Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Missouri

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Missouri:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Edward Tate 63122, MOGeneral Surgery1437152444
Rocky Lupardus 63025, MOGeneral Surgery1306849302
John William Nelson 64108, MOGeneral Surgery1457354458
St Mary's Hospital, Centralia, Illinois 62801, MOGeneral Surgery1083617245
Kenneth Joe Weinand 64055, MOGeneral Surgery1417950296
Douglas K Ross 63640, MOGeneral Surgery1730182718
Richard M Omohundro 65251, MOGeneral Surgery1811990880
Thomas C. Flavin 63109, MOGeneral Surgery1568465409
John Fitzgibbon Memorial Hospital Inc. 65340, MOGeneral Surgery1730182478
Michael Sean Todd 65202, MOGeneral Surgery1437151750
Thomas Joseph Meyer 65804, MOGeneral Surgery1366444663
J Edward Kendrick 64124, MOGeneral Surgery1407858558
Guy S Deyton 64151, MOGeneral Surgery1396747440
Diane S Voss 64055, MOGeneral Surgery1396749636
Patrick R Wilson 63117, MOGeneral Surgery1609878909
Gerald R Fankhauser 65804, MOGeneral Surgery1275535494
Essent Heealthcare Of Missouri Inc. 63385, MOGeneral Surgery1366444531
Monroe Mitchell Ginsburg 63042, MOGeneral Surgery1114929171
Donald James Fuchs 65453, MOGeneral Surgery1932101029
Barnett Family Dental Ddd, Pc 65721, MOGeneral Surgery1922002948
Seton Center Family And Health Services 64127, MOGeneral Surgery1730183716
Ronald Dennis Gross 63011, MOGeneral Surgery1467456491
Lawrence Stewart Davis 65109, MOGeneral Surgery1427052398
Thomas G Wehrmeister 63011, MOGeneral Surgery1265436968
Excelsior Springs City Hospital 64024, MOGeneral Surgery1609870310
James J Woodruff 63011, MOGeneral Surgery1598769184
Putnam County Memorial Hospital 63565, MOGeneral Surgery1609870195
James M. Mccall 65251, MOGeneral Surgery1528063625
Michael Eugene Briggs 65265, MOGeneral Surgery1053316117
Thomas David Rucker 64485, MOGeneral Surgery1336144310
David Ashley 65340, MOGeneral Surgery1417952136
Richard Lee Emanuel 63129, MOGeneral Surgery1205831096
William Thomas Lemons 63461, MOGeneral Surgery1104821750
Scott Alan Roberson 64057, MOGeneral Surgery1922003482
John M Mccormack 65775, MOGeneral Surgery1477558054
Sylvia Ann Steiling 63128, MOGeneral Surgery1053317313
Todd S Scott Dds Pc 65203, MOGeneral Surgery1861906711
Nathan Bradley Klein 64114, MOGeneral Surgery1477559714
Robert J Sexauer 64735, MOGeneral Surgery1275539322
Charles L Wilson 63703, MOGeneral Surgery1881690816
Robert J Schmidt 63303, MOGeneral Surgery1518963248
Jan Harvey Rogers 63105, MOGeneral Surgery1427054188
William Kent Powell 64024, MOGeneral Surgery1780680447
Thomas R Wiedemann 63109, MOGeneral Surgery1790782399
Eddie L. Paulk 65807, MOGeneral Surgery1003813601
Richard George Mark 64055, MOGeneral Surgery1467459891
Excelsior Springs Hospital 64024, MOGeneral Surgery1205296381
Susan Mary Burkhart 65084, MOGeneral Surgery1447257571
Debabrata Banerji 63043, MOGeneral Surgery1548268014
Robin Lee Bissell 21536, MOGeneral Surgery1033117221
Mbs Advantage Inc 63126, MOGeneral Surgery1083612253
Salem Memorial Hospital 65560, MOGeneral Surgery1639177561
Jeffry Paul Gardner 64468, MOGeneral Surgery1518966373
Glenna Carolyn Franke 63044, MOGeneral Surgery1629077110
Carroll County Memorial Hospital 64633, MOGeneral Surgery1528067113
Gerald E Walton 64119, MOGeneral Surgery1699774729
Clemens E. Haggerty 65486, MOGeneral Surgery1952300923
Herbert P Silva 63017, MOGeneral Surgery1114926011
Charles E Johnson 63017, MOGeneral Surgery1689673501
Southeast Health Center Of Ripley County 63935, MOGeneral Surgery1174523948
Rosa A Kincaid 63103, MOGeneral Surgery1932109402
Saba Senot Khalil 63123, MOGeneral Surgery1417957671
Pike County Memorial Hospital 63353, MOGeneral Surgery1205837218
William Mitchel See 65202, MOGeneral Surgery1477554301
Edward J Doyle 63703, MOGeneral Surgery1558362822
