Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert John Badrigian 06405, CTGeneral Surgery1417950411
Stuart R. Liftig 06110, CTGeneral Surgery1245233238
Edward David Paul 06851, CTGeneral Surgery1235132226
Murray Bruckel 06851, CTGeneral Surgery1578566543
Victor Wallock 06032, CTGeneral Surgery1205839271
Bernard David Shapiro 06109, CTGeneral Surgery1023011780
Laura A Miller 06443, CTGeneral Surgery1972506780
Robert J Henin 06033, CTGeneral Surgery1760485452
John Scott Vecchitto 06517, CTGeneral Surgery1730182288
Edward J Kozinn 06610, CTGeneral Surgery1356344881
Philip E. Pilon, Dmd, Lawrence S. Christian, Dmd, Pc 06070, CTGeneral Surgery1497758817
Jacek T Ziemski 06614, CTGeneral Surgery1881696938
Matthew J Iwinski 06840, CTGeneral Surgery1275535387
Richard Allen Schulman 06010, CTGeneral Surgery1356343461
Vassar Health Connecticut, Inc. 06069, CTGeneral Surgery1235131442
Roger E Oppenheimer 06784, CTGeneral Surgery1972507234
Tris John Carta 06040, CTGeneral Surgery1144224411
Mark S Cohen 06804, CTGeneral Surgery1851395719
Jack Alkon 06489, CTGeneral Surgery1104820505
Gregory Deems Prieston 06851, CTGeneral Surgery1215931688
Anatoliy Ravin 06106, CTGeneral Surgery1427053701
Ronald Linden 06484, CTGeneral Surgery1174528483
Maryann Ellen Lehmann 06820, CTGeneral Surgery1588669717
Michael D Amodio 06473, CTGeneral Surgery1235134537
Morris H. Kotick 06119, CTGeneral Surgery1841295979
University Of Connecticut Health Center 06030, CTGeneral Surgery1720083769
Joseph D'ambrosio 06030, CTGeneral Surgery1447255138
Robert Thaden Kroepel 06460, CTGeneral Surgery1609871144
Stephen A Solomon 06260, CTGeneral Surgery1528064003
Ellen Eisenberg 06030, CTGeneral Surgery1013913367
Stacy Nadeen Butler 06450, CTGeneral Surgery1396741658
Margaret Drozdowski Maule 06117, CTGeneral Surgery1104822477
Elizabeth L Goodin 06360, CTGeneral Surgery1396741534
Alla Gorenbeyn 06420, CTGeneral Surgery1063418234
Frank Vezzoli 06320, CTGeneral Surgery1346246402
Rajesh Lalla 06030, CTGeneral Surgery1326044348
Maria Kumik 06111, CTGeneral Surgery1902802010
Scott H. Woodford 06443, CTGeneral Surgery1780680728
Lawrence J Tannenbaum 06770, CTGeneral Surgery1659377471
Carl Eric Anderson 06519, CTGeneral Surgery1417953191
Douglas S Traub 06790, CTGeneral Surgery1992701643
Richard Brian Fisher 06804, CTGeneral Surgery1730185331
Douglas E Peterson 06030, CTGeneral Surgery1003813445
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital 06790, CTGeneral Surgery1629075734
Pit Keung Peter Lai 06475, CTGeneral Surgery1861499949
Amita Kulkarni 06450, CTGeneral Surgery1942207022
Vasiliki Hatzgiannis 06450, CTGeneral Surgery1972501195
John A Kerchoff 06840, CTGeneral Surgery1215936554
Hospital Of Saint Raphael 06511, CTGeneral Surgery1548269624
Richard M. Goldfeder 06475, CTGeneral Surgery1841290269
Marie C Faynor 06488, CTGeneral Surgery1811997893
Warren J Kaplan 06901, CTGeneral Surgery1134120744
Bradley J. Daar 06040, CTGeneral Surgery1699776062
Michael Bass 06702, CTGeneral Surgery1497756902
A. Liam Doran 06001, CTGeneral Surgery1164423554
Professional Dental Alliance Of Milford, Pllc 06460, CTGeneral Surgery1134610660
Collin B Sanford 06001, CTGeneral Surgery1124029665
Sheldon S. Hausman 06001, CTGeneral Surgery1831190370
Steven Alan Springer 06804, CTGeneral Surgery1205837481
Glenn M Wilson 06776, CTGeneral Surgery1689676652
Amit Patel 06422, CTGeneral Surgery1396746400
Ratnakar Mandava 06706, CTGeneral Surgery1457353377
Sheela Tummala 06450, CTGeneral Surgery1952303885
David R Edelson 06062, CTGeneral Surgery1487656377
John M Johnson 06340, CTGeneral Surgery1336141068
Salman H Khan 06810, CTGeneral Surgery1558353615
Ralph Gerard Membrino 06705, CTGeneral Surgery1417949405
