Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Crystal Jean Harper 44306, OHGeneral Surgery1811470339
Elizabeth Wallen 87508, OHGeneral Surgery1285634071
Christopher Simpson 45701, OHGeneral Surgery1437151024
Martha A Simpson 45701, OHGeneral Surgery1356343982
Meckler Dental Providers (westgate), Inc. 43606, OHGeneral Surgery1184694556
Meckler Dental Providers (dublin), Inc. 43017, OHGeneral Surgery1366415051
Meckler Dental Providers (great Lakes), Inc. 44094, OHGeneral Surgery1801859681
R Christopher Carson 44023, OHGeneral Surgery1134172828
Mark Kimborowicz 44460, OHGeneral Surgery1083655641
William Choi 43537, OHGeneral Surgery1215947072
Matthew H Evenhouse 44145, OHGeneral Surgery1346355179
Larry Duane Bucher 44622, OHGeneral Surgery1932296720
Jay H Goldstein 44122, OHGeneral Surgery1487799896
James Patrick Ryba 44125, OHGeneral Surgery1467520031
Lee Paul Heid 92115, OHGeneral Surgery1972705515
David Alan Williams 45331, OHGeneral Surgery1346467347
Kristin Darrach Piper 45503, OHGeneral Surgery1326209164
Man-cheung Lau 43614, OHGeneral Surgery1861601346
Alison Jensen 44709, OHGeneral Surgery1114109832
Ahmad Ali Millwala 77449, OHGeneral Surgery1053579771
Aaron Michael Carmean 37324, OHGeneral Surgery1225202534
Timothy A Windham 77539, OHGeneral Surgery1982724886
Ana Balic 77520, OHGeneral Surgery1750868337
Mudita Sethi 75071, OHGeneral Surgery1821285495
Zoe Muller 97302, OHGeneral Surgery1497052393
Jenna N Renshaw 75230, OHGeneral Surgery1568757656
Jennifer Joan Miller 43017, OHGeneral Surgery1730345737
Daniel Shertok 45202, OHGeneral Surgery1407085335
Julie Beth Stavinoha 85396, OHGeneral Surgery1164748612
Clayton Charles Petro 44195, OHGeneral Surgery1821387549
Ryan Masao Mizumoto 43085, OHGeneral Surgery1578793006
Geoffrey Garst 96368, OHGeneral Surgery1174888242
Bow Tie Medical Ohio, Llc 44147, OHGeneral Surgery1811328065
Yamilia Morejon 33134, OHGeneral Surgery1295114684
Stephanie Marie Ollom 43081, OHGeneral Surgery1649525213
Athletic Medical Solutions East, Llc 43213, OHGeneral Surgery1649607318
Timothy Scott Roberts 80525, OHGeneral Surgery1144636770
Vilma Trimarchi 44256, OHGeneral Surgery1861842999
David Gilbert Oser 60607, OHGeneral Surgery1619237088
Thomas Merryfield Jarrett 30305, OHGeneral Surgery1174917470
Priya Rajendra Motz 98195, OHGeneral Surgery1447518220
Robert Nicolas Petro 80012, OHGeneral Surgery1215349642
Natalia Smith 43026, OHGeneral Surgery1215247739
Kyle S Wylde 43040, OHGeneral Surgery1649616616
Rajesh Devisetti 44202, OHGeneral Surgery1700218393
Saher Ahmed 66713, OHGeneral Surgery1356775696
Adel Yassin Salam 45251, OHGeneral Surgery1144660507
Daniel Wayne Smith 79415, OHGeneral Surgery1558745174
Christopher Hayes 45229, OHGeneral Surgery1376992826
Spencer Tepe 43147, OHGeneral Surgery1750810677
Benjamin Rafail 77429, OHGeneral Surgery1851755292
Seth Covert 43222, OHGeneral Surgery1982068771
Van Thuy Nguyen 44106, OHGeneral Surgery1023472123
Laura Awadalla 15146, OHGeneral Surgery1063867018
Evelyn Qi 80004, OHGeneral Surgery1760838825
Kimberly Jacobs 45229, OHGeneral Surgery1265886238
Alysha Lynae Holland 45750, OHGeneral Surgery1346777802
Fortaleza,llc 44035, OHGeneral Surgery1427567445
Stephen Craig Shy 25703, OHGeneral Surgery1598737991
Michael J Oros Md Mba Ltd 44720, OHGeneral Surgery1275816688
Community Drug Board, Inc 44305, OHGeneral Surgery1952631616
R Christopher Carson Dds, Inc 44023, OHGeneral Surgery1407809007
Lindsey Roth 45503, OHGeneral Surgery1609365246
Buckeye Anti aging And Aesthetics 43123, OHGeneral Surgery1881102911
Jacquelyn Lureye Gray 43207, OHGeneral Surgery1902399546
Heller Family Medicine, Llc 31525, OHGeneral Surgery1831545508
