Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cristina Rose Markiewicz 91320, CAGeneral Surgery1528410784
Christopher Joseph Rehage 94510, CAGeneral Surgery1023464112
Christine Jane Cao 98087, CAGeneral Surgery1841631504
Juan Gerardo Martinez 92878, CAGeneral Surgery1003363243
Giang Huong Nguyen 95123, CAGeneral Surgery1447781604
Janna Huyen Tran 90813, CAGeneral Surgery1659340024
Luis E Moran 90620, CAGeneral Surgery1649397530
Christine Tran 85308, CAGeneral Surgery1801317391
Martin Carl Writer 92808, CAGeneral Surgery1225197734
Don Pham 92345, CAGeneral Surgery1992184998
Kim M Brandau 84532, CAGeneral Surgery1871520742
Nirr Inc 92835, CAGeneral Surgery1124417092
Grace Tang 94546, CAGeneral Surgery1801340112
Thomas Lauer 91605, CAGeneral Surgery1396283289
Erica Mcintosh 92357, CAGeneral Surgery1710304506
Joy Marie Helou 91740, CAGeneral Surgery1245482223
Anne Sooyun Kim 92103, CAGeneral Surgery1275654501
Abdullah Kandil 03756, CAGeneral Surgery1922397082
Kevin Y Fan 91754, CAGeneral Surgery1629215660
Roger W.k. Joe 91344, CAGeneral Surgery1194802728
Basem Abdulla Attum 93309, CAGeneral Surgery1184071870
Hyoungwook Kim Dds Inc 91765, CAGeneral Surgery1770084972
Marvi Miranda 95315, CAGeneral Surgery1609265602
Jerry Lynn Seydel 93301, CAGeneral Surgery1912991233
Hector Arreaza 93304, CAGeneral Surgery1366853194
Tiffany Thuy Trinh Vo 92626, CAGeneral Surgery1336544048
Neera Gupta 93215, CAGeneral Surgery1285087403
Dawit Goshimea 75149, CAGeneral Surgery1821497900
Bishoy Kamel 91351, CAGeneral Surgery1992169643
Jennifer Ferguson 92395, CAGeneral Surgery1902241110
Jasmeet Kaur Bains 93301, CAGeneral Surgery1912393273
Buu-dien Le 90033, CAGeneral Surgery1396139556
Bernadette Francisco Leoncio 91732, CAGeneral Surgery1730607425
Sorour D.m.d Corporation 92806, CAGeneral Surgery1427562594
Jeannie Banez Garcia 91722, CAGeneral Surgery1578782868
David Demissie 92404, CAGeneral Surgery1154812709
Sang Hun Yoon 37411, CAGeneral Surgery1154483592
Dr Rusen Empire Friendly Smiles Dental Inc 92408, CAGeneral Surgery1083296941
Andrew Joseph Stoy 09464, CAGeneral Surgery1518093616
Alice Yi-ping Chen 90089, CAGeneral Surgery1316233828
Tyler T Zalatimo 90241, CAGeneral Surgery1689191769
Francisco Santiago Enverga 90280, CAGeneral Surgery1356953517
Vanessa Elizabeth Franks 95811, CAGeneral Surgery1578717856
David Benjamin Kagan 90404, CAGeneral Surgery1992965768
Providence Saint Johns Medical Foundation 90404, CAGeneral Surgery1518438712
Shohreh Sabeti 90069, CAGeneral Surgery1205974318
Center For Oral Health 33612, CAGeneral Surgery1376933622
Abimbola Datonye Iketubosin 85631, CAGeneral Surgery1356841514
Ashley Stein Araiza 92028, CAGeneral Surgery1215375852
Tien Vo M.d., Inc 92243, CAGeneral Surgery1609118041
Lena S Debaz 92821, CAGeneral Surgery1255757647
Peter Wooyoung Lim 92630, CAGeneral Surgery1265086888
Trieu Phuoc Ton 94561, CAGeneral Surgery1760798896
Chris Elias Altunis 91710, CAGeneral Surgery1811477763
Medi Medi Community Health Center 90061, CAGeneral Surgery1154892875
Sahakyan, Dds, Inc. 91202, CAGeneral Surgery1437795358
Salim F Ahmed 90292, CAGeneral Surgery1851772214
Tony Christianson Barriere 90025, CAGeneral Surgery1538666821
Heather Nicole Householter 91364, CAGeneral Surgery1790200509
Greg Rubin 91320, CAGeneral Surgery1710049457
Meena Makhijani 91364, CAGeneral Surgery1578714432
Matthew Cameron 84660, CAGeneral Surgery1609075878
Steven G. Johnson Dental Corporation 93105, CAGeneral Surgery1285143495
William Brent Carroll 84095, CAGeneral Surgery1225021900
Glenn Andrew Rauscher 92134, CAGeneral Surgery1063878783
Michael Matthew Barna 20319, CAGeneral Surgery1780734541
