Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Maha G Boutros 01824, MAGeneral Surgery1174526172
Ramona L. Leeman 02446, MAGeneral Surgery1558364521
Robert I. Orenstein 02675, MAGeneral Surgery1871596437
David Riss Fang 01970, MAGeneral Surgery1912900606
Kunio Kwok-hung Chan 01821, MAGeneral Surgery1245232396
Michael H Wasserman 01201, MAGeneral Surgery1477555639
William R Dennis 01545, MAGeneral Surgery1417959792
William Collins Lund 02180, MAGeneral Surgery1467456723
Edward Vance Geschelin 02127, MAGeneral Surgery1942202023
Peter P Audette 01609, MAGeneral Surgery1578567228
Laura Gramse, Dmd Pc 01129, MAGeneral Surgery1902357049
Carol E Wilkins 01020, MAGeneral Surgery1326042920
Michael Gusar 01501, MAGeneral Surgery1114921723
Justine R Kelley 02446, MAGeneral Surgery1447254966
Paul J. Scull 02116, MAGeneral Surgery1336143858
Harrington Memorial Hospital, Inc. 01550, MAGeneral Surgery1790780047
Kenneth Lloyd Bouchard 01475, MAGeneral Surgery1275538548
Essent Healthcare Ayer, Inc. 01432, MAGeneral Surgery1164427431
Cara Lund 02180, MAGeneral Surgery1588669998
Raymond J Hill 02601, MAGeneral Surgery1104821487
Thomas Joseph Curtin 02322, MAGeneral Surgery1104821214
Quincy Medical Center 02169, MAGeneral Surgery1619972445
Richard P Simitis 01605, MAGeneral Surgery1427054998
Gregg Kent Mullens 01301, MAGeneral Surgery1003812538
John Terrence Sinclair 01201, MAGeneral Surgery1538165832
Nasser S. Hanna 01562, MAGeneral Surgery1619973716
Hershel T Ellenbogen 01588, MAGeneral Surgery1558367557
Ian Barwick 01826, MAGeneral Surgery1689670713
Casmer C. Ziemlak 01749, MAGeneral Surgery1023014040
Lisa J Murray 01982, MAGeneral Surgery1689670499
Nan E Niland 02026, MAGeneral Surgery1790782324
Mount Auburn Hospital 02138, MAGeneral Surgery1689670259
Janiene Frances Gresla 01803, MAGeneral Surgery1477559052
Mark R Halperin 02026, MAGeneral Surgery1366449894
Louis J Sawan 02026, MAGeneral Surgery1861499394
Drew M Mittelman 02026, MAGeneral Surgery1265439657
Mitchell B Resnick 01075, MAGeneral Surgery1821095092
Peter Edward Strock 02568, MAGeneral Surgery1063419182
Howard Robert Cooper 01588, MAGeneral Surgery1205833217
Richard Kosinski 02026, MAGeneral Surgery1386641215
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 02215, MAGeneral Surgery1558726356
Frank Youngmook Shin 02122, MAGeneral Surgery1508864901
Stephen C Hoff 02066, MAGeneral Surgery1396743621
Essent Health Care Of Mass Inc 01830, MAGeneral Surgery1477552602
Melrosewakefield Healthcare, Inc. 02155, MAGeneral Surgery1841290467
Maria Magdelena Tran 02302, MAGeneral Surgery1346240942
Michael Taekyu Choi 02111, MAGeneral Surgery1962861021
Lawrence General Hospital 01841, MAGeneral Surgery1750381281
Joel Pearlman 02035, MAGeneral Surgery1285634634
Felicia Baltazar 01020, MAGeneral Surgery1477047843
Dedham Medical Assoc Inc 02026, MAGeneral Surgery1164422234
Anastasia Foufas 02035, MAGeneral Surgery1831190693
Darren Drag 02035, MAGeneral Surgery1750382511
Baystate Franklin Medical Center 01301, MAGeneral Surgery1508867391
Baystate Mary Lane Hospital Corporation 01082, MAGeneral Surgery1144221847
Thomas Michael Leonard 02474, MAGeneral Surgery1003817727
Baystate Medical Center Inc 01199, MAGeneral Surgery1487655064
Marc L Abrahams 02035, MAGeneral Surgery1841292539
Richard G Miller 02035, MAGeneral Surgery1932101607
Hans A Langara 02190, MAGeneral Surgery1538151691
New England Baptist Hospital 02120, MAGeneral Surgery1699767491
James Richard Swartz 02360, MAGeneral Surgery1578555934
Tufts new England Medical Center 02111, MAGeneral Surgery1124011663
The Mercy Hospital Inc 01104, MAGeneral Surgery1043204316
The Mercy Hospital Inc 01040, MAGeneral Surgery1629062906
Sonny Khanna 01104, MAGeneral Surgery1306830971
Richard S Lewis 01803, MAGeneral Surgery1083609424
