Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Alan D Wilkinson 40243, KYGeneral Surgery1841296639
Bruce E. Stewart 40447, KYGeneral Surgery1790758860
Wendy E Geer 40031, KYGeneral Surgery1659336188
Robin Floyd 42066, KYGeneral Surgery1518988682
Kelly J Dingrando 40536, KYGeneral Surgery1104918945
Gregory Kenneth Crabtree 42167, KYGeneral Surgery1487778353
Emily Hughes 41179, KYGeneral Surgery1831326305
Nathan Corey Rusher 40353, KYGeneral Surgery1487930483
Jessamine Family Dentistry Pllc 40356, KYGeneral Surgery1730605072
Tri rivers Healthcare, Pllc 42078, KYGeneral Surgery1649592304
James David Heaton 27909, KYGeneral Surgery1245551902
Kevin Daniel Castleberry 54941, KYGeneral Surgery1366857146
Robert Douglas Bruce 78234, KYGeneral Surgery1134462138
Ziad Alnabki 32256, KYGeneral Surgery1629397393
An N Hamman 47130, KYGeneral Surgery1790197218
Rohini Sharma 37604, KYGeneral Surgery1851771554
Daniel Dela Cruz 40391, KYGeneral Surgery1346775756
Kalleb A. Greene Family Dentistry 42240, KYGeneral Surgery1972024115
David Michael Devito 40536, KYGeneral Surgery1124409487
Emily Calhoun 32234, KYGeneral Surgery1700247863
Madison Renee Beach 40422, KYGeneral Surgery1851828719
Ben Taylor Cox 42718, KYGeneral Surgery1922552744
Hunter Lamkin Hazle 40211, KYGeneral Surgery1255851291
Corbin Michael Hawks 38257, KYGeneral Surgery1396265187
Tates Creek Dental, Psc 40517, KYGeneral Surgery1225530660
Stephen Craig Shy 25703, KYGeneral Surgery1598737991
Caleb William Reece 40206, KYGeneral Surgery1366963373
Matthew Whitson 38501, KYGeneral Surgery1134641418
Dimitrios Basilakos 40216, KYGeneral Surgery1215391255
Lori Ha 98407, KYGeneral Surgery1750722682
Adrienne Lashae Childress 40475, KYGeneral Surgery1376037341
Timothy Dane Harning 37421, KYGeneral Surgery1457804718
Khanh Xong Nguyen 55014, KYGeneral Surgery1841261088
Moo Hyun Kim 06511, KYGeneral Surgery1508212770
Peter Wulff 47710, KYGeneral Surgery1255708723
Michelle Fernandez 37115, KYGeneral Surgery1619321122
Baptiste S Marino 28105, KYGeneral Surgery1104070820
Charles D Howard 39095, KYGeneral Surgery1023145430
John Quinn Martino 40215, KYGeneral Surgery1235580937
Lori Ann England-wright 42101, KYGeneral Surgery1477536829
Sherry Slone 41701, KYGeneral Surgery1023037744
Jeffrey Yablong 33408, KYGeneral Surgery1467479287
Adil M Mohiuddin 42743, KYGeneral Surgery1073065983
Melissa Ann Mcgrier 40202, KYGeneral Surgery1225445067
Tyler Benton Blount 40222, KYGeneral Surgery1992295653
Scott Boyce Drake 40391, KYGeneral Surgery1184284788
Matthew Alan Bormann 40071, KYGeneral Surgery1679869184
Marcella Amanda Gleason 42701, KYGeneral Surgery1467833194
Lili Anna Buzsaki 32608, KYGeneral Surgery1255710083
Robert Cleveland Gleason 42701, KYGeneral Surgery1215450184
Stephen Hewlett 40065, KYGeneral Surgery1629621677
Ann Nesmith Dmd 2 Pllc 40011, KYGeneral Surgery1407400054
Babatunde O. Agbola 76903, KYGeneral Surgery1205387818
Michelle Bernard Carman 40220, KYGeneral Surgery1356461875
Young Kyu Kim 75211, KYGeneral Surgery1093284929
Chetan Gupta 45230, KYGeneral Surgery1932228129
Ronald Aaron Gravil 42240, KYGeneral Surgery1174547301
