Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Frederick Everett Aurbach 75227, TXGeneral Surgery1447253455
Terrence Charles O'keefe 77079, TXGeneral Surgery1255334264
Sanjay V. Rao 75240, TXGeneral Surgery1114920113
Shelley Lynn Canada 77024, TXGeneral Surgery1134122120
Kelly Sue Robinson 79423, TXGeneral Surgery1396748208
Harold Morris Block 79903, TXGeneral Surgery1104829084
Matthew Bryson Roberts 75835, TXGeneral Surgery1477556223
Jon Walter Williamson 75104, TXGeneral Surgery1952304867
Paul Louis Slattery 78239, TXGeneral Surgery1790788461
Robert Carroll Cody 78410, TXGeneral Surgery1053314732
John David Hamblen 79423, TXGeneral Surgery1174526073
Ritu Punia 75028, TXGeneral Surgery1770715740
Don W. Heyen 76308, TXGeneral Surgery1952304552
Anthony Irving Gronich 79924, TXGeneral Surgery1477556058
Bin X Weng 75024, TXGeneral Surgery1033112750
John H Gallop 78613, TXGeneral Surgery1336142819
Joe Lynn Bonnot 77962, TXGeneral Surgery1780687251
Marcus L Mcroberts 78550, TXGeneral Surgery1487657953
Stewart Glen Powers 75154, TXGeneral Surgery1154324606
Stacey Nan Block 77077, TXGeneral Surgery1538162086
Bryce Alan Campbell 75024, TXGeneral Surgery1881697324
Kenneth L Stilwell 75601, TXGeneral Surgery1336142843
George Dale Blake 76426, TXGeneral Surgery1720081268
Brent A. Hallum 78006, TXGeneral Surgery1801899323
Peter R. Barnett 75093, TXGeneral Surgery1942203468
Mark Vincent Edwards 77054, TXGeneral Surgery1932102233
Lawrence Donald Thompson 76834, TXGeneral Surgery1750384145
William Ray Aslin 76036, TXGeneral Surgery1346243656
Charles Calvin Nunnally 75234, TXGeneral Surgery1770586059
Gregory Erron Harrison 79015, TXGeneral Surgery1104829456
Robert Ewing Raney 78212, TXGeneral Surgery1124021522
Joe Lee Deupree 75460, TXGeneral Surgery1841293222
Thang Dinh Hoang 77581, TXGeneral Surgery1932101268
Lynn Katherine Hammond 77362, TXGeneral Surgery1235132564
Gary Michael Schultz 78102, TXGeneral Surgery1346243706
Otice Z Helmer 76109, TXGeneral Surgery1588667927
Dave S. Carpenter 77706, TXGeneral Surgery1629071915
Jerry Ross Ellis 76065, TXGeneral Surgery1073516365
Anna Denise Woods 77833, TXGeneral Surgery1710980099
Keith B Stout 77701, TXGeneral Surgery1053314393
John Ross Stooksberry 75246, TXGeneral Surgery1306849021
Mary Kim Ta 77084, TXGeneral Surgery1710497474
Gary Ray Pillers 77429, TXGeneral Surgery1659373918
Ritchie D. Beougher 75093, TXGeneral Surgery1588666820
Gregory A Kerbel 75043, TXGeneral Surgery1063414118
Terrel R Myers 75231, TXGeneral Surgery1356343602
Michael Joseph Goulding 76107, TXGeneral Surgery1609870955
Charles L. Watson 77074, TXGeneral Surgery1336143668
John Bruce Hillin 75654, TXGeneral Surgery1861494973
Robert Earl Barberee 76401, TXGeneral Surgery1487656732
Krista Smith Darr 75605, TXGeneral Surgery1831191188
Craig R Carlson 78232, TXGeneral Surgery1811999865
Jacquelyn Ann Stanfield 75028, TXGeneral Surgery1003818170
Bryan Scott Mclarty 79414, TXGeneral Surgery1043212004
Douglas Arthur Duey 78227, TXGeneral Surgery1629070784
Michael Reynolds Pearson 75501, TXGeneral Surgery1659375939
George Allen Lee 77074, TXGeneral Surgery1205830288
Dee Anna Walker 76634, TXGeneral Surgery1043214059
William Wallace Manning 75056, TXGeneral Surgery1134123151
Craig S. Armstrong 77042, TXGeneral Surgery1811991805
Chris Stephen Cartwright 75050, TXGeneral Surgery1750385795
Jane D Champion 78801, TXGeneral Surgery1578567517
Ronald James Morlock 76013, TXGeneral Surgery1073517033
Larry H. Poth 78114, TXGeneral Surgery1720082704
Scott D Barnett 76034, TXGeneral Surgery1225032154
Jorge E Quirch 77030, TXGeneral Surgery1275537052
