Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Galen Arthur Kellenberger 97305, ORGeneral Surgery1598744377
Chad William Achatz 85251, ORGeneral Surgery1699220863
Reza Saffari 98683, ORGeneral Surgery1447276969
Rajesh Chunduri 95833, ORGeneral Surgery1497000848
Mark Randall Bowman 97141, ORGeneral Surgery1639192412
Selynn Edwards 97045, ORGeneral Surgery1720006430
Thao Minhphoung Chu 97266, ORGeneral Surgery1033213657
Steven Ray Zollman 95113, ORGeneral Surgery1679664114
Alistair L Kok 97233, ORGeneral Surgery1841376563
Holly Chamberlain 97301, ORGeneral Surgery1629137005
Greenfield Health System Llc 97225, ORGeneral Surgery1710003140
Jonathan E Backer 97424, ORGeneral Surgery1477629046
Elise R Braxmeyer 97007, ORGeneral Surgery1043404536
Zoe Muller 97302, ORGeneral Surgery1497052393
Raquel Ann Kafentzis 99352, ORGeneral Surgery1366726176
Michele Barnard Pindyck 53121, ORGeneral Surgery1619254398
Amberena Louise Fairlee 97702, ORGeneral Surgery1790201846
Bryan Neish 97214, ORGeneral Surgery1629592167
Curtis William Felman 97016, ORGeneral Surgery1134614969
Timothy J Houlihan 97224, ORGeneral Surgery1750515888
Matthew John Pavlovich 97756, ORGeneral Surgery1013162635
Andrew James Ollerton 57105, ORGeneral Surgery1619233806
Emily C Wineland 97233, ORGeneral Surgery1558720334
Eric Noland Alston 97703, ORGeneral Surgery1194165878
Brian Kim 38128, ORGeneral Surgery1689007205
Ross Havens Hart 97203, ORGeneral Surgery1043658255
Jacob Foutz 97504, ORGeneral Surgery1912381856
Holly A Chamberlain Dds Llc 97301, ORGeneral Surgery1639606965
Heather Renee Flowers 97103, ORGeneral Surgery1497278394
Deca Dentistry 97030, ORGeneral Surgery1124548235
Jose Roberto Morales 92571, ORGeneral Surgery1356761134
Aman K Grewal 97330, ORGeneral Surgery1861621641
Tj Houlihan Dmd Llc 97224, ORGeneral Surgery1003311465
Kylie Wasserman 97702, ORGeneral Surgery1417484296
Timothy Lee 97402, ORGeneral Surgery1477031532
Thomas Jared Houghton 97015, ORGeneral Surgery1467837831
Samyia Fatima Chaudhry 97201, ORGeneral Surgery1730699919
Huu Tri Vu 97233, ORGeneral Surgery1952889966
Cristin B Haase 85016, ORGeneral Surgery1497271027
Yoonhee Hong Choi 92705, ORGeneral Surgery1063703569
Bardia Sinaei 86301, ORGeneral Surgery1104200690
Christopher Allen Primley 98665, ORGeneral Surgery1306399233
David Norman Wold 83704, ORGeneral Surgery1912344284
Andrew Jon Cefalo 85083, ORGeneral Surgery1992258743
Gary Chang 97232, ORGeneral Surgery1699263186
Charles Edward Carriere 97227, ORGeneral Surgery1518462944
Martin Lindner 97477, ORGeneral Surgery1083139091
Andrey Tolmach 97477, ORGeneral Surgery1093886335
Julia Price Riddick 66224, ORGeneral Surgery1255866786
Ruben Horacio Begino 92704, ORGeneral Surgery1861426827
Mehrdad Hairani 97141, ORGeneral Surgery1023514627
Krista Lea Chase 97601, ORGeneral Surgery1174517171
Sei Jin Kim 97030, ORGeneral Surgery1457703001
Rachel Findlay 84067, ORGeneral Surgery1205283199
Michael Liam Reynolds, Dds, Llc 97526, ORGeneral Surgery1841842598
Nima Azarbehi 97526, ORGeneral Surgery1649581075
Christina Truong 97201, ORGeneral Surgery1922653500
Anne L. Purcell 97220, ORGeneral Surgery1851824460
Brian Sieu Lieu 97233, ORGeneral Surgery1306114830
Cassandra Stell 97080, ORGeneral Surgery1598951501
Alexandria Elizabeth Johnson 97321, ORGeneral Surgery1902359193
Stephanie Eonta 39501, ORGeneral Surgery1306207519
Lilia Herrera 97220, ORGeneral Surgery1740309558
Anna Marie Lee Messenger 97355, ORGeneral Surgery1326311903
Kathryn A Warner 97504, ORGeneral Surgery1053557413
Jennifer Laurel O'connor 97071, ORGeneral Surgery1679908180
Peter Daniel Carlesimo 98665, ORGeneral Surgery1902898307
Danielle Jeannine Plesh 60108, ORGeneral Surgery1326534413
Ruba H Tawil 98373, ORGeneral Surgery1194369181
George Abdelnour 74401, ORGeneral Surgery1194959296
Denise Gayle Hicks 97756, ORGeneral Surgery1861780355
William Anton Wanninger 97224, ORGeneral Surgery1154816064