Appalachian Physicians Psc 41701, KYGeneral Surgery1033141593
Appalachian Physicians Psc 41776, KYGeneral Surgery1518992023
Albert Martyn Vollmer 40322, KYGeneral Surgery1215033261
Bradley Randall Congleton 40212, KYGeneral Surgery1952754749
Christopher Mclean Beto 40505, KYGeneral Surgery1013554294
Twin Lakes Medical Foundation Inc 42754, KYGeneral Surgery1205870862
Faith Amber Rheiner 76063, KYGeneral Surgery1245688829
Philip Holden Bates 37701, KYGeneral Surgery1194189795
Andrew Raber 47905, KYGeneral Surgery1396125944
Sean Alexander Aiken 40207, KYGeneral Surgery1548751902
Justin J Ernat 81657, KYGeneral Surgery1205120177
Emily R Bausch-blevins 40351, KYGeneral Surgery1447698188
Nicole M Freytes 33328, KYGeneral Surgery1699075283
Yalinie Medics Llc 40977, KYGeneral Surgery1992964944
Jeffrey L. Turner 41011, KYGeneral Surgery1972803831
Joseph Henry Dannenbaum 02120, KYGeneral Surgery1386943777
Jayun Joanna Kim 40203, KYGeneral Surgery1194238956
Nicole Marie King 45219, KYGeneral Surgery1841450632
Ugwuala Nwauche 28215, KYGeneral Surgery1922053248
Nellie Patricia Gannon 37404, KYGeneral Surgery1710480876
David Michael Anderson 40205, KYGeneral Surgery1962661488
Stephen L Fostyk 44195, KYGeneral Surgery1245675925
Wayne County Hospital, Inc 42633, KYGeneral Surgery1871548016
Hayley Olivia Knifley 42728, KYGeneral Surgery1386264034
Chukwudi Yagazie Mbagwu 94587, KYGeneral Surgery1881097442
Ashley Ann Lee 47250, KYGeneral Surgery1932460029
Sierra Brooke Nunn 40515, KYGeneral Surgery1659903474
Kwane Mitchell Watson 40211, KYGeneral Surgery1316099500
Emily Huff 41011, KYGeneral Surgery1437642212
Cletus Kobiah Oppong 42301, KYGeneral Surgery1912264284
Owensboro Health Medical Group, Inc 42303, KYGeneral Surgery1154746600
David Paul Tillman 65807, KYGeneral Surgery1356608251
Ryan David Smith 28310, KYGeneral Surgery1831754795
William John Brim 32246, KYGeneral Surgery1609285113
Robyn May 40211, KYGeneral Surgery1588274260
Michael L. Hunt 40004, KYGeneral Surgery1972652642
Parker Nash Benton 79916, KYGeneral Surgery1346895596
Jamie Lynn Coleman 40065, KYGeneral Surgery1841510880
Taylor Leigh Mcfadden 41649, KYGeneral Surgery1710531017
Christian Michael Bennett 40175, KYGeneral Surgery1982220992
Jennie Stuart Medical Center 42240, KYGeneral Surgery1235139312
Jose Alzadon 40353, KYGeneral Surgery1366612459
Sheila Marie Kemper 40216, KYGeneral Surgery1811252638
Ayman Haroun 37042, KYGeneral Surgery1487151114
Samuel Gregory Benanti 97141, KYGeneral Surgery1972600955
Lisa Black 60193, KYGeneral Surgery1316471873
Kevin C. Stephens 25570, KYGeneral Surgery1588702666
Austin Briggs Hixenbaugh 47708, KYGeneral Surgery1568993525
Thomas J Henke 49546, KYGeneral Surgery1922485515
William Edris Barnes 42078, KYGeneral Surgery1215985148
Brooke Elizabeth Shelton 40160, KYGeneral Surgery1679051809
Elizabeth Jean Loan 41101, KYGeneral Surgery1003434317
Dillon Chandler Reed 40769, KYGeneral Surgery1326530908
Jennifer Meek Connell 41035, KYGeneral Surgery1225323637
Ryan William Heinz 47150, KYGeneral Surgery1124518337
Jacob D Justice 24273, KYGeneral Surgery1588173728
