Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Stephen C Kauffman 22302, VAGeneral Surgery1912900952
Steven E. Sowers 24018, VAGeneral Surgery1285637280
Roger Nelson Bays 24219, VAGeneral Surgery1225031198
William Munn 23150, VAGeneral Surgery1518960277
Bonnie Jean Pearson 23805, VAGeneral Surgery1124021027
Joel B Evans 20151, VAGeneral Surgery1184627150
Michael Paige Folck 23451, VAGeneral Surgery1972506822
Howard Thomas Lenz 22180, VAGeneral Surgery1255334199
Earl Thomas Elstner 22407, VAGeneral Surgery1851393185
Jacob Sheppard 23139, VAGeneral Surgery1902287683
Stanley L Chickey 23451, VAGeneral Surgery1770586216
Norton Community Hospital, Inc 24273, VAGeneral Surgery1326041716
Halifax Regional Hospital, Inc. 24592, VAGeneral Surgery1588668842
Rita H Pickler 23219, VAGeneral Surgery1922002294
Andrew Lewis Moore 22554, VAGeneral Surgery1801890876
Gerson J Cuellar Dds Pc 22204, VAGeneral Surgery1285153296
Page Memorial Hospital, Inc. 22835, VAGeneral Surgery1326040684
Steven Reed Clarke 23456, VAGeneral Surgery1184628620
James Lee Cocklin 20111, VAGeneral Surgery1134123581
Richard F. Donohue 22032, VAGeneral Surgery1861497091
Willie Keith Beasley 20121, VAGeneral Surgery1356346266
David A. Glass 23511, VAGeneral Surgery1962407775
Arthur Thomson Silvers 24540, VAGeneral Surgery1326043068
M. Walter Young 23294, VAGeneral Surgery1285639831
Scott Randolph Miller 24202, VAGeneral Surgery1477559474
Robert Christian Flikeid 20186, VAGeneral Surgery1710983846
John Douglas Wooddell 22003, VAGeneral Surgery1073519146
Richard Fleming Roadcap 23834, VAGeneral Surgery1740286533
Kimberly Greenwell 23606, VAGeneral Surgery1427054071
Smyth County Community Hospital 24354, VAGeneral Surgery1073519377
Chesapeake Hospital Corporation 22482, VAGeneral Surgery1922004530
Allen Duane Schultz 23141, VAGeneral Surgery1083611750
Sentara Hospitals 23434, VAGeneral Surgery1376540138
William F Streicker 22901, VAGeneral Surgery1316944226
Elbert Plummer Osborne 24541, VAGeneral Surgery1619975265
Sonya Kaye Martin 24202, VAGeneral Surgery1861490385
Eric A Hosek 23454, VAGeneral Surgery1316945744
Martha Jefferson Hospital 22911, VAGeneral Surgery1346248663
Buchanan General Hospital, Inc 24614, VAGeneral Surgery1225036346
Jeffrey Allen Clifton 24540, VAGeneral Surgery1619976172
Fred Norman Kessler 23226, VAGeneral Surgery1821097403
Commonwealth Family Practice Ltd 23832, VAGeneral Surgery1215936547
Christian Scott Tabor 23059, VAGeneral Surgery1437159357
The Fauquier Hospital Inc 20186, VAGeneral Surgery1851390744
Noel P Kornett 24171, VAGeneral Surgery1962402610
Dante De Los Santos Bruno 24592, VAGeneral Surgery1700886298
Lefcoe, Weinstein, Sachs, Schiff & Associates 23320, VAGeneral Surgery1679573075
Christopher Adam Payne 24541, VAGeneral Surgery1770583106
Twin County Regional Healthcare, Inc 24333, VAGeneral Surgery1174524094
Bath County Community Hospital 24445, VAGeneral Surgery1902807936
Elizabeth A Tarpley 22192, VAGeneral Surgery1659372423
Robert Edward Wallace 24153, VAGeneral Surgery1578564720
Khon Han Lien 23551, VAGeneral Surgery1427059674
Charles Edward Brehmer 23225, VAGeneral Surgery1932100104
Jennifer Ellis 23551, VAGeneral Surgery1811998321
Grant R Hartup 20032, VAGeneral Surgery1447251574
John Francis Leung 09543, VAGeneral Surgery1265434146
Scott David Thomas 09532, VAGeneral Surgery1932101557
Kimon Arthur Rumanes 20889, VAGeneral Surgery1619969102
Ruth Anne Nelson 23604, VAGeneral Surgery1962494245
Cheryl A Lobo 22193, VAGeneral Surgery1093708307
Sara T Brendmoen 22151, VAGeneral Surgery1972596286
Stephen C Tupman 22151, VAGeneral Surgery1679566988
Lawrence D Rosenman 22151, VAGeneral Surgery1982697280
Katherine R. Morgnti 20032, VAGeneral Surgery1326031626
Nelson Charles Davis 20310, VAGeneral Surgery1306839329
