Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Somerset Community Hospital 15501, PAGeneral Surgery1912900168
Waynesboro Hospital 17268, PAGeneral Surgery1821091059
George Charles Rohrbach 18034, PAGeneral Surgery1649273657
Phyllis Horning Detwiler 08057, PAGeneral Surgery1477556470
Alan Jay Hartstein 15217, PAGeneral Surgery1730182734
Jeffrey B Sameroff 19464, PAGeneral Surgery1356344345
Anthony C. Palombaro 13905, PAGeneral Surgery1063415941
Thomas W Gamba 19148, PAGeneral Surgery1437152295
Steven A. Moskowitz 19145, PAGeneral Surgery1972506806
Shamokin Area Community Hospital 17866, PAGeneral Surgery1528061314
Robert Carmen Rose 19087, PAGeneral Surgery1922001718
Douglas Bart Calem 17702, PAGeneral Surgery1952304735
Donald Michael Thompson 17327, PAGeneral Surgery1528061504
Eric L Shirley 17112, PAGeneral Surgery1700889698
Ruth S. Mooreville 19087, PAGeneral Surgery1538162219
Judy Lynn Buxton 19010, PAGeneral Surgery1003819756
Richard C. Nelson 19382, PAGeneral Surgery1003819095
Robbin L. Cramer 19422, PAGeneral Surgery1205839149
Jerald S Matt 19010, PAGeneral Surgery1962405944
Harry P Silverstein 19102, PAGeneral Surgery1760485742
James Edward Abildness 17033, PAGeneral Surgery1629071584
Michael Kenneth Kaner 19053, PAGeneral Surgery1710980271
Peter Paul Korch 15714, PAGeneral Surgery1700889375
Scott Elwyn Learn 15650, PAGeneral Surgery1437152089
Gary Anthony Kopesky 18427, PAGeneral Surgery1659374148
Robert Thomas Bayley 19382, PAGeneral Surgery1346243839
Kirtikumar Vadilal Kapadia 19601, PAGeneral Surgery1972506566
Candyce A. Lucian 16316, PAGeneral Surgery1871596429
Larry Elliot Krevitz 19040, PAGeneral Surgery1740283381
Millcreek Community Hospital 16509, PAGeneral Surgery1548263973
Megan C Kane 19057, PAGeneral Surgery1629071048
Jill R Kane 19057, PAGeneral Surgery1124021431
Mercy Tyler Hospital 18657, PAGeneral Surgery1023010261
St Mary Medical Center 19047, PAGeneral Surgery1780686931
Aliquippa Community Hospital 15001, PAGeneral Surgery1134121387
Thomas Frederick Muller 19390, PAGeneral Surgery1972505089
Daniel Blumberg 19020, PAGeneral Surgery1518969856
Community Medical Center 18510, PAGeneral Surgery1366444507
Joseph Salkowitz 19103, PAGeneral Surgery1356343438
Ronald Allen Cohen 19020, PAGeneral Surgery1063416022
Robert M. Schwan 19380, PAGeneral Surgery1598769572
Jerry J Mckenna 18104, PAGeneral Surgery1700880671
Robert David Solomon 18017, PAGeneral Surgery1144224098
Lawrence B Black 19446, PAGeneral Surgery1427052372
Lawrence B Black Dds Pc And Kevin Bass Dmd Pc Ptr 19446, PAGeneral Surgery1700880663
William Kashatus 18702, PAGeneral Surgery1386648046
Upmc Children's Hospital Of Pittsburgh 15224, PAGeneral Surgery1164426896
James Edward Kling 19335, PAGeneral Surgery1962406447
Neal Samuel Neuman 19087, PAGeneral Surgery1336144765
Raymond Carpenter Haggerty 18018, PAGeneral Surgery1154325546
David Wasilewski 17954, PAGeneral Surgery1447254859
Bruce D. Braverman 19372, PAGeneral Surgery1326043704
Megan Bloomquist 17042, PAGeneral Surgery1144673088
Paul Alan Taiclet 15143, PAGeneral Surgery1154326494
Jeanes Hospital 19111, PAGeneral Surgery1912902206
Abington Memorial Hospital 19001, PAGeneral Surgery1811992084
Marcia Lynn Beckley 14850, PAGeneral Surgery1447255575
Lee A Wiesenthal 15213, PAGeneral Surgery1801891957
Elk Regional Health Center, Inc. 15857, PAGeneral Surgery1285639278
Nazareth Hospital 19152, PAGeneral Surgery1124023015
Alle kiski Medical Center 15065, PAGeneral Surgery1689679581
Henry D Debiec 44003, PAGeneral Surgery1811992613
Dlp Conemaugh Meyersdale Medical Center Llc 15552, PAGeneral Surgery1659376358
Lynne Marie Taiclet 15143, PAGeneral Surgery1053316760
Bruce Robert Dietman 17112, PAGeneral Surgery1952306680
Philip S. Springer 19103, PAGeneral Surgery1639174428
David Dutkowski 19010, PAGeneral Surgery1740285345
Paul Douglas Hoffstein 19004, PAGeneral Surgery1477558948
