Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Licet Yaquelin Ordehi 33870, NJGeneral Surgery1942284393
Alaaeldin Abdalla Ali Soliman 19111, NJGeneral Surgery1053346866
Neal Robert Gittleman 08534, NJGeneral Surgery1447268792
Douglas Sherly 08108, NJGeneral Surgery1811059033
Community Health Care, Inc. 08360, NJGeneral Surgery1568572568
Neelima Kamineni 27610, NJGeneral Surgery1639261456
Alexander Milman 07302, NJGeneral Surgery1730397647
Robert William Frare 19132, NJGeneral Surgery1740477553
Joseph S Derario 10167, NJGeneral Surgery1972775674
Peter Louie 07083, NJGeneral Surgery1861512535
Pamela Candace Hale 45387, NJGeneral Surgery1295853141
William F Schmalz 07071, NJGeneral Surgery1689852428
Eric Michael Struble 08534, NJGeneral Surgery1477879740
Patricia Maria Dary 22030, NJGeneral Surgery1790051282
Eugene S Kulaga 34243, NJGeneral Surgery1164738472
Kalpana Sunkireddy Bakkireddy 78759, NJGeneral Surgery1194965293
Dhara K Shah 08873, NJGeneral Surgery1134409402
Stacey Lynne Cantor-adkins 10028, NJGeneral Surgery1417282906
Jonathan Fan 07728, NJGeneral Surgery1033348776
Sanjeev Kumar Satwah 08824, NJGeneral Surgery1063677169
Swetha Reddy Pakanati 19047, NJGeneral Surgery1003115221
Nishi R Kumar 07102, NJGeneral Surgery1326380387
Dandline Alexandre 10302, NJGeneral Surgery1295172401
Andrew Falkovsky 29732, NJGeneral Surgery1235524307
Nadiya Khan 08534, NJGeneral Surgery1720408842
Aabhar Patel 19140, NJGeneral Surgery1558845719
Paul Arfanis 07090, NJGeneral Surgery1699851980
Vishal Praful Patel 07470, NJGeneral Surgery1841663309
Evan R Eisler 08534, NJGeneral Surgery1487035671
Alan Valderrama 08824, NJGeneral Surgery1104175595
Mark Younan 07960, NJGeneral Surgery1013309566
Joel Pinter 19141, NJGeneral Surgery1295277374
Keerthi Shetty Vittal 07621, NJGeneral Surgery1295180933
Katelyn Michelle Domingues 07853, NJGeneral Surgery1437504552
Klaudia Falkovsky 29732, NJGeneral Surgery1609300748
Joseph Nwabueze Ezekwem 10305, NJGeneral Surgery1821528951
Joseph Pasquale Gallelli 08043, NJGeneral Surgery1801326806
Maryam Abbasi 07974, NJGeneral Surgery1215357637
Joseph Schwimmer 07701, NJGeneral Surgery1700307659
Julie Miller 19006, NJGeneral Surgery1790215572
Emily Anne Devol 43231, NJGeneral Surgery1023461316
Maria Riza Uy 08628, NJGeneral Surgery1659887719
Christina Levitsky 08062, NJGeneral Surgery1528358462
L&m Dental Llc 07092, NJGeneral Surgery1285126524
Vincent Tucker 07081, NJGeneral Surgery1487149019
Jorge Julio Gonzalez Tejada 07036, NJGeneral Surgery1508343930
Fareeda Bacchus 21210, NJGeneral Surgery1053864983
Rahee Shah 08854, NJGeneral Surgery1275012841
Alena Ragheb Agha 07011, NJGeneral Surgery1265913354
Olga Degtyareva 11235, NJGeneral Surgery1184153009
Moi Li 11220, NJGeneral Surgery1194111054
Bansi Patel 08831, NJGeneral Surgery1194174185
Hyo Jung Chung 95116, NJGeneral Surgery1114449907
Yelena Kogelman 11204, NJGeneral Surgery1285920314
Reuben Aaron Atlas 07751, NJGeneral Surgery1811347495
L & S Dental Group Llc 07030, NJGeneral Surgery1497224083
Aileen M Zaydel 06109, NJGeneral Surgery1235679465
Kheri-ann Robinson 07018, NJGeneral Surgery1205369477
Chintan Gandhi 17033, NJGeneral Surgery1194118992
Cher Lu 07601, NJGeneral Surgery1609363217
Ami Patel 07080, NJGeneral Surgery1962798728
Steven Verga 19140, NJGeneral Surgery1376075929
Marium Sultan 77042, NJGeneral Surgery1790239242
Steven Kilpatrick 08840, NJGeneral Surgery1104264449
Rosanna Hilario 34746, NJGeneral Surgery1518033380
Avani Shridharani 08824, NJGeneral Surgery1366899957
Abimbola O. Olowo 98402, NJGeneral Surgery1295990588
Ekene E Ajufo 77339, NJGeneral Surgery1962853556
Adil M Mohiuddin 42743, NJGeneral Surgery1073065983
