Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of Wisconsin

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of Wisconsin:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Paul M Scholl 53222, WIGeneral Surgery1922001916
David S Robinson 53545, WIGeneral Surgery1740283662
Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital, Inc. 53226, WIGeneral Surgery1255334173
William J. Twohig 54983, WIGeneral Surgery1275536161
Kathleen A Kelly 53703, WIGeneral Surgery1467455147
Michael S. Hill 54401, WIGeneral Surgery1609879550
Meriter Hospital, Inc. 53715, WIGeneral Surgery1114920048
Eric Todd Loberg 54138, WIGeneral Surgery1649273285
Paul David Vander Kelen 54301, WIGeneral Surgery1295738854
Mark A Olson 54701, WIGeneral Surgery1871596122
John P Rende 53143, WIGeneral Surgery1225032550
Thomas Alan Macak 54467, WIGeneral Surgery1356343479
Community Dental 54615, WIGeneral Surgery1588666747
Linda Ann Samson 53538, WIGeneral Surgery1073515219
Kathleen Lynn Bobay 53072, WIGeneral Surgery1790789063
Ronald W Ristow 54982, WIGeneral Surgery1841294873
Edward J Mcgrath 54982, WIGeneral Surgery1578567509
Kenneth J Scholz 54935, WIGeneral Surgery1528062452
Michael Francis Cahlamer 53005, WIGeneral Surgery1851395644
Stephen Reynolds Van Ess 53040, WIGeneral Surgery1740284306
St Joseph's Hospital Of Marshfield, Inc 54449, WIGeneral Surgery1144224676
Ted A Jung 54138, WIGeneral Surgery1568467835
John E Zweig 54301, WIGeneral Surgery1154326924
James John Herget 53050, WIGeneral Surgery1851396931
Patricia Ann Mcconnell 54915, WIGeneral Surgery1376548404
William Clifford Beaupre 54220, WIGeneral Surgery1972508760
Bonnie J Mccluskey 54914, WIGeneral Surgery1447256920
Daniel Clayton Mckinney 53704, WIGeneral Surgery1780689216
Vernon Memorial Healthcare, Inc. 54665, WIGeneral Surgery1497750921
William E Shaw 54935, WIGeneral Surgery1750386280
Thomas John Nick 54403, WIGeneral Surgery1912903303
Vernon Memorial Healthcare, Inc. 54665, WIGeneral Surgery1992701031
Timothy D. Tishler 54234, WIGeneral Surgery1699771345
Ssm Health Care Of Wisconsin, Inc. 53715, WIGeneral Surgery1184621211
David L. Clemens 53965, WIGeneral Surgery1710984745
St Josephs Hospital Of The Hospital Sisters Of The Third Order Of St F 54729, WIGeneral Surgery1164429908
Ssm Health Care Of Wisconsin Inc 53913, WIGeneral Surgery1386641207
Grant Regional Health Center, Inc. 53813, WIGeneral Surgery1255339867
Christine Sue Tempas 53085, WIGeneral Surgery1598763047
Ascension Calumet Hospital, Inc 53014, WIGeneral Surgery1376541748
Supriya K Shetty 53186, WIGeneral Surgery1881693067
Robert Thomas Navratil 53405, WIGeneral Surgery1679573539
Frederica Hoff Schuster 53711, WIGeneral Surgery1639179245
Craig Lamont Smith 53092, WIGeneral Surgery1316947690
Russell Leroy Christian 53572, WIGeneral Surgery1336149525
James W. Hill, Dds & Associates, Llc 53704, WIGeneral Surgery1528068749
Reedsburg Area Medical Center, Inc. 53959, WIGeneral Surgery1891796710
Carliss Bruce Shuler 53546, WIGeneral Surgery1144221045
Stephen J Weddle 54555, WIGeneral Surgery1467453712
Complete Family Dentistry On Broadway 53186, WIGeneral Surgery1174524425
Joseph A Schouten 54911, WIGeneral Surgery1891796363
James L. Cook Dds,sc 53227, WIGeneral Surgery1427050434
Robert J Schrank 54235, WIGeneral Surgery1952303802
Mark L. Mehlos 54452, WIGeneral Surgery1427050145
Tanner J. Mckenna 53704, WIGeneral Surgery1033111513
Aspirus Wausau Hospital, Inc 54401, WIGeneral Surgery1558363986
Charles E. Crisler 54868, WIGeneral Surgery1417949660
Richard M Howenstine 54868, WIGeneral Surgery1972595031
John L Sadowski 54220, WIGeneral Surgery1144212101
Madison Family Dental Associates 53719, WIGeneral Surgery1306838396
Perry M. Menos 54914, WIGeneral Surgery1891787545
James Anthony Sobolewski 54401, WIGeneral Surgery1457343055
Roy E. Luecht 53022, WIGeneral Surgery1699767046
County Of Rusk 54848, WIGeneral Surgery1710970041
John Reynolds Look 54729, WIGeneral Surgery1780677583
Jeffrey George Zeller 53406, WIGeneral Surgery1730172248