Richard Ethan Tomlinson 78234, KYGeneral Surgery1558894964
Kimberly Anne Buckner 41171, KYGeneral Surgery1316080385
Dayspring Health Inc 40769, KYGeneral Surgery1841764271
Stephen Love 40202, KYGeneral Surgery1710412747
Ethan Short 40202, KYGeneral Surgery1629502604
John Schisler 96859, KYGeneral Surgery1942612536
Kristal Lee Ann Wilson 40205, KYGeneral Surgery1578853602
Caldwell County Hospital, Inc 42445, KYGeneral Surgery1780688333
Mercy Health lourdes Hospital Llc 42003, KYGeneral Surgery1346244126
Grayson County Hospital Foundation Inc 42754, KYGeneral Surgery1114929494
Community Care Of Kentucky, Inc 42431, KYGeneral Surgery1053799080
Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc. 40965, KYGeneral Surgery1891792495
Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc. 40831, KYGeneral Surgery1306842521
Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's Healthcare, Inc. 40202, KYGeneral Surgery1275539587
Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's Healthcare, Inc. 40202, KYGeneral Surgery1497751713
Saint Joseph Health System Inc 41649, KYGeneral Surgery1720086176
Our Lady Of Bellefonte Hospital Inc 41101, KYGeneral Surgery1437156346
T J Samson Community Hospital 42141, KYGeneral Surgery1770581894
Parkway Regional Medical Clinic Inc 42041, KYGeneral Surgery1659370153
Crittenden County Tomorrow Inc 42064, KYGeneral Surgery1205291002
Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's Healthcare, Inc. 40065, KYGeneral Surgery1689673717
Ms Community Health Llc 42367, KYGeneral Surgery1023019130
Clinton County Hospital, Inc. 42602, KYGeneral Surgery1316939689
Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc. 41701, KYGeneral Surgery1609869916
Pikeville Medical Center Inc 41501, KYGeneral Surgery1285621623
Pineville Community Hospital Assn Inc. 40977, KYGeneral Surgery1821085440
Mortenson Family Dental Center Independence, Llc 41051, KYGeneral Surgery1760920805
Baptist Health Madisonville Inc 42431, KYGeneral Surgery1447231956
Murray Calloway County Public Hospital Corporation 42071, KYGeneral Surgery1073504981
Livingston Hospital And Healthcare Services, Inc. 42078, KYGeneral Surgery1588640254
Livingston Hospital And Healthcare Services, Inc. 42078, KYGeneral Surgery1730165416
Baptist Health Madisonville Inc 42431, KYGeneral Surgery1669452967
Tri rivers Healthcare Pllc 42078, KYGeneral Surgery1588644496
True North Healthcare Center 42701, KYGeneral Surgery1104365386
Bowling Green Warren County Community Hospital Corporation 42101, KYGeneral Surgery1043293608
Uhs Of Bowling Green Llc 42103, KYGeneral Surgery1396715967
Hospital Of Fulton, Inc. 42041, KYGeneral Surgery1427029941
Adair County Hospital District 42728, KYGeneral Surgery1023083060
Baptist Healthcare System, Inc 40701, KYGeneral Surgery1902865389
Natalie J. Stelzer, D.m.d. & Associates (cedar Springs), P.s.c. 40291, KYGeneral Surgery1952371452
Dr. Ryan & Associates, P.s.c. 40205, KYGeneral Surgery1104896604
Crittenden County Hospital 42064, KYGeneral Surgery1245209790
Casey County Hospital District 42539, KYGeneral Surgery1407829567
Jmhc Inc 40311, KYGeneral Surgery1265490171