Greene County Memorial Hospital 15370, PAGeneral Surgery1295731610
Holy Spirit Hospital 17011, PAGeneral Surgery1881690212
Fulton County Medical Center 17233, PAGeneral Surgery1326044694
Leonard A Winegrad 19090, PAGeneral Surgery1770589087
Benjamin I Relis 15213, PAGeneral Surgery1205832516
Robert F Cosgriff 17109, PAGeneral Surgery1619973849
Natalie Ann Amann 19406, PAGeneral Surgery1811993165
Dlp Conemaugh Miners Medical Center Llc 16646, PAGeneral Surgery1184620486
Senior Healthservices Inc 16148, PAGeneral Surgery1043216005
Herbert Tisnower 19142, PAGeneral Surgery1831195619
Bernard John Wujcik 17406, PAGeneral Surgery1346246121
Ronald Francis Schultz 17268, PAGeneral Surgery1104822980
Mark P. Sullivan 19380, PAGeneral Surgery1710983432
Carlos A Wiegering 16686, PAGeneral Surgery1619974243
Richard Bruce Misher 19103, PAGeneral Surgery1972509552
Marian Community Hospital 18407, PAGeneral Surgery1679579262
Edward Cliffe Kassab 17552, PAGeneral Surgery1437156957
Butler Memorial Hospital 16001, PAGeneral Surgery1730186206
Michael Z. Rice 15905, PAGeneral Surgery1295732683
David Craig Zilker 18045, PAGeneral Surgery1508863895
Michael R Seidner 19446, PAGeneral Surgery1851398101
Mercy Hospital Scranton Pennsylvania 18510, PAGeneral Surgery1104823178
Jefferson Regional Medical Center 15025, PAGeneral Surgery1578560504
Dale Edmund Scanlon 19341, PAGeneral Surgery1366449399
Kevin K Cutrell 15666, PAGeneral Surgery1801893615
Scott William Watkins 18612, PAGeneral Surgery1679570493
Lawrence Paul Bauer 08865, PAGeneral Surgery1962400614
Montgomery Hospital 19401, PAGeneral Surgery1396743910
Eric Christopher Weiss 17201, PAGeneral Surgery1245238864
William Edward Watkins 18612, PAGeneral Surgery1063410686
Monongahela Valley Hospital, Inc. 15063, PAGeneral Surgery1912905548
Jayantilal L. Patel 17201, PAGeneral Surgery1033117676
The Chambersburg Hospital 17201, PAGeneral Surgery1902804552
Charles M Manganiello 18640, PAGeneral Surgery1861490310
Edward Cias 16933, PAGeneral Surgery1992703300
Durwin Lee Gates 15012, PAGeneral Surgery1407854888
Gail Hinrichs Heyn 17044, PAGeneral Surgery1427056274
Leonard Charles Bentivegna 17402, PAGeneral Surgery1336147180
Joffre Joseph Martin 15237, PAGeneral Surgery1396982088
Altoona Regional Health System 16601, PAGeneral Surgery1235137118
Wayne Memorial Hospital 18431, PAGeneral Surgery1124026182
David H Dellinger 17404, PAGeneral Surgery1790784577
Upmc Altoona 16601, PAGeneral Surgery1598764300
Altoona Regional Health System 16601, PAGeneral Surgery1588662357
Upmc Altoona 16601, PAGeneral Surgery1114926953
Memorial Hospital 17403, PAGeneral Surgery1669471488
Leonard Carl Medura 18612, PAGeneral Surgery1912906603
Robert S Gurmankin 19136, PAGeneral Surgery1083613632
Select Specialty Hospital Columbus/university, Inc. 43210, PAGeneral Surgery1144229626
Michael Roy Denning 17257, PAGeneral Surgery1861491458
Richard Paul Brenner 19149, PAGeneral Surgery1235138769
Canonsburg General Hospital 15317, PAGeneral Surgery1962401497
Tahir Usman Mir 15701, PAGeneral Surgery1427057702
Thomas J. Craparo 18407, PAGeneral Surgery1588663801
Albert Einstein Medical Center 19141, PAGeneral Surgery1902805245
Rajnikant N Popat 15401, PAGeneral Surgery1215936679
Guthrie Towanda Memorial Hospital 18848, PAGeneral Surgery1164421335
Schuylkill Medical Center South Jackson Street 17901, PAGeneral Surgery1235138405
Ferdinando L Mirarchi 16550, PAGeneral Surgery1154320364
Albert Einstein Medical Center 19141, PAGeneral Surgery1174522114
John A. Pagliei, Jr 18929, PAGeneral Surgery1831198746
Andreas Bollmann 19063, PAGeneral Surgery1407856347
William L Milroth 17233, PAGeneral Surgery1740280304
Riddle Memorial Hospital 19063, PAGeneral Surgery1407856099
Select Specialty Hospital Wilmington Inc 19805, PAGeneral Surgery1396745725
Mercy Hospital Wilkes Barre 18765, PAGeneral Surgery1447250709
Robert Packer Hospital 18840, PAGeneral Surgery1083614382
