Providers with Taxonomy: General Surgery in the state of West Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, General Surgery
in the state of West Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
City Of Sistersville 26175, WVGeneral Surgery1861495335
Donald H. Lough, Jr. 26003, WVGeneral Surgery1861495269
Curtis William Poole 25541, WVGeneral Surgery1629070818
Terry Sherwin Harper 26807, WVGeneral Surgery1982606075
Tomas E Vigo Paredes Pllc 25508, WVGeneral Surgery1851395834
Radhakrishna M Bellam 25635, WVGeneral Surgery1255335212
Gregory Clark Briscoe 25312, WVGeneral Surgery1962406876
Jerry N Linger 26034, WVGeneral Surgery1366447351
Cabell Huntington Hospital Inc 25701, WVGeneral Surgery1073518007
Gerard Anthony Veltri 26301, WVGeneral Surgery1255336095
Joey A Roy 25571, WVGeneral Surgery1346246741
Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Company 26452, WVGeneral Surgery1477559433
Terry L Lake 25309, WVGeneral Surgery1174529903
Oluyemisi R. Sangodeyi 25801, WVGeneral Surgery1487651717
Rodney Lee Powers 26104, WVGeneral Surgery1245237320
Hao Chang 26261, WVGeneral Surgery1235137514
Reynolds Memorial Hospital,inc 26038, WVGeneral Surgery1144228305
Grant Memorial Hospital 26847, WVGeneral Surgery1598763666
War Memorial Hospital, Inc. 25411, WVGeneral Surgery1467450353
Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc. 25801, WVGeneral Surgery1568461440
Thomas Franklin Wilkinson 25504, WVGeneral Surgery1043219926
Carolyn Devito 26505, WVGeneral Surgery1366443327
Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center, Inc. 26147, WVGeneral Surgery1124029400
Douglas Frederick Ritchie 26105, WVGeneral Surgery1255333829
Williamson Memorial Hospital Llc 25661, WVGeneral Surgery1275528614
Charles Gregory Stephen-hassard 25401, WVGeneral Surgery1184619538
James Michael Beane 26101, WVGeneral Surgery1942296132
Summersville Regional Medical Center 26651, WVGeneral Surgery1104813740
Davis Memorial Hospital 26241, WVGeneral Surgery1619964806
Teresita P Dejosef 26170, WVGeneral Surgery1164410247
Livia N Cabauatan 25635, WVGeneral Surgery1770572547
John M Johnson 24970, WVGeneral Surgery1093704678
Patrick Katzuo Arakawa 43935, WVGeneral Surgery1083603583
Charleston Area Medical Center Inc 25301, WVGeneral Surgery1952390239
Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc. 25951, WVGeneral Surgery1689664179
Angela Beth Armstead 25302, WVGeneral Surgery1275524183
Yolanda A Santos 25832, WVGeneral Surgery1205827144
John Roderick Mcneill Rowe 22041, WVGeneral Surgery1558342303
West Virginia University Hospitals, Inc 26506, WVGeneral Surgery1841271459
United Hospital Center, Inc 26330, WVGeneral Surgery1184606600
Andrew Mutiso 41653, WVGeneral Surgery1699750059
Daniel Allen Martin 26506, WVGeneral Surgery1396721817
Broaddus Hospital Association, Inc. 26416, WVGeneral Surgery1548246622
John William Byers 26354, WVGeneral Surgery1508842345
St Josephs Hospital Of Buckhannon Inc 26201, WVGeneral Surgery1124005061
Herbert J. Thomas Memorial Hospital Association 25309, WVGeneral Surgery1316925506
Joy Lynn Harr 26003, WVGeneral Surgery1164401915
Christpher John Mascio 26047, WVGeneral Surgery1457331753
St. Mary's Medical Center Inc 25702, WVGeneral Surgery1164492195
Balasubramanya P Sompalli 25401, WVGeneral Surgery1699745679
Oak Hill Hospital Corporation 25901, WVGeneral Surgery1598736159
John Anthony Capriolo 25401, WVGeneral Surgery1932171931
Potomac Valley Hospital Of W Va , Inc 26726, WVGeneral Surgery1912979873
Syam B Stoll 25702, WVGeneral Surgery1346214913
Hampshire Memorial Hospital, Inc 26757, WVGeneral Surgery1457326241
Pocahontas Memorial Hospital 24924, WVGeneral Surgery1609842251
Charles W Sisson 25701, WVGeneral Surgery1396711743
Webster County Memorial Hospital 26288, WVGeneral Surgery1568439552
David Reid Steele 25504, WVGeneral Surgery1265400840
Richwood Area Community Hospital 26261, WVGeneral Surgery1588632624
Steven W Craft 26288, WVGeneral Surgery1306815899
Hospital Development Co 25276, WVGeneral Surgery1316907322
William Payne Buch 25801, WVGeneral Surgery1639131196
Fairmont General Hospital, Inc. 26554, WVGeneral Surgery1750343125
Manuel Cortez Barit 25882, WVGeneral Surgery1376505164