Kentucky Inpatient Medicine Associates, Pllc 40504, KYGeneral Surgery1417915661
Ohio Valley Heart, P.s.c. 41056, KYGeneral Surgery1194773838
Oak Tree Hospital At Baptist Northeast, Llc 40031, KYGeneral Surgery1841240090
Muhlenberg Community Hospital Inc 42367, KYGeneral Surgery1376594911
Lexington Vamc 40502, KYGeneral Surgery1255380242
Louisville Vamc 40206, KYGeneral Surgery1144279597
The James B. Haggin Memorial Hospital Inc 40330, KYGeneral Surgery1902862824
Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation 41731, KYGeneral Surgery1326092990
Frankfort Hospital, Inc. 40601, KYGeneral Surgery1457305476
Greenview Hospital, Inc. 42104, KYGeneral Surgery1871547703
Anderson Primary Care Llc 40342, KYGeneral Surgery1982659496
St Elizabeth Medical Center, Inc 41097, KYGeneral Surgery1114974813
Mary Breckinridge Healthcare, Inc. 41749, KYGeneral Surgery1316994080
Baptist Community Health Services, Inc. 40223, KYGeneral Surgery1437106952
Frankfort Hospital, Inc. 40601, KYGeneral Surgery1427095488
Frankfort Hospital, Inc. 40601, KYGeneral Surgery1063459022
St Elizabeth Medical Center, Inc 41075, KYGeneral Surgery1740221795
Caverna Memorial Hospital Inc. 42749, KYGeneral Surgery1376586404
St Elizabeth Medical Center, Inc 41042, KYGeneral Surgery1154365062
Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc. 41647, KYGeneral Surgery1649209263
Jewish Hospital And St. Mary's Healthcare, Inc. 40165, KYGeneral Surgery1578928537
Jewish Hospital And St. Mary's Healthcare, Inc. 40207, KYGeneral Surgery1629433693
Oh Muhlenberg, Llc 42345, KYGeneral Surgery1407800436
Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's Healthcare, Inc. 40215, KYGeneral Surgery1588601991
Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's Healthcare, Inc. 40205, KYGeneral Surgery1306888284
St Elizabeth Medical Center, Inc 41017, KYGeneral Surgery1467492421
Russell County Hospital 42642, KYGeneral Surgery1013954437
Jackson Physician Corp 41339, KYGeneral Surgery1841234671
Garrard Clinic Psc 40444, KYGeneral Surgery1871526780
Clark Regional Medical Center, Inc 40391, KYGeneral Surgery1306879614
The Medical Center At Franklin Inc 42134, KYGeneral Surgery1730113341
Amin's Family Practice Associates , Psc 40208, KYGeneral Surgery1750307393
Bowling Green Warren County Community Hospital Corporation 42749, KYGeneral Surgery1356716575
Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc. 41472, KYGeneral Surgery1356367270
University Of Louisville 40202, KYGeneral Surgery1861413098
Bowling Green Warren County Community Hospital Corporation 42164, KYGeneral Surgery1710906565
Bowling Green Warren County Community Hospital Corporation 42164, KYGeneral Surgery1285655811
Smiles Family Dentistry 42633, KYGeneral Surgery1154431187
Jennifer S. Chadwell Dmd 40456, KYGeneral Surgery1568565810
Brummett Cosmetic And Family Dentistry 42633, KYGeneral Surgery1831292499
Billy Forbess, D.m.d., P. S. C. 40503, KYGeneral Surgery1538266770
First Stop Urgent Care Center Psc 40031, KYGeneral Surgery1285731497
David C. Hagedorn Dmd Psc 41073, KYGeneral Surgery1811094097


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