Elizabeth C Fanciullo 07755, NJGeneral Surgery1841693868
Karishma Sitapara 19082, NJGeneral Surgery1083142467
Michael D Sicklick 07666, NJGeneral Surgery1326015256
Magy M Dawoud 08103, NJGeneral Surgery1194770396
Rachel N Adams 08105, NJGeneral Surgery1164707642
Swati Krishna Kulkarni 08902, NJGeneral Surgery1548821309
Mustajab Khalil 08096, NJGeneral Surgery1336700046
Murtuza Jaffari 19123, NJGeneral Surgery1316247497
Giancarlo Luciano Ghisalberti 07047, NJGeneral Surgery1558856815
Cecilia Amarantha White 08540, NJGeneral Surgery1528611944
Viviana Freire-florit 37404, NJGeneral Surgery1356628010
Hal Eric Solomon 07041, NJGeneral Surgery1609964030
Michael Massoud 08026, NJGeneral Surgery1679059521
Adam A Taee 18017, NJGeneral Surgery1114445616
Aliana Henkin 07081, NJGeneral Surgery1407300023
Silvia A Seu 18428, NJGeneral Surgery1013034982
Chantal Mulan Lisik 07901, NJGeneral Surgery1275845729
Brittany Bejel 19454, NJGeneral Surgery1629427547
Won Hee Tak 11361, NJGeneral Surgery1295812287
Aesthetic Dental Center Of Hackensack Llc 07601, NJGeneral Surgery1154574804
Celalettin Noyan Sevindik 08701, NJGeneral Surgery1588178560
Sam Ngo 08701, NJGeneral Surgery1073002184
Renuka Maringanti 08068, NJGeneral Surgery1720236631
Julianne Fanny Avrutik 08810, NJGeneral Surgery1225687692
Richard Lau 19140, NJGeneral Surgery1114371754
Pankaj H Shah 08861, NJGeneral Surgery1417081993
Luis A Robaina 33126, NJGeneral Surgery1639334923
Katerina Danchenko 07801, NJGeneral Surgery1326545278
Titilola Olayemi Oloyede 07302, NJGeneral Surgery1669826053
Fernando Tordoya 07456, NJGeneral Surgery1912127531
George J Schmidt 07927, NJGeneral Surgery1902948573
Mohamed Hassan 21222, NJGeneral Surgery1548660475
Rachael M Cocchia 07043, NJGeneral Surgery1144719279
Subanitha Elan 33756, NJGeneral Surgery1255876017
Saint Peter's Healthcare System Physician Associates 08901, NJGeneral Surgery1548569361
Christina Mcbride Kenerson 94115, NJGeneral Surgery1598298150
Howard B Cetel 08080, NJGeneral Surgery1093822819
Ahmad Umair Janjua 30030, NJGeneral Surgery1588027973
James Patrick Errico 78064, NJGeneral Surgery1265418040
Alina Basnet 13210, NJGeneral Surgery1871914465
Danielle Ruda 07740, NJGeneral Surgery1417516071
Alyssa Ann Tran 08079, NJGeneral Surgery1124071873
Joseph N Owen 29486, NJGeneral Surgery1427534346
Hassaan Iftikhar 63110, NJGeneral Surgery1962923177
Christian Frank Carcione 07103, NJGeneral Surgery1376169987
National Institute Of Nurse Practitioners, Llc 07601, NJGeneral Surgery1356968580
Veronica Wisniewski 08075, NJGeneral Surgery1316565468
Brian Cali 11234, NJGeneral Surgery1689237364
Ryan Perro 08085, NJGeneral Surgery1982267324
Nima Patel 10010, NJGeneral Surgery1760539142
Adarsh Yagnik 08043, NJGeneral Surgery1487052288
Basim El-toukhy 08562, NJGeneral Surgery1477196749
Abraham Joseph Levy 07666, NJGeneral Surgery1710440425
Susan Li 08844, NJGeneral Surgery1679008585
Swati Gupta 07731, NJGeneral Surgery1245249366
Steven Todd Britton 07747, NJGeneral Surgery1831746411
Anthony Castellano 07006, NJGeneral Surgery1205231297
Gretel Perez Lopez 32221, NJGeneral Surgery1821614728
Manasi G Vasavada 23502, NJGeneral Surgery1730665910
Renee N Georges 00820, NJGeneral Surgery1356409130
Gloria Lee 53216, NJGeneral Surgery1730474511
Talia Elaine Miceli 07753, NJGeneral Surgery1750945770
Jason Weissler 55905, NJGeneral Surgery1457768491
Aileen Almonte 08750, NJGeneral Surgery1861056020
Dhara Patel 07083, NJGeneral Surgery1790178770
Michelle Lehaf 08721, NJGeneral Surgery1912561879
Yasmin Sharif 75040, NJGeneral Surgery1356728091
Lauren Garcia 12550, NJGeneral Surgery1144783655
