Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of South Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of South Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jeffrey W Horowitz 29526, SCGeneral Surgery1679576664
Charles S. Bebko 29301, SCGeneral Surgery1093718009
Mcgregor T. Dennis 29461, SCGeneral Surgery1376546374
James H Sexton 29429, SCGeneral Surgery1205839289
Life Smiles Dentistry 29466, SCGeneral Surgery1235633835
William M Callahan 29693, SCGeneral Surgery1831192400
Fred Livingston Baker 29803, SCGeneral Surgery1720081276
Paul Donovan Gilbert 29601, SCGeneral Surgery1437151768
Charles T. Powell 29728, SCGeneral Surgery1356344675
John M. Baarcke 29379, SCGeneral Surgery1053313130
Timothy Ray Huber 29405, SCGeneral Surgery1659375533
Henry D. Salter 29640, SCGeneral Surgery1669476321
David Phelps 29642, SCGeneral Surgery1891790226
Stephen C. Adkinson 29706, SCGeneral Surgery1770588782
Barnwell County Hospital 29812, SCGeneral Surgery1265437297
Laudan A. Adkinson 29706, SCGeneral Surgery1528063450
Chester Dental Care 29706, SCGeneral Surgery1447255377
William Lynn Campbell 29212, SCGeneral Surgery1184629842
Philip Charles Wilkins 29180, SCGeneral Surgery1578568929
Palmetto Health Tuomey 29150, SCGeneral Surgery1326043548
Paul R Maco 29207, SCGeneral Surgery1689679706
Providence Hospital, Llc 29204, SCGeneral Surgery1003811290
David Bryon Dedmon 29302, SCGeneral Surgery1902801400
Ronald Dale Padgett 29003, SCGeneral Surgery1942206362
William Samuel Burns 29708, SCGeneral Surgery1528064938
Robert Gustavus Beebe 29485, SCGeneral Surgery1700882032
Edna Klatt Depaul 29464, SCGeneral Surgery1861498180
Peter D. Hyman 29506, SCGeneral Surgery1508862681
Laurens County Health Care System 29325, SCGeneral Surgery1982600714
Harry Lee Davis 29687, SCGeneral Surgery1346246006
Strother E Murdoch 29732, SCGeneral Surgery1306842117
Hampton Regional Medical Center 29944, SCGeneral Surgery1487651949
Litchfield Medical Center Pc 29585, SCGeneral Surgery1174521017
Theodolph Hamilton Jacobs 29414, SCGeneral Surgery1912906975
Woodward R Dixon 29169, SCGeneral Surgery1710987185
Georgetown Memorial Hospital 29440, SCGeneral Surgery1982604021
Waccamaw Community Hospital 29576, SCGeneral Surgery1972503910
Eric R Senn 29588, SCGeneral Surgery1295733012
Javon A. Mckenzie 29611, SCGeneral Surgery1073513172
Ronald R. Moore, D.m.d., P.a. 29678, SCGeneral Surgery1083615330
Charleston Center For Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry, Llc 29407, SCGeneral Surgery1730181165
Kevin B Fader 29928, SCGeneral Surgery1740282185
Mullen O Coover 29425, SCGeneral Surgery1053303966
Matthew Terzella 29303, SCGeneral Surgery1447242813
Harriett R Steinert 29407, SCGeneral Surgery1861484149
Jennifer Kristine Wallace 29902, SCGeneral Surgery1316930233
Jack H Gottlieb 29204, SCGeneral Surgery1720070840
Beaufort County Memorial Hospital 29902, SCGeneral Surgery1366436073
Jeffrey N Broder 29841, SCGeneral Surgery1992799563
Jeffrey N Broder Md Pc 29841, SCGeneral Surgery1679567259
Jerry Torres 29905, SCGeneral Surgery1114912417
Aiken Regional Medical Centers Llc 29801, SCGeneral Surgery1467448498
Scotland Memorial Hospital Inc 29512, SCGeneral Surgery1770577611
Bela Family Dentistry Of Wagener 29164, SCGeneral Surgery1902317241
Charles Andrew Andrus 29407, SCGeneral Surgery1447249008
Minoti Vilas Parab 33141, SCGeneral Surgery1154311009
Simpsonville Dental Associates Pa 29681, SCGeneral Surgery1407847213
Dj Hatcher 29152, SCGeneral Surgery1740261403
Rogers Colyer Reeves 29401, SCGeneral Surgery1922080225
Christopher D Oliver 29483, SCGeneral Surgery1710969845
Clay Allen Beshore 29690, SCGeneral Surgery1508848466
Atul Mohan Gupta 29910, SCGeneral Surgery1427030212
Tristan Greenwalt 29907, SCGeneral Surgery1518940980
Parks Burton Alexander 29681, SCGeneral Surgery1851374128
Dr Joan Wynn Taylor Llc 29466, SCGeneral Surgery1972586394
