgery1700277407
Natalie Ruth Heaivilin 22306, CAGeneral Surgery1457774184
Viet Thuy Nguyen 90012, CAGeneral Surgery1346582335
Simerdeep Kaur Gill 93704, CAGeneral Surgery1912246810
Luis Alexandrino Pinto 92806, CAGeneral Surgery1164781274
Verushcka G Moya 92868, CAGeneral Surgery1962810689
Parul Aggarwal 95070, CAGeneral Surgery1548515679
Ravinder Singh Kunwar 91384, CAGeneral Surgery1710059993
Ashley Stein Araiza 92028, CAGeneral Surgery1215375852
Ilkwon Kim 90020, CAGeneral Surgery1639141773
Hilari Kawakami Wong 96744, CAGeneral Surgery1174872766
Derek Sloan 85713, CAGeneral Surgery1366782559
Ramya Bala Subramanian 92131, CAGeneral Surgery1891075180
Ting Ferrah Cho 91745, CAGeneral Surgery1962779223
Jasleen Kaur 95382, CAGeneral Surgery1205170214
Uptimum Care Medical Group &ipa Inc 90260, CAGeneral Surgery1780026328
Masly Harsono 95030, CAGeneral Surgery1669893731
David Lee 91326, CAGeneral Surgery1962818179
Keane Wayne Young 94536, CAGeneral Surgery1760994214
Hyoungwook Kim Dds Inc 91765, CAGeneral Surgery1770084972
Karen Kimzey 95307, CAGeneral Surgery1376967869
Tiffany Thuy Trinh Vo 92626, CAGeneral Surgery1336544048
Christine Tran 85308, CAGeneral Surgery1801317391
Shabnam Pedram 92025, CAGeneral Surgery1982125498
Katyuska Paredes Lopez Dds Apc 92553, CAGeneral Surgery1275033151
Bernadette Francisco Leoncio 91732, CAGeneral Surgery1730607425
Charlene Tong 92618, CAGeneral Surgery1689192072
Gayane Matuliandds 90039, CAGeneral Surgery1649781758
Sungjoon T Koo 76502, CAGeneral Surgery1780073627
Dan Wu 94596, CAGeneral Surgery1881054112
Mojgan Mehranfard 94563, CAGeneral Surgery1942754197
Justin Srithongrung 91007, CAGeneral Surgery1629430442
Irais Lozano 91910, CAGeneral Surgery1629432240
Olivia Nguyen 92841, CAGeneral Surgery1396104758
Deanna Suyoung Lee 95603, CAGeneral Surgery1619335254
Kuei Ya Chen 92604, CAGeneral Surgery1497118376
Macy Mai 88201, CAGeneral Surgery1871942656
Harsono Dental Corp 95030, CAGeneral Surgery1225588254
Neera Gupta 93215, CAGeneral Surgery1285087403
Linda Huynh, Dds, Inc. 95123, CAGeneral Surgery1124555123
Khushbu Patel 92886, CAGeneral Surgery1134674070
Anthony Nguyen 93401, CAGeneral Surgery1558819706
Philip Konopa 90242, CAGeneral Surgery1346774155
Elle Dinh 95125, CAGeneral Surgery1053841338
Adrian Choi 94127, CAGeneral Surgery1083131700
Sharanya Chola 95376, CAGeneral Surgery1578080628
Bahareh Rabii 91791, CAGeneral Surgery1790202745
Daniel Jeffrey Fordice 56031, CAGeneral Surgery1144760737
Selina Ann Salvador Sarno 92677, CAGeneral Surgery1619499456
Alex Alexani 91754, CAGeneral Surgery1396267936
Robert Anthony Brugnone 93103, CAGeneral Surgery1245752872
Christopher Matthew Patuwo 92886, CAGeneral Surgery1134648934
Sorour D.m.d Corporation 92806, CAGeneral Surgery1427562594
Ahmad Hakimjavadi 94530, CAGeneral Surgery1366956484
Peter Stephen Bonifatto 91355, CAGeneral Surgery1235655010
Bao-tran Luu Truong 91710, CAGeneral Surgery1619493327
Emma Abramyan 94901, CAGeneral Surgery1598272890
Danielle Abramo Levi Dds Inc 94965, CAGeneral Surgery1003323130
An Nguyen Dds, Inc 92683, CAGeneral Surgery1184126781
Manveen Boparai 92101, CAGeneral Surgery1962718395
Marissa Dykes 91790, CAGeneral Surgery1497295323
Kevin Reuter 95050, CAGeneral Surgery1952826331
Radka Varimezova Temnitzer 94901, CAGeneral Surgery1891161113
Allen Taesoo Kim 92805, CAGeneral Surgery1962922112
Tyler T Zalatimo 90241, CAGeneral Surgery1689191769
Kory Grahl 92103, CAGeneral Surgery1174053078


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