Kevin D Cross 06441, CTGeneral Surgery1811989106
Cristian Stanescu 06850, CTGeneral Surgery1003809302
Bozena Joanna Kierski 06902, CTGeneral Surgery1962495077
Norwalk Hospital Association 06850, CTGeneral Surgery1477546521
Jeffrey A Burns 06066, CTGeneral Surgery1255324125
Jordan & Young Dental. L.l.c. 06095, CTGeneral Surgery1346233061
Philip Thomas Doyle 06360, CTGeneral Surgery1407849045
State Of Connecticut 06030, CTGeneral Surgery1669466561
Bristol Hospital Multi specialty Group, Inc. 06010, CTGeneral Surgery1649265679
Joseph Lantos 06480, CTGeneral Surgery1881689578
Dale E Wilcox 06441, CTGeneral Surgery1275529141
Adam M Debin 06106, CTGeneral Surgery1124016530
Thomas Galvin 06033, CTGeneral Surgery1407844756
John Round 06033, CTGeneral Surgery1336137413
Andrew Mogelof 06615, CTGeneral Surgery1679561831
Robert J. Herman 06825, CTGeneral Surgery1053309047
Anthony Michael Morganti 06010, CTGeneral Surgery1801884820
Smile Rite Dental Care Llc 06489, CTGeneral Surgery1316456742
Robin Goldberg 06519, CTGeneral Surgery1043209091
Carol Felder 06608, CTGeneral Surgery1922097088
Jennifer A Diederich 06032, CTGeneral Surgery1356330344
Steven Stirbl 06488, CTGeneral Surgery1649260639
Yale new Haven Hospital 06504, CTGeneral Surgery1336139500
Bridgeport Hospital 06610, CTGeneral Surgery1649260845
Griffin Faculty Physicians, Inc. 06418, CTGeneral Surgery1598755605
Stamford Hospital 06904, CTGeneral Surgery1356331425
Keith Dennis Johns 06511, CTGeneral Surgery1699766774
Luis Arnaldo Marchany-alfonso 06810, CTGeneral Surgery1447241542
Waterbury Hospital 06708, CTGeneral Surgery1184615114
Stephen David Apfelroth 10461, CTGeneral Surgery1568453785
Mehran Zamani 06905, CTGeneral Surgery1174504344
Richard Malek 06902, CTGeneral Surgery1982685160
Carl F. Delucia 06606, CTGeneral Surgery1942281845
Roland H Lupien 06259, CTGeneral Surgery1316928278
Ronald E Baratz 06360, CTGeneral Surgery1861473688
John Robert Stanko 06042, CTGeneral Surgery1750362232
Gary John Carter 06851, CTGeneral Surgery1447232608
David L Johnston 06877, CTGeneral Surgery1245212471
Ali Modiri 06902, CTGeneral Surgery1700868973
Ryan Christopher Rockhill 06349, CTGeneral Surgery1780667964
Walter N Kernan 06519, CTGeneral Surgery1710960935
Cary E Gross 06519, CTGeneral Surgery1760465991
Lynn E Fiellin 06519, CTGeneral Surgery1063495158
Richard C Albrecht 06333, CTGeneral Surgery1568445435
Robert J Zatz 06074, CTGeneral Surgery1003890443
John Christopher Daniel 06349, CTGeneral Surgery1558345918
Raymond Michael Rinaldi 06762, CTGeneral Surgery1508840067
Michael John Vandlik 06512, CTGeneral Surgery1518941822
Jeffrey David Oconnell 06512, CTGeneral Surgery1972587285
Stuart Mitchell Krasnow 06512, CTGeneral Surgery1316921620
Edgar Adam Heil 06360, CTGeneral Surgery1164406443
Chun Tseng 06810, CTGeneral Surgery1609850742
Tarvinder Pal Singh Arora 06512, CTGeneral Surgery1174507230
Michael J. Vandlik, Dmd&associates Llc 06512, CTGeneral Surgery1386629020
Barbara Pearl Roomkin 06382, CTGeneral Surgery1780660936
Kevin J. O'gara 06708, CTGeneral Surgery1275519423
Fair Haven Community Health Clinic Inc 06513, CTGeneral Surgery1104803444
Saint Francis Hospital And Medical Center 06105, CTGeneral Surgery1407833486
Gary Pearl 06514, CTGeneral Surgery1588641575
Douglas K Doran 06447, CTGeneral Surgery1396723151
Aaron Reza Farrokh 06001, CTGeneral Surgery1982682951
Brian F Bottaro 06379, CTGeneral Surgery1750360541
Stephenie C. Thurber 06106, CTGeneral Surgery1144209560
Kathy A. Montague 06226, CTGeneral Surgery1003895327
Sultan Quraishi 06118, CTGeneral Surgery1144200122
Demetrios Petropoulos 06360, CTGeneral Surgery1992785695
Emmett E Wilson 06112, CTGeneral Surgery1275503252
Michael Louis Nero 06071, CTGeneral Surgery1366412868