Dua Medical, Inc. 90064, NJGeneral Surgery1285017277
Manisha Singh 07726, NJGeneral Surgery1023488129
Wai Kee Fung 07208, NJGeneral Surgery1366587586
John Jung Hoon Kang 19103, NJGeneral Surgery1861880247
Tatsiana Ahrenstein 11793, NJGeneral Surgery1972065746
Neil Levin 08080, NJGeneral Surgery1487651675
Michael Riesa 19148, NJGeneral Surgery1932462397
Nazia Mir 08046, NJGeneral Surgery1598128415
Abdulrahman Y Hammad 15212, NJGeneral Surgery1194257220
Erica Van Pelt 08052, NJGeneral Surgery1508396458
Friendly Urgent Care, Llc 08701, NJGeneral Surgery1255843876
Bradford Plasha 19426, NJGeneral Surgery1447601174
Uchechukwuka Osadebe 10006, NJGeneral Surgery1225448996
Tiffany Gu 07066, NJGeneral Surgery1235748328
Andrew Tang 08557, NJGeneral Surgery1326537457
Leah M Stamler 33609, NJGeneral Surgery1821284845
Madhuri Battula 08035, NJGeneral Surgery1437462314
Alyssa Gabrielle Levintov 08527, NJGeneral Surgery1396109492
John Marley Bernard 08043, NJGeneral Surgery1568400869
Vinson Michael Disanto 37922, NJGeneral Surgery1932300134
Anudeep Kaur Grewal 19083, NJGeneral Surgery1003469685
Alexander Scott Fisher 60602, NJGeneral Surgery1023546777
Amed Bientz Mendez 07087, NJGeneral Surgery1326645664
Raman Dhillon 75701, NJGeneral Surgery1629464680
Qurratulann Talat Khokhar 44718, NJGeneral Surgery1164032413
Shaija Muneer 07481, NJGeneral Surgery1811145444
Ellis Enabosi 10301, NJGeneral Surgery1669866158
Deepa Patel 76248, NJGeneral Surgery1124481452
Gabrielle C. Young-lyon 11050, NJGeneral Surgery1457493694
Betty Yip 80005, NJGeneral Surgery1245610351
Jonathan Huy Nguyen 30303, NJGeneral Surgery1285945428
Judith Mamah 07601, NJGeneral Surgery1760467930
Magic Dental Camden, Llc 08102, NJGeneral Surgery1235610882
Natalya Kondratyeva 08102, NJGeneral Surgery1316936479
Mds Management, Inc. 08102, NJGeneral Surgery1184779985
Katerina Topol 33024, NJGeneral Surgery1851494926
Cpc Medical Group Llc 08807, NJGeneral Surgery1366047144
Garden State Specialty Care, Llc 08221, NJGeneral Surgery1851825947
Kamy Mehta 85745, NJGeneral Surgery1376994814
Adaliz Rivera 08244, NJGeneral Surgery1508073362
Lauren Hope Aust 07044, NJGeneral Surgery1417593278
Sameh Abdelaal 08876, NJGeneral Surgery1770855652
Dani Korya 07306, NJGeneral Surgery1235426347
Diane Asmar 07661, NJGeneral Surgery1396262317
Richard Jonathan Long 00802, NJGeneral Surgery1497252233
Rw Health Nj, Llc 33143, NJGeneral Surgery1821678541
Capital Health System, Inc. 08534, NJGeneral Surgery1073516183
Saint Clares Hospital Inc 07834, NJGeneral Surgery1699778001
Saint Clares Hospital Inc 07461, NJGeneral Surgery1255334678
Atlanticare Regional Medical Center 08240, NJGeneral Surgery1013919315
St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital 07470, NJGeneral Surgery1598760829
Acutecare Health System, Llc 07740, NJGeneral Surgery1528063435
Ahs Hospital Corp 07860, NJGeneral Surgery1790789212
The Valley Hospital Inc. 07450, NJGeneral Surgery1013912633
St. Luke's Warren Hospital, Inc. 08865, NJGeneral Surgery1760488266
Virtua West Jersey Health System Inc 08043, NJGeneral Surgery1528064409
Virtua Memorial Hospital Of Burlington County, Inc. 08060, NJGeneral Surgery1134125016
Meridian Hospitals Corporation 07753, NJGeneral Surgery1346247368
Meridian Hospitals Corporation 08724, NJGeneral Surgery1962409987
Meridian Hospitals Corporation 07733, NJGeneral Surgery1831197508
Meridian Hospitals Corporation 08724, NJGeneral Surgery1164420667
Meridian Hospitals Corporation 07701, NJGeneral Surgery1336147834
Meridian Hospitals Corporation 07701, NJGeneral Surgery1780682161


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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