Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Monroe Surgical Hospital, Llc 71201, LAGeneral Surgery1225031495
Melanie Andrews 70047, LAGeneral Surgery1447253430
Thomas Francis Mccoy Lll 70006, LAGeneral Surgery1558364547
Lige Frank Dunaway 70508, LAGeneral Surgery1154324937
Toby Bryan Moffatt 70471, LAGeneral Surgery1194728006
Richard M. Carr 46360, LAGeneral Surgery1144223108
Hospital Service District No. 2 70517, LAGeneral Surgery1548263262
Desoto Hospital Association 71052, LAGeneral Surgery1467455154
Christus Health Northern Louisiana 71105, LAGeneral Surgery1417950106
Lafayette General Medical Center Inc 70503, LAGeneral Surgery1275536799
Bunkie General Hospital 71322, LAGeneral Surgery1639377294
West Ascension Parish Hospital Service District 70346, LAGeneral Surgery1306849617
Dequincy Memorial Hospital,inc 70633, LAGeneral Surgery1518960806
Lafayette General Surgical Hospital, Llc 70503, LAGeneral Surgery1699778985
Gerald Alan Williams 70461, LAGeneral Surgery1114929262
Natchitoches Parish Hospital Service District 71457, LAGeneral Surgery1689676835
Rhonda Beard 71220, LAGeneral Surgery1568464733
William P. Bolton 71201, LAGeneral Surgery1477555431
Jennings American Legion Hospital, Inc. 70546, LAGeneral Surgery1114921160
Calcasieu Cameron Hospital Service District 70663, LAGeneral Surgery1093719932
Hospital Service District No 2 Of Parish Of Beauregard State Of La 70634, LAGeneral Surgery1831193499
Lewis King Scott 71291, LAGeneral Surgery1104820778
David Michael Pousson 70458, LAGeneral Surgery1871597468
West Jefferson Holdings, Llc 70072, LAGeneral Surgery1265437644
Bobby Dale Leach 70726, LAGeneral Surgery1205831187
Michael Joseph Anderson 70726, LAGeneral Surgery1477558369
Slidell Memorial Hospital 70458, LAGeneral Surgery1578568481
James Jerome Smith 70503, LAGeneral Surgery1366447161
Brian Broadwell 71105, LAGeneral Surgery1689679383
Griffin Lavelle Deen 70433, LAGeneral Surgery1003811753
David Anthony Tate 70548, LAGeneral Surgery1679578108
Dennis Edward Donald 70605, LAGeneral Surgery1295731537
Galen Frank Meyers 70810, LAGeneral Surgery1609872092
Johnny Lynn Black 71105, LAGeneral Surgery1437155660
Paul E Dugas 70461, LAGeneral Surgery1992701288
Conrad Pettit Mcvea 70438, LAGeneral Surgery1194721266
Conrad Pettit Mcvea 70438, LAGeneral Surgery1356347249
Joseph Harrison Bumgardner 71068, LAGeneral Surgery1427054303
Steven J Worley 71334, LAGeneral Surgery1861499477
Caldwell Memorial Hospital Inc 71418, LAGeneral Surgery1134126659
West Carroll Health Systems Llc 71263, LAGeneral Surgery1306843826
North Oaks Medical Center, Llc 70403, LAGeneral Surgery1144227539
Clhg winn, Llc 71483, LAGeneral Surgery1205833241
David Earle Johnston 70806, LAGeneral Surgery1649277419
Bobby Dean Westerman 70809, LAGeneral Surgery1437156304
Lafourche Parish Service District #1 70345, LAGeneral Surgery1922005842
Acadia st. Landry Hospital Service District 70525, LAGeneral Surgery1376540153
Isaac A. House 71037, LAGeneral Surgery1124026471
Franklin Foundation Hospital 70538, LAGeneral Surgery1043218365