George Alberto Marquis 77449, TXGeneral Surgery1356345102
Reginald Alvin Goodman 77657, TXGeneral Surgery1992709786
Deano A Sakos 78746, TXGeneral Surgery1629072418
Curtis A Crandall 75074, TXGeneral Surgery1922002690
Frank H Moore 75042, TXGeneral Surgery1528062445
Reynaldo E Garza 78801, TXGeneral Surgery1255335170
Joseph Miller Kenworthy 76528, TXGeneral Surgery1225032188
Minh Nguyen 77064, TXGeneral Surgery1578567269
Sam Jerry Long 77030, TXGeneral Surgery1033113915
Ronada R Davis 77030, TXGeneral Surgery1043214729
Richard Mark Peppard 78759, TXGeneral Surgery1235133950
Cameron Brian Herring 75034, TXGeneral Surgery1962406579
Joan Dreher 78248, TXGeneral Surgery1073517694
Melissa Lynn Welty 77379, TXGeneral Surgery1316949670
Gregory Alan Grave 75023, TXGeneral Surgery1922002203
Deeann Dockins 75032, TXGeneral Surgery1982608626
Bill G Edwards 79414, TXGeneral Surgery1730183476
John Robert Loar 75143, TXGeneral Surgery1609870187
Erwin E Tang 75234, TXGeneral Surgery1205830718
Karlan J Downing 76632, TXGeneral Surgery1932103454
Luis Abner Sanchez 77401, TXGeneral Surgery1699779132
David R Hennington 78628, TXGeneral Surgery1114921574
Mario Cervantes-vazquez 77091, TXGeneral Surgery1245234616
Emilio Rene Cardona 77030, TXGeneral Surgery1467456897
Eugene Windle Harper 79714, TXGeneral Surgery1982608311
Gary Dawayne Weeks 77566, TXGeneral Surgery1538164967
Thomas L Phillips 76104, TXGeneral Surgery1740284124
Hugo Eduardo Artaza 77450, TXGeneral Surgery1093719494
Jeffrey Taylor Shelton 75601, TXGeneral Surgery1831193200
James Calvin Mccomic 77069, TXGeneral Surgery1437153822
Kathleen Marie Nichols 79423, TXGeneral Surgery1598760852
William Stewart Nantz 77706, TXGeneral Surgery1154326569
Janet C Glenn 75039, TXGeneral Surgery1063417418
John Charles Reimers 77706, TXGeneral Surgery1457356834
Anthony Dee Lehner 75214, TXGeneral Surgery1689679003
Carter Leroy Hallmark 75060, TXGeneral Surgery1417952763
Derek Wade Scott 77339, TXGeneral Surgery1952306169
Charles Michael Sauter 75149, TXGeneral Surgery1003811308
Richard Louis Raimondo 78217, TXGeneral Surgery1912902214
Gregory Kevin Gor 77478, TXGeneral Surgery1366447575
Todd George Brady 77384, TXGeneral Surgery1972508109
Patrick Joseph Mcclellan 77002, TXGeneral Surgery1235134164
Jack William Lewis 75401, TXGeneral Surgery1790780641
Spencer Page 75028, TXGeneral Surgery1376548248
John Raymond Chaconas 77539, TXGeneral Surgery1316942337
Russell W Fife 75225, TXGeneral Surgery1518962562
Scott M. Staffel 76021, TXGeneral Surgery1477558567
James W Berry 75040, TXGeneral Surgery1053316141
David Henry Binder 78336, TXGeneral Surgery1669477667
David C Woodburn 79109, TXGeneral Surgery1366447393
Juan C Echeverri 77055, TXGeneral Surgery1255336186
Frank Wayne Wilson 76013, TXGeneral Surgery1003811936
Kenneth H. Skipper 75647, TXGeneral Surgery1053316711
Howard Lasher 77379, TXGeneral Surgery1740285550
Roger Ortiz 79901, TXGeneral Surgery1083619720
Suman C Rangappa 77571, TXGeneral Surgery1851396626
Alfred Thomas Brian 75002, TXGeneral Surgery1619972460
Larry Wayne Murph 75701, TXGeneral Surgery1043215700
Bradley A. Mcconnell 76132, TXGeneral Surgery1659376325
Steven E Berry 75040, TXGeneral Surgery1144225830
David C Moore 76040, TXGeneral Surgery1740285436
Donald C. Ruthven 77056, TXGeneral Surgery1902801624
Kevin Thomas Burke 77339, TXGeneral Surgery1710982582
Teresa E. Canzoneri Girod 77706, TXGeneral Surgery1295730950
Lawrence Binkley Lanham 75042, TXGeneral Surgery1043215056
Dileep C Bhateley 76661, TXGeneral Surgery1467456962
Gaylen Zachary Fickey 76201, TXGeneral Surgery1184629966
John Wilson Garnett 76110, TXGeneral Surgery1992700777