Jay Scott Randell 97330, ORGeneral Surgery1437231503
Rakesh Gadde 97504, ORGeneral Surgery1407323165
Sumeet S Pandhoh 92610, ORGeneral Surgery1306953229
John Thang Le 97527, ORGeneral Surgery1336792217
Mark Bowman Md Llc 97027, ORGeneral Surgery1932683331
Jill Marie Renton 97233, ORGeneral Surgery1932277910
Chad Jeffrey Coombs 83404, ORGeneral Surgery1386953958
Travis Robert Schuller 97701, ORGeneral Surgery1790079531
George Ryan Davis 97347, ORGeneral Surgery1366765687
Seth Hinckley 59901, ORGeneral Surgery1104279108
Gary F. Turnier 11372, ORGeneral Surgery1982756391
Radu Moisa 97601, ORGeneral Surgery1053520023
Kimberly Leeds Heeter 97504, ORGeneral Surgery1811965593
Kristin E Stoll 78234, ORGeneral Surgery1053768275
Mary Elizabeth Caron 97540, ORGeneral Surgery1013013713
Mary Kathleen Grady 97756, ORGeneral Surgery1447790837
Wyatt William Wilson 97045, ORGeneral Surgery1023423639
Asraa Obeidi 97219, ORGeneral Surgery1104391481
Rares N Deca 97003, ORGeneral Surgery1326277708
Erin Anne Kolling 92078, ORGeneral Surgery1871751339
Jacqueline Eliesa Stivers 97212, ORGeneral Surgery1205301975
Ankur Shah 46202, ORGeneral Surgery1992202261
Avas Health 33637, ORGeneral Surgery1578180253
Behazin Torkian 32708, ORGeneral Surgery1891225496
Christopher Alex Louie 93720, ORGeneral Surgery1447705918
Greg Lee 97701, ORGeneral Surgery1821474677
Lisa Y Anderson 97233, ORGeneral Surgery1801349980
Nicholas George Mooberry 97223, ORGeneral Surgery1447371869
Natasha Bodiroga 97301, ORGeneral Surgery1255943924
Tommy Ngo 97267, ORGeneral Surgery1306324868
Wayne K. Nelson 97701, ORGeneral Surgery1992909766
Alexander Y Kim 78628, ORGeneral Surgery1598287484
Benjamin Merrill Perry 83646, ORGeneral Surgery1710325758
Sophie Rose Diepenheim 97703, ORGeneral Surgery1437630068
Maikhanh Natasha Tran 97301, ORGeneral Surgery1396343455
Samuel Gregory Benanti 97141, ORGeneral Surgery1972600955
Peter Vu 98682, ORGeneral Surgery1639281983
Soroush Amali 97217, ORGeneral Surgery1861846578
Advantage Dental Group, Pc 97756, ORGeneral Surgery1972970671
Amy Trevor 97062, ORGeneral Surgery1275960296
Diana Reyes Lee 88220, ORGeneral Surgery1437632692
Kyle Stewart Denning 59601, ORGeneral Surgery1477987931
Noelle George 97068, ORGeneral Surgery1982171708
Scarlet Kim 92691, ORGeneral Surgery1033562939
Zachary Kerosky 98431, ORGeneral Surgery1962935841
Michael Hawk Cronin 32901, ORGeneral Surgery1831519909
Michael John Duvall 37411, ORGeneral Surgery1295122919
Sky Lakes Medical Center Inc 97601, ORGeneral Surgery1649446691
Amber Sue Osborn 97301, ORGeneral Surgery1144789777
Steven Wayne Kennedy 76705, ORGeneral Surgery1518488808
Daniel Stroud 98133, ORGeneral Surgery1013141282
Jorge David Palomino Vargas 93306, ORGeneral Surgery1760845846
Mackenzie E Douglas 97219, ORGeneral Surgery1639192693
Sadriddin Naimov 97601, ORGeneral Surgery1548539489
Robin Miller 97225, ORGeneral Surgery1124370200
Jessica Dodge 97601, ORGeneral Surgery1902362791
Wallowa County Health Care District 97828, ORGeneral Surgery1558366229
Asante Three Rivers Medical Center Llc 97527, ORGeneral Surgery1801891809
Asante 97504, ORGeneral Surgery1770587107
St. Anthony Hospital 97801, ORGeneral Surgery1649276734
Mid columbia Medical Center 97058, ORGeneral Surgery1306842752
Timothy R. Harbolt, Dmd 97303, ORGeneral Surgery1114924933
Sleep Dentistry Of Portland 97233, ORGeneral Surgery1811995632
Ashland Community Healthcare Services 97520, ORGeneral Surgery1386644029
Salem Health 97301, ORGeneral Surgery1265431829
Npdg 2, Llc 97330, ORGeneral Surgery1184169252
Rabe Family Dentistry, Pc 97123, ORGeneral Surgery1750382305
Jared R. Anderson Dds Pc 97756, ORGeneral Surgery1124020920
Peacehealth 97424, ORGeneral Surgery1902892391
Peacehealth 97401, ORGeneral Surgery1346237971
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Of The Northwest 97124, ORGeneral Surgery1801333901
Providence Health & Services Washington 99615, ORGeneral Surgery1013905660