Martha C Lipchitz 01876, MAGeneral Surgery1326033374
Townsend Smiles Pllc 01469, MAGeneral Surgery1902303043
John W Thompson 02301, MAGeneral Surgery1356337711
Edward Swiderski 01569, MAGeneral Surgery1225024151
Steven David Cohen 01776, MAGeneral Surgery1285620971
Richard Duncan Hopgood 01810, MAGeneral Surgery1851387559
Henry Heywood Memorial Hospital 01440, MAGeneral Surgery1205823879
Heywood Medical Group Inc. 01440, MAGeneral Surgery1699762286
Debra Jean Wood 02631, MAGeneral Surgery1871580365
William Lee 02122, MAGeneral Surgery1508853987
Kirk Dental Associates 01776, MAGeneral Surgery1548257751
Gregory J Stanley 02324, MAGeneral Surgery1205823242
Leonard Tom 02478, MAGeneral Surgery1922095942
Steven R Lazar 02452, MAGeneral Surgery1740277631
Paul David Epstein 01803, MAGeneral Surgery1730176603
Jeffrey A Goldman 02129, MAGeneral Surgery1689661472
George Ghaly 01824, MAGeneral Surgery1649268376
John William Barone 02760, MAGeneral Surgery1942298690
Neil L Ringler 02630, MAGeneral Surgery1578551339
Larry Z. Lockerman 01605, MAGeneral Surgery1700874344
John Lasker 02478, MAGeneral Surgery1124016704
Jeffrey B Allan 01876, MAGeneral Surgery1770571291
David M Matson 01527, MAGeneral Surgery1811985195
Bruce Allen Drobnis 02703, MAGeneral Surgery1164410395
Amy G St.germain 01028, MAGeneral Surgery1104814474
Gary Frank Circosta 01089, MAGeneral Surgery1316935448
Joseph A Nelson 01721, MAGeneral Surgery1437147501
Stephen E Recupero 02072, MAGeneral Surgery1487642435
Charles H Weeber 01002, MAGeneral Surgery1861481715
Donald D Fiorillo 01604, MAGeneral Surgery1780673657
Edward J. Welch, Jr. 01060, MAGeneral Surgery1154310068
David Winsor Manning 01056, MAGeneral Surgery1538158266
L Michael Gouveia 02740, MAGeneral Surgery1184613861
Massachusetts General Hospital 02114, MAGeneral Surgery1184613721
John Francis Scanlon 01505, MAGeneral Surgery1922097674
Paul F Caselle 01887, MAGeneral Surgery1952390403
Robert G. Stein, D.m.d., Pc 01960, MAGeneral Surgery1881683225
Peter Antonopoulos 01129, MAGeneral Surgery1003805441
Frederick L Solomon 02176, MAGeneral Surgery1215926530
Bruce. Schneider 01776, MAGeneral Surgery1780673939
Bagley, Goodwin & Hrinda Pc 01301, MAGeneral Surgery1063401131
Assia Fain 01545, MAGeneral Surgery1033108261
Keith Paul Asarkof 02421, MAGeneral Surgery1730178716
Steven E Eisen 02155, MAGeneral Surgery1215927033
Vincent P.a. Failla 02451, MAGeneral Surgery1033109988
Richard D. Lafauci 01960, MAGeneral Surgery1316937279
Robert Defrancesco 02451, MAGeneral Surgery1316937212
Paul G Colaneri 02155, MAGeneral Surgery1134119944
Anthony David Puopolo 01757, MAGeneral Surgery1790775542
Lorenzo Lepore 02155, MAGeneral Surgery1164412979
Robert Carl Horn 02072, MAGeneral Surgery1033109616
Yih Ming Hsiao 01007, MAGeneral Surgery1760472864
John W. Barone, Dmd, Inc. 02760, MAGeneral Surgery1720079825
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology 02142, MAGeneral Surgery1588133946
David L Steinhof 02720, MAGeneral Surgery1851382527
Stanley Jerome Kass 01701, MAGeneral Surgery1922099704
Johnnie Dunbar Gross 01057, MAGeneral Surgery1700877941
Chien-yu Hsu 01851, MAGeneral Surgery1205817442
Patricia A Bonner 01060, MAGeneral Surgery1417938481
Gerald M Goldberg 01262, MAGeneral Surgery1720069792
Pailin Dental Center 01851, MAGeneral Surgery1881675460
Athol Memorial Hospital Incorporated 01331, MAGeneral Surgery1336120047
Martin D Spielmann 02492, MAGeneral Surgery1902888282
Alan M. Gonick 01830, MAGeneral Surgery1265414478
Charles Pierre Khoury 02719, MAGeneral Surgery1124000393
Richard Strakus 02492, MAGeneral Surgery1184606386
Lisa Vouras 01867, MAGeneral Surgery1023090941
Joseph P. Russo 01880, MAGeneral Surgery1336121334
Li-an Su 01867, MAGeneral Surgery1366424251