Alvin J. Kempema 53538, WIGeneral Surgery1164415568
Joseph Robert Dobson 54301, WIGeneral Surgery1861486896
John G Cronkrite 54469, WIGeneral Surgery1740274422
Richard D Dalve 54416, WIGeneral Surgery1669467882
Medical Services, Inc 54843, WIGeneral Surgery1912992827
Hien Long To-schwalbach 53718, WIGeneral Surgery1891780433
James R Sueppel 54619, WIGeneral Surgery1558357020
Chan D Tran 53227, WIGeneral Surgery1285620682
Gary B Olson 54494, WIGeneral Surgery1558357863
Thomas E. Raimann Dds 53130, WIGeneral Surgery1922095678
Shahada Ghaleb Shalash 53964, WIGeneral Surgery1760479422
Karen Komornicka 53227, WIGeneral Surgery1235126822
David J. Brunner 53092, WIGeneral Surgery1902893209
Toni M Roucka 53140, WIGeneral Surgery1578550521
Hazel E Moore 53140, WIGeneral Surgery1114914066
Paul Thomas Maggio 53597, WIGeneral Surgery1194712901
St. Joseph's Health Services, Inc. 54634, WIGeneral Surgery1972591410
Robert F Hobday 53950, WIGeneral Surgery1386632768
Paul D. Dibley 54166, WIGeneral Surgery1861480196
John Todd Watson 53022, WIGeneral Surgery1902895303
Brian David Hodgson 53233, WIGeneral Surgery1982693099
Memorial Hospital, Inc. 54456, WIGeneral Surgery1346239373
Paul D. Dibley, D.d.s., S.c. 54166, WIGeneral Surgery1720078512
Richard J. Roots 53551, WIGeneral Surgery1295726925
Charles A Laroque 54893, WIGeneral Surgery1356332035
Oak Leaf Surgical Hospital, Llc 54720, WIGeneral Surgery1669463832
St Vincent Hospital hospital Sisters third Order Of St Francis 54301, WIGeneral Surgery1114908001
Glenda Sue Sundberg 53215, WIGeneral Surgery1841271566
Lakeview Neurorehab Center Midwest, Inc 53185, WIGeneral Surgery1396726873
Carlos J Miro 53140, WIGeneral Surgery1386626554
Karen Ann Zahn 54174, WIGeneral Surgery1003898867
James M Turnbull 54409, WIGeneral Surgery1558343319
Richard Paul Rohowetz 53533, WIGeneral Surgery1598747958
Gregory Ringler 53511, WIGeneral Surgery1821071804
Leland R Judd 53558, WIGeneral Surgery1710960745
Gerald Alan Jelacic 53051, WIGeneral Surgery1356325732
Anton A Piantek 54166, WIGeneral Surgery1164406575
Eldon J Swenson 53214, WIGeneral Surgery1063496131
Sidney Harold Friedman 53092, WIGeneral Surgery1902880875
Tracy Lynn Hopkins 53530, WIGeneral Surgery1821072695
Larry Tran 53215, WIGeneral Surgery1073597837
Richard M Schaefer 53214, WIGeneral Surgery1396729109
James A Borror 54982, WIGeneral Surgery1710962253
Floyd E Young 53235, WIGeneral Surgery1821073214
Sacred Heart Hospital Of The Hospital Sisters 3rd Order Of St Francis 54701, WIGeneral Surgery1205811221
Michelle J Kelly 53018, WIGeneral Surgery1245215920
Joseph R Stiglitz 53235, WIGeneral Surgery1588649339
Village Family Dental Assocs. 53578, WIGeneral Surgery1407831209
Anne Marie Czyz-klemens 54304, WIGeneral Surgery1851377220
Bradley A Meer 60088, WIGeneral Surgery1972589133
Village Family Dental Asscociates 53515, WIGeneral Surgery1174500813
Grady M Twohig 54935, WIGeneral Surgery1518944529
Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Medical Center, Inc. 54656, WIGeneral Surgery1841278637
Thedacare Medical Center Waupaca, Inc. 54981, WIGeneral Surgery1013995521
Eslin Louise Mornay 60088, WIGeneral Surgery1144208646
Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Medical Center, Inc. 54601, WIGeneral Surgery1801874227
Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, Inc. 53066, WIGeneral Surgery1366420531
Waukesha Memorial Hospital, Inc. 53188, WIGeneral Surgery1629056890
Agnesian Healthcare, Inc 54935, WIGeneral Surgery1346228541
Richard W. Gesker 54301, WIGeneral Surgery1326026527
Waupun Memorial Hospital 53963, WIGeneral Surgery1548248644
Joshua W Doyle 54451, WIGeneral Surgery1053849943
Michael F Peeples 53578, WIGeneral Surgery1376522078
Randall E Ballweg 53578, WIGeneral Surgery1609855303
Todd A Stahnke 53515, WIGeneral Surgery1124007844
Thomas D Yentz 53588, WIGeneral Surgery1366421091
Craig J Koslica 53588, WIGeneral Surgery1063491710
Paul J Ganshert 53578, WIGeneral Surgery1124007729