Vasant L Garde 29073, SCGeneral Surgery1407839624
Janice Marie Allison 29152, SCGeneral Surgery1962485193
Robert M Haberkorn 29827, SCGeneral Surgery1497745012
Benjamin Morrison Duffey 29585, SCGeneral Surgery1104817030
Joshua Thomas Watson 29464, SCGeneral Surgery1831171461
Kershaw Hospital Llc 29020, SCGeneral Surgery1245220300
Cannon Memorial Hospital 29671, SCGeneral Surgery1497744254
Richard H Bond 29526, SCGeneral Surgery1215919626
Thomas Scott Rives 29585, SCGeneral Surgery1457342370
Mcleod Regional Medical Center Of The Pee Dee, Inc. 29506, SCGeneral Surgery1699756221
Mcleod Regional Medical Center Of The Pee Dee 29532, SCGeneral Surgery1083695621
Mcleod Medical Center dillon 29536, SCGeneral Surgery1598746141
William Clayton Morgan 29902, SCGeneral Surgery1972586824
John W. Freeman 29615, SCGeneral Surgery1932182789
Hilton M Dickson 29582, SCGeneral Surgery1316920044
Lower Florence County Hospital 29560, SCGeneral Surgery1295719789
James William Cartwright 29207, SCGeneral Surgery1275517435
Joseph William Donahoe 29207, SCGeneral Surgery1396729562
William Scott Garris 29477, SCGeneral Surgery1205810470
Frank Michael Vasovski 29801, SCGeneral Surgery1659355428
Brooks A Godwin 29681, SCGeneral Surgery1518941434
Vasilios Pournaras 29577, SCGeneral Surgery1083698781
James Randolph Curtis 29621, SCGeneral Surgery1922082650
Timothy R Liptak 29401, SCGeneral Surgery1881678423
William Strother Darby 29691, SCGeneral Surgery1699759217
Chapin Dental Associates 29036, SCGeneral Surgery1295719839
Harry Blackmon 29512, SCGeneral Surgery1154306751
Christina Macrae Millhouse 29801, SCGeneral Surgery1750366837
George P. Green Dmd Pa 29162, SCGeneral Surgery1225013964
Terry A Willis 29617, SCGeneral Surgery1043296791
Todd S Blevins 29574, SCGeneral Surgery1922084664
James Carlton Ragain 32212, SCGeneral Surgery1073599213
Lifetime Family Dentistry Llc 29360, SCGeneral Surgery1457337495
Roy Edward Hudgens 29407, SCGeneral Surgery1255317152
Carrie S Niemann 29420, SCGeneral Surgery1790761633
Samuel J Corbin 29150, SCGeneral Surgery1184601262
Dudley C. Beaty 29512, SCGeneral Surgery1003894478
Carolyn D Holliday 29150, SCGeneral Surgery1205814332
William Buske Nguyen 29902, SCGeneral Surgery1558340570
Leon Carl Segars 29407, SCGeneral Surgery1639158371
Segars Dental Center 29407, SCGeneral Surgery1942289699
Erwin Renwick Baker 29108, SCGeneral Surgery1538148374
Pickens Dental Associates, Pa 29671, SCGeneral Surgery1144209651
Donald Larry Marler 29671, SCGeneral Surgery1205815719
Joseph Daniel Hinton 29671, SCGeneral Surgery1679552194
Paul Joseph Rogers 29671, SCGeneral Surgery1811976202
William Frank Wright 29907, SCGeneral Surgery1417937566
James M Donahue 29223, SCGeneral Surgery1194705103
Wallace Thomson Hospital 29379, SCGeneral Surgery1013997774
William Grant Reynolds 29445, SCGeneral Surgery1437139003
John M. Depaul 29445, SCGeneral Surgery1346220910
Billy James Phillips 32212, SCGeneral Surgery1326018508
Lloyd William Marland 29902, SCGeneral Surgery1487624672
Daniel Phillip Lawless 29926, SCGeneral Surgery1639149685
Roper Hospital, Inc 29401, SCGeneral Surgery1962472860
John P Kleitches 29206, SCGeneral Surgery1245200245
Myrtle Beach Smiles Youth Dentistry, Llc 29577, SCGeneral Surgery1568432391
Bon Secours St. Francis Xavier Hospital Inc. 29414, SCGeneral Surgery1851361778
Angela Bailey Mcfadden 29501, SCGeneral Surgery1447220256
Florence Smiles Youth Dentistry, Llc 29501, SCGeneral Surgery1235109042
Michael Perry Shirer 29801, SCGeneral Surgery1023498847
Bela Family Dentistry Of White Knoll 29073, SCGeneral Surgery1457712143
Daniel James Dahlhausen 29671, SCGeneral Surgery1568448561
William Samuel Johnson 29207, SCGeneral Surgery1548244197
Henry Anthony Greene 29207, SCGeneral Surgery1942284088
Herbert Mckinney 29207, SCGeneral Surgery1013991660
