Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Steven Gary Parnes 30338, GAGeneral Surgery1699778688
Peter S Trager 30067, GAGeneral Surgery1386647139
Chris Lee Adkins 30236, GAGeneral Surgery1689677593
Thomas Alan Cunningham 30076, GAGeneral Surgery1023011855
Bridgett Lynn Jorgensen 30518, GAGeneral Surgery1306849195
David Christopher Bradley 30642, GAGeneral Surgery1730182411
Patti June Bradley 30642, GAGeneral Surgery1235132911
Ralph L Jackson 30531, GAGeneral Surgery1508869231
Richard Weinman 30326, GAGeneral Surgery1093718660
Rebecca Weinman 30326, GAGeneral Surgery1255334827
Clifton Johnson 31901, GAGeneral Surgery1821091513
John Wesley Vollenweider 30240, GAGeneral Surgery1508868613
Ponnie Davis Poisal 30052, GAGeneral Surgery1679577936
Hal S. Raper 30305, GAGeneral Surgery1679577431
Richard Morris Thomas 31401, GAGeneral Surgery1477557262
Jason G Boutwell 30135, GAGeneral Surgery1144224478
Ronald Carl Wilcox 30269, GAGeneral Surgery1114922382
David O Mcgee 31794, GAGeneral Surgery1427053495
Gerald E Kramer 31405, GAGeneral Surgery1952307423
Ronald M Dressler 30071, GAGeneral Surgery1568468916
Cecil Lee Hill 30309, GAGeneral Surgery1043216419
Sidney Abrams 30329, GAGeneral Surgery1427054485
Peter Edward Harris 30214, GAGeneral Surgery1922005404
James A. Goettl 30329, GAGeneral Surgery1629075858
Stephen Watson Shiver 31639, GAGeneral Surgery1366449407
Mae D Johnson 30720, GAGeneral Surgery1912905464
Ronald Scott Cavola 30013, GAGeneral Surgery1235137654
Mary Jane B Kassam 30013, GAGeneral Surgery1306844675
John A. Fountain 30012, GAGeneral Surgery1629076906
James Matt Mazzawi 30078, GAGeneral Surgery1740289438
William S Odom 31901, GAGeneral Surgery1790784338
Roy A. Mcdonald 30022, GAGeneral Surgery1013916469
Thomas K Sparkman 30338, GAGeneral Surgery1164421152
Ronal Downing Graham 30736, GAGeneral Surgery1275533598
Allen Cecil Swan 31409, GAGeneral Surgery1699775676
Allen B Filstein 30012, GAGeneral Surgery1518968338
Martha D Clements 31822, GAGeneral Surgery1205836350
Saraswathi Jampala 30005, GAGeneral Surgery1083615710
Frank T. Waggoner 30501, GAGeneral Surgery1952302309
Paul A. Eberhard 30120, GAGeneral Surgery1831191675
Craig Mitchell Inglis 30507, GAGeneral Surgery1396747705
Christopher Timothy Keenan 30747, GAGeneral Surgery1962404301
Robert Leonard Moretz 31063, GAGeneral Surgery1982697256
William Charles Miller 31533, GAGeneral Surgery1205829207
Joyce Corpuz Gulle 31409, GAGeneral Surgery1710970777
Ronald Lee Burton 30062, GAGeneral Surgery1144213752
Bruce Edward Carter 30045, GAGeneral Surgery1801889415
Marty Mazzawi 30078, GAGeneral Surgery1972596492
Michael Kroll 30188, GAGeneral Surgery1538160627
Monica Latrise Bolds 30033, GAGeneral Surgery1285626598
Richard Stephen Morgan 30341, GAGeneral Surgery1104819564
Robert Andrew Cook 30341, GAGeneral Surgery1760476121
John T Uetsuki 30341, GAGeneral Surgery1114911575
James Raleigh Hagler 31905, GAGeneral Surgery1518950997
Darin S. Wasileski 30078, GAGeneral Surgery1003800392
Warren Stuart Theis 31501, GAGeneral Surgery1588658702
Matt Tavis Grill 31401, GAGeneral Surgery1649264565
Bruce E Holes 30673, GAGeneral Surgery1831184100
Marla O. Coleman 30314, GAGeneral Surgery1386639284
Pat R Little 30720, GAGeneral Surgery1780679456
George Allen Williams 30022, GAGeneral Surgery1417943374
Jon Preston Simmons 31545, GAGeneral Surgery1154318731
William G Irwin 31088, GAGeneral Surgery1316931017
Michael John Sharkey 31021, GAGeneral Surgery1417941964
Carlos A Levy-eliceiri 31558, GAGeneral Surgery1306832639
Michael Robin Carr 39845, GAGeneral Surgery1316935786
Julie Christine Dambly 31098, GAGeneral Surgery1407845811
