Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William Mundy Litaker 28602, NCGeneral Surgery1083617591
Maria Magdelena Tran 02302, NCGeneral Surgery1346240942
Stevic Bartolabac Abad 28547, NCGeneral Surgery1245219724
James Aaron Mowery 39567, NCGeneral Surgery1801876099
George Lee Bradley 28150, NCGeneral Surgery1033197645
Dr. R Edward Mooring Jr. & Associates, Pa 27103, NCGeneral Surgery1760452254
Joshua Rubisch 28645, NCGeneral Surgery1275056640
Richard Scott Gray 27958, NCGeneral Surgery1396235982
Charlespaul T Anonuevo 28277, NCGeneral Surgery1558379347
Stacye Joyner Harborth 28147, NCGeneral Surgery1598147936
Jason J Lee 27519, NCGeneral Surgery1215956628
Andrew Wayne Kelly 27407, NCGeneral Surgery1992888242
Zufhair A. Hadi 28314, NCGeneral Surgery1164509360
Steven Philip Dewees 27892, NCGeneral Surgery1164580775
Robin Lincoln Sumner 27612, NCGeneral Surgery1558434159
Austin Gardner Webb 28150, NCGeneral Surgery1992967079
Thomas Rhame Ferrell 28036, NCGeneral Surgery1154547826
Eugene K Olsen 28677, NCGeneral Surgery1437369493
Michael Lawrence King 27607, NCGeneral Surgery1053691329
William Argersinger 27705, NCGeneral Surgery1679866800
Tristen Sinae Park 06510, NCGeneral Surgery1295062081
Rana Rushdi Kaleel 90280, NCGeneral Surgery1306173158
Lauren Sireci 27587, NCGeneral Surgery1386038305
Michael Garret Schut 28460, NCGeneral Surgery1881842656
Kaitlyn Spencer 27834, NCGeneral Surgery1720572894
William H. Temple 28310, NCGeneral Surgery1417237876
Jeremy Curtis Jordan 22911, NCGeneral Surgery1619364387
Kyle Mckinney 28601, NCGeneral Surgery1891174934
Monica Maldonado 27344, NCGeneral Surgery1245612282
Megan Mazzarella 23456, NCGeneral Surgery1063895415
Howard Justin Harlow 28273, NCGeneral Surgery1750793758
Colin Patrick Barbaro 27576, NCGeneral Surgery1154761674
Christina Noel Shaw 01520, NCGeneral Surgery1821404641
Danielle M Gough 28451, NCGeneral Surgery1174015424
Sol Medical Group Pllc 27587, NCGeneral Surgery1306260021
Alison Foster Neely 37087, NCGeneral Surgery1194108456
Paul Michael Goforth 09112, NCGeneral Surgery1518214832
Tanya G Williams 28144, NCGeneral Surgery1609209840
Sheg Oluwaseun Aranmolate 38114, NCGeneral Surgery1528488699
Michael Steven Clemens 28655, NCGeneral Surgery1871852095
James Durning Moore 28211, NCGeneral Surgery1952781924
Medbright Solutions Pllc 33418, NCGeneral Surgery1710388335
Jonathan Melberg 98383, NCGeneral Surgery1447624473
Serena Wong 27710, NCGeneral Surgery1710306204
A W Kelly Dds Pllc 27127, NCGeneral Surgery1932611092
Devinn L Geeson 28451, NCGeneral Surgery1457730707
Jonathan Austin 28092, NCGeneral Surgery1508217597
Jennifer Wilson 33073, NCGeneral Surgery1770945396
Pavani Gedela 22601, NCGeneral Surgery1669827671
Katelyn Marie Henderson 27360, NCGeneral Surgery1720431406
Edward Mcarthur Baust 27834, NCGeneral Surgery1033649249
Norman And Woodall, D.d.s., P.l.l.c. 27605, NCGeneral Surgery1598295552
Andrew Seun 28310, NCGeneral Surgery1033635420
Hee Jin Park 27560, NCGeneral Surgery1023526837
Isaac Enrique Salinas 28203, NCGeneral Surgery1770099442
National Institute Of Toxicology, Pllc 27017, NCGeneral Surgery1558766501
Andrew Mitchell 28777, NCGeneral Surgery1225559198
Ryan Costner 52242, NCGeneral Surgery1306391016
Landmark Medical Of North Carolina Pc 27330, NCGeneral Surgery1326547514
Colin P Barbaro, D.d.s., P.l.l.c. 27312, NCGeneral Surgery1467983569
Ryan Bradley Thompson 32212, NCGeneral Surgery1477902047
Adam Christopher Smigiel 28031, NCGeneral Surgery1417449893
Jonathan Kent Weisner 27613, NCGeneral Surgery1508246547
Mohammad Ali Ebn Alnassir 27804, NCGeneral Surgery1356834048
Brittany Charlene Stofford 27610, NCGeneral Surgery1053804542
Amn Medical Group Ii Pllc 27502, NCGeneral Surgery1356835268
Lydia Oyegunwa 28304, NCGeneral Surgery1639663933