Asante Ashland Community Hospital Llc 97520, ORGeneral Surgery1346706876
Peacehealth 97439, ORGeneral Surgery1578552402
Darren S Huddleston Dmd Pc 97526, ORGeneral Surgery1326039025
Santiam Dental Group, Llc 97355, ORGeneral Surgery1003898073
Northwest Medical Foundation Of Tillamook 97141, ORGeneral Surgery1871575225
Bay Area Hospital District 97420, ORGeneral Surgery1225016561
St. Anthony Hospital 97801, ORGeneral Surgery1831169903
Northwest Medical Foundation Of Tillamook 97141, ORGeneral Surgery1184607020
Northwest Medical Foundation Of Tillamook 97141, ORGeneral Surgery1508849407
Sky Lakes Medical Center Inc 97601, ORGeneral Surgery1659340370
Northwest Dental Associates medford Llc 97504, ORGeneral Surgery1851833131
Dentistry By Design, Pc 97005, ORGeneral Surgery1851353296
Lower Umpqua Hospital District 97467, ORGeneral Surgery1003874819
Tuality Healthcare 97123, ORGeneral Surgery1275591984
Physicians' Medical Center, P.c. 97128, ORGeneral Surgery1326097122
Good Samaritan Hospital Corvallis 97330, ORGeneral Surgery1962453134
Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital 97367, ORGeneral Surgery1306897491
Albany General Hospital 97321, ORGeneral Surgery1154372340
Oregon Health & Science University 97239, ORGeneral Surgery1609824010
Willamette Valley Clinics Llc 97128, ORGeneral Surgery1790740520
Mid Valley Healthcare Inc 97355, ORGeneral Surgery1689625980
Portland Vamc 97239, ORGeneral Surgery1962452441
Roseburg Vamc 97471, ORGeneral Surgery1174572549
Samaritan Pacific Health Services, Inc 97365, ORGeneral Surgery1801847066
Max W Higbee Dmd Pc 97756, ORGeneral Surgery1902862709
Heather A. Kahn, Md Pc 97527, ORGeneral Surgery1861443186
Providence Health & Services Washington 99508, ORGeneral Surgery1053363119
Good Shepherd Health Care System 97838, ORGeneral Surgery1295789667
Providence Medford Medical Center 97504, ORGeneral Surgery1013944776
Willamette Falls Hospital 97045, ORGeneral Surgery1639108434
Daphne Med Llc 97520, ORGeneral Surgery1194756114
Morrow County Health District 97836, ORGeneral Surgery1376572099
Oregon Health & Science University 97239, ORGeneral Surgery1649623406
Rohni Agarwal Dmd Pc 97005, ORGeneral Surgery1598209835
Salem Clinic, Pc 97303, ORGeneral Surgery1912935594
Curry Health District 97444, ORGeneral Surgery1487696985
St. Charles Health System, Inc. 97741, ORGeneral Surgery1356389894
Integrated Medicine Group Llc 97220, ORGeneral Surgery1679508212
Columbia Lutheran Charities 97103, ORGeneral Surgery1700809761
Southern Oregon Dental L.l.c. 97527, ORGeneral Surgery1023032778
Mt. Scott Family Dental, Llc 97086, ORGeneral Surgery1144237728
Providence Health & Services Washington 98506, ORGeneral Surgery1346250594
Legacy Meridian Park Hospital 97062, ORGeneral Surgery1184647620
Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center 97030, ORGeneral Surgery1255354700
Providence Health & Services Washington 98275, ORGeneral Surgery1306201488
Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital And Medical Center 97210, ORGeneral Surgery1780608216
St. Charles Health System, Inc. 97756, ORGeneral Surgery1225056146
St. Charles Health System, Inc. 97701, ORGeneral Surgery1982621447
Legacy Clinics Llc 97210, ORGeneral Surgery1902827272
Bright Smile Dental Care 97006, ORGeneral Surgery1285743377
Riddle Dental Care Associates 97469, ORGeneral Surgery1679684740
Burlingame Dental Arts 97219, ORGeneral Surgery1962506113
St Anthony Hospital 97801, ORGeneral Surgery1568562866
Gerhard Goorhuis Dds 97467, ORGeneral Surgery1609977941
Hadi Nouredine 97123, ORGeneral Surgery1578664819
North Coast Dental Clinic, Pc 97146, ORGeneral Surgery1154415834


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Q: What is a NPI number?
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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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