Julie Fabregas-schindler 32340, GAGeneral Surgery1013906452
Desiree Clarice Lewis 30080, GAGeneral Surgery1366431611
Michael Patrick Hackman 30328, GAGeneral Surgery1144219387
Page Wilding Mcnall 31098, GAGeneral Surgery1104816040
Jaya Vallabhaneni 30341, GAGeneral Surgery1407846793
David Doyle 30904, GAGeneral Surgery1811988736
Nathan Peters 30305, GAGeneral Surgery1740261908
Andrew Robert Kious 30912, GAGeneral Surgery1811978927
Nancy M Stewart 30033, GAGeneral Surgery1144202722
Mark Newton Dye 31406, GAGeneral Surgery1538141056
James Darrell Dixon 31098, GAGeneral Surgery1770566994
Darryl Dhaw Hodson 31088, GAGeneral Surgery1871583351
Gregory Scott Hyland 31098, GAGeneral Surgery1255321196
James Stuart Mcclellan 31314, GAGeneral Surgery1083696561
Tamara A Murray 31098, GAGeneral Surgery1790768851
Harry Holiday 31699, GAGeneral Surgery1043293640
William Wayne Carmichael 30905, GAGeneral Surgery1669456828
Lemuel Lee Covington 30905, GAGeneral Surgery1639153711
Barry Garland Bishop 96258, GAGeneral Surgery1285618801
Ketron V. Moss 30582, GAGeneral Surgery1760467310
Achhinder Kumar Ohri 30904, GAGeneral Surgery1396720181
Stephen B Wilson 30064, GAGeneral Surgery1891771366
Laney Miller Smith 30265, GAGeneral Surgery1538146253
Johnette Joy Shelley 30905, GAGeneral Surgery1588641864
Stephen H Chartier 31098, GAGeneral Surgery1265410724
Robert M Osborne 31406, GAGeneral Surgery1184602526
Joseph W Pischke 31406, GAGeneral Surgery1346228673
Joseph S Arnold 31906, GAGeneral Surgery1174501456
Ethney Letetia Johnson 30341, GAGeneral Surgery1689652919
Nirali Patel Procter 30114, GAGeneral Surgery1669450649
Steven Olaf Hondrum 30905, GAGeneral Surgery1861470858
William Stroud Hitch 31406, GAGeneral Surgery1144200197
Robert Bruce Reichl 30905, GAGeneral Surgery1629058797
Kent C Ellington 30165, GAGeneral Surgery1740260090
Fred M Hannan 30815, GAGeneral Surgery1972583151
Richard K Clardy 31021, GAGeneral Surgery1578543765
Vinh Phuc T Nguyen 30075, GAGeneral Surgery1265402432
Michael John Piccione 31324, GAGeneral Surgery1295705150
Abel Nmi Aguilar 31816, GAGeneral Surgery1689644635
Charles Russell Harris 31029, GAGeneral Surgery1073590410
Chun Yu Chan 31905, GAGeneral Surgery1659356152
Benjamin J. Mcgovern 31314, GAGeneral Surgery1215917174
Eric Thomas Ashley 31905, GAGeneral Surgery1053390054
Kimberly Woodson Lindsey 31314, GAGeneral Surgery1386623387
Terrence Scott Murphy 30905, GAGeneral Surgery1184601973
Thomas Alan Cade 31504, GAGeneral Surgery1710960661
Ashlee Chaney 30213, GAGeneral Surgery1366926461
John Neel Range 30566, GAGeneral Surgery1760452783
Neil Jason Resnick 30322, GAGeneral Surgery1386614337
Walter Goingco Dimalanta 30905, GAGeneral Surgery1417933896
Alda Dedies Underwood-hall 30035, GAGeneral Surgery1982674289
Austin Lyle Parker 31547, GAGeneral Surgery1376513796
David H. Doggett Bordeaux 30308, GAGeneral Surgery1346211695
Robert Toy Hurt, Jr. 31015, GAGeneral Surgery1851362164
Robert Toy Hurt, Iii 31015, GAGeneral Surgery1790756716
Bernadette Charlene Arroyo-kemp 31088, GAGeneral Surgery1144291824
William Curtis Wright 30809, GAGeneral Surgery1659342566
Melissa Gessling 30512, GAGeneral Surgery1770554743
Elva Mae Rodriguez 31905, GAGeneral Surgery1871564476
Mark Huntley 29307, GAGeneral Surgery1760453211
Christopher Alexander Stewart 31704, GAGeneral Surgery1831160225
Vincent Robert Seiwert 31038, GAGeneral Surgery1366413700
Gregory Lee Watford 31547, GAGeneral Surgery1629040381
Gary Steven Orris 30040, GAGeneral Surgery1770556276
Jamie Alan Mitchell 31064, GAGeneral Surgery1144293457
James S. Soteres 30318, GAGeneral Surgery1366415457