Brian Wade Legendre 92136, CAGeneral Surgery1487723318
Nikolas Brien Gutierrez 92055, CAGeneral Surgery1629636477
Koren Schroeder 92135, CAGeneral Surgery1881252898
Eric Zane Shapira 94123, CAGeneral Surgery1912340019
Arash Ebrahim 92110, CAGeneral Surgery1548813116
Tuhin Chaudhury 95350, CAGeneral Surgery1376779454
Cristian Carrillo 93906, CAGeneral Surgery1144713918
Rogelio Drenning manrriquez 92507, CAGeneral Surgery1063999431
Rogelio Drenning-manriquez 92236, CAGeneral Surgery1568689149
Carrel Dean Balderston 95954, CAGeneral Surgery1750580288
Paul Maria Gahlinger 95926, CAGeneral Surgery1548441728
Don W Cleland 96002, CAGeneral Surgery1417159849
Jonathan A Stuart 91762, CAGeneral Surgery1043749062
Blanca Esparza 91762, CAGeneral Surgery1528031788
Oscar Esparza 91762, CAGeneral Surgery1972576130
Shreena Mistry 91762, CAGeneral Surgery1952750382
Robert James Houchin 89410, CAGeneral Surgery1316992738
Katy Chou D D S Dental Corp 92532, CAGeneral Surgery1831745801
Shaza Shanabo 91706, CAGeneral Surgery1316134893
Jimmy Truong Nguyen 92504, CAGeneral Surgery1194979989
Ana Cecilia Mora 91977, CAGeneral Surgery1386123297
Faith-roselle Roy Barreyro 92037, CAGeneral Surgery1336709674
Kelsey Christine Van Bokkem 23708, CAGeneral Surgery1609305697
Michael Paul Merren 55905, CAGeneral Surgery1568405934
Stephen Mcburney Hughes 92134, CAGeneral Surgery1114339397
Hyong Joon Kim 95610, CAGeneral Surgery1245578483
Mark M Moya 91765, CAGeneral Surgery1295914240
Frankie C Ngo 91740, CAGeneral Surgery1003469883
Ken Michael Lim 78613, CAGeneral Surgery1235650664
Jason Wesley Kwok 06360, CAGeneral Surgery1316306236
Simerdeep Kaur Gill 93704, CAGeneral Surgery1912246810
Cemal Yildirim 93720, CAGeneral Surgery1275186702
Jonathan Terry 94565, CAGeneral Surgery1841424728
Cheema Dental Corporation 95350, CAGeneral Surgery1538744917
Katherine Elizabeth Oakley 91711, CAGeneral Surgery1083064935
Leonel Edu Magarro 92507, CAGeneral Surgery1932405156
Mariana De Abreu Pereira 90003, CAGeneral Surgery1871072736
Kevin Ray Buckwalter 89128, CAGeneral Surgery1003813478
Colin S. Ilas D.d.s. 95132, CAGeneral Surgery1629616479
Gurjit Singh Randhawa 94501, CAGeneral Surgery1265640379
David Edward Goodman 94947, CAGeneral Surgery1265588511
Christopher Robert Dobson 92584, CAGeneral Surgery1972919926
Mitul Amin 91730, CAGeneral Surgery1558787457
Sharp Coronado Hospital And Healthcare Center 92118, CAGeneral Surgery1154304475
Don T Nguyen 92653, CAGeneral Surgery1528372455
Samiksha Jhunjhnuwala 92683, CAGeneral Surgery1871047845
Rasheed Siddiqui 92604, CAGeneral Surgery1518309145
Jronald Michael Ayzin 83501, CAGeneral Surgery1104320720
New Millennium Dental Group Of Aram Arakelyan 92408, CAGeneral Surgery1528189388
Haley Van Winkle 95531, CAGeneral Surgery1558802280
Huong Nguyen 95035, CAGeneral Surgery1316547805
Jaysen Jerome Lopez Ymas 94134, CAGeneral Surgery1295218840
Andrew A Dela Rama 94080, CAGeneral Surgery1568680858
Raena Tourgoli 90630, CAGeneral Surgery1063022903
Mojgan Mehranfard 94563, CAGeneral Surgery1942754197
Catherine Motoyasu 94568, CAGeneral Surgery1952823742
Elise J Daggs-marshall 85017, CAGeneral Surgery1518066117
Samer Said Alassaad 95616, CAGeneral Surgery1104086875
Deanna Suyoung Lee 95603, CAGeneral Surgery1619335254
Shailain R Patel 94513, CAGeneral Surgery1063894160
Nadine M. Pieroni 94533, CAGeneral Surgery1275755183
Shannon Chris 95632, CAGeneral Surgery1578092854
Martha Elva Morett Dds Inc. 92118, CAGeneral Surgery1245425008
Rishi Bhatt 91765, CAGeneral Surgery1326544453
Robert P Jablonsky 93721, CAGeneral Surgery1871502211
Stella Gonzalez 33125, CAGeneral Surgery1942473301
