Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Brian Benasa Bardeloza 98684, WAGeneral Surgery1477076727
Herma Ranola 98665, WAGeneral Surgery1669589008
Frederick Jarl Thysell 98903, WAGeneral Surgery1285643544
Clinton Miller 98506, WAGeneral Surgery1417026097
Jeromy A Peterson 98370, WAGeneral Surgery1093817686
Daniel Edwin Wilson 98683, WAGeneral Surgery1992820328
Joanne Marie Hillary 99218, WAGeneral Surgery1891811154
Jennifer Bolnick 98104, WAGeneral Surgery1073650693
Jason Everett Doten 98816, WAGeneral Surgery1235255761
Kirk Christianson 97205, WAGeneral Surgery1568585594
Colleen Lee 98052, WAGeneral Surgery1083001945
Cabel Aron Mcdonald 98632, WAGeneral Surgery1023208857
Wesley E Johnson 98922, WAGeneral Surgery1689878332
Stephen Joseph Kim 98004, WAGeneral Surgery1265765473
Singh And Bajwa Pllc 98012, WAGeneral Surgery1386947257
Trista Marie Newville 31201, WAGeneral Surgery1528324712
Cristina Diane Bender 98926, WAGeneral Surgery1285902643
Arnell Prato 98422, WAGeneral Surgery1144534991
Mark Brandon Schutte 99301, WAGeneral Surgery1487887972
Emily Renee Penick 20889, WAGeneral Surgery1861790453
Brittany Michelle Millard-hasting 98499, WAGeneral Surgery1225327075
Alexander Ko 98057, WAGeneral Surgery1841578762
Jennifer Karmun Chu 99163, WAGeneral Surgery1538392949
Brandon T Woods 98431, WAGeneral Surgery1417244625
Demitris P Haldeos 98134, WAGeneral Surgery1780978601
Lenna Jeanne Ostenson 98665, WAGeneral Surgery1306103106
Hyuk Yang 98006, WAGeneral Surgery1497013841
Mitchell Lopacki 80913, WAGeneral Surgery1316304942
Michael K Hirata 76544, WAGeneral Surgery1801214838
Steven Blaine Justesen 59715, WAGeneral Surgery1437590593
Heung Noh 80913, WAGeneral Surgery1558787747
Christian Lee Horn 78234, WAGeneral Surgery1114317492
Joan Choi 96205, WAGeneral Surgery1508250937
Shawn Marie Fox 97365, WAGeneral Surgery1154737534
Allison Marie Tomich 98431, WAGeneral Surgery1073851168
Jessica Ann Lentscher 98431, WAGeneral Surgery1134563422
Dajana Mcnabb 98431, WAGeneral Surgery1124368782
Sarah Rachel Mcdonald 99163, WAGeneral Surgery1013431915
Shay Hartvickson 76544, WAGeneral Surgery1477913747
Sandy Chen 94559, WAGeneral Surgery1417317330
John Daniel Skipper 98503, WAGeneral Surgery1518477447
Klara Palhegyi 62959, WAGeneral Surgery1013204213
Corey Buring 97202, WAGeneral Surgery1023545233
Thomas William Hanna 28307, WAGeneral Surgery1184144479
Lalita Angkanawaraphan 98103, WAGeneral Surgery1841727104
Daniel Cho 98012, WAGeneral Surgery1164940060
Matthew Dean 98034, WAGeneral Surgery1427597103
Laura Rochelle Sauvage 98121, WAGeneral Surgery1538650049
Jared M Wirth 98277, WAGeneral Surgery1285115329
Jimin Park-reeves 98032, WAGeneral Surgery1063792000
Jeenah Yoo 97233, WAGeneral Surgery1962832113
Mariah Schreven 99218, WAGeneral Surgery1649755711
Kevin P. Huynh Dds Pllc 98057, WAGeneral Surgery1265907950
Doosu Baik 99352, WAGeneral Surgery1669983961
Gene Jason Wang 98029, WAGeneral Surgery1871033316
Christopher Frank Felicetta 78681, WAGeneral Surgery1497116651
Swedish Health Services 98101, WAGeneral Surgery1073553947
Abu & Del Rosario, Pllc 98101, WAGeneral Surgery1578020632
Kasey Ray Gillespie 98383, WAGeneral Surgery1932637089
Public Hospital Dist No 1 Skagit 98274, WAGeneral Surgery1053357244
James Richard Javier 98133, WAGeneral Surgery1205995081
Zachary J Leblanc 78234, WAGeneral Surgery1033643481
Alex Yushaun Koo 98431, WAGeneral Surgery1740671148
Steven A Roush 37067, WAGeneral Surgery1467945402
Candice Lacey Barnett 96816, WAGeneral Surgery1720362569
Jason Mah 98383, WAGeneral Surgery1376047068
Gillian Gayle Lim 98226, WAGeneral Surgery1356993422
Bryce Jeffrey Plancich 98499, WAGeneral Surgery1861044232
