Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Rhode Island

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Rhode Island:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sunghwan Ko 01840, RIGeneral Surgery1720311178
Shabtai Sapir 02056, RIGeneral Surgery1457731945
Michael Daly 14618, RIGeneral Surgery1811440670
Rinku Jakhar 02886, RIGeneral Surgery1063922706
Christina Piacquadio 02771, RIGeneral Surgery1902264633
Vanessa Alexandra Guerrero 02721, RIGeneral Surgery1215442579
Meaghan C Mccauley 02857, RIGeneral Surgery1386172997
Joanne C Lewis Pediatric Dentistry Llc 02818, RIGeneral Surgery1780121350
Sarah-kim Shields 02903, RIGeneral Surgery1114214202
Tyler Lynwood Phelan 02703, RIGeneral Surgery1932760790
Tara Prasad 02118, RIGeneral Surgery1760969885
Alexandra Sher 10029, RIGeneral Surgery1063863660
Upward Health Of Louisiana Llc 70816, RIGeneral Surgery1871144725
Matthew Clifford Willett 02842, RIGeneral Surgery1720328107
Anchor Medical Associates 02865, RIGeneral Surgery1205832029
Daniel Mackenzie Pickar 02920, RIGeneral Surgery1003460858
Meera Lakshmi Ram 01960, RIGeneral Surgery1497217848
Lifespan Physician Group, Inc. 02889, RIGeneral Surgery1285191163
Sean Patrick Bell 15139, RIGeneral Surgery1407396161
Becket Academy, Inc. 03909, RIGeneral Surgery1336614478
Kathleen Murphy 01581, RIGeneral Surgery1093818668
Carlos R Conesa 74401, RIGeneral Surgery1366914111
Roger Williams Medical Center 02908, RIGeneral Surgery1649278250
Newport Hospital 02840, RIGeneral Surgery1457346413
The Miriam Hospital 02906, RIGeneral Surgery1487649430
Rhode Island Hospital 02903, RIGeneral Surgery1588659528
Prime Healthcare Services landmark Llc 02895, RIGeneral Surgery1699752923
The Westerly Hospital 02891, RIGeneral Surgery1033188651
Shoreline Family Dental, Llc 06371, RIGeneral Surgery1538696026
Providence Vamc 02908, RIGeneral Surgery1306896733
Memorial Hospital 02860, RIGeneral Surgery1063441640
American Center For Bioregulatory Medicine And Dentistry 02903, RIGeneral Surgery1598222689
Pawtuxet Valley Medical, Inc. 02816, RIGeneral Surgery1467478156
The Miriam Hospital 02906, RIGeneral Surgery1952328569
St. Joseph Health Services Of Rhode Island 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1578581443
The Westerly Hospital 02891, RIGeneral Surgery1225142193
The Westerly Hospital 02891, RIGeneral Surgery1538275391
Scott B. Klimaj, Dmd 02828, RIGeneral Surgery1396853313
Russell S. Chin, Dds, Lts 02861, RIGeneral Surgery1003905233
St. Joseph Health Services Of Rhode Island 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1326122557
Resnevic Family Dental, Llc 02814, RIGeneral Surgery1639617707
Mahra B. Rubinstein, Dds & Robert J. Ducoff, Dmd, Inc. 02906, RIGeneral Surgery1740376094
Tiverton Dental Associates 02878, RIGeneral Surgery1508930686
Hodosh Dental Associates, Inc. 02907, RIGeneral Surgery1679634109
St. Joseph Health Services Of Ri, 02907, RIGeneral Surgery1225184617
James C Goff Dmd Ltd 02806, RIGeneral Surgery1538207485
Clayton G. Hazelton Dmd Pc 02910, RIGeneral Surgery1508900051
St. Joseph Health Services Of Ri 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1841335783
St. Joseph Health Services Of Ri 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1013052976
