Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tara Vonne Brodersen 55101, MNGeneral Surgery1336138882
Paul Amundson 55108, MNGeneral Surgery1851312250
Tyler Tarman 55042, MNGeneral Surgery1477093664
Daniel Edward Rose 56479, MNGeneral Surgery1598867806
Saharla A Jama 55104, MNGeneral Surgery1912003203
Todd Eric Thierer 55108, MNGeneral Surgery1851408165
David Alan Towne 56569, MNGeneral Surgery1245355122
Amber Lea Pearson 55369, MNGeneral Surgery1386704757
Barbara L Zajicek-daggett 56201, MNGeneral Surgery1316099872
Emily Steil 56377, MNGeneral Surgery1083143184
Jason William Pollard 56085, MNGeneral Surgery1457401291
Elsie Wang Weiler 55424, MNGeneral Surgery1124211867
Andrew Steven Atchison 56560, MNGeneral Surgery1992908255
Abby Pershke Johnson 55811, MNGeneral Surgery1922290345
Brandon J Ranvek 55068, MNGeneral Surgery1134323280
Vijay Chopra 95624, MNGeneral Surgery1396925327
Myron A Henrickson 55044, MNGeneral Surgery1023231776
Vivian G. Cuevas 55066, MNGeneral Surgery1982872578
Mark Patrick Spaude 55330, MNGeneral Surgery1679868335
Paul Evans Schultz 55115, MNGeneral Surgery1265707632
Jennifer Marie Bertrand 55369, MNGeneral Surgery1417240243
Samy Wasfy Boulos 55126, MNGeneral Surgery1275775348
Samuel Joseph Luchsinger 55455, MNGeneral Surgery1285908525
Margaret R Johnson 55112, MNGeneral Surgery1851651699
River Oaks Dental 56431, MNGeneral Surgery1780920256
Andrea Elizabeth Larson 55077, MNGeneral Surgery1366822587
Elizabeth Christine Foulkes 55112, MNGeneral Surgery1801238894
County Of Meeker 55355, MNGeneral Surgery1972055713
Medstudio, Pllc 55305, MNGeneral Surgery1336677483
Leah Hildebrandt 56636, MNGeneral Surgery1811425895
Benjamin Max Stein 60646, MNGeneral Surgery1265896864
Annelise Nelson 55447, MNGeneral Surgery1831565969
Allina Health System 55433, MNGeneral Surgery1316904287
Nicholas Theodore Schulte 55122, MNGeneral Surgery1760972749
Robert Will Huot 55108, MNGeneral Surgery1215427844
Leah Svingen Mccomas 55109, MNGeneral Surgery1699266130
Francesca Catibog 55402, MNGeneral Surgery1912439480
Jonathan Foster 02127, MNGeneral Surgery1427581727
Michael Thomas 98225, MNGeneral Surgery1912350257
Ryan John Miskulin 55024, MNGeneral Surgery1750743027
Mohamed Mukhtar Ali 55407, MNGeneral Surgery1154811404
David Norman Wold 83704, MNGeneral Surgery1912344284
Mahmoud Ahmad 92545, MNGeneral Surgery1316911662
Eric James Holthaus 55402, MNGeneral Surgery1124684725
Olivia Catherine Crane 55110, MNGeneral Surgery1679076376
Vang Lee 55443, MNGeneral Surgery1225695174
Alexandru Alexa 80909, MNGeneral Surgery1699160838
Eleanor Rose Trousdale 55102, MNGeneral Surgery1538546940
Kylie Marie Knapp 55305, MNGeneral Surgery1043730237
Jayce Apelgren 55122, MNGeneral Surgery1619358397
Carly Ann Sherod 55987, MNGeneral Surgery1013569136
Andrew John Kollath 55369, MNGeneral Surgery1902320286
Ho Young Lee 55369, MNGeneral Surgery1770629438
Zoe Kiklis 90201, MNGeneral Surgery1912404708
Lauren Kuhn 55362, MNGeneral Surgery1417475203
Brian Nels Dahl 66442, MNGeneral Surgery1487950895
Miller Hill Dental Pllc 55805, MNGeneral Surgery1487202370
Centracare Health System Long Prairie 56347, MNGeneral Surgery1164471678
Juan Miguel Almonte Sanchez 55033, MNGeneral Surgery1679052898
Gentle Dentistry Of Bloomington Pllc 55431, MNGeneral Surgery1154971380
Elizabeth Helen Brack 55307, MNGeneral Surgery1316235369
Trevor Mccollough 55804, MNGeneral Surgery1598285454
Sarah J Harvey 56308, MNGeneral Surgery1265774335
Nicol Lisa Gindorff 52317, MNGeneral Surgery1811059355
Megan Soper 55407, MNGeneral Surgery1487899654
Reny Chacko 92069, MNGeneral Surgery1013069996
Aaron C Babb 96013, MNGeneral Surgery1093026999
Prem Kumar 55421, MNGeneral Surgery1972656569
Cecile Diane Moliva Anendaga 06850, MNGeneral Surgery1609430776
Sanford Health Network 56187, MNGeneral Surgery1679859912
Liena D Abreus 29566, MNGeneral Surgery1467975136
Ethan Jon Brekke 55805, MNGeneral Surgery1689282469