Nathaniel Steven Minter 44720, OHGeneral Surgery1750655494
Primary Care Partners Of Ohio 45036, OHGeneral Surgery1255832275
Devin Byard 44202, OHGeneral Surgery1144676917
Amy Elizabeth Parsons 42653, OHGeneral Surgery1134560956
Vdex Medical Group Kumar Inc 44035, OHGeneral Surgery1831676295
Katayoun Mottaghi 44145, OHGeneral Surgery1215451604
Aurelie Huyghues-despointes 33434, OHGeneral Surgery1568996007
Mark Christopher Pagano 43230, OHGeneral Surgery1588143838
Jessica E Runion 43230, OHGeneral Surgery1740454818
Jeremy Taylor 44410, OHGeneral Surgery1184152654
Debriell Grows 70118, OHGeneral Surgery1457886285
Christopher M. Congemi 01731, OHGeneral Surgery1730609793
Javier Turriago 23224, OHGeneral Surgery1760839294
Majd Alsaleh 60004, OHGeneral Surgery1215394739
Robert James Russell 43229, OHGeneral Surgery1376071365
Deborah Frogameni 60625, OHGeneral Surgery1629007976
Joseph Bocka 44902, OHGeneral Surgery1386784270
Jonathan Davis Wooten 43214, OHGeneral Surgery1508152703
Dmitriy Yarovitsky 44060, OHGeneral Surgery1043674617
Mina Ihab Habashi 44094, OHGeneral Surgery1164916110
Felicia Marie Hartwell 45013, OHGeneral Surgery1821597113
Meritra Clinics Llc 43082, OHGeneral Surgery1083024400
Shelby Rohr 44851, OHGeneral Surgery1225527732
Sarah Shoukry Shoukr 48104, OHGeneral Surgery1568955193
An Ta 76574, OHGeneral Surgery1346751187
Douglas Allen Nartker 43220, OHGeneral Surgery1053849299
Elizabeth Rachel Rosenthal 43230, OHGeneral Surgery1063932010
John E.a. Powe 06516, OHGeneral Surgery1699093351
Michael Musso 19611, OHGeneral Surgery1275973752
Tina Myntee Washington 44109, OHGeneral Surgery1861837593
Revathi Ravi 02114, OHGeneral Surgery1891054128
Veronica L Brunet 45822, OHGeneral Surgery1124683073
Trihealth Hospital , Inc 45241, OHGeneral Surgery1568027076
Kelly Lynn Emery Buechner 43232, OHGeneral Surgery1578910634
Tara Michelle Campisano 45245, OHGeneral Surgery1063079127
Zachary Anderson 43055, OHGeneral Surgery1922665959
Utterback Dental Group, Inc 44708, OHGeneral Surgery1992369896
Eric Guzak 43220, OHGeneral Surgery1093373060
Natisha Burner 44106, OHGeneral Surgery1730530346
Cesar Julian Hernandez 44128, OHGeneral Surgery1902465255
Gang Anthony Lu 44115, OHGeneral Surgery1508393422
Christina Kingman Horton 22903, OHGeneral Surgery1164959516
Milad Said Karim 43623, OHGeneral Surgery1982264032
Rikul Dinkerkumar Patel 45243, OHGeneral Surgery1003305988
Virginia D Dunn 43616, OHGeneral Surgery1528225950
Jody Musso 19611, OHGeneral Surgery1972918811
Tyler Paul Erickson 43123, OHGeneral Surgery1023670957
Stephen Grater 44256, OHGeneral Surgery1922547496
Tornia Jovanna S Wyllie 45229, OHGeneral Surgery1558714857
Pallavi Vijay Dhingra 43204, OHGeneral Surgery1992138192
Ahmed Khaled Nagy 45804, OHGeneral Surgery1407416753
Thomas Anthony Milavec 18603, OHGeneral Surgery1528119575
Tyler Jeffrey Delaet 45030, OHGeneral Surgery1427600717
Crystal Yetter 19144, OHGeneral Surgery1306200084
Saniya Kamran 43068, OHGeneral Surgery1912496233
Eudora Mkorombindo 35023, OHGeneral Surgery1497288575
Nathan Chase Murdock 84713, OHGeneral Surgery1447513361
Christina Reed 91901, OHGeneral Surgery1992178735
Amir Al-dabagh 48532, OHGeneral Surgery1609293901
Waseem M. Taraji 46819, OHGeneral Surgery1194265652
Farah Abu Sharkh 14209, OHGeneral Surgery1912490921
Owen Scott 45433, OHGeneral Surgery1518101120
Kayla Ann Morrison 43606, OHGeneral Surgery1528529286
Janet K Wolery 43065, OHGeneral Surgery1649588484
Meredith Elaine Sommerville 21201, OHGeneral Surgery1396004719
Health Experiences 45219, OHGeneral Surgery1679029318
James Edward Blank 43065, OHGeneral Surgery1992892533