Larry Shawn Gurley 30005, GAGeneral Surgery1700859832
Frank A Kruse 30534, GAGeneral Surgery1679546543
Robert Douglas Betzel 31024, GAGeneral Surgery1881667699
Steven Loyd Stallings 32214, GAGeneral Surgery1639144207
Kamili J Willis 30311, GAGeneral Surgery1609841204
Terrence L Vandiver 30906, GAGeneral Surgery1306811914
Antonia R Williams 30236, GAGeneral Surgery1114992724
Michelle S Gwyn 31206, GAGeneral Surgery1023083631
Charles M Harden 31525, GAGeneral Surgery1053386508
Katashia Hicks Holmes 30043, GAGeneral Surgery1821063058
Sandra Louise Drager 32214, GAGeneral Surgery1205802097
A Eugene Westmoreland 30533, GAGeneral Surgery1992771661
Anna J Kunze 30311, GAGeneral Surgery1437125879
Roy Curtis Brooks 30310, GAGeneral Surgery1528034816
David Cole 31314, GAGeneral Surgery1952377178
Akil A Patel 30078, GAGeneral Surgery1528035011
Sidney P Johnson 31539, GAGeneral Surgery1992773626
Ramin Rahnema-tabatabai 30214, GAGeneral Surgery1851369102
Dominick M D'auria 30269, GAGeneral Surgery1043289861
Robert Lee White 30213, GAGeneral Surgery1942279310
Kell Darren Gallaher 30501, GAGeneral Surgery1508835984
Nancy J Davis 30269, GAGeneral Surgery1295704542
Andrew Joseph Wargo 30905, GAGeneral Surgery1376512558
Karen M Tartt Callier 30329, GAGeneral Surgery1780653972
Sharon V Daniel 30310, GAGeneral Surgery1124097324
Gordon L Fleming 30269, GAGeneral Surgery1811966260
Kevin S Mitchell 30269, GAGeneral Surgery1346219797
Ericka M Edmonds 30331, GAGeneral Surgery1952360265
Kenneth L. Shackle 31409, GAGeneral Surgery1861468191
Rita F Ramey 30311, GAGeneral Surgery1730154964
Peter A. Pate 30342, GAGeneral Surgery1912975202
Slava M Belenkiy 31314, GAGeneral Surgery1104893338
Charisse L. Caswell 30290, GAGeneral Surgery1326013921
Michael K Hamm 31522, GAGeneral Surgery1942275425
Carlos Castilo Tan 30501, GAGeneral Surgery1215901855
Norma Elaine Godbee 30907, GAGeneral Surgery1528039112
Shana K Herring 31322, GAGeneral Surgery1164498507
Joan Ifarinde 30041, GAGeneral Surgery1124095021
Debra M Reddick 31217, GAGeneral Surgery1396710901
Cleveland Mann 31701, GAGeneral Surgery1992765911
David Randal Fohan 99703, GAGeneral Surgery1710954854
Sharon Bingham-shultz 30141, GAGeneral Surgery1164497764
Patricia Chinwenwa Ubani-ebere 30222, GAGeneral Surgery1932177102
Rahim Gul 30047, GAGeneral Surgery1841260684
Nancy Louise Lucas 30078, GAGeneral Surgery1124088950
Gerald G. Adams 31904, GAGeneral Surgery1952361800
Philip K. Talley 30071, GAGeneral Surgery1427018878
Stevens Griffin Hill 31021, GAGeneral Surgery1417918608
Samuel T. Gulley 30310, GAGeneral Surgery1346201423
Theron M Jones 30331, GAGeneral Surgery1770544876
John C Kuo 31210, GAGeneral Surgery1700847522
Leonard Packtor 30075, GAGeneral Surgery1790747061
Robin Marie Jones 30135, GAGeneral Surgery1801858089
Amanda Reiko Nelson 31905, GAGeneral Surgery1912969148
Sidney R Washington 30458, GAGeneral Surgery1538122478
William Newton Sharp 31904, GAGeneral Surgery1649233594
Joel David Fuller 30204, GAGeneral Surgery1841254240
Thomas Michael Amburgey 31545, GAGeneral Surgery1841254976
Jerry Madison Lewter 30319, GAGeneral Surgery1285699934
Marjorie Mae Cabell 30228, GAGeneral Surgery1477518942
Suseela Vajrakarur 31406, GAGeneral Surgery1528024239
Sandra B. Pulaski 30067, GAGeneral Surgery1578520557
Karl Randy Richards 30905, GAGeneral Surgery1174580658
Paul M. Garcia 31907, GAGeneral Surgery1073570461
Edward Wayne Lumpkins 30076, GAGeneral Surgery1013975002
Donna M Stone 30097, GAGeneral Surgery1255399168
Keith G. Wyckoff 31314, GAGeneral Surgery1225096712


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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