St. Joseph Health Services Of Rhode Island 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1285779116
St. Joseph Health Services Of Ri 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1508901448
St. Joseph Health Services Of Ri 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1699810523
St. Joseph Health Services Of Ri 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1992840862
Dr.'s Wade And Saccoccio 02889, RIGeneral Surgery1770610313
St. Joseph Health Services Of Rhode Island 02907, RIGeneral Surgery1356478002
Blackstone Valley Family Dental Assoc.pc 02863, RIGeneral Surgery1912025305
Women & Infants Hospital Of Rhode Island 02905, RIGeneral Surgery1972629459
Rhode Island Hospital 02903, RIGeneral Surgery1770601668
Steven A Fazzini Dmd Inc 02920, RIGeneral Surgery1720108129
Newport Hospital 02840, RIGeneral Surgery1306066493
Ms Center Of Care New Englad 02818, RIGeneral Surgery1033323803
Memorial Hospital 02860, RIGeneral Surgery1396954640
Drs. Ward And Vaudry 02865, RIGeneral Surgery1801091137
Maple Avenue Family Dentistry, Llc 02806, RIGeneral Surgery1427242973
City Dental, Llc 02909, RIGeneral Surgery1477736452
Oaklawn Family Dental Associates 02886, RIGeneral Surgery1568631463
Champagne And Light, Dmds, Llc 02906, RIGeneral Surgery1548439417
Dental Group Of Pawtucket 02861, RIGeneral Surgery1740451509
Jefferson Dental Associates, L.t.d. 02888, RIGeneral Surgery1780858639
Dutchmen Dental Llc 02878, RIGeneral Surgery1912172016
East Bay Dental Associates, Inc. 02885, RIGeneral Surgery1790952174
Gregory R. Bender, Dmd, Llc 02910, RIGeneral Surgery1861669079
Sunny Smile Group Iii Llc 02919, RIGeneral Surgery1053778829
Kent County Memorial Hospital 02886, RIGeneral Surgery1396864542
Stephen J Puerini Dmd And Steven J Saccoccio Dmd Pc 02920, RIGeneral Surgery1225241953
Newport Memorial Hospital Navy Resource Sharing 02840, RIGeneral Surgery1720594690
East Greenwich Dental Associates 02818, RIGeneral Surgery1306068556
Alan L. Laroche Dmd Inc 02896, RIGeneral Surgery1083861587
Daniel Tramonti, Jr. D.d.s 02905, RIGeneral Surgery1447407812
Steven M. Kenyon, Dmd Inc 02886, RIGeneral Surgery1639327398
Ronald L. Ciombor D.d.s. 02861, RIGeneral Surgery1720236342
John S. Carroccia Dds 02920, RIGeneral Surgery1285883165
John T. Coletti,dds,ltd 02886, RIGeneral Surgery1568611481
Comfort Dental 02905, RIGeneral Surgery1821248964
Jeffrey E Dodge Dmd 02895, RIGeneral Surgery1790935831
Stone Bridge Dental Group 02878, RIGeneral Surgery1861647158
Cranston Cosmetic Dentistry, Inc. 02910, RIGeneral Surgery1427294321
Women And Infants Hospital 02905, RIGeneral Surgery1629218094
Diamond Hill Dental, Inc. 02864, RIGeneral Surgery1912148537
Dimitri G. Gamim, Dds 02861, RIGeneral Surgery1447491881
Simon Melnick Do, Ltd 02818, RIGeneral Surgery1316181316
Kevin P. Hagerty Dmd Pc 02818, RIGeneral Surgery1518191170
Dr Paul Appelbaum 02915, RIGeneral Surgery1215166467
Dental Associates Of Cumberland, Llc 02864, RIGeneral Surgery1457685349
Memorial Hospital Of Ri 02860, RIGeneral Surgery1891017067
Dental Associates Of Ri 02919, RIGeneral Surgery1497072763
Dr. Ghazi Accaoui, M.d. Inc. 02860, RIGeneral Surgery1104134154
Castillo Dental & Associates, Inc. 02911, RIGeneral Surgery1184928798
Rhode Island Family Dental 02910, RIGeneral Surgery1619275914