Harrington Memorial Hospital 01550, MAGeneral Surgery1992787774
Kenneth T. Yelland 02492, MAGeneral Surgery1073595807
David M. Wolf 01757, MAGeneral Surgery1114909959
Matthew P. Curtin 01938, MAGeneral Surgery1992787600
Michael P. Adams 02540, MAGeneral Surgery1174505879
Sanford H. Greenberg 01913, MAGeneral Surgery1710969431
James Michael Phelan 02703, MAGeneral Surgery1255313656
James G. Yankowskas Dds Pc 01879, MAGeneral Surgery1487637799
Richard Evan Wolfert 02190, MAGeneral Surgery1033192281
Michael S. Szarek 01852, MAGeneral Surgery1396728556
Nazila Bidabadi 02134, MAGeneral Surgery1235112343
Michael Rocco Pellegrini 02478, MAGeneral Surgery1083697098
Allen L Weiner 02052, MAGeneral Surgery1558344572
Armond M Enos Jr. 01721, MAGeneral Surgery1780667758
Robert M. Mccarthy 01602, MAGeneral Surgery1669455572
Raymond Kirk Martin 02048, MAGeneral Surgery1700869641
Maheshwari Patel 01226, MAGeneral Surgery1962485888
Maria Lourdes Longo 02446, MAGeneral Surgery1831172535
Paul Polo 01085, MAGeneral Surgery1881677433
Richard Loguercio 02368, MAGeneral Surgery1164405759
Richard C Gillis 02492, MAGeneral Surgery1548243157
Milton A. Glicksman 02747, MAGeneral Surgery1467435065
Stephen Robert Couet 02346, MAGeneral Surgery1891778361
Paul Frederick Forte 01960, MAGeneral Surgery1295718773
Clifton C Georgaklis 02445, MAGeneral Surgery1689658114
Rhonda Josephine Friedmann 02215, MAGeneral Surgery1518941855
Stephan Ginsberg 02048, MAGeneral Surgery1912981358
Alan Michael Kasperowski 01085, MAGeneral Surgery1598749863
Steven A. Migliorini 02180, MAGeneral Surgery1619951746
Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital 03756, MAGeneral Surgery1023092053
Gail Mary Keenan 01844, MAGeneral Surgery1235113127
John Patrick Griffin 01020, MAGeneral Surgery1144204058
Brian C Mcdowell 01420, MAGeneral Surgery1922082734
Brigham And Women's Hospital 01778, MAGeneral Surgery1235594193
Rebekah Ann Boral 02026, MAGeneral Surgery1104800929
Donohue & Donohue Dmd, Pc 01108, MAGeneral Surgery1205810892
Harry B Messier 02332, MAGeneral Surgery1164407631
Yosef Pesach Glassman 02557, MAGeneral Surgery1265417778
Mark L Connolly 02155, MAGeneral Surgery1053396259
Danvers Dental Associates, Inc. 01923, MAGeneral Surgery1275518466
Louis Michael Grillon 01013, MAGeneral Surgery1063497170
Mark David Goldberg 01923, MAGeneral Surgery1871578542
Aidis S. Kozica 01605, MAGeneral Surgery1962487736
Tyngsboro Family Dental Practice 01879, MAGeneral Surgery1801872403
Karl Martin David Wiklund 02360, MAGeneral Surgery1023094513
Hui Huang 02140, MAGeneral Surgery1760468094
Fred J Ravens 01867, MAGeneral Surgery1043296239
Ron Levenbaum 01886, MAGeneral Surgery1689650798
Riaz Hussain 02703, MAGeneral Surgery1386620391
Christy W Savas 01604, MAGeneral Surgery1861478802
Timothy Neil Smith 02132, MAGeneral Surgery1205812120
Robert George Paquette 02767, MAGeneral Surgery1003893884
Sein H. Siao 02093, MAGeneral Surgery1366429128
Jerry W Salo 01564, MAGeneral Surgery1518944172
Mary Elizabeth Pierce 03102, MAGeneral Surgery1013994482
Norman F Rogers 01844, MAGeneral Surgery1386621753
Jennifer Rose Korzeb 01844, MAGeneral Surgery1376520759
Joseph P. Rafferty 01910, MAGeneral Surgery1669459723
John A Beal 01844, MAGeneral Surgery1114904158
Lee Sullivan 02116, MAGeneral Surgery1407261605
Adam M Persky 02481, MAGeneral Surgery1285612705
Thomas Payson Francis 02673, MAGeneral Surgery1497733059
Mark S Levy 01103, MAGeneral Surgery1770561219
Elaine H. O'brien 02360, MAGeneral Surgery1922086362


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Q: What is a NPI number?
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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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