Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Eric L Townsend 32082, FLGeneral Surgery1306849336
Barry W Rosenthal 33351, FLGeneral Surgery1932102936
Sidney H Christie 33903, FLGeneral Surgery1265435267
Dwight H. Pate 33823, FLGeneral Surgery1982607974
Nikorn Arunakul 32446, FLGeneral Surgery1699778886
Penny G Lee 33606, FLGeneral Surgery1326041419
David M Hinton 32819, FLGeneral Surgery1861495764
David Richard Olinzock 32246, FLGeneral Surgery1396748117
Larry B Butler 33542, FLGeneral Surgery1649273426
Jacob William Skinner 33624, FLGeneral Surgery1063415040
William L Ott 32401, FLGeneral Surgery1083617757
Rick Kenneth Harrison 32250, FLGeneral Surgery1548263445
James Robert Hulfeld 32210, FLGeneral Surgery1346243300
Jason Ryan Speigel 32703, FLGeneral Surgery1871596734
J Michael Heider 33305, FLGeneral Surgery1609879667
Nilo Artemio Hernandez 34103, FLGeneral Surgery1396748372
Blue Water Doctors Llc 33063, FLGeneral Surgery1821303744
Marcus E. Paul 32503, FLGeneral Surgery1013910579
Lee M Friedel, Dds And Elise Bolski, Dds, Llc 33326, FLGeneral Surgery1972506681
Robert Harris Friedman 32034, FLGeneral Surgery1003819657
Hilda Patricia Parajon 34222, FLGeneral Surgery1174526610
Jacqueline R. Alvarez 33143, FLGeneral Surgery1639172166
Frederick Jean Baudoin D'ajoux 32317, FLGeneral Surgery1194728618
Michael J Mihalcik 32578, FLGeneral Surgery1740283159
Michael Watkins 32803, FLGeneral Surgery1093717316
Aluino Lawrence Ochoa 32796, FLGeneral Surgery1215939509
Mario Kenneth Garcia 33143, FLGeneral Surgery1720081185
Gary Yanowitz 33026, FLGeneral Surgery1548263072
Angel Gabriel Pagan 33513, FLGeneral Surgery1063414381
Elliott William Goldner 33040, FLGeneral Surgery1275535304
Daniel Travis Quevedo 32779, FLGeneral Surgery1821092172
Keri Allison Shenker 33324, FLGeneral Surgery1346242468
Harold Mikel Hopkins 34698, FLGeneral Surgery1386646651
William J Hale 32119, FLGeneral Surgery1346244605
Barry M Montag 33324, FLGeneral Surgery1306840384
Rosalie Rebecca Robbins 33952, FLGeneral Surgery1164426052
Joseph Allan Zerulik 33426, FLGeneral Surgery1801890710
Michael Bradley Jergins 33765, FLGeneral Surgery1578567301
Peter H Obesso 34653, FLGeneral Surgery1770587347
David Fine 33467, FLGeneral Surgery1487656526
Sharon M Dicristofaro 32807, FLGeneral Surgery1316941289
Gregory Earl Cheshire 32935, FLGeneral Surgery1952303059
Bogdan F Maliszewski 32066, FLGeneral Surgery1750385324
Dennis A Corona 34210, FLGeneral Surgery1093710436
Madison County Hospital Health Systems, Inc. 32340, FLGeneral Surgery1104821461
Bethesda Hospital, Inc. 33435, FLGeneral Surgery1417952748
Munroe Regional Health System, Inc. 34471, FLGeneral Surgery1548265739
Stephen Paul Belcher 34285, FLGeneral Surgery1972508083
Marvin Bennett Golberg 33328, FLGeneral Surgery1801891676
Steven Lanster 33155, FLGeneral Surgery1407851272
Heidi M. Lewis 33021, FLGeneral Surgery1699770644
Robert Sterling Murrell 32312, FLGeneral Surgery1215932157
Michael Allen Meddoff 33428, FLGeneral Surgery1205831351
James Franklin Outlaw 32792, FLGeneral Surgery1548265614
Aura Maria Cisneros 33570, FLGeneral Surgery1356346340
Fred Stewart Feld 33710, FLGeneral Surgery1780689786
Richard Warren Gray 33408, FLGeneral Surgery1598760415
Joseph Thomas Yuravich 34668, FLGeneral Surgery1760486195
Ernie Francis Soto 33324, FLGeneral Surgery1043214547
Larry R. Levine 34698, FLGeneral Surgery1811991540
Philip F Stadelmann 33410, FLGeneral Surgery1366447153
Stephen Barr Hulen 33870, FLGeneral Surgery1124023775
James R Shelburne 34639, FLGeneral Surgery1720083355
Donald I Cadle 34652, FLGeneral Surgery1205832748
Visiting Inhome Physicians Inc 33462, FLGeneral Surgery1881690360
Daniel Alex Delcastillo 33140, FLGeneral Surgery1235135716