Bedford Memorial Hospital 24523, VAGeneral Surgery1295728491
Jade Spurgeon 36112, VAGeneral Surgery1154314086
Brent Edward Neubauer 32212, VAGeneral Surgery1295736627
Gary Michael Cummings 09566, VAGeneral Surgery1568463024
Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital 24151, VAGeneral Surgery1710970918
Carilion Tazewell Community Hospital 24651, VAGeneral Surgery1427040328
Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital 24450, VAGeneral Surgery1518950484
Carilion New River Valley Medical Center 24073, VAGeneral Surgery1376536573
Carilion Giles Community Hospital 24134, VAGeneral Surgery1194718304
Carilion Medical Center 24014, VAGeneral Surgery1033102942
Kimbrough Hornsby 23505, VAGeneral Surgery1386637353
Melissa Paige Gibson 34470, VAGeneral Surgery1689676025
George J Farrell 24614, VAGeneral Surgery1962494922
June Keller Vernon 23834, VAGeneral Surgery1861485393
Francisco Rene Leal 20374, VAGeneral Surgery1376536755
Bruce R Deginder 23185, VAGeneral Surgery1770577124
Margaret E. P. Fisher 23521, VAGeneral Surgery1497749865
Brian Eric Beharry 23462, VAGeneral Surgery1124012364
Michael Rotter 22041, VAGeneral Surgery1437143450
Eugenia Aukhert Walsh 22079, VAGeneral Surgery1386638229
Uva Health Systems 22901, VAGeneral Surgery1689669814
Southside Community Hospital, Inc. 23901, VAGeneral Surgery1518952761
Eliot William Bird 23005, VAGeneral Surgery1003801978
David A Stanczyk 20032, VAGeneral Surgery1972598902
Joel W Match 22044, VAGeneral Surgery1831185354
Paulino D Sambat 22408, VAGeneral Surgery1073509170
Kiumars Elyasi 20794, VAGeneral Surgery1669468500
Kathryn Arlene Biery 22801, VAGeneral Surgery1386630101
Myra Valdez Martin 09599, VAGeneral Surgery1730176157
Linda Painter Niemeyer 09599, VAGeneral Surgery1780671123
Robert D King 22601, VAGeneral Surgery1861489213
Charles E Dyer 20190, VAGeneral Surgery1972590099
Ronald C Mamrick 23113, VAGeneral Surgery1700873759
Glen R Miller 22032, VAGeneral Surgery1891782892
Roberto Ramos Canizares 22485, VAGeneral Surgery1285629857
Johnston Memorial Hospital, Inc 24211, VAGeneral Surgery1104812684
Bon Secours Depaul Medical Center Inc 23505, VAGeneral Surgery1437525359
Robert Francis Byrne 22202, VAGeneral Surgery1154319564
Walter Herbert Williams 09554, VAGeneral Surgery1316935737
Ban T. Vu 22044, VAGeneral Surgery1770571028
James R Eskew 20110, VAGeneral Surgery1114915592
Nhien-phuong Khoi Lu 22152, VAGeneral Surgery1962490227
Phuong-mai Vu Nguyen 22044, VAGeneral Surgery1275521387
Gary Vahan Avakian 22314, VAGeneral Surgery1942299755
Werner Ernst Wiedemann 22835, VAGeneral Surgery1346239043
James Percy Hood 20602, VAGeneral Surgery1760471254
Anthony David Bailey 24523, VAGeneral Surgery1669461927
Garrett Earnest Hurt 24523, VAGeneral Surgery1306836374
Yolanda Cheryl Robinson 23452, VAGeneral Surgery1760472690
Timothy R Wade 24486, VAGeneral Surgery1649260472
Hung Duong 20151, VAGeneral Surgery1629068523
Richard Raymond Hull 24450, VAGeneral Surgery1093705618
William O Armour 24162, VAGeneral Surgery1043200421
Albert Phillip Solomon 23320, VAGeneral Surgery1174513568
Ida S Sanchez-pica 22060, VAGeneral Surgery1063402576
Alan Gregory Forbes 23320, VAGeneral Surgery1043200447
Kevin D Jennings 23325, VAGeneral Surgery1669462941
Anita Lynnette Brabson 23707, VAGeneral Surgery1245220474
Augusta Health Care, Inc 22939, VAGeneral Surgery1053301127
Russell Edward Bogacki 22152, VAGeneral Surgery1083605943
Katherine Rose Bogacki 22152, VAGeneral Surgery1346231172
John Roderick Mcneill Rowe 22041, VAGeneral Surgery1558342303
Masood Ahmed 23606, VAGeneral Surgery1093796310
Reginald Oneal Salter 21213, VAGeneral Surgery1275515348
Mcdonald Army Community Hospital 23604, VAGeneral Surgery1871575837
Joseph M. Mcintyre 22812, VAGeneral Surgery1023090727
Christopher G Angelopulos 22812, VAGeneral Surgery1912989617