Thomas Smyth 56001, MNGeneral Surgery1316081862
Kyle Ann Lohman 55379, MNGeneral Surgery1134737802
Brandon Paul Preuss 55901, MNGeneral Surgery1316465677
Liam Pd Smyth 45229, MNGeneral Surgery1114375912
Gwen Regnier 55336, MNGeneral Surgery1568815298
Tyler Heimerl 55060, MNGeneral Surgery1366052359
Margaret Baudino 52732, MNGeneral Surgery1265883029
Hidayo Elmi 55118, MNGeneral Surgery1497258982
Bonaventure Chisom Nwokocha 55445, MNGeneral Surgery1194018374
Minnesota Lee Dental Clinic, P.c. 55369, MNGeneral Surgery1932361474
Sucheta Raghavendra 17201, MNGeneral Surgery1649646837
Michael Hammon 55426, MNGeneral Surgery1417410556
Eric D Iwen 54880, MNGeneral Surgery1871723593
Terry D Schneekloth 85259, MNGeneral Surgery1184696312
Wendy Ann Peterson 54880, MNGeneral Surgery1427549674
Childrens Health Care 55404, MNGeneral Surgery1881793750
Kelly Norris 37232, MNGeneral Surgery1386802734
James Smith 55411, MNGeneral Surgery1750878948
Christopher Unger 78133, MNGeneral Surgery1669996930
Wael M Elosta 20176, MNGeneral Surgery1285729228
Thomas Opheim 55802, MNGeneral Surgery1740452812
Leslie Adrian 55805, MNGeneral Surgery1437509874
Shawn Elizabeth-bott Brown 49503, MNGeneral Surgery1184911703
Alyssa Daley 55906, MNGeneral Surgery1427645340
Jenna Lynn Swenson 55406, MNGeneral Surgery1811337751
Christopher Culhane 85941, MNGeneral Surgery1447784608
Group Health Plan Inc 55107, MNGeneral Surgery1316538101
Anitha Peddireddy 56001, MNGeneral Surgery1407057664
Chase H Seubert 55435, MNGeneral Surgery1639579329
Michael Henderson 55126, MNGeneral Surgery1821538265
Miranda Lynn Neubauer 55407, MNGeneral Surgery1891325122
Tuan Anh Tran 95020, MNGeneral Surgery1104434448
Jay Feuillerat 54021, MNGeneral Surgery1376063818
Thanh Hoai Pham 92029, MNGeneral Surgery1073685269
Shane Thomas Ellis 55407, MNGeneral Surgery1366701153
Jamie C. Lang 55905, MNGeneral Surgery1750870515
Manoj Doss 55107, MNGeneral Surgery1487049599
Melvin Varughese 54880, MNGeneral Surgery1770063273
Jose Orlando Maldonado-ortiz 20892, MNGeneral Surgery1689164782
Michael S Mcbain 98203, MNGeneral Surgery1265576292
Ayman Eltayeb Elhag Ahmed 43614, MNGeneral Surgery1275811200
Shehla Sheikh 60050, MNGeneral Surgery1891974879
Rebecca Ann Hup 55720, MNGeneral Surgery1598059008
Emily Wick 55066, MNGeneral Surgery1538748405
Samuel John Kjome 09461, MNGeneral Surgery1336110600
Catalina Smarandita Morarasu 55369, MNGeneral Surgery1215096797
Risa Bache-wiig 55422, MNGeneral Surgery1417453366
Hanbit Joung 90005, MNGeneral Surgery1649840331
Sanford Medical Center 57069, MNGeneral Surgery1093090342
Michael J Grahl 54935, MNGeneral Surgery1306208921
Rachel Elizabeth Breining 54986, MNGeneral Surgery1548882939
Yumin He 55340, MNGeneral Surgery1619533619
Lisa Ann Miles 55416, MNGeneral Surgery1093741886
Chad Christensen 55455, MNGeneral Surgery1427411545
Aakeeb Amin 55422, MNGeneral Surgery1962179093
North Memorial Health Care 55422, MNGeneral Surgery1568893220
Matthew J Streitz 78234, MNGeneral Surgery1568754729
Takeshi Onizuka 55805, MNGeneral Surgery1568809986
Matthew Hernandez 55905, MNGeneral Surgery1710394259
Jose Thomas Smith 30252, MNGeneral Surgery1518499417
Richard D Devorak 55718, MNGeneral Surgery1982765319
Essentia Health Virginia, Llc 55792, MNGeneral Surgery1083617120
Kanji And Savtri Inc 55421, MNGeneral Surgery1184169153
Pine Medical Center 55072, MNGeneral Surgery1326041633
Douglas County Hospital 56308, MNGeneral Surgery1164424305
City Of Wheaton 56296, MNGeneral Surgery1326045253
Ortonville Area Health Services 56278, MNGeneral Surgery1790783587
Redwood Area Hospital 56283, MNGeneral Surgery1104818673
River's Edge Hospital & Clinic 56082, MNGeneral Surgery1407849367
St. Francis Medical Center 56520, MNGeneral Surgery1639162381
Monticello big Lake Community Hospital 55362, MNGeneral Surgery1427041052
Tri county Hospital, Inc. 56482, MNGeneral Surgery1477545333