East Ohio Regional Hospital 43935, WVGeneral Surgery1033171822
Emma Calderon Villanueva 25801, WVGeneral Surgery1336101989
Boone Memorial Hospital 25130, WVGeneral Surgery1275596777
Joel R. Whitaker 25868, WVGeneral Surgery1568425874
Braxton County Memorial Hospital 26624, WVGeneral Surgery1356304547
Michael Mcintosh 25271, WVGeneral Surgery1073576724
Chad J Lancaster 26624, WVGeneral Surgery1912961202
Ohio Valley Medical Center, Inc 26003, WVGeneral Surgery1487619219
Eric Randall Brannon 25276, WVGeneral Surgery1659336246
Regina Janet Brannon 25276, WVGeneral Surgery1215992581
Boone Memorial Hospital Inc 25130, WVGeneral Surgery1639135221
Sergio Capuno Macatangay 24892, WVGeneral Surgery1447218458
E.a. Hawse Health Center Inc. 26812, WVGeneral Surgery1225096027
E.a. Hawse Health Center Inc 26801, WVGeneral Surgery1851359251
William Darrell Lewis 25425, WVGeneral Surgery1457319048
James Lloyd Rising 26801, WVGeneral Surgery1023076213
Melissa Dawn Kitzmiller 26836, WVGeneral Surgery1659329761
Bluefield Regional Medical Center 24701, WVGeneral Surgery1407805633
Beckley Vamc 25801, WVGeneral Surgery1750330858
John C Veltman 25401, WVGeneral Surgery1740239771
Clarksburg Vamc 26301, WVGeneral Surgery1295784056
Huntington Vamc 25704, WVGeneral Surgery1669421319
Martinsburg Vamc 25405, WVGeneral Surgery1366492738
Logan General Hospital Llc 25601, WVGeneral Surgery1750332565
Victoria Santos Timbayan 25136, WVGeneral Surgery1245281195
Grafton City Hospital Inc 26354, WVGeneral Surgery1265484893
Healthy Habits Wellness Ctr, Inc 25601, WVGeneral Surgery1659323665
Adin Lim Timbayan 25136, WVGeneral Surgery1124070149
Princeton Community Hospital Assn., Inc. 24740, WVGeneral Surgery1558313213
Guyan Valley Hospital Llc 25601, WVGeneral Surgery1972556314
St. Luke's Princeton Llc 24701, WVGeneral Surgery1265486583
Weirton Medical Center, Inc 26062, WVGeneral Surgery1619921947
Logan General Hospital Llc 25601, WVGeneral Surgery1720032105
Jon M Miller 25601, WVGeneral Surgery1841245339
Greenbrier Vmc Llc 24970, WVGeneral Surgery1639124142
Daniel L Stickler 25311, WVGeneral Surgery1346295698
Raleigh General Hospital 25801, WVGeneral Surgery1285681023
Charleston Area Medical Ctr Teays Valley 25526, WVGeneral Surgery1144277708
Sriramloo Kesari 25130, WVGeneral Surgery1558318832
Eye And Ear Clinic Of Charleston, Inc 25301, WVGeneral Surgery1669429965
Charleston Hospital Inc. 25301, WVGeneral Surgery1891732889
David M Eller 25703, WVGeneral Surgery1437196664
St. Joseph's Healthcare System Limited Partnership 26101, WVGeneral Surgery1689611725
Raleigh General Hospital Llc 25801, WVGeneral Surgery1629015698
Charleston Hospital, Inc. 25301, WVGeneral Surgery1932146024
Reginald S Opimo 25703, WVGeneral Surgery1801833629
Drs. David M. Eller & Reginald S. Opimo, Dds Inc 25705, WVGeneral Surgery1184662074
Steve Childress 25801, WVGeneral Surgery1548209869
Russell Brooks Legg 25043, WVGeneral Surgery1285673905
Ronald Cleve House 26506, WVGeneral Surgery1851330377
Kelley Elaine Heal-ortiz 26301, WVGeneral Surgery1619917135
Ryan H. Fitzwater 25301, WVGeneral Surgery1770524977
Pocahontas Memorial Hospital 24924, WVGeneral Surgery1871534958
Diane Elizabeth Ashby 25840, WVGeneral Surgery1720020712
Greenbrier Valley Anesthesia Llc 24970, WVGeneral Surgery1902849706
Les Edward Nicholson 26508, WVGeneral Surgery1902849094
Carl Jeffrey Clay 25918, WVGeneral Surgery1457394447
Preston Memorial Hospital Corporation 26537, WVGeneral Surgery1013950054
Garry L. Lewis 26041, WVGeneral Surgery1871536029
Mark Gregory Ortiz 26301, WVGeneral Surgery1174567671
Steven Ghareeb 25309, WVGeneral Surgery1285678284
Kennedy & Richardson Dental Office 25309, WVGeneral Surgery1003850256
Abdulla A Doctor 25570, WVGeneral Surgery1710922562
Rachel Joy Andrada-rose 25801, WVGeneral Surgery1952346827
Montgomery General Hospital, Inc 25136, WVGeneral Surgery1619913647
Wetzel County Hospital Association 26155, WVGeneral Surgery1750326880
Janis Williams 24801, WVGeneral Surgery1154367316
Shahrooz Saheb Jamie 25043, WVGeneral Surgery1952347379
Jefferson Memorial Hospital 25438, WVGeneral Surgery1891722377
City Hospital, Inc 25401, WVGeneral Surgery1457389249
State Of West Virginia Welch Community Hospital 24801, WVGeneral Surgery1134158900
