Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kristin Lee Castine 48854, MIGeneral Surgery1144224064
Saundra L Blanchard 49445, MIGeneral Surgery1407854177
Michigan Dental Providers (sterling Heights), P.c. 48313, MIGeneral Surgery1477524379
Craig Edelheit 48336, MIGeneral Surgery1316978943
Richard Stake Shields 28803, MIGeneral Surgery1871601369
Noelle Rene Gailey 48346, MIGeneral Surgery1740375674
Kristin Francine Heckman-nickodemus 48104, MIGeneral Surgery1710067350
Paul Ernest Marcuz 48066, MIGeneral Surgery1831280908
Bonita R Branch-yapa 48076, MIGeneral Surgery1609935758
Raymond Peter Maly 48375, MIGeneral Surgery1720150535
David William Stevens 87571, MIGeneral Surgery1255405528
James Allen Watson 48118, MIGeneral Surgery1346456217
Ryan P Rivamonte 48390, MIGeneral Surgery1518458330
Suman Chintala 98036, MIGeneral Surgery1164625315
Arianne Jeaneve Boylan 06520, MIGeneral Surgery1851566228
Amanda Marie Desjardins 49659, MIGeneral Surgery1336309889
Mark Thomas Murphy 48307, MIGeneral Surgery1487842829
Cassandra Wormack 48864, MIGeneral Surgery1023217437
Nathan Tushar Patel 49009, MIGeneral Surgery1033420419
Joseph S Wnek 46545, MIGeneral Surgery1760790596
Chady Ahmed Elhage 48073, MIGeneral Surgery1588957799
Tamam Mohamad 48201, MIGeneral Surgery1457687584
Stephanie Ligerakis Coop 48442, MIGeneral Surgery1295029841
Higher Standard Therapeutics Rehab Pc 48235, MIGeneral Surgery1417264573
Sara Kellogg Troyer 49201, MIGeneral Surgery1306048194
Nathan C Stachel 48316, MIGeneral Surgery1679835250
Advanced Healthcare Hospital Llc 48342, MIGeneral Surgery1629405626
Savannah L Banas 48093, MIGeneral Surgery1760898886
Stephanie Suhyoung Shin 48104, MIGeneral Surgery1649646084
Kristina Elizabeth Glover 80909, MIGeneral Surgery1013272350
Ivan Chicchon 95219, MIGeneral Surgery1407267446
Thaeer Sawa 48310, MIGeneral Surgery1093109241
Teddy Belgica Eusebio 94501, MIGeneral Surgery1043740970
Stefani Luann Doody 48130, MIGeneral Surgery1033470281
The Memorial Hospital 48867, MIGeneral Surgery1093198624
Ayesha Saluja 48093, MIGeneral Surgery1568711869
Eric Michael Johnson 49801, MIGeneral Surgery1750694964
John Gordon Keeton 48116, MIGeneral Surgery1245547397
Ross Havens Hart 97203, MIGeneral Surgery1043658255
Humam Shalabi 33778, MIGeneral Surgery1649638081
Samantha Bassil 48197, MIGeneral Surgery1285083279
Anne Katherine Press 53295, MIGeneral Surgery1003337494
Jayashree Shreeganesh 48089, MIGeneral Surgery1245758820
Marla Sakowitz 32746, MIGeneral Surgery1528473394
Christopher Nelis 49464, MIGeneral Surgery1568824803
Stephanie Stephan 48340, MIGeneral Surgery1609237965
Akintunde Olaniyi Ojo 78109, MIGeneral Surgery1215464557
Joshua Michael Andaloro 49444, MIGeneral Surgery1023546926
Suzy Akrawe 48091, MIGeneral Surgery1417487844
Tyler Allan Robichaud 48062, MIGeneral Surgery1265952683
Leah Ann Tatasciore 49684, MIGeneral Surgery1306376967
Morris Edward Gales 48076, MIGeneral Surgery1538160908
Satish R Mehta 48021, MIGeneral Surgery1114960309
Lonnita Louise Coulter 48201, MIGeneral Surgery1104345958
Dr. Smith & Associates (rochester Hills), P.c. 48307, MIGeneral Surgery1669830931
Xpress Care Pllc 48503, MIGeneral Surgery1861990855
Health One Medical Center, Eastpointe Llc 48021, MIGeneral Surgery1669508917
Workit Health 48104, MIGeneral Surgery1124485628
Bethany Jean Gadd 48088, MIGeneral Surgery1760993828
Alison Nicole Tseng 48104, MIGeneral Surgery1912436908
Midwest Implant Surgery Center 49428, MIGeneral Surgery1154800357
Spencer R Bierlein 37215, MIGeneral Surgery1033605597
Braden Galvin 48885, MIGeneral Surgery1598146532
Funktional Sleep Pllc 48307, MIGeneral Surgery1225536469
Michigan Family Medicine And Urgent Care 48820, MIGeneral Surgery1497225403