Larisa Ellis 06475, CTGeneral Surgery1881664514
Greenwich Hospital 06830, CTGeneral Surgery1609846088
Lilian Quesada 06106, CTGeneral Surgery1538130869
Jon Robert Vanderweele 06349, CTGeneral Surgery1598737801
Shoreline Family Dental, Llc 06371, CTGeneral Surgery1538696026
Larry Isaac Gottlieb 06606, CTGeneral Surgery1508838509
Middlesex Hospital 06457, CTGeneral Surgery1760454334
Michael J Levinson 06608, CTGeneral Surgery1619940962
James P. Walden 33027, CTGeneral Surgery1992779912
Daniel Wolcott Tracy 06360, CTGeneral Surgery1780659292
John V Romano 06790, CTGeneral Surgery1588630511
Robin Mark Santiago 06119, CTGeneral Surgery1275500985
Edward Volpintesta 06801, CTGeneral Surgery1841267507
Dilshad A Siddiqui 06468, CTGeneral Surgery1780652933
Eugen Gustav Wichmann 06062, CTGeneral Surgery1124087903
Catherine Barbara Raslear 06790, CTGeneral Surgery1063471688
Milford Hospital, Inc 06460, CTGeneral Surgery1912966557
Michael J. Caserta 06484, CTGeneral Surgery1356300883
Richard Putnam 06051, CTGeneral Surgery1154380509
Rafael Ramos 06108, CTGeneral Surgery1720047186
Greg Eric Johnson 06114, CTGeneral Surgery1669432142
Danbury Hospital 06776, CTGeneral Surgery1619938016
Michael Ronald Gabor 06067, CTGeneral Surgery1760444301
Tom R Dekker 06105, CTGeneral Surgery1114981750
Rajeev A Kulkarni 06109, CTGeneral Surgery1811951460
Joseph P Krajc 06105, CTGeneral Surgery1699739771
Mark Obadowski 06105, CTGeneral Surgery1194789289
Ysabel M. Padilla 06106, CTGeneral Surgery1750345641
Drs. Padilla & Lee, P.c. 06106, CTGeneral Surgery1255395141
Tammy Alex 06443, CTGeneral Surgery1346204278
Stanley Song Lee 06106, CTGeneral Surgery1396700910
New Britain General Hospital 06050, CTGeneral Surgery1548225360
Bradley Memorial Hospital And Health Center 06489, CTGeneral Surgery1497710115
William W Backus Hospital 06360, CTGeneral Surgery1639135718
Alejandro Eduardo Isgut 06470, CTGeneral Surgery1144287913
Chung K Kim 06096, CTGeneral Surgery1548227051
Gerard Charles Buffo 06070, CTGeneral Surgery1427016849
James Caserta 06605, CTGeneral Surgery1215995436
Adrian V. Basu 06484, CTGeneral Surgery1114985330
Gordon Orville Holder 06120, CTGeneral Surgery1265480594
Nova Dental Llc 06473, CTGeneral Surgery1760431621
Qun Zeng 06118, CTGeneral Surgery1902855851
West Haven Vamc 06516, CTGeneral Surgery1245289610
Randall Joseph Rushin 06109, CTGeneral Surgery1467402693
Midstate Medical Center 06451, CTGeneral Surgery1427007848
Geraldine M. Weinstein 06030, CTGeneral Surgery1124078290
Joseph Lawrence Dinardo 06040, CTGeneral Surgery1780636548
Huntington Family Dental Group 06484, CTGeneral Surgery1588616247
Bridgeworks Llc 06340, CTGeneral Surgery1720034457
Carina Vero Vora 06360, CTGeneral Surgery1972559292
Michael Edward Mattie 06473, CTGeneral Surgery1437105764
Westport Dental Associates, P.c. 06880, CTGeneral Surgery1275580870
Peter J Mckeever 06457, CTGeneral Surgery1790732311
Srinivasulu Conjeevaram 06071, CTGeneral Surgery1780958058
Community Health Center, Inc. 06457, CTGeneral Surgery1568409365
Maria Spinelli 06360, CTGeneral Surgery1316984768
David J Wohl Dds, Pc 06824, CTGeneral Surgery1164469904
Hbr Trumbull Llc 06611, CTGeneral Surgery1740228964
Joseph Anthony Everett 32542, CTGeneral Surgery1235668054
Rocky Hill Dental Associates, P.c. 06109, CTGeneral Surgery1609814730
Catherine Burns Nyberg 06360, CTGeneral Surgery1669419073
Manchester Memorial Hospital 06040, CTGeneral Surgery1457399198
Robert Anthony Villanova 06114, CTGeneral Surgery1790723476
Jacqueline Rossi 06360, CTGeneral Surgery1730127366
James Salvatore Defilippo 06109, CTGeneral Surgery1922047349


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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