Healthmont Of Missouri Llc 65251, MOGeneral Surgery1033110267
Peter M Gray 64055, MOGeneral Surgery1861494585
St. Joseph Medical Center 64114, MOGeneral Surgery1396747960
St. Mary's Medical Center 64014, MOGeneral Surgery1487656054
Dale E Greer 64063, MOGeneral Surgery1083616692
James Gary Nail 65804, MOGeneral Surgery1992707301
Michael L Cottrell 64055, MOGeneral Surgery1972595114
Brad A. Higgerson 64154, MOGeneral Surgery1265424311
Samuel Andrew Miller 64804, MOGeneral Surgery1225020381
Blake Ferando Dmd Llc 63366, MOGeneral Surgery1750868915
Weltman D Bailey 64110, MOGeneral Surgery1942292339
Pemiscot Memorial Health System 63851, MOGeneral Surgery1114379153
Community Memorial Hospital District 64724, MOGeneral Surgery1831181148
Charles Henry Hayes 64506, MOGeneral Surgery1033102082
Mercy Hospital Jefferson 63028, MOGeneral Surgery1508859661
Lincoln County Memorial Hospital 63379, MOGeneral Surgery1689667750
Glen S Babich 63834, MOGeneral Surgery1184617086
Joseph Sokolowski 63033, MOGeneral Surgery1255324067
David L Kaelin Dmd Pc 63703, MOGeneral Surgery1699768465
James L Mccreary 64114, MOGeneral Surgery1194719583
Curators Of The University Of Missouri 65201, MOGeneral Surgery1861486151
Curators Of The University Of Missouri 65212, MOGeneral Surgery1699769901
North Kansas City Hospital 64116, MOGeneral Surgery1629062799
Lisa R Ross 63130, MOGeneral Surgery1982699443
Perry County Health System 63775, MOGeneral Surgery1982699328
Cbch Llc 64759, MOGeneral Surgery1275037921
Stephen Paul Epperson 47374, MOGeneral Surgery1013902725
Lan-tu Dang Holem 65355, MOGeneral Surgery1902892235
Jerry F Cox 65536, MOGeneral Surgery1154317493
Michael Gerard Laboube 65201, MOGeneral Surgery1194711002
James Alvin Faber 63368, MOGeneral Surgery1033106786
Curt F. Biebel 63017, MOGeneral Surgery1043206857
Kevin Ferguson Postol 63011, MOGeneral Surgery1881680684
Bradford Tiner 63304, MOGeneral Surgery1720074479
Charles D Fuszner 63122, MOGeneral Surgery1831185578
Susan Pancoast Eddleman 64482, MOGeneral Surgery1184610909
Bruce H Collignon 63051, MOGeneral Surgery1811984560
Stewart M. Sheinbein 63146, MOGeneral Surgery1417944067
Charles F Mattingly 65202, MOGeneral Surgery1467449892
Robert Stephen Long 64772, MOGeneral Surgery1255328712
Elzie Irvin Miller 65804, MOGeneral Surgery1265429724
Kenneth Colbert 65565, MOGeneral Surgery1952398497
Jonathan J Majers 63131, MOGeneral Surgery1306833835
Western Missouri Medical Center 64093, MOGeneral Surgery1083601330
Lester C Joern, Jr, Dds, Pc 63109, MOGeneral Surgery1720075005
Christopher F Dowling 63044, MOGeneral Surgery1124015375
Patrick H Collins 64015, MOGeneral Surgery1760479927
Gordon Edgar Stuart 63042, MOGeneral Surgery1447247515
Jeffrey M Hill 63376, MOGeneral Surgery1588651616
Betty Jean Horstmann 64153, MOGeneral Surgery1427045582
Eustace Eugene King 63042, MOGeneral Surgery1437146438
John Graham Steuterman 63141, MOGeneral Surgery1033106810
James Richard Anderson 64118, MOGeneral Surgery1861489650
Glenn Robert Edwards 63122, MOGeneral Surgery1366430720
Frank Norman Varon 64114, MOGeneral Surgery1205824695
William C. Schluter 63128, MOGeneral Surgery1225026685
Larry G. Kanning 64062, MOGeneral Surgery1639167885
Don A. Cable 65301, MOGeneral Surgery1700874872
Kenneth Edward Rigden 63123, MOGeneral Surgery1487642401
Edward G. Stephens 65265, MOGeneral Surgery1205824240
Austin R Rust 65807, MOGeneral Surgery1407844327
Mehjabeen Zahirsha 65804, MOGeneral Surgery1295724128
Gary Marshall Henley 63134, MOGeneral Surgery1861481707
Robert W Wentworth 65583, MOGeneral Surgery1801884705
Steven R Sanders 65536, MOGeneral Surgery1487643383
Paul B Cotner 65203, MOGeneral Surgery1427047216
John D Graf 65804, MOGeneral Surgery1669461406
John Frank Anzalone 63366, MOGeneral Surgery1861481558
Piengjai Joy Saengsamran Lavid 64083, MOGeneral Surgery1386633071