Erica Balbuena Tapia 27889, NCGeneral Surgery1770078719
Michael Schmitt 28642, NCGeneral Surgery1720513534
Gregory Hannibal Crisp 27405, NCGeneral Surgery1558394437
Chad Jarrett Dickerson 28054, NCGeneral Surgery1538646732
Eva Ku 27502, NCGeneral Surgery1487866653
Michael Arthur Marshall 29707, NCGeneral Surgery1568814697
Kristopher Scott Boyd 28031, NCGeneral Surgery1457842254
David E. Morgan, D.d.s., P.l.l.c. 27923, NCGeneral Surgery1699254342
Andrew Harrell 28792, NCGeneral Surgery1669856530
Sofia Uraizee 91016, NCGeneral Surgery1881135721
Jonathan Hunt 27410, NCGeneral Surgery1063904506
Kristyn Healey 34683, NCGeneral Surgery1619401205
John R Mann 28334, NCGeneral Surgery1639118102
Melissa R Dean-appasu 27573, NCGeneral Surgery1174910152
Luke James Schwartz 20016, NCGeneral Surgery1235583535
Victoria Walker 28805, NCGeneral Surgery1043799984
Danielle Malbasa Rose 28144, NCGeneral Surgery1871605303
Nataleigh Hitt Plage 28478, NCGeneral Surgery1477902153
Hannah Lee Thompson 28516, NCGeneral Surgery1891286696
Chike Ifediorah 27710, NCGeneral Surgery1548733934
Sousan Amiri, D.d.s., P.a 28205, NCGeneral Surgery1083187355
Daniel Joseph Carver 28105, NCGeneral Surgery1538694690
Sanjay Talluri 01840, NCGeneral Surgery1548781842
Charles Rayfield Russell 32073, NCGeneral Surgery1922539857
Dr. Lisa F. Davis, Dmd, Pllc 28144, NCGeneral Surgery1932660792
Elizabeth Lauren Hoy 28262, NCGeneral Surgery1306159389
Arthur Nathaniel Thorpe 32789, NCGeneral Surgery1508044165
Julian C Brantley 27804, NCGeneral Surgery1225136104
Santiya S. Bell 27410, NCGeneral Surgery1730263963
Ljiljana Karan 28110, NCGeneral Surgery1275028524
Alka Patel Amorose 28278, NCGeneral Surgery1760503809
Michael Raymond Tumbarello 27295, NCGeneral Surgery1588768600
Tramaine Wilkinson 30310, NCGeneral Surgery1467808220
Misha Felita Lockey 31313, NCGeneral Surgery1780932624
Michael R Tumbarello Dmd Pa 27295, NCGeneral Surgery1689732505
Jessica Davida Shamberger 28052, NCGeneral Surgery1790344679
Blake Austin Gutierrez 28803, NCGeneral Surgery1043585730
Isata Yvonne Panda 28027, NCGeneral Surgery1679070759
Jessica Rechelle Jackson 28052, NCGeneral Surgery1689169260
Heather Newman 28052, NCGeneral Surgery1578050001
Lisa Barnes 21244, NCGeneral Surgery1861996183
Michael Victor Feathers 28052, NCGeneral Surgery1922669449
Tennessee Interventional And Imaging Associates, Pllc 37403, NCGeneral Surgery1043632433
Carlyn Jean Malenfant 28115, NCGeneral Surgery1407418262
Megan Hayworth 27529, NCGeneral Surgery1801393731
Barbaro And Associates Ii Pllc 27529, NCGeneral Surgery1962068700
Mariann Ghaly 27215, NCGeneral Surgery1104346790
Si On Lim 27514, NCGeneral Surgery1275970345
Shahrzad Orenduff 48066, NCGeneral Surgery1003229733
Matthew Thomas Leach 28602, NCGeneral Surgery1053765925
Alliance Dental Group 28086, NCGeneral Surgery1770136103
John Joseph Sweeney 28403, NCGeneral Surgery1205871514
Gaston County 28052, NCGeneral Surgery1770699514
Rebekkah Anne Merrell 28801, NCGeneral Surgery1851753842
Toan Quang Duong 24450, NCGeneral Surgery1376903443
Shelli Hoyes 27577, NCGeneral Surgery1720640568
Dolly Penn White 30008, NCGeneral Surgery1669609442
Arthur E. Apolinario 28328, NCGeneral Surgery1679589055
Leigh Rexius 78234, NCGeneral Surgery1689056319
Steven Lee Randall 28307, NCGeneral Surgery1679128201
Clinton Medical Clinic, Inc. 28328, NCGeneral Surgery1780629154
Unc Physicians Network Llc 27560, NCGeneral Surgery1477089613
Unc Physicians Network, Llc 27560, NCGeneral Surgery1437552015
Douglas Sconia Sanford 27514, NCGeneral Surgery1659636736
Roshan Vijay Patel 45229, NCGeneral Surgery1114333903
Alan Joseph Sevy 89014, NCGeneral Surgery1912421280
Jeffrey Nelson James 30912, NCGeneral Surgery1225202484
Alexandra Gosnell 78259, NCGeneral Surgery1346659182