Scott J. Fin 70722, LAGeneral Surgery1598763336
Genesis Specialty Hospitals Ii, Llc 70119, LAGeneral Surgery1831198175
Fred Wesley Thomas 70510, LAGeneral Surgery1962401349
David L. Barnes 71203, LAGeneral Surgery1063411056
Willis Knighton Medical Center, Inc. 71103, LAGeneral Surgery1568461572
Wards 3 4 & 10 Hospital Service District Parish Of Union 71222, LAGeneral Surgery1023018835
Robert William Kelly 70005, LAGeneral Surgery1821098393
Touro Infirmary 70115, LAGeneral Surgery1821098286
Gary Brandt 70807, LAGeneral Surgery1255331450
Our Lady Of Lourdes Regional Medical Center,inc 70508, LAGeneral Surgery1598766495
Paul Abide 70726, LAGeneral Surgery1376544106
Brfhh Shreveport Llc 71103, LAGeneral Surgery1912909912
Brfhh Monroe Llc 71202, LAGeneral Surgery1215939210
Madison Parish Hospital Service District 71282, LAGeneral Surgery1851393409
Sabine Medical Center Inc 71449, LAGeneral Surgery1649262791
Ochsner Clinic Llc 70809, LAGeneral Surgery1407848443
Ochsner Clinic Llc 70121, LAGeneral Surgery1538151428
New Orleans Dental Center 70058, LAGeneral Surgery1629060538
Thomas R Leach 70722, LAGeneral Surgery1447242284
Childrens Hospital, Inc. 70118, LAGeneral Surgery1104819366
Tony Leon Guilbeau 70501, LAGeneral Surgery1083607261
Gregory D Lord 71446, LAGeneral Surgery1639162290
Jimmy Nooe Guidry 70806, LAGeneral Surgery1548253016
Our Lady Of The Lake Ascension Community Hospital, Inc. 70737, LAGeneral Surgery1215921077
Our Lady Of The Lake Hospital Inc. 70808, LAGeneral Surgery1366436123
Our Lady Of The Lake Assumption Community Hospital 70390, LAGeneral Surgery1609860360
Daniel Robinett Shea 70808, LAGeneral Surgery1548255995
Gordy Louis Landry 70510, LAGeneral Surgery1093700130
Fiaz Afzal 70062, LAGeneral Surgery1003801044
Derris Wayne Ray 70422, LAGeneral Surgery1780679746
Idolphus C Turnley 71342, LAGeneral Surgery1093700817
Harold David Tyler 71040, LAGeneral Surgery1629064019
Kevin John Schellhaas 70002, LAGeneral Surgery1568458560
Predrag M Gagic 71351, LAGeneral Surgery1811983877
James P Mire 70360, LAGeneral Surgery1447247036
Lincoln Health System 71270, LAGeneral Surgery1245228915
Riverside Medical Center 70438, LAGeneral Surgery1700874062
Christus Health Central Louisiana 71019, LAGeneral Surgery1205824208
St Francis Medical Center, Inc 71201, LAGeneral Surgery1295723229
Chester Gregory Boudreaux 70301, LAGeneral Surgery1073502472
James Theard Soignet 70301, LAGeneral Surgery1326037730
Salvador Nmi Flores 71110, LAGeneral Surgery1194714543
Thomas Gregory Chaisson 70301, LAGeneral Surgery1902895279
Carter Cox 71220, LAGeneral Surgery1386633485
St Anne Rehabilitaton Hospital, Llc 70394, LAGeneral Surgery1265422976
Wilton A Guillory 71301, LAGeneral Surgery1386634186
Chalmette Medical Center, Inc. 70043, LAGeneral Surgery1124018874
Pendleton Methodist Hospital, L.l.c. 70127, LAGeneral Surgery1457341109
St. James Parish Hosp. Serv. Dist. 70071, LAGeneral Surgery1588654966
Diana Fontenot Roy 70506, LAGeneral Surgery1235129727
Baseemah Safa Najeeullah 71110, LAGeneral Surgery1700877859