Kelly Elizabeth Canavan 60620, OHGeneral Surgery1720645971
Patrick Michael O'leary 45601, OHGeneral Surgery1164818084
Matthew Evers 29341, OHGeneral Surgery1235519778
Jaime L Go Md Inc 44131, OHGeneral Surgery1265078497
Corinne Ashlie Norman 45433, OHGeneral Surgery1437540861
Neena Anjulie Baghaie 44132, OHGeneral Surgery1457855082
Kevin W Snyder 32225, OHGeneral Surgery1699089086
Pitstop Healthcare Llc 20895, OHGeneral Surgery1598233934
Lashelle Shonette Henderson 44115, OHGeneral Surgery1831302264
Ramamohan Chunduri 45415, OHGeneral Surgery1598739963
Kelsey Frazer 43812, OHGeneral Surgery1336789015
Jjr Capital Group Llc 43230, OHGeneral Surgery1154952943
Aptcare Llc 46845, OHGeneral Surgery1750743381
Anthony George Armineous 32746, OHGeneral Surgery1508030545
Jonathan Michael Price 45331, OHGeneral Surgery1346771656
Kevin Johnson 44510, OHGeneral Surgery1114419454
Kyle Baird 44106, OHGeneral Surgery1639736382
Blake Patrick Nelson 27103, OHGeneral Surgery1336692060
Assumpta Ngozi Nnaji 44830, OHGeneral Surgery1104450691
Kelly Rustico 22209, OHGeneral Surgery1801282769
Laura Christine Parros 43623, OHGeneral Surgery1700413085
Katherine Lynn Kincaid 44685, OHGeneral Surgery1962067892
Syed, Llc 45458, OHGeneral Surgery1437788874
Jerramie Smith 10018, OHGeneral Surgery1811316128
Katherine J Schmidt 45206, OHGeneral Surgery1457440802
Aly M Zewail 44310, OHGeneral Surgery1174555296
Michael J Oros 44720, OHGeneral Surgery1720278914
Tony Christianson Barriere 90025, OHGeneral Surgery1538666821
Sean Verma 45315, OHGeneral Surgery1588119416
Jillian Bizzarri 45219, OHGeneral Surgery1336645753
Richard K Smith 45385, OHGeneral Surgery1700886041
Alyssa Rassi 44224, OHGeneral Surgery1053843474
Tyler Jeffrey Brown 43113, OHGeneral Surgery1164042008
Brian Mason 43113, OHGeneral Surgery1790787240
Lauren Kennedy Russell 45503, OHGeneral Surgery1790076198
Zachary Paul Phillips 45840, OHGeneral Surgery1770964405
Hung Khanh Truong 43113, OHGeneral Surgery1053831438
Tae Gyung Hwang 44654, OHGeneral Surgery1164046207
Xiaomu Guan 44146, OHGeneral Surgery1487114088
Sheri L Lefty 03894, OHGeneral Surgery1265511331
James Barger 98223, OHGeneral Surgery1861733172
Lauren Dull 88330, OHGeneral Surgery1801318829
Mousab Eteer 48202, OHGeneral Surgery1003201971
Anqi Hu 01201, OHGeneral Surgery1215462254
Daniel Flaherty Ritchey 40202, OHGeneral Surgery1235796988
Alison Taylor Kolosionek 44133, OHGeneral Surgery1255990172
Ben Blumberg 43210, OHGeneral Surgery1982258372
Zachary Mcvicker 33458, OHGeneral Surgery1770902249
Sohrab Virk 11021, OHGeneral Surgery1013270230
Tequicia Jan'ee Robinson 44875, OHGeneral Surgery1073003331
Jeffrey Lawrence Weisbrot 45140, OHGeneral Surgery1427080829
Christopher Robert Ryba 44131, OHGeneral Surgery1720424435
David Stanley Drozek 45701, OHGeneral Surgery1316031347
Harry William Acevedo-negron 34471, OHGeneral Surgery1194113712
Jason Liddell Pan 02176, OHGeneral Surgery1508423591
Britni A Gray 44124, OHGeneral Surgery1275144842
Jasmina Maric 45248, OHGeneral Surgery1184237984
Si-eun Park 92604, OHGeneral Surgery1710545637
Indravadan J Patel 85259, OHGeneral Surgery1568615623
Tanya Kiley Sackrider 45103, OHGeneral Surgery1255546503
Diane K. Burket 45230, OHGeneral Surgery1891801403
Mercy Health Youngstown, Llc 44484, OHGeneral Surgery1154865376
Benjamin Boerner 43016, OHGeneral Surgery1568089043
Mark Paly 44133, OHGeneral Surgery1619584786
Kelsey Neal 45215, OHGeneral Surgery1861009110
Chandan Das 43560, OHGeneral Surgery1699113449
Sara Nicole Grayson 43212, OHGeneral Surgery1932744208


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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