Kenneth E Breeden 99352, WAGeneral Surgery1417900309
Jill Ellen Kinzer 98122, WAGeneral Surgery1679568026
Michelle Diane Dullanty 99205, WAGeneral Surgery1720058746
David Cheng 75234, WAGeneral Surgery1477081701
Michael P Potter 98801, WAGeneral Surgery1689092207
William Alvarez 48210, WAGeneral Surgery1437501079
Matthew David Nordlie 98391, WAGeneral Surgery1174178636
Brian Nels Dahl 66442, WAGeneral Surgery1487950895
Peter B Iversen 98116, WAGeneral Surgery1386935567
Cameron J L Nelson 20889, WAGeneral Surgery1124004635
Sooik Park 98201, WAGeneral Surgery1902960727
Alanna Lauren Sandack 98466, WAGeneral Surgery1013127323
Trevor John Lutz 80913, WAGeneral Surgery1427449776
Alexa Brady Ellingsen Roehrig 13214, WAGeneral Surgery1962992834
Sangchi Tang 98201, WAGeneral Surgery1932266038
Nicole Marie Cassler 97477, WAGeneral Surgery1750585741
Pawel Michal Dutkiewicz 98586, WAGeneral Surgery1275890097
Nghia Duy Bui 60601, WAGeneral Surgery1225436322
Cornelia J Willis 13602, WAGeneral Surgery1679932115
Daniel H Gilbert 85268, WAGeneral Surgery1992812804
Jessa Derania 70112, WAGeneral Surgery1285083550
Matthew Nestander 78234, WAGeneral Surgery1154740587
Herbert Jun 53715, WAGeneral Surgery1124521638
Su Ping Mai 66442, WAGeneral Surgery1629592456
Benjamin J Armstrong 83642, WAGeneral Surgery1659542611
Sean Findlay 96854, WAGeneral Surgery1629497102
Yuanting Lu 98032, WAGeneral Surgery1639690167
Hartshorn Surgical Pllc 99216, WAGeneral Surgery1477186740
Anthony S Nguyen 98409, WAGeneral Surgery1518051028
Joseph Henry Dannenbaum 02120, WAGeneral Surgery1386943777
Jessica Lynne Trahan 85033, WAGeneral Surgery1003275546
Karl K Northrup 99223, WAGeneral Surgery1598918369
Nathan King Miller 98640, WAGeneral Surgery1104293877
April Hinsberger 98245, WAGeneral Surgery1225520539
Mary Kathleen Grady 97756, WAGeneral Surgery1447790837
Jasjit Minhas 98503, WAGeneral Surgery1922389410
Bozena Caballero 98002, WAGeneral Surgery1033697057
Stephan Antonius Kohnen 98004, WAGeneral Surgery1154681385
Margaretanne Hartman Sullivan 98926, WAGeneral Surgery1679860068
John Richard Burke 99216, WAGeneral Surgery1265581979
Jeffrey Patten 83815, WAGeneral Surgery1093121030
Xue Du 98008, WAGeneral Surgery1750819959
Chung Hao Tsen 98011, WAGeneral Surgery1144537820
Julie I-ching Tseng 98030, WAGeneral Surgery1144213844
Arthur Douglas Brossoit 99208, WAGeneral Surgery1730251265
David J Hone 99223, WAGeneral Surgery1932207099
Adam Drews 98225, WAGeneral Surgery1750812947
Rares N Deca 97003, WAGeneral Surgery1326277708
Central Washington Sleep Diagnostic Center, Pllc 98837, WAGeneral Surgery1558685925
Alba Melissa Weaver 87701, WAGeneral Surgery1679122600
Kittitas County Public Hospital Dist 1 98926, WAGeneral Surgery1356375307
James Barger 98223, WAGeneral Surgery1861733172
David Summers Wichmann 20889, WAGeneral Surgery1295272417
Jillian Nicole Warner 98026, WAGeneral Surgery1932519725
Harminder K Gill 94063, WAGeneral Surgery1235795881
Steven Madsen 06032, WAGeneral Surgery1861925356
Morohunranti Okunlolamiwa Oguntoye-ouma 21287, WAGeneral Surgery1679720437
David Jay Felsted 30912, WAGeneral Surgery1467814830
Christopher Shyue 98065, WAGeneral Surgery1245728674
Boonkit Purt 20889, WAGeneral Surgery1376903377
Suzanna Avery 98034, WAGeneral Surgery1972061174
Louis David Pollack 94143, WAGeneral Surgery1518079953
Sumra Zaidi 97301, WAGeneral Surgery1497217285
Olivia Kristof 98005, WAGeneral Surgery1558885962
Rebekah Gresham Reed 81623, WAGeneral Surgery1851936066
Andrew Parker Chamberlin 80913, WAGeneral Surgery1285077511
Jenna Danielle Godwin 33609, WAGeneral Surgery1588943013
Nisha Kaur Sandhu 98102, WAGeneral Surgery1548758113