Christus Health Central Louisiana 71301, LAGeneral Surgery1639160799
Suresh J Patel 70548, LAGeneral Surgery1346231156
East Carroll Parish Hospital 71254, LAGeneral Surgery1982695441
Greater Baton Rouge Surgical Hospital, Llc 70807, LAGeneral Surgery1487645859
James Bradley Graham 71110, LAGeneral Surgery1053302216
Lynn M. Guidry 70518, LAGeneral Surgery1972584746
Jon Harvey Gray, Iii 70601, LAGeneral Surgery1356322077
Randall R Perry Dds A Professional Corporation 70605, LAGeneral Surgery1184605750
Randall R Perry 70605, LAGeneral Surgery1932180601
Harry Mobley 71068, LAGeneral Surgery1952382483
Hospital Service Dist. No. 1 Of The Parish Of St. Charles, State Of La 70070, LAGeneral Surgery1295716637
Stanley Thomas Hoover 70503, LAGeneral Surgery1366423691
Morehouse General Hospital 71220, LAGeneral Surgery1003898313
Lisa Allison-graves Post 71241, LAGeneral Surgery1508848623
Alan Keith Neal 71110, LAGeneral Surgery1164404943
Jefferson Community Health Care Centers Inc 70094, LAGeneral Surgery1124000773
Jeremy Gerard Dumas 70130, LAGeneral Surgery1104808757
James Matthew Randall 70808, LAGeneral Surgery1538143003
Union General Hospital 71241, LAGeneral Surgery1881678704
Hospital Service District No 1 Of Pointe Coupee 70760, LAGeneral Surgery1588648315
Tyrone Tucker 71232, LAGeneral Surgery1871578237
Ezekiel J Wetzel 71103, LAGeneral Surgery1215913611
Ochsner Clinic Foundation 70121, LAGeneral Surgery1811973100
Allison O Brigham 71111, LAGeneral Surgery1922086719
Charles P Brigham 71111, LAGeneral Surgery1609854496
Julio E Iglesias 71483, LAGeneral Surgery1780663476
Jonas Erwin Gauthier 71360, LAGeneral Surgery1023097649
Opelousas General Health System 70570, LAGeneral Surgery1447230388
Southpark Community Hospital 70508, LAGeneral Surgery1275513798
Jennifer Leigh Munson 70072, LAGeneral Surgery1689654956
Miguel Angel Aguilera 70805, LAGeneral Surgery1598735334
Margaret Marie Moore 70112, LAGeneral Surgery1316917909
Mitou A Lemaire 70427, LAGeneral Surgery1245200625
Lakica R Amos 36604, LAGeneral Surgery1467422741
National Healthcare Of Leesville, Inc. 71446, LAGeneral Surgery1881665164
Gordon Troy Prairie 42223, LAGeneral Surgery1992776991
River West, L.p. 70764, LAGeneral Surgery1609847284
Joe B Holden 70526, LAGeneral Surgery1427020825
Jackson Parish Hospital 71251, LAGeneral Surgery1093793408
Springhill Medical Services, Inc. 71075, LAGeneral Surgery1275506115
Christopher Robert Culliton 71112, LAGeneral Surgery1467427989
The Hospital Service District Of West Feliciana Parish Louisiana 70775, LAGeneral Surgery1164497533
Nicholas John Miniotis 70119, LAGeneral Surgery1003881905
Russell P Mayer 70401, LAGeneral Surgery1043286891
Gonzalo Correa 70301, LAGeneral Surgery1750357166
Diana Novakovic Kessler 37412, LAGeneral Surgery1295701795
Scott Christopher Chapman 70506, LAGeneral Surgery1447226741
Dirk Timothy Rainwater 71251, LAGeneral Surgery1043286230
Hospital Service District No. 1 Of Iberia Parish 70560, LAGeneral Surgery1285601088
Surgical Specialty Center Of Baton Rouge, Llc 70810, LAGeneral Surgery1588631311