Cghe Dental Llc 02908, RIGeneral Surgery1750680435
Woonsocket Urgent Care 02062, RIGeneral Surgery1316232077
Rhode Island Hospital 02903, RIGeneral Surgery1003103391
Blackstone Valley Family Dental Associates 02910, RIGeneral Surgery1598043630
Ri Dental Care 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1245519206
Dr John Ricci 02886, RIGeneral Surgery1952683286
Ri Dental Care Inc. 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1417231572
Asciolla Family Dentistry Inc 02818, RIGeneral Surgery1629353552
Livewell Dental Llc 02896, RIGeneral Surgery1023394947
Stephen J D'amato Md Pc 02893, RIGeneral Surgery1205112935
Lindsay Ciombor Brislin 02861, RIGeneral Surgery1407124894
Blackstone Medical Center, Inc. 02895, RIGeneral Surgery1538437942
Kent Hospital 02886, RIGeneral Surgery1144591835
Capalbo Dental Group Of Wakefield, Llc 02879, RIGeneral Surgery1669746004
Molar Dental, Ltd 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1043679004
Dr John Ricci Dmd Dba Charles Street Dental 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1528325693
R. Craig Wood, Dmd, Ltd. 02915, RIGeneral Surgery1407114648
Boston Va Hospital 02301, RIGeneral Surgery1225383961
John Verbeyst, Dmd 02852, RIGeneral Surgery1578818886
Zumstein Family Dentistry, Llc 02879, RIGeneral Surgery1205182797
Mills And Ghenta, Dds Pc 02747, RIGeneral Surgery1194071548
We Care For Kids Dental, Inc 02914, RIGeneral Surgery1982940086
Sarah Eager, Dds, Pc 02915, RIGeneral Surgery1073850772
Joel F. Picard Dds, Inc. 02895, RIGeneral Surgery1497095178
Resnevic Dental, Llc 02814, RIGeneral Surgery1114268679
David J. Ward Dmd, Pc 02895, RIGeneral Surgery1902243165
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital 02215, RIGeneral Surgery1932547155
Spartan Dental Inc 02920, RIGeneral Surgery1699113746
Roger Williams Medical Center 02908, RIGeneral Surgery1063853661
The Miriam Hospital 02906, RIGeneral Surgery1740615277
Memorial Hospital 02860, RIGeneral Surgery1548696941
Mhri/brown University 02860, RIGeneral Surgery1114357803
Smithfield Primary Care Llc. 02917, RIGeneral Surgery1558775635
Caress Dental, Inc. 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1174939599
Rhode Island Hospital 02903, RIGeneral Surgery1104233832
Cranston Asthetic Dentistry 02910, RIGeneral Surgery1780092460
Zumstein Family Dentistry, Llc 02906, RIGeneral Surgery1104234350
Ferguson Animal Hospital 02911, RIGeneral Surgery1871994293
Prospect Chartercare Rwmc, Llc 02816, RIGeneral Surgery1528469707
P.hakan Durudogan Dds 02842, RIGeneral Surgery1679976047
Ppc, Inc. 02908, RIGeneral Surgery1497158844
Dr. Leonard C. Taddei, D.m.d 02842, RIGeneral Surgery1235527896
Coastal Dental Associates Ii, Llc 02852, RIGeneral Surgery1316335656
Coastal Dental Associates Iii, Llc 02835, RIGeneral Surgery1831587260
Sunny Smile Group I Llc 02896, RIGeneral Surgery1982094579
Sunny Smile Group Ii Llc 02886, RIGeneral Surgery1326439779
Portsmouth Dental Associates 02871, RIGeneral Surgery1790167443
Anchor Dental 02840, RIGeneral Surgery1396118824
South County Hospital Healthcare System 02879, RIGeneral Surgery1952366106
Benefit Dental Care, Llc 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1154782290
Alberto V. Erfe, Md, Inc. 02895, RIGeneral Surgery1023470408
South County Health 02879, RIGeneral Surgery1851746259