Jennifer Aye 48183, MIGeneral Surgery1265897003
Laura Michelle Landis 48375, MIGeneral Surgery1699296517
Noor Yousif 48723, MIGeneral Surgery1285125641
Christina Maria Reyes 33012, MIGeneral Surgery1679931000
Daniel James Roberts 49546, MIGeneral Surgery1194834002
Alexander Edmund Underwood 65803, MIGeneral Surgery1619406014
Maxine Cannon 49428, MIGeneral Surgery1295221778
Andrew John Ketner 48342, MIGeneral Surgery1043574874
Natalia Lynn Karmo 48301, MIGeneral Surgery1992299325
Sarmad Ramzi Eiwaz 48334, MIGeneral Surgery1134650450
Mahmoud Farhat 48128, MIGeneral Surgery1467942219
Elite Medical Rehabilitation Group Inc. 48334, MIGeneral Surgery1538176110
Samy Salhadar 49301, MIGeneral Surgery1093197881
Emily Rae Reinhardt 48734, MIGeneral Surgery1457910101
Whitney Marie Bozyk 49002, MIGeneral Surgery1588223895
Jeremy Michael Zaluski 48038, MIGeneral Surgery1386204857
Mason Leblanc Mallory 48453, MIGeneral Surgery1285294488
Andrew Bach 90067, MIGeneral Surgery1114307477
Danielle Lucy Roumayah 48322, MIGeneral Surgery1255991204
Tyler Smith 49420, MIGeneral Surgery1750942462
Madison Rae Mick 49120, MIGeneral Surgery1043871254
William Ryan Jenkins 48178, MIGeneral Surgery1619327673
Helen Haewon Kim 55423, MIGeneral Surgery1073828620
Andrew M Gurien 10595, MIGeneral Surgery1629025408
Aaron Park 14618, MIGeneral Surgery1073952321
Benjamin P Lievense 48640, MIGeneral Surgery1932755295
Steven Andrew Robinson 72401, MIGeneral Surgery1972039220
Susan Jaamour 60148, MIGeneral Surgery1144873522
Lynn Michelle Eickholt 48210, MIGeneral Surgery1669636072
Michigan Restorative Institute, Pllc 48059, MIGeneral Surgery1871141093
Jodilyn Jelsema 35660, MIGeneral Surgery1518195460
Joshua Shaw Brudi 49616, MIGeneral Surgery1093245540
James David Thomas 48726, MIGeneral Surgery1710108287
Paula Egharevba 33174, MIGeneral Surgery1740681451
Mitchell Kohl 68116, MIGeneral Surgery1306368691
Casey Darrah 48033, MIGeneral Surgery1669730008
Joan Mary Cloutier 49696, MIGeneral Surgery1235772385
Promedica North Physicians Corporation 49252, MIGeneral Surgery1780228163
Raafat Boles Mahrous Shehata 48076, MIGeneral Surgery1891078846
Stephanie Allison Boyle 48001, MIGeneral Surgery1134570344
Austin P Farmer 75087, MIGeneral Surgery1891212783
Ascension Providence Hospital 48374, MIGeneral Surgery1043385909
Community Mental Health For Central Michigan 48858, MIGeneral Surgery1609412840
Mark David Krull 49684, MIGeneral Surgery1902397425
Venancio Torres 48079, MIGeneral Surgery1235582750
Jennifer Joanna Archibald 02115, MIGeneral Surgery1801373105
Santos Garcia Hernandez 33614, MIGeneral Surgery1518989714
Timothy J Ponkowski 48312, MIGeneral Surgery1750819264
Ramy Attalla 07011, MIGeneral Surgery1538540901
Joslynn Kennedy Bauer 48118, MIGeneral Surgery1720647118
Monzer Saad 48201, MIGeneral Surgery1609009778
Mohammed Abdul Haseeb Al-yafi 40536, MIGeneral Surgery1639510753
Nejay Pauline Ananaba 75078, MIGeneral Surgery1598996365
Kimberly Sue Barrett 49437, MIGeneral Surgery1326532599
Anja M Hoffstrom 49855, MIGeneral Surgery1891147187
Mackinac Straits Health System Inc 49781, MIGeneral Surgery1124283502
Rumaisa Altayib 48197, MIGeneral Surgery1912429309
Asnaa 48228, MIGeneral Surgery1346637758
Kayla Ann Muxlow 48858, MIGeneral Surgery1245890649
Msu Health Care Inc 48824, MIGeneral Surgery1316572134
Memorial Hospital 48867, MIGeneral Surgery1538795356
Ascension Providence Hospital 48374, MIGeneral Surgery1144210253
Kyle Lamont Allan 48823, MIGeneral Surgery1558855262
Don Pham 92345, MIGeneral Surgery1992184998
Vpa Pc 48076, MIGeneral Surgery1669091864
Vpa Pc 48076, MIGeneral Surgery1245859446
Chukwudi Yagazie Mbagwu 94587, MIGeneral Surgery1881097442
Philip Lloyd Creps 46544, MIGeneral Surgery1649284688