George G Graham 65804, MOGeneral Surgery1225027923
Thomas A Elliott 65203, MOGeneral Surgery1871582437
Ali Badihi, D.d.s., P.c., Dba 63033, MOGeneral Surgery1245229756
Ssm Audrain Health Care, Inc 65265, MOGeneral Surgery1952390122
Monaco & Badihi Dds Pc 63074, MOGeneral Surgery1063401172
Zahra A Huq 63136, MOGeneral Surgery1417947342
Thomas Joseph Hines 63017, MOGeneral Surgery1962492819
Ray County Memorial Hospital 64085, MOGeneral Surgery1245220052
Andrea Thomas Gordon 63113, MOGeneral Surgery1295725992
Hurley Family Dentistry Llc 63017, MOGeneral Surgery1346605219
Michael F Grasso 63017, MOGeneral Surgery1073503587
Terry L Thrasher 65281, MOGeneral Surgery1962492223
Dental Centers Of Missouri J Warren Hildreth Jr Dds Pc 64055, MOGeneral Surgery1366432502
Charles Thomas Howard 63138, MOGeneral Surgery1386634582
Aaron Lee Jacob 65473, MOGeneral Surgery1275524274
Darren Bremer 63385, MOGeneral Surgery1023009917
Thomas Charles Delaney 63385, MOGeneral Surgery1144211038
Randy Lynn Woods 63960, MOGeneral Surgery1023009859
Thomas Alms 65712, MOGeneral Surgery1437140217
James Jeffrey Bass 65401, MOGeneral Surgery1336130079
Aronda R Jones 63044, MOGeneral Surgery1780675132
Cathy J Hostettler 64050, MOGeneral Surgery1174504310
Carla King 64112, MOGeneral Surgery1548241755
Melissa K Zyk 63090, MOGeneral Surgery1770564858
Rebecca Lynne Pickens Siscel 63122, MOGeneral Surgery1982685707
Bernard Ray Storm 63376, MOGeneral Surgery1538140116
Saint Lukes South Hospital, Inc. 66213, MOGeneral Surgery1154303337
St Lukes Hospital Of Kansas City 64111, MOGeneral Surgery1063494177
Dr. Curt F. Biebel Jr. Dds Pc 63017, MOGeneral Surgery1407838659
Ronald Eric Massie 65026, MOGeneral Surgery1285616235
Premier Dental And Oral Health Group 65049, MOGeneral Surgery1023090081
Sonia Kumar 63379, MOGeneral Surgery1619959434
Charles F Breusing 64112, MOGeneral Surgery1154303980
William A Wagasy 65804, MOGeneral Surgery1659353498
Michael David Thompson 65109, MOGeneral Surgery1417939174
Paul Francis Villmer 63664, MOGeneral Surgery1235111998
Curtis W Long 64730, MOGeneral Surgery1235111030
Buford G Hamilton 64085, MOGeneral Surgery1477535276
Ronald James Sherstoff 63017, MOGeneral Surgery1003898594
Shawnee Lynn Kellison 63501, MOGeneral Surgery1063495463
Daniel J Wilmes 63385, MOGeneral Surgery1245213552
Nevada City Hospital 64772, MOGeneral Surgery1942283866
Dennis James Munson 63033, MOGeneral Surgery1376527713
Medical Specialists Of Southeast Missouri, Pc 63703, MOGeneral Surgery1629052063
Richard Joseph Haffner 63127, MOGeneral Surgery1255315594
Saint Luke's Hospital Of Trenton 64683, MOGeneral Surgery1841274057
Theodore Michael Jackson 65305, MOGeneral Surgery1912981945
Gregory George Casalone 63343, MOGeneral Surgery1699759480
Barton County Memorial Hospital 64759, MOGeneral Surgery1104801547
Larry J Anthony 63801, MOGeneral Surgery1639154800
Robert William Block 65473, MOGeneral Surgery1952386856
Elizabeth A Armstrong 65240, MOGeneral Surgery1720063597
Richard J. Reed 64804, MOGeneral Surgery1962487603
Andrew Stephen Beyer 64112, MOGeneral Surgery1093790735
Steven D. Foote 64139, MOGeneral Surgery1619953304
Gerald R. Deves 63361, MOGeneral Surgery1528044153
Thanh Duy Vo 63080, MOGeneral Surgery1437135571
Dalin Dental Associates 63141, MOGeneral Surgery1770569659
William Werner Seaton 63126, MOGeneral Surgery1215913231
Todd P. Lindley 63114, MOGeneral Surgery1326024381
Truman Medical Center, Incorporated 64108, MOGeneral Surgery1144207937
Thomas William Tylka 65583, MOGeneral Surgery1659357432
James Edward Tupa 65473, MOGeneral Surgery1922085752
Mark M Kuba 65473, MOGeneral Surgery1043297781
Mark Henry Kreutner 65473, MOGeneral Surgery1245217843
Dennis Eugene Robinson 65706, MOGeneral Surgery1295712743


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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