St Vincent Hospital hospital Sisters third Order Of St Francis 54304, WIGeneral Surgery1285613638
Ascension Our Lady Of Victory Hospital, Inc. 54768, WIGeneral Surgery1053391730
Thomas Walczyk 54135, WIGeneral Surgery1154301711
Dennis Anthony Auth 54701, WIGeneral Surgery1013997352
Brian Douglas Jenkins 54956, WIGeneral Surgery1497725295
Ryan Joseph Gonzalez 60088, WIGeneral Surgery1497725063
Watertown Medical Center Llc 53098, WIGeneral Surgery1992776041
Frederick Bryan Gilbert 53704, WIGeneral Surgery1346211216
Errin J Pfeifer 53704, WIGeneral Surgery1467425975
Neville Winston Duncan 53205, WIGeneral Surgery1740316181
Matthew James Babcock 53226, WIGeneral Surgery1619940566
Dcp Of Southridge Shopping Center, Llc 53220, WIGeneral Surgery1568435253
Dcp Of Brookfield Square, Llc 53005, WIGeneral Surgery1659344349
Familia Dental West Green Bay 54303, WIGeneral Surgery1588197149
Cudahy Dental Associates, S.c. 53110, WIGeneral Surgery1164496477
Jeffrey K Dean 53228, WIGeneral Surgery1104890441
Albert L Huebner 53110, WIGeneral Surgery1457325714
Emily Thompson 54311, WIGeneral Surgery1396129284
Katherine Drake Deffke 53110, WIGeneral Surgery1265406524
Daniel T Kult 53110, WIGeneral Surgery1518931898
Dennis M Toy 53110, WIGeneral Surgery1871567156
Sauk Prairie Healthcare Inc 53578, WIGeneral Surgery1861466153
Michael J Ketten 53110, WIGeneral Surgery1578537643
John S Grant 53110, WIGeneral Surgery1275507345
Arnold Cwik 53110, WIGeneral Surgery1992779953
Christina C Couillard 53110, WIGeneral Surgery1760456727
Stephen Robert Kreuser 54891, WIGeneral Surgery1366416539
Ascension Our Lady Of Victory Hospital, Inc 54768, WIGeneral Surgery1114991932
Lisa Colette Joyce 54751, WIGeneral Surgery1801861570
St.michael Hospital 53209, WIGeneral Surgery1417923020
Indianhead Medical Center Shell Lake, Inc 54871, WIGeneral Surgery1568438125
James A. Albrecht 53095, WIGeneral Surgery1871569475
Robert J. Brennan 54956, WIGeneral Surgery1881660199
St Mary's Hospital Medical Center Of Green Bay Inc. hospital Sisters 54303, WIGeneral Surgery1649246877
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 54603, WIGeneral Surgery1598115370
Arjang Djamali 53792, WIGeneral Surgery1528035250
Dental Health Center, S.c. 54481, WIGeneral Surgery1720055015
Thomas Robert Machak 54963, WIGeneral Surgery1790752020
Memorial Hospital Of Boscobel 53805, WIGeneral Surgery1760459846
Thomas Irving Hatch 53959, WIGeneral Surgery1093783359
Ramakrishnan Sankaran 53934, WIGeneral Surgery1831168848
Rahmatollah O Simani 53934, WIGeneral Surgery1104895010
Elizabeth Ann Glisper 53209, WIGeneral Surgery1962471839
Martin L. Janssen 53934, WIGeneral Surgery1417926023
Elizabeth Alice Elmore 54241, WIGeneral Surgery1174592505
Gail Gaustad 53715, WIGeneral Surgery1841259926
Julie Ann Steffen 53220, WIGeneral Surgery1922067685
Christina Sopiwnik 54806, WIGeneral Surgery1881653574
Lafayette County 53530, WIGeneral Surgery1114987054
Village Dental Group, S.c. 53051, WIGeneral Surgery1952362287
Bertram I Milson 54303, WIGeneral Surgery1346201381
Michael Lee Raymond 54904, WIGeneral Surgery1093776999
Ronald Howard Verhulst 53227, WIGeneral Surgery1013978576
Neider & Knoell Dental S.c. 53406, WIGeneral Surgery1689635203
Paul Anthony Gruber 53081, WIGeneral Surgery1306808795
Clifford Carl Sprung 53056, WIGeneral Surgery1134181399
Alvin William Gloyeck 53227, WIGeneral Surgery1255393336
David Eugene Amundson 54650, WIGeneral Surgery1801858659
Ronald James Lambert 54913, WIGeneral Surgery1619939584
Dental Associates Of Baraboo, S.c. 53913, WIGeneral Surgery1790747558
Mary A. Quinn 53217, WIGeneral Surgery1346203932
Barbara K. Junker 55075, WIGeneral Surgery1023071313
Daniel R Pearce 53581, WIGeneral Surgery1841253697
Anshu Luthar 78746, WIGeneral Surgery1790748523
Thomas G Williams 53581, WIGeneral Surgery1386607141
Prairie Du Chien Memorial Hospital Association Inc 53821, WIGeneral Surgery1295799682


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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