Mae E Jesneck 29593, SCGeneral Surgery1033197413
Michael L Hughes 29745, SCGeneral Surgery1497731442
Natalie Ngoc Pham 92683, SCGeneral Surgery1689654873
Mace Thomas 29045, SCGeneral Surgery1255319091
Alan R Furness 29414, SCGeneral Surgery1093793465
Medrina B Gilliam 29501, SCGeneral Surgery1952371783
Spartanburg Smiles Youth Dentistry, Llc 29303, SCGeneral Surgery1679543227
John Heber Boden 29425, SCGeneral Surgery1114997418
Bassil S. Cuffy 29681, SCGeneral Surgery1548231665
Leo Otis Hall 29072, SCGeneral Surgery1164493177
Loris Community Hospital District 29569, SCGeneral Surgery1639140445
Mark Huntley 29307, SCGeneral Surgery1760453211
Berger Dental Group, P.a. 29206, SCGeneral Surgery1922070051
Robert Nieders 29072, SCGeneral Surgery1508838921
Edgefield County Hospital 29824, SCGeneral Surgery1023080439
Lynda Denise Grossman 29485, SCGeneral Surgery1245202159
Trent M Smith 29693, SCGeneral Surgery1598737348
Vincent S Toussaint 29325, SCGeneral Surgery1851363535
Chesterfield Marlboro Lp 29512, SCGeneral Surgery1437121951
Bryan B Patterson 29501, SCGeneral Surgery1427020924
Mary Ann Childs 29615, SCGeneral Surgery1700859733
Chesterfield Marlboro Lp 29520, SCGeneral Surgery1891768842
Louis Edward Snyder 29161, SCGeneral Surgery1831163450
George Herbert Graf 32212, SCGeneral Surgery1417921446
Ruth Schirmer De Haven 29407, SCGeneral Surgery1841265220
Suzanne L Kinnear-adams 29406, SCGeneral Surgery1407821762
Lilian Borja Martin-ventura 29501, SCGeneral Surgery1932174893
Mark G. Pelletier 29063, SCGeneral Surgery1013983626
Michele K Bryant 29651, SCGeneral Surgery1851367007
Gregory A Millwood 29033, SCGeneral Surgery1922074186
Dorothea Gertrude Taylor 29129, SCGeneral Surgery1639147176
Palmetto Health 29203, SCGeneral Surgery1962471946
John Locke Edwards 29063, SCGeneral Surgery1083683395
Henry Otto Lorin 29501, SCGeneral Surgery1346219524
Michael Steven Phillips 29404, SCGeneral Surgery1104885250
Kenneth L. Shackle 31409, SCGeneral Surgery1861468191
North Hills Medical Center 29615, SCGeneral Surgery1669432902
Mark Garber 29566, SCGeneral Surgery1427020270
Lancaster Hospital Corporation 29720, SCGeneral Surgery1437122926
John E Bianco 29651, SCGeneral Surgery1538128939
Coastal Carolina Medical Center, Inc. 29927, SCGeneral Surgery1962472431
Chestnut Hill Mental Health Center, Inc 29690, SCGeneral Surgery1386603793
Randall Steve Stewart 29301, SCGeneral Surgery1104892165
Jose E Marquez 29204, SCGeneral Surgery1568422525
Fairfield Memorial Hospital 29180, SCGeneral Surgery1386604726
Nancy Smith 29615, SCGeneral Surgery1851352751
William Joseph Leonard 20889, SCGeneral Surgery1710948310
Julia K. Mikell 29204, SCGeneral Surgery1710949946
Stephen Edward Clary 29223, SCGeneral Surgery1700848827
John Summers 29210, SCGeneral Surgery1679535850
Steve M Ackerman 29649, SCGeneral Surgery1023070836
Yusuf Michael Saleeby 29576, SCGeneral Surgery1558324053
William Gray Ackerman 29649, SCGeneral Surgery1689637910
Craig W Jackson 29926, SCGeneral Surgery1235192469
James willmot Clinic 29388, SCGeneral Surgery1730144262
Michael F Myers 29388, SCGeneral Surgery1164487401
James Elwyn James 29388, SCGeneral Surgery1902861107
Mouna A Bosler 29204, SCGeneral Surgery1578529384
Sean Emerson Barnwell 29204, SCGeneral Surgery1376509083
Columbia Smiles Youth Dentistry, Llc 29204, SCGeneral Surgery1760448575
Yulinda Laschon Rhodes 29927, SCGeneral Surgery1063478840
Starling Speed Ray 29936, SCGeneral Surgery1336105469
James L Wilson 29657, SCGeneral Surgery1184680134
Michael Strong 29042, SCGeneral Surgery1679539639
Terry A King 29206, SCGeneral Surgery1295792240
Harold Maurice Rhodes 29488, SCGeneral Surgery1467419416
James Gilmour Agnew 29316, SCGeneral Surgery1922065846
Palmetto Dental Services 29201, SCGeneral Surgery1831156892
James Wesley Munn 29388, SCGeneral Surgery1881651792


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