Vincent Peter Cardinale 34110, FLGeneral Surgery1699771063
Frederick E. Taylor 33578, FLGeneral Surgery1184620353
Randall C Brown 32771, FLGeneral Surgery1174529390
Arnold Siegel 33463, FLGeneral Surgery1730185901
Panayotis Papatzimas 33334, FLGeneral Surgery1245236546
Jeffrey Douglas Wilson 34667, FLGeneral Surgery1104822394
Ruben Borrero-serrano 32837, FLGeneral Surgery1285630376
Osmani Diaz 33029, FLGeneral Surgery1639175623
Stephen M Doben 33432, FLGeneral Surgery1275539389
Stephen Elliot Stein 34668, FLGeneral Surgery1043216070
Stephen Michael Durrett 34667, FLGeneral Surgery1386640449
Robert Jerome Lev 33024, FLGeneral Surgery1174529713
Diane Linda Piper 33702, FLGeneral Surgery1851398432
Bradford Family Dentistry, Pl 32091, FLGeneral Surgery1790781623
Lily Sausa Rocha 32043, FLGeneral Surgery1073519518
Pedro A. Betances 32162, FLGeneral Surgery1922004647
Elizabeth Cuevas Varela 32807, FLGeneral Surgery1962408666
Franklin Mcchesney Watson 32301, FLGeneral Surgery1073519765
Florida Hospital Medical Group Inc 32751, FLGeneral Surgery1225034234
Edmond Frank Weglarz 33907, FLGeneral Surgery1578560009
Robert L Rosenblum 32065, FLGeneral Surgery1053318584
Naples Community Hospital Inc 34102, FLGeneral Surgery1720085137
Jared C Ottley 32566, FLGeneral Surgery1265439673
Rafael Angel Ortiz Graulau 32162, FLGeneral Surgery1700883931
Laurie Seaquist 32935, FLGeneral Surgery1184621351
Laurie Gordon-brown 33024, FLGeneral Surgery1437156445
Alfonso Mireles 32750, FLGeneral Surgery1427055532
Donald M Snyder 34236, FLGeneral Surgery1225035918
Reginald Horace Cardozo 33433, FLGeneral Surgery1497752315
Jose Francisco Cardona 33165, FLGeneral Surgery1932107695
W Roger Long 34947, FLGeneral Surgery1063410462
Marta I Delgado 33030, FLGeneral Surgery1174521447
Maria I Delgado 33155, FLGeneral Surgery1689672867
Rodney J Herman 33410, FLGeneral Surgery1457359929
Santiago A Cardenas 33010, FLGeneral Surgery1245238203
Maria Teresa Feiz 33327, FLGeneral Surgery1932615929
Juana Maria Gutierrez 33175, FLGeneral Surgery1114925427
Jose L Ruiz 33189, FLGeneral Surgery1285631408
Catalin Teodoru 34736, FLGeneral Surgery1407854847
Jose A Cornejo 32809, FLGeneral Surgery1679572432
Ivette Valle 33012, FLGeneral Surgery1831197623
Julie Beth Skoby 32606, FLGeneral Surgery1376542043
George S Brockman 33319, FLGeneral Surgery1982603676
Norman Isaac Meyer 32958, FLGeneral Surgery1598764151
Susan M Welch 32548, FLGeneral Surgery1558360552
George William Castro 34211, FLGeneral Surgery1922007863
Roberto Ortiz 32806, FLGeneral Surgery1326048208
Nageh S. Barsoum 32955, FLGeneral Surgery1568462083
Rafael M Palaganas 33772, FLGeneral Surgery1730189267
Gustavo A Torres 33012, FLGeneral Surgery1720088784
Manuel L Romero 33012, FLGeneral Surgery1679573604
Capital Regional Healthcare 32308, FLGeneral Surgery1518968551
Jay Marshall Suverkrup 34243, FLGeneral Surgery1144221193
Robert R. Burks, D.d.s., P.a. 32708, FLGeneral Surgery1346249901
Shemaka James 32254, FLGeneral Surgery1922487974
Sami F Muhtadie 34236, FLGeneral Surgery1528067386
Atlantis Clinic Pa 34677, FLGeneral Surgery1417957325
Gerardo Antonio Pedroza-sierra 32148, FLGeneral Surgery1124026117
Javier Antonio Rosario 32807, FLGeneral Surgery1568461945
Jamal A Abusuwa 32765, FLGeneral Surgery1053310342
Mariel Pinero 34743, FLGeneral Surgery1891795654
Evelyn Gonzalez-ortiz 34429, FLGeneral Surgery1245230259
Javon A. Mckenzie 29611, FLGeneral Surgery1073513172
Yanet Cruz 33136, FLGeneral Surgery1508225376
Orestes A Zas 33012, FLGeneral Surgery1255339016
Pascale R Chery 32808, FLGeneral Surgery1235138439
Richard G Abood 34110, FLGeneral Surgery1043218977
Khon Han Lien 23551, FLGeneral Surgery1427059674