Monsour Medical Center 15644, PAGeneral Surgery1093716060
Paul Edwin Stuck 15009, PAGeneral Surgery1841291572
Oxford Medical Center 19363, PAGeneral Surgery1861493587
Troy Community Hospital Incorporated 16947, PAGeneral Surgery1306847926
Uniontown Hospital 15401, PAGeneral Surgery1871594127
James Otis Trainer 17319, PAGeneral Surgery1417958992
Bennardi, Barberio, Bennardi, Pc 17756, PAGeneral Surgery1962403402
Eric R Shantzer 18954, PAGeneral Surgery1215938709
Troy Community Hospital Incorporated 16947, PAGeneral Surgery1093716581
Professional Dental Alliance Of Milford, Pllc 06460, PAGeneral Surgery1134610660
Mohamed Sameh Sakkal 19020, PAGeneral Surgery1689675043
Upmc Mercy 15219, PAGeneral Surgery1881695146
Thomas J Kosick 16145, PAGeneral Surgery1104827476
Joseph G Coroso 15853, PAGeneral Surgery1407857774
Kathleen M Fernan 15853, PAGeneral Surgery1770584070
Alessandro Giovanni Bartoletti 19020, PAGeneral Surgery1518968072
Dlp Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center Llc 15905, PAGeneral Surgery1801897038
David Robert Phillips 19401, PAGeneral Surgery1760483978
Alexander D. Sax 15210, PAGeneral Surgery1487656484
Eric C Stanger 15853, PAGeneral Surgery1720089857
Dc Dental Center Pc 20016, PAGeneral Surgery1639616899
Schuylkill Medical Center East Norweigan Street 17901, PAGeneral Surgery1427050376
Jeffrey D Baird 15644, PAGeneral Surgery1316949142
Monsour Medical Center 15644, PAGeneral Surgery1700888583
Rosario Joseph Grana 15218, PAGeneral Surgery1417959982
Pei-wei Linda Lin 10002, PAGeneral Surgery1679575153
Earl L. Waters 17901, PAGeneral Surgery1750383238
J. C. Blair Memorial Hospital 16652, PAGeneral Surgery1700878840
Grove City Medical Center 16127, PAGeneral Surgery1023000296
Chester County Hospital 19380, PAGeneral Surgery1356333579
David William May 15216, PAGeneral Surgery1013909696
Michele Columbo 19010, PAGeneral Surgery1538151220
Charles A Picchioni 19010, PAGeneral Surgery1154313856
Jacob F Schmitt 15243, PAGeneral Surgery1366434037
Dennis J Charlton 16145, PAGeneral Surgery1164414835
Korwin King 16063, PAGeneral Surgery1932191418
Angela M Mcdonough 10909, PAGeneral Surgery1649262163
Michael S. Melnick 15213, PAGeneral Surgery1689666034
Melanie Eileen Jordan 16833, PAGeneral Surgery1275525602
Indiana Regional Medical Center 15701, PAGeneral Surgery1356334510
Upmc Hamot 16550, PAGeneral Surgery1487647590
Indiana Regional Medical Center 15701, PAGeneral Surgery1427041516
Joseph Brian Michael 19090, PAGeneral Surgery1811980667
Mount Nittany Medical Center 16803, PAGeneral Surgery1730173154
Dwin E Campbell 18612, PAGeneral Surgery1053305383
Thomas M Doran 18704, PAGeneral Surgery1073507323
George Albin Woronko 07722, PAGeneral Surgery1720072838
Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers 18431, PAGeneral Surgery1952395121
Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia 19104, PAGeneral Surgery1215921457
Rx Home Care Inc. 18018, PAGeneral Surgery1467446609
Sally Ann Rex 18018, PAGeneral Surgery1467446468
Allison Houk 16673, PAGeneral Surgery1326032194
Robert Charles Fredericks 18431, PAGeneral Surgery1508850389
Vance Martin Jones 18431, PAGeneral Surgery1053305839
Darron B Locke 16673, PAGeneral Surgery1073507943
Stephen T Radack 16504, PAGeneral Surgery1851385736
Mark Edward Rongone 18603, PAGeneral Surgery1609860683
Mercy Catholic Medical Center Of Southeastern Pa 19023, PAGeneral Surgery1730173550
Mercy Catholic Medical Center Of Southeastern Pa 19143, PAGeneral Surgery1861486698
Mercy Suburban Hospital 19401, PAGeneral Surgery1225022064
Keith Eicher 16673, PAGeneral Surgery1154315786
George R Homa 19405, PAGeneral Surgery1316932890
Anthony Niescier 19405, PAGeneral Surgery1720073299
Memorial Behavioral Health 17403, PAGeneral Surgery1104811496
Memorial Hospital 17403, PAGeneral Surgery1477548774


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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