Lifecare Medical Center 56751, MNGeneral Surgery1609861095
Pipestone County Medical Center 56164, MNGeneral Surgery1124014881
Family & Cosmetic Gentle Dentistry, Ltd. 55436, MNGeneral Surgery1952399685
Pipestone County Medical Center 56164, MNGeneral Surgery1598751240
Redwood Area Hospital 56283, MNGeneral Surgery1790775864
Redwood Area Hospital 56283, MNGeneral Surgery1790775872
Redwood Area Hospital 56283, MNGeneral Surgery1508856683
Prairie Ridge Hospital And Health Services 56531, MNGeneral Surgery1407838329
Regarding Dentistry, Pllc 55387, MNGeneral Surgery1902889157
Lakewood Health System 56479, MNGeneral Surgery1124019054
Lakewood Health System 56479, MNGeneral Surgery1295726362
River's Edge Hospital & Clinic 56082, MNGeneral Surgery1568447027
Granite Falls Municipal Hospital And Manor 56241, MNGeneral Surgery1780654962
Ely bloomenson Community Hospital 55731, MNGeneral Surgery1770542904
Lakewood Health System 56479, MNGeneral Surgery1093792558
Granite Falls Municipal Hospital And Manor 56241, MNGeneral Surgery1508836081
Granite Falls Municipal Hospital And Manor 56241, MNGeneral Surgery1932179686
Dentalworks, Dr. Mcfarlane & Associates (knoxville), P.c. 37912, MNGeneral Surgery1851361356
Drs. Johal, Dunning & Associates, P.a. 28056, MNGeneral Surgery1609846179
Northside Medical Center, Plc 56278, MNGeneral Surgery1265401681
Drs. Johal, Dunning & Associates Ii, P.a. 28226, MNGeneral Surgery1467425157
Dentalworks, Dr. Dietz & Associates (austin Peay), P.c. 38128, MNGeneral Surgery1407826902
Dentalworks, Dr. Dietz & Associates (park Avenue), P.c. 38119, MNGeneral Surgery1023088523
Dr. Dellagatta & Associates (southern Park), Inc. 44512, MNGeneral Surgery1235109604
St. Joseph's Area Health Services 56470, MNGeneral Surgery1023086055
Michael A. Luckett D.m.d. & Associates (rivercrest), Ltd. 60445, MNGeneral Surgery1174594378
Natalie J. Stelzer, D.m.d. & Associates (cedar Springs), P.s.c. 40291, MNGeneral Surgery1952371452
Dr. Ryan & Associates, P.s.c. 40205, MNGeneral Surgery1104896604
Charles J. Zasso, Dds & Associates (midway), Inc. 44035, MNGeneral Surgery1255303889
Dr. Zasso & Associates (southland), Inc. 44130, MNGeneral Surgery1285606814
Loretta C. Davis, D.d.s. & Associates (spring Hill), Ltd. 60123, MNGeneral Surgery1609846005
A. K. Richardson And Associates, P.a. 28205, MNGeneral Surgery1548230022
Meckler Dental Providers (olmsted), Inc 44070, MNGeneral Surgery1093787624
Lakeview Memorial Hospital Association Inc 55082, MNGeneral Surgery1538138003
Riverview Healthcare Association 56716, MNGeneral Surgery1477525566
Sibley Medical Center 55307, MNGeneral Surgery1740240225
Allina Health System 55008, MNGeneral Surgery1568427383
Physicians Clinic Of Minnesota 56601, MNGeneral Surgery1033176797
Family Dentistry Of Moorhead, Ltd. 56560, MNGeneral Surgery1841258837
Allina Health System 56073, MNGeneral Surgery1447208574
Hopkins Spinal Care P.a. 55343, MNGeneral Surgery1215986757
Olmsted Medical Center 55904, MNGeneral Surgery1538112131
Allina Health System 54022, MNGeneral Surgery1285691725
Allina Health System 54022, MNGeneral Surgery1861450975
Allina Health System 56073, MNGeneral Surgery1558328435
Allina Health System 55060, MNGeneral Surgery1528025632
Avera Tyler 56178, MNGeneral Surgery1801840517
Mille Lacs Health System 56359, MNGeneral Surgery1548212699
Minneapolis Vamc 55417, MNGeneral Surgery1447209804
St. Cloud Vamc 56303, MNGeneral Surgery1588614325
Allina Health System 55313, MNGeneral Surgery1538123567
Allina Health System 55102, MNGeneral Surgery1457319485
Cook Hospital 55723, MNGeneral Surgery1992763858
Eagan Dental Associates Dba Northwood Dental 55121, MNGeneral Surgery1891749362
Neighborhood Healthsource 55418, MNGeneral Surgery1811934763
Hennepin Faculty Associates 55404, MNGeneral Surgery1063459485


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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