Pratt Family Dentistry Inc 02818, RIGeneral Surgery1073963237
Johnston Dental Group, Llc 02919, RIGeneral Surgery1982148243
Nalari Health Pa Ipa Ids Llc 02806, RIGeneral Surgery1063959740
Dr. John T.a. Romao And Associates 02909, RIGeneral Surgery1942702949
Harborside Family Dental Llc 02915, RIGeneral Surgery1275051450
The University Of Rhode Island 02881, RIGeneral Surgery1477065118
Mmi Script Hub & Medical Supplies 06268, RIGeneral Surgery1063884146
The Miriam Hospital 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1225073638
Millenium Dental Inc. 02909, RIGeneral Surgery1629568357
Ronald J. Morton Dmd, Pc 02886, RIGeneral Surgery1235616053
Riverside Family Dental, Llc 02915, RIGeneral Surgery1558846725
Integrated Wound Care Rhode Island Pllc 02908, RIGeneral Surgery1871063891
Lmw Healthcare Inc. 02891, RIGeneral Surgery1447595368
Kent County Memorial Hospital Navy Resource Sharing 02886, RIGeneral Surgery1417419789
Kent County Memorial Hospital 02886, RIGeneral Surgery1386643294
Women & Infants Hospital Of Rhode Island 02905, RIGeneral Surgery1447233788
Rhode Island Hospital 02906, RIGeneral Surgery1023325800
Frenchtown Dental Associates Llc 02852, RIGeneral Surgery1215592720
Landmark Medical Of Rhode Island Pc 02903, RIGeneral Surgery1548803729
Bigg Smiles, Llc 02852, RIGeneral Surgery1740824523
Nathan W. Tilman, Dds, Pc 02840, RIGeneral Surgery1528300274
Nima Behazin, Dmd Llc 02879, RIGeneral Surgery1083250195
Beacon Dental Health Ri, Pc 02920, RIGeneral Surgery1184262198
Beacon Dental Health Ri, Pc 02920, RIGeneral Surgery1669011227
Riverside Family Dental, Llc 02916, RIGeneral Surgery1811522063
Upward Health Of Rhode Island Pc 02909, RIGeneral Surgery1891322848
Carelink Inc. 02914, RIGeneral Surgery1518087709
Upward Health National Llc 02909, RIGeneral Surgery1326434440
Wound Care Specialists Of Ri, Llc 02882, RIGeneral Surgery1881211738
East Providence Dental Care, Llc 02914, RIGeneral Surgery1902424674
Warwick Family Dental Group 3, Llc 02886, RIGeneral Surgery1124679030
Warren Dental Associates Inc 02809, RIGeneral Surgery1881756203
Upward Health Of Massachusetts Pc 01603, RIGeneral Surgery1427668169
Arrowhead Dental Associates 02813, RIGeneral Surgery1336142165
Va Medical Center 02908, RIGeneral Surgery1447213731
Aquidneck Aesthetic Dentistry Inc. 02842, RIGeneral Surgery1134160559
Milestone Dental Care, Inc. 02842, RIGeneral Surgery1558394049
Va Medical Center 02908, RIGeneral Surgery1548289036
Westerly Hospital Dietary Department 02891, RIGeneral Surgery1649384421
Deepak Saluja, Dmd Inc. 02903, RIGeneral Surgery1093727257
Dental Associates Of No. Smithfield, Pc 02876, RIGeneral Surgery1720192180
Westerly Hospital Cardiology Department 02891, RIGeneral Surgery1629184486
Stephen P Cary Dmd Inc 02915, RIGeneral Surgery1538276753
Roger Williams Med. Center 02827, RIGeneral Surgery1538271515
Stephen J Falco Jr Dmd Pc Ltd 02885, RIGeneral Surgery1801993720
Dutchman Dental Llc 02878, RIGeneral Surgery1922109370
Northprovidencedentalassociates 02904, RIGeneral Surgery1174614705
Antonio J. Mattero, D.d.s. Inc. 02891, RIGeneral Surgery1841387149
Rhode Island Hospital 02903, RIGeneral Surgery1609953397


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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