Priscilla Marie Medero-rodriguez 00935, MIGeneral Surgery1942564794
Anjalee N Shah 43614, MIGeneral Surgery1306209648
Heidi Lambert 48457, MIGeneral Surgery1902347685
Gaps Health Mi P.c. 48017, MIGeneral Surgery1154943017
Derrick Williamson 48152, MIGeneral Surgery1215922059
Kevin Blau 29909, MIGeneral Surgery1356724025
Colleen Rose Allen 46825, MIGeneral Surgery1740772656
Christopher Witek 48197, MIGeneral Surgery1174152581
Pawel Andrzej Galecki 48186, MIGeneral Surgery1295178739
Dhruv Rajpurohit 75601, MIGeneral Surgery1740714534
Darren M Riopelle 49417, MIGeneral Surgery1265595102
Justin Chan 48317, MIGeneral Surgery1982220497
Mosab Ramzi Muhi Deen 48304, MIGeneral Surgery1821339797
Andrew Colman 48185, MIGeneral Surgery1912983131
Greg David Komyathy 28374, MIGeneral Surgery1144273699
Robert Bruce Hurley 48838, MIGeneral Surgery1740318096
Jeremy X Figueroa-ortiz 48109, MIGeneral Surgery1033737747
Christopher Bailey 78236, MIGeneral Surgery1265824742
Madhumeeta Sanam-venkata 48213, MIGeneral Surgery1457979205
Alexander F Hagar 48214, MIGeneral Surgery1922631944
Hossein E Jazayeri 48109, MIGeneral Surgery1295343077
Jeffrey Anthony Gazzara 19102, MIGeneral Surgery1790135358
Brent Knudson 58701, MIGeneral Surgery1982917399
Kaitlin Marie Seryak 48239, MIGeneral Surgery1699139733
Paresh Shrimankar 48105, MIGeneral Surgery1508985318
Kevin Michael Magone 40741, MIGeneral Surgery1801209069
Xiao Li 95128, MIGeneral Surgery1790211506
Kristen Miller-lauzon 48192, MIGeneral Surgery1730791153
Robert B. Hurley, Dds, Pc 48838, MIGeneral Surgery1528678836
Kulbir Jassal 48340, MIGeneral Surgery1902210503
Chloe M Son 49103, MIGeneral Surgery1396854188
Hyeokjin Son 49120, MIGeneral Surgery1972777399
Steven Hanrahan 31901, MIGeneral Surgery1487188587
Iliana Mireye Fingleton 49509, MIGeneral Surgery1841435666
Rabia Qadir Memon 94538, MIGeneral Surgery1588191738
Aseel A Al-ani 43017, MIGeneral Surgery1992232896
Regents Of The University Of Michigan 48109, MIGeneral Surgery1245283993
Jeffrey Boogren 48334, MIGeneral Surgery1417026287
Encore Geriatrics Pllc 48185, MIGeneral Surgery1053811380
Michael Paul Merren 55905, MIGeneral Surgery1568405934
Douglas Wigton 49684, MIGeneral Surgery1184600116
Stephanie Short 48127, MIGeneral Surgery1174180954
Dana Alkhatib 48180, MIGeneral Surgery1255799607
Patricia Casey 60564, MIGeneral Surgery1396173480
Moniruzzaman Khan 48091, MIGeneral Surgery1477592905
Daniela Garcia 48103, MIGeneral Surgery1336495191
Uzma Ahmad Chaudhry 47130, MIGeneral Surgery1689832024
Kenneth D. Thomas, Dds 48346, MIGeneral Surgery1154920106
Mohammad Muhsin Chisti 48085, MIGeneral Surgery1598911448
Alejandra M Cartagena 33172, MIGeneral Surgery1003390527
Halcyon L Inniss 66441, MIGeneral Surgery1891153789
Robert Jay Ault 48104, MIGeneral Surgery1194344580
Elmoataz Ibrahim 48038, MIGeneral Surgery1285883371
Raheel Chaudhry 49201, MIGeneral Surgery1790277507
Lakeland Hospitals At Niles And St Joseph, Inc 49085, MIGeneral Surgery1134220031
Rene Gonzalez Garcia 85224, MIGeneral Surgery1639269913
Rebecca Kathleene Motley 48076, MIGeneral Surgery1295782951
Vijay Singh Saini 33511, MIGeneral Surgery1043544810
Nickie Rose Bastani 22033, MIGeneral Surgery1801140892
Jeffrey Leya 60153, MIGeneral Surgery1124479449
Aisha Hakeem 77407, MIGeneral Surgery1700238821
Manal Zaibak 55901, MIGeneral Surgery1841795291
Keith Opat 64116, MIGeneral Surgery1164868022
Healthy Smiles Dental Care Of Lansing 48912, MIGeneral Surgery1275830416
Healthy Smiles Dental Care Of Flint, Pllc 48507, MIGeneral Surgery1447549191
Craig David Kozeluh 97031, MIGeneral Surgery1194210641
Jessica Marie Joseph 49024, MIGeneral Surgery1528598158


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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