Soojin Lee 28786, NCGeneral Surgery1730675505
Christopher M Silvoy 27612, NCGeneral Surgery1366513806
Community Health Interventions, Inc 28301, NCGeneral Surgery1083134092
David Dardick 60461, NCGeneral Surgery1063895357
Warren F Gabaree 28546, NCGeneral Surgery1710965744
Ted A Bauman 28328, NCGeneral Surgery1205860970
Lashawn Jenay Hart 28301, NCGeneral Surgery1427614031
Travis Schaefer 28305, NCGeneral Surgery1881184463
John Edward Kempter 28025, NCGeneral Surgery1518121318
One Love Periodic Services Inc 28655, NCGeneral Surgery1225187180
Heather Sangeun Lee 28786, NCGeneral Surgery1649550294
Sean Angela Williams Meltzer 27314, NCGeneral Surgery1699982983
John Frank Ruocco 29710, NCGeneral Surgery1043369457
Jamie Renald Carter 28801, NCGeneral Surgery1477043198
Ohm Mahendra Patel 27615, NCGeneral Surgery1871832048
Chesapeake Regional Medical Group 27958, NCGeneral Surgery1831331503
Abigail W Scanlan 27565, NCGeneral Surgery1295221216
Kimia Eftekhar 29707, NCGeneral Surgery1053802702
Nada Salem 60201, NCGeneral Surgery1245897586
Saba Jelokhani Mokry 27519, NCGeneral Surgery1497899736
Tiffiney Tylaine Harper 27804, NCGeneral Surgery1285648071
Mark Limsam 28083, NCGeneral Surgery1144715533
Thomas Edward Dicarlo 24060, NCGeneral Surgery1447489109
Anina Cheri Tollett-parrish 28216, NCGeneral Surgery1669760351
Chelsea Erin Kuyath 28607, NCGeneral Surgery1497240808
Karla Francheska Miranda Medina 33607, NCGeneral Surgery1093073454
Corey Scott Pickett 98274, NCGeneral Surgery1932620739
Norman Martin Zarr 28803, NCGeneral Surgery1902914922
Unc Rockingham Health Care, Inc. 27288, NCGeneral Surgery1326048810
Agnes Ihechinyere Nwoko 27215, NCGeneral Surgery1679673511
Ryan Thomas Pruitt 27804, NCGeneral Surgery1407203250
Marcus Oliver Emad 22180, NCGeneral Surgery1053890855
Dr. Richard Vangurp, Dds Pllc 28226, NCGeneral Surgery1407337801
Blake Patrick Nelson 27103, NCGeneral Surgery1336692060
Dr. Mcclary & Associates Iii, P.a. 28144, NCGeneral Surgery1962677625
Leslie Wessinger 28801, NCGeneral Surgery1225135601
Mountain Area Health Education Center, Inc. 28803, NCGeneral Surgery1093879363
Caroline Kennedy 27804, NCGeneral Surgery1922529908
James William Apgar 27360, NCGeneral Surgery1164408480
Anjan Medical Management Pllc 28401, NCGeneral Surgery1649463993
Hayley Vatcher 28739, NCGeneral Surgery1689293276
Velvet Enjoli Martin 27822, NCGeneral Surgery1871152041
Zev Orentlikher 28311, NCGeneral Surgery1982081147
Katherine Diane Jowers 28803, NCGeneral Surgery1821137688
Margaret M Bowen 27320, NCGeneral Surgery1083781207
Christopher Douglas Planer 28739, NCGeneral Surgery1396006334
Sudha M Edpuganti 28112, NCGeneral Surgery1215423819
Catherine Benson Laws 28147, NCGeneral Surgery1922159714
Leslie Wessinger Dds Pllc 28801, NCGeneral Surgery1912533019
Mark William Russell 28546, NCGeneral Surgery1831710771
Durward Mcduffie Harris 27834, NCGeneral Surgery1578184446
Jessica Ann Christy 28739, NCGeneral Surgery1043413677
Thome Lowery & Hendrick Dds Pllc 28160, NCGeneral Surgery1114566577
Courtney Anne Strubin 28422, NCGeneral Surgery1629638713
Elias Kemuel Pabon-vazquez 28314, NCGeneral Surgery1033771597
Scotland Memorial Hospital Inc 28352, NCGeneral Surgery1457345597
Patrick Mclaughlin 05468, NCGeneral Surgery1487271094
Rachael Louise Marino 28803, NCGeneral Surgery1801413414
Greg David Komyathy 28374, NCGeneral Surgery1144273699
Daniel Amyradakis 27526, NCGeneral Surgery1902247976
Sherif Hysa 28262, NCGeneral Surgery1811488588
Sara Saleh 27606, NCGeneral Surgery1215545884
James Clark Johnson 28557, NCGeneral Surgery1710055181
Andre Vicente Ritter 10017, NCGeneral Surgery1275540742
Cameron Swift 28715, NCGeneral Surgery1457972317


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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