Seemalaxmi Chawan 98023, WAGeneral Surgery1396254660
Dua Medical, Inc. 90064, WAGeneral Surgery1285017277
Matthew A Pollard 98383, WAGeneral Surgery1396149605
Pallavi Golani 98201, WAGeneral Surgery1386154359
Daniel Antonio Zevallos Carrillo 98032, WAGeneral Surgery1295211977
Morgan Elizabeth Wasickanin 66442, WAGeneral Surgery1346636131
Rasha Saeed 92408, WAGeneral Surgery1093071052
Sophie Rose Diepenheim 97703, WAGeneral Surgery1437630068
Fernando Irizarry 98506, WAGeneral Surgery1851456081
Tanveer Singh Buttar 98168, WAGeneral Surgery1760080469
Michael S Caparas 98155, WAGeneral Surgery1053495853
Edwin Chung 98043, WAGeneral Surgery1649256074
Yakima Valley Memorial Physicians 98902, WAGeneral Surgery1306933940
Jonathan Martin Deeth 95116, WAGeneral Surgery1376866335
Victoria Feliz Fox Behrle 96743, WAGeneral Surgery1649431909
Scarlet Kim 92691, WAGeneral Surgery1033562939
Brian Douglas Williams 98052, WAGeneral Surgery1760600100
Purvi Shankarbhai Patel 98405, WAGeneral Surgery1225248735
Miles Richard Di Sabella 98002, WAGeneral Surgery1326500109
Donald Dong-cheon Lee 98531, WAGeneral Surgery1588979967
Andrew J Tellington 98110, WAGeneral Surgery1174717524
Michael Duong 98198, WAGeneral Surgery1922482975
Jennifer Leah Alexander 98168, WAGeneral Surgery1932228566
Scott B Welling 98370, WAGeneral Surgery1265093009
David S Shao 98052, WAGeneral Surgery1831102318
Tyler Boyd 82009, WAGeneral Surgery1861830465
Elizabeth Polston 98431, WAGeneral Surgery1255896650
Daniel Stroud 98133, WAGeneral Surgery1013141282
Devin Marie Walther 98431, WAGeneral Surgery1275098634
Grant A Dawson 98855, WAGeneral Surgery1568648749
Anne Marie Gunn 42223, WAGeneral Surgery1912264854
Laith Jamal Yahya 77099, WAGeneral Surgery1134658784
David Dorohoff Carr 65807, WAGeneral Surgery1427323096
Joshua Daniel Pollock 98431, WAGeneral Surgery1902364474
Christopher Shin-da Chen 22060, WAGeneral Surgery1982047031
Forrest John Longway 98431, WAGeneral Surgery1992207435
University Of Washington 98195, WAGeneral Surgery1326002049
Christopher M James 98684, WAGeneral Surgery1982916508
Anthony Thien-cong Nguyen 98007, WAGeneral Surgery1447813548
Sean Michael Zohorsky 99204, WAGeneral Surgery1639601529
Roger Hou-chih Chen 98032, WAGeneral Surgery1255459640
James P Jex 98855, WAGeneral Surgery1366496697
Brenna Cain 99201, WAGeneral Surgery1528533759
Aaron Michael Frenette 80045, WAGeneral Surgery1144601311
Kimandeep Kaur Raked 98499, WAGeneral Surgery1659729648
Daniel Delonas 99338, WAGeneral Surgery1275927758
Joseph Raymond Pierri 97828, WAGeneral Surgery1275062143
V Bruce Wilcox 86004, WAGeneral Surgery1811086341
Whidbey Island Public Hospital District 98239, WAGeneral Surgery1447413091
Kelly Renee Monroe 99344, WAGeneral Surgery1528119377
Anant Shukla 79935, WAGeneral Surgery1760841423
Jordan Taylor Zumwalt 83815, WAGeneral Surgery1841817574
Michelle Catherine Gail Signs 99201, WAGeneral Surgery1821381336
Solmaz Eftekhari 77056, WAGeneral Surgery1992130975
Cory Gaunt 99205, WAGeneral Surgery1902161417
Robert Joseph Gould 98312, WAGeneral Surgery1649241993
David Baltazar Hernandez 98926, WAGeneral Surgery1124644919
Taryn Mashelle Vangerpen 98204, WAGeneral Surgery1720527898
Charles Bayard Larcom 98431, WAGeneral Surgery1336604297
Steffen Lis 98431, WAGeneral Surgery1790241933
Peacehealth 98225, WAGeneral Surgery1689677320
Tri state Memorial Hospital 99403, WAGeneral Surgery1760485221
Frontier Behavioral Health 99202, WAGeneral Surgery1861495327
Chelan County Public Hospital District No 2 98816, WAGeneral Surgery1578568853


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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