Jennifer Ellis 23551, FLGeneral Surgery1811998321
John Risteau Harrison 32835, FLGeneral Surgery1801898721
Muhammad Amin 32425, FLGeneral Surgery1457353310
Josefina Fabiola Tur 33126, FLGeneral Surgery1841292695
Idania Melo Fernandez 33018, FLGeneral Surgery1134121841
Constantin Fiacos 33351, FLGeneral Surgery1124020649
Robert S. Dolgow 33351, FLGeneral Surgery1124020581
Stanley David Kanowitz 33024, FLGeneral Surgery1962494179
Joan Acevedo 34758, FLGeneral Surgery1619969516
Jose Alberto Nunez 33145, FLGeneral Surgery1477545226
Isabella Rozinov 33442, FLGeneral Surgery1407848179
Caruso Medical Center Inc 33870, FLGeneral Surgery1750374906
Ivo Alonso 33134, FLGeneral Surgery1306839980
Richard Conway 32212, FLGeneral Surgery1811980550
Shay Razmi 32212, FLGeneral Surgery1235122862
Daniel M Conrado 33781, FLGeneral Surgery1114910221
Mark Edwards 32571, FLGeneral Surgery1386645554
Brent Edward Neubauer 32212, FLGeneral Surgery1295736627
Sofia Fontecilla 33156, FLGeneral Surgery1962780882
Melissa Paige Gibson 34470, FLGeneral Surgery1689676025
Raul Ernesto Ayala 33569, FLGeneral Surgery1710970710
Angelina Gamalinda Limlingan 34476, FLGeneral Surgery1497748875
Keith Raymond Kulow 36112, FLGeneral Surgery1740273135
Lisa Gay Dundas 32212, FLGeneral Surgery1346234721
Pamela Papola Md Pa 33952, FLGeneral Surgery1043204431
Miguel Angel Mazariegos 33511, FLGeneral Surgery1255325361
Starmed Medical Center Inc 33122, FLGeneral Surgery1083608269
Algirdas J Krisciunas 33135, FLGeneral Surgery1720072598
Robert Lyman Eckles 33621, FLGeneral Surgery1295729077
Jason Todd Hooper 34420, FLGeneral Surgery1205820180
Ernest Francis Morelli 33621, FLGeneral Surgery1538153267
James W. Schumacher 32542, FLGeneral Surgery1811981384
Gilbert Garcia Sarabia 34653, FLGeneral Surgery1487648978
Elizabeth T Orr 34142, FLGeneral Surgery1346234853
Jose William Lopez-alamo 32542, FLGeneral Surgery1811982325
Rockledge Hma, Llc 32955, FLGeneral Surgery1619962917
Ely @ Thomson Pa 32606, FLGeneral Surgery1528053923
Christian Grice Stanford 32548, FLGeneral Surgery1891780938
Melbourne Hma, Llc 32935, FLGeneral Surgery1962497198
Yukhanan Benjamin 33162, FLGeneral Surgery1649265745
Robert Bruce Worthington 33621, FLGeneral Surgery1952396954
Jose L Davila 32607, FLGeneral Surgery1306831474
Henry T Harden 32514, FLGeneral Surgery1851386775
Eddie Bartolomei 34786, FLGeneral Surgery1164417986
Geoffrey Roberts 34448, FLGeneral Surgery1871588699
Bruce Holz 33308, FLGeneral Surgery1285620807
Thomas Lewis Sutton 33621, FLGeneral Surgery1407842990
Ludwika Harrison 33139, FLGeneral Surgery1033105390
Robert James Peters 32212, FLGeneral Surgery1629064829
Karen L. Fehr 33701, FLGeneral Surgery1194711317
Mark Lester Mcclendon 34266, FLGeneral Surgery1922094176
Vincent T. Van 32821, FLGeneral Surgery1942296942
Wellington Chen 34237, FLGeneral Surgery1821085564
Jupiter Medical Center, Inc. 33458, FLGeneral Surgery1295721090
Scott Grande 32114, FLGeneral Surgery1982691507
Walter Prudden Leonard 32779, FLGeneral Surgery1154318707
Michael Tidwell 32114, FLGeneral Surgery1518954924
Gary Marvin Christensen 34748, FLGeneral Surgery1518954775
Alberto Bruno Alonso 33173, FLGeneral Surgery1093702136
Rural Medical Associates Inc 34785, FLGeneral Surgery1770570806
Andrew K Greenfield 33579, FLGeneral Surgery1487640405
Roberto A Llantada 33012, FLGeneral Surgery1902890585
Mayo Clinic Florida 32224, FLGeneral Surgery1891782470
Miguel Lis-planells 34667, FLGeneral Surgery1922094614
Chukwuma M Okoroji 32308, FLGeneral Surgery1356335178
Villages Tri county Medical Center Inc. 32159, FLGeneral Surgery1740276518


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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