Paul David Levine 77077, TXGeneral Surgery1659376481
Mark Warren Friedrich 78681, TXGeneral Surgery1831194687
Leanna Gwen Jorden 79414, TXGeneral Surgery1891790655
Sam Charles Giglio 77706, TXGeneral Surgery1407851140
Joanne Gay Hoppe 75214, TXGeneral Surgery1730184482
Valencia Ann Augbon 77047, TXGeneral Surgery1558366203
Rise L. Martin 78063, TXGeneral Surgery1649275298
Frank Pierre Lyman 78063, TXGeneral Surgery1558366104
David Wayne Arnold 77575, TXGeneral Surgery1073518650
Melvin Lee Mcphail 77384, TXGeneral Surgery1780689281
Dale Lee Allbritton 77074, TXGeneral Surgery1205832714
William Marion Lockhart 77380, TXGeneral Surgery1508861022
Thomas Ford Williams 77706, TXGeneral Surgery1720083256
Richard Douglas Taverna 78251, TXGeneral Surgery1912903444
Samir Arvind Patel 75069, TXGeneral Surgery1740286012
Thomas Charles Wascher 78207, TXGeneral Surgery1609872969
Tim W Robinson 75230, TXGeneral Surgery1952307290
Charlotte Ann Walston 78411, TXGeneral Surgery1912903196
Dru Bart Bourland 79606, TXGeneral Surgery1003812470
Zoel Glen Allen 79070, TXGeneral Surgery1871599910
Gary L. Harris 75231, TXGeneral Surgery1700882735
Mildred M. Kendrick 77055, TXGeneral Surgery1962408963
Marcus Deguzman 77055, TXGeneral Surgery1871599878
Russell K Tankersley 75231, TXGeneral Surgery1932105087
Stephanie Nielsen Scheyer 77006, TXGeneral Surgery1548266521
Pascual Mendoza 78214, TXGeneral Surgery1811993850
Neeraja Kikkeri 75080, TXGeneral Surgery1801892864
Eugen Scherer 77566, TXGeneral Surgery1710983788
Robert B Meiser 78745, TXGeneral Surgery1265438048
Margaret Braden Childers 77450, TXGeneral Surgery1841296480
Kenneth Thompson Kirkpatrick 75149, TXGeneral Surgery1861498594
Allen C Kincheloe 77477, TXGeneral Surgery1821094434
Ronald Lewis Proctor 75007, TXGeneral Surgery1881691459
William Paul Burkhart 78701, TXGeneral Surgery1497752075
Brookie Denise Armstrong 78628, TXGeneral Surgery1992701387
Jimmy F. Pinner 77065, TXGeneral Surgery1760488159
V Terry Miller 75218, TXGeneral Surgery1851397111
Wendy Lynn Lara 79930, TXGeneral Surgery1821094228
John H Frels 78164, TXGeneral Surgery1205833829
Paul G Davis 76021, TXGeneral Surgery1447257977
Ronald Dean Klein 76825, TXGeneral Surgery1023015567
Huong T Nguyen 77072, TXGeneral Surgery1760489298
Karen O. Crawford 77520, TXGeneral Surgery1508863804
Glenn A. Ruthven 76856, TXGeneral Surgery1972500353
Kathy Tyler Gibson 77017, TXGeneral Surgery1417954702
Ronald William Stewart 75032, TXGeneral Surgery1659378859
Larry Duane Molenda 78666, TXGeneral Surgery1639176720
Paul Frederick Boven 77566, TXGeneral Surgery1326045493
Douglas Lauren Mcclung 77031, TXGeneral Surgery1699772632
Robert Franklin Pickard 77640, TXGeneral Surgery1992702856
Henry T Liao 75074, TXGeneral Surgery1942208657
Sandra B. Bergey 77995, TXGeneral Surgery1528065414
Frieda Sue Hale 77068, TXGeneral Surgery1477550317
Robert A Williamson 78629, TXGeneral Surgery1821095696
Kenneth A Lepow 77064, TXGeneral Surgery1952309692
Edward K Tse 77028, TXGeneral Surgery1881692531
James Allen Speed 76367, TXGeneral Surgery1720086341
Rickey Joe Crane 75455, TXGeneral Surgery1528066040
Gottfred P Olsen 75150, TXGeneral Surgery1932107372
Alan Louis Herzik 78956, TXGeneral Surgery1447258793
Michael R. Borchers 78028, TXGeneral Surgery1639177900
Jesus I Aguirre-burgos 78041, TXGeneral Surgery1518965789
John Joseph Hederman 77640, TXGeneral Surgery1588662712
Sei C Oh 77662, TXGeneral Surgery1548268782
Joseph Dynamite Starling 77401, TXGeneral Surgery1821096934
Warren Boswell Branch 78218, TXGeneral Surgery1275531311


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