Rustico Tolentino Gotico 23187, VAGeneral Surgery1326020728
Peter J Adams 23322, VAGeneral Surgery1992788186
Jacob H. Pham 24019, VAGeneral Surgery1518958248
Charles D, Kirksey, Dds, Llc 22030, VAGeneral Surgery1871584110
Philip Scott Walerko 24523, VAGeneral Surgery1043293061
Dewitt Army Hospital 22060, VAGeneral Surgery1548243231
Francis Marion Bush 23113, VAGeneral Surgery1538142237
Lynch, Dickey, And Singleton,dentists Inc. 24016, VAGeneral Surgery1760466205
Glenn Lee Catron 24651, VAGeneral Surgery1205810538
Diana Althea Jensen 24401, VAGeneral Surgery1811971005
Henri Renom De La Baume 22060, VAGeneral Surgery1790769792
Thanh Huong Truong Dds, Pc. 22044, VAGeneral Surgery1639153653
Charles B Palmer 22520, VAGeneral Surgery1750365458
Thabit M Bahhur 24112, VAGeneral Surgery1952385668
Joseph Howard Conduff 24091, VAGeneral Surgery1881678498
Joseph M. Bolil 20181, VAGeneral Surgery1265417620
Myles R Digennaro 20109, VAGeneral Surgery1689659807
Cathie H Butterworth 22401, VAGeneral Surgery1124003348
Lawrence Leibowitz 23464, VAGeneral Surgery1497730667
Harvey K Thompson 23851, VAGeneral Surgery1831174853
J. Brian Queen, Dds, Pc 20170, VAGeneral Surgery1174508196
Richard Paul Bein 22211, VAGeneral Surgery1326024969
Stephen Adolf Asam 23322, VAGeneral Surgery1558347922
Donald W Cherry 23185, VAGeneral Surgery1225014301
Edward Cathright 23801, VAGeneral Surgery1265418370
Walter G. Winneberger 23185, VAGeneral Surgery1225014343
Ruben V. Luna 23188, VAGeneral Surgery1215913389
David P. Cote 22202, VAGeneral Surgery1548246697
Terence Alfred Imbery 23665, VAGeneral Surgery1083690937
Florisa Sabiniano Singson 23455, VAGeneral Surgery1982680880
Henry D Ahn 23606, VAGeneral Surgery1790761690
William Cavell Johnson 22060, VAGeneral Surgery1477539385
Aaron Andreas Patterson 22405, VAGeneral Surgery1851378608
Mark Anthony Raymond 24230, VAGeneral Surgery1245217074
Odie Allen Whitlow 23231, VAGeneral Surgery1972580728
Dominique Michel Reynders 22060, VAGeneral Surgery1790762490
Su-en Chu Thlick 22193, VAGeneral Surgery1255318754
Joelle L.m Hendrickson-hairston 96271, VAGeneral Surgery1407833809
Michael L. Hutchings 23666, VAGeneral Surgery1427035807
Dee James Danner 24084, VAGeneral Surgery1376521211
Thao Phuong Doan 22192, VAGeneral Surgery1215915186
Atiyeh Emam 20176, VAGeneral Surgery1538147343
Mary Washington Hospital Inc. 22401, VAGeneral Surgery1942288527
Lac K Le 23803, VAGeneral Surgery1760460265
Melanie Demaria Allgeyer 22202, VAGeneral Surgery1235117573
Hermann Francisco Gonzalez 23703, VAGeneral Surgery1356329304
Pablo Ayala 23604, VAGeneral Surgery1841278801
Gary Lynn Newell 23464, VAGeneral Surgery1356320337
Carrie Newell Clarkson 23464, VAGeneral Surgery1659350635
Gerald Anthony Santulli 20310, VAGeneral Surgery1154300044
Steven Craig Jackson 20109, VAGeneral Surgery1699754176
Nancy Louise Reeves 23518, VAGeneral Surgery1801875331
Deborah Dumond 23801, VAGeneral Surgery1992784417
Stephen Michael Neuser 23665, VAGeneral Surgery1457330086
Bruce Coval Meneley 22134, VAGeneral Surgery1831178466
Kevin Theodore Kalanta 20372, VAGeneral Surgery1679553614
Mary Lee Sheahan 22211, VAGeneral Surgery1275513186
Gisela K. Fashing 23185, VAGeneral Surgery1487634499
Steven Mark Marinelli 23298, VAGeneral Surgery1063492973
Richard T. Heath 22901, VAGeneral Surgery1336129238
Grace L Key 20889, VAGeneral Surgery1417937301
Thomas Arthur Mchugh 22908, VAGeneral Surgery1922088715
Robert F Morrison Dmd Pc 23185, VAGeneral Surgery1356321046
Larry Joel Bullock 23451, VAGeneral Surgery1598745382
William Broas 23185, VAGeneral Surgery1730169426
Robert F Morrison 23185, VAGeneral Surgery1811977507
Paul Kimball Hartmann 23815, VAGeneral Surgery1376523076


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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