Reginald E Goldsby 70422, LAGeneral Surgery1184692915
Randy P Dugas 70563, LAGeneral Surgery1033187687
Robert Randolph Laville 70508, LAGeneral Surgery1679541353
Gregory Aaron Raczniak 70112, LAGeneral Surgery1861460636
North Caddo Hospital Service District 71082, LAGeneral Surgery1326016684
John Patrick Higgins 70586, LAGeneral Surgery1396713657
Rayfield Lotten 70119, LAGeneral Surgery1205805124
Ralph Michael Hennessee 71446, LAGeneral Surgery1760451819
Talmadge Kirk Crane 70503, LAGeneral Surgery1497724520
Charles Raymond Mehle 70427, LAGeneral Surgery1689643348
Jeremiah Joseph Shiplov 71110, LAGeneral Surgery1477522092
Oac Llc 70809, LAGeneral Surgery1366411662
Abbeville General Hospital 70510, LAGeneral Surgery1255300414
Jerome J Arimura 70601, LAGeneral Surgery1962461756
Park Place Surgery Center, Llc 70508, LAGeneral Surgery1215996632
Michael Douglas Friley 70058, LAGeneral Surgery1770542003
Gary Lynn Miller 70546, LAGeneral Surgery1154381481
William Joseph Carlisle 70072, LAGeneral Surgery1174583041
Archie F Breazeale 71457, LAGeneral Surgery1679533145
Hospital Service District No 1 a Of The Parish Of Richland State Of La 71232, LAGeneral Surgery1336109768
Robert Sergent 70119, LAGeneral Surgery1588625842
Tywanna L Chisley 71201, LAGeneral Surgery1699736397
John C Theriot 70503, LAGeneral Surgery1871554402
Kenneth Paul Mauterer 71480, LAGeneral Surgery1811959380
Sarat K Donepudi 70090, LAGeneral Surgery1962464297
Predrag M Gagic, Md, A Professional Medical Corporation 71351, LAGeneral Surgery1871555177
Bruce Gregory Green 20889, LAGeneral Surgery1659333599
Wynn Christopher Russo 70062, LAGeneral Surgery1881656403
Mark G Petry 70591, LAGeneral Surgery1902868649
Danny J Gerstner 70123, LAGeneral Surgery1417911728
Abdolreza Vadiee 70043, LAGeneral Surgery1093770794
Iasis Ouachita Community Hospital Lp 71291, LAGeneral Surgery1356306971
Heart Clinic Of Louisiana 70072, LAGeneral Surgery1932165420
Thompson Tal Lanius 71110, LAGeneral Surgery1053377200
Arnold E Gelfand 70115, LAGeneral Surgery1649236621
Manuel Y Imseis 70114, LAGeneral Surgery1508823329
Donald A Pavy 70560, LAGeneral Surgery1649237447
Terrebonne Parish Hospital Service District #1 70360, LAGeneral Surgery1518924109
Michael Edward Woolbert 71104, LAGeneral Surgery1396702908
George Douglas Sagrera 70560, LAGeneral Surgery1093772402
K Gerald Haydel Md Apc 70360, LAGeneral Surgery1568429918
Douglas Troy Talley 71107, LAGeneral Surgery1932167848
James Richard Brown 71107, LAGeneral Surgery1013975879
Daniel C. Megison 70816, LAGeneral Surgery1194783464
Franklin Parish Hospital Service District No1 71295, LAGeneral Surgery1356399539
Samuel Hart Sanders 70360, LAGeneral Surgery1295783173
Nolan Herbert Boudreaux 70058, LAGeneral Surgery1912955295
Hospital Service District 1 Of East Baton Rouge Parish 70791, LAGeneral Surgery1376591941
Bryan Clark Mccann 71351, LAGeneral Surgery1548218969
Alexandria Vamc 71360, LAGeneral Surgery1992754055


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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