Daniel Vera 93065, CAGeneral Surgery1407234206
Nehal Sabah 75067, CAGeneral Surgery1598141855
Sara Sanadiki Merhi 90027, CAGeneral Surgery1013471234
Soheir S. Azer 92663, CAGeneral Surgery1063486298
Brian Allen Conway 94568, CAGeneral Surgery1942403282
Franco Alvarez 33407, CAGeneral Surgery1629193974
Abraham Yagudaev 91942, CAGeneral Surgery1801442306
Artur Bodnar 75244, CAGeneral Surgery1275788770
La Lakers 32609, CAGeneral Surgery1972065001
Stephanie Lyn Cappiello Sandretti 95678, CAGeneral Surgery1063859916
Alyssa Meagan Leonard 95134, CAGeneral Surgery1629551882
Maria Luiza Martins 03257, CAGeneral Surgery1952339251
Conrad Drinkwater 85704, CAGeneral Surgery1902252752
Hoang Dental Corp 92056, CAGeneral Surgery1023563939
Hoang Dental Corporation 92025, CAGeneral Surgery1801988035
Palomar Health 92029, CAGeneral Surgery1457321317
Abdelrazeq Marabeh 92128, CAGeneral Surgery1952838773
Michael John Kucsera 94558, CAGeneral Surgery1154334480
Yasmine Zaeni 94521, CAGeneral Surgery1063624203
Susan Han-lu Chu 91763, CAGeneral Surgery1972955524
Gladvin Murphy Thyagaraj 92105, CAGeneral Surgery1861049736
William Sherman 91402, CAGeneral Surgery1598812703
Julian Quoc Loc Huynh 92807, CAGeneral Surgery1194337113
Michael Lee Johnson 79920, CAGeneral Surgery1629216726
Deanne Elizabeth Grayson 32092, CAGeneral Surgery1851685135
Mohamed Elshafie 93010, CAGeneral Surgery1841238367
Jacqueline Younesi 92614, CAGeneral Surgery1275193054
April Jean Herrera 97639, CAGeneral Surgery1801149406
Joshua Dennis Sanchez 93906, CAGeneral Surgery1679135255
Jamie Marie Fritz 94536, CAGeneral Surgery1861780389
Parul Vashisht 75033, CAGeneral Surgery1346487659
Thomas Michael Lewis 78539, CAGeneral Surgery1245660901
Mark Loisel 95377, CAGeneral Surgery1861411886
Eric Ngo 95111, CAGeneral Surgery1922518240
Grace Lacson Del Rosario 94560, CAGeneral Surgery1154923548
Michael Steven Louie 95831, CAGeneral Surgery1659981447
Nicholas J Orme 93722, CAGeneral Surgery1689674632
Stanley R. Surabian 93701, CAGeneral Surgery1558425579
Tina Marie Moran 48071, CAGeneral Surgery1407042930
Mankirat Gill 93711, CAGeneral Surgery1396973319
Mandana Kouroshnia 10019, CAGeneral Surgery1609038637
Justin Srithongrung 91007, CAGeneral Surgery1629430442
Irais Lozano 91910, CAGeneral Surgery1629432240
Narita Lim Leong 94547, CAGeneral Surgery1902338130
Rohan Singh Toor 94553, CAGeneral Surgery1396273900
Carlos M Claudio-rodriguez 93720, CAGeneral Surgery1841524196
Komal Sidhu 94550, CAGeneral Surgery1326427840
Elizabeth Ly 18104, CAGeneral Surgery1316504400
Jonathan Gordon Low 95219, CAGeneral Surgery1124687314
Ramandeep Gill 93657, CAGeneral Surgery1083027643
Michael John Palms 93705, CAGeneral Surgery1336739739
Mittal Ashokkumar Patel 92395, CAGeneral Surgery1487111985
Paris Sabo 34209, CAGeneral Surgery1235373846
Younjin Lee 90680, CAGeneral Surgery1689215998
Hung X Dinh Dmd A Professional Dental Corp 92869, CAGeneral Surgery1528277050
Jefferey Pham 92647, CAGeneral Surgery1033510771
Dina Rafik Ghobrial 92677, CAGeneral Surgery1578175618
Daniel Ton 91761, CAGeneral Surgery1003989294
Anh Le 90660, CAGeneral Surgery1235348038
Sahabi Dental Corp. 91205, CAGeneral Surgery1801940598
Quy Van Ly 92683, CAGeneral Surgery1043348188
County Of Santa Clara 95128, CAGeneral Surgery1063406551
Helen Her 95119, CAGeneral Surgery1790177939
Varlakova Dental Corporation 94931, CAGeneral Surgery1386143998
Gayane Matuliandds 90039, CAGeneral Surgery1649781758
Jouliana Davoudi Chegani 91204, CAGeneral Surgery1669995296
Jann Manantan Ramos 92117, CAGeneral Surgery1760525372
Pfc Medical, Inc. 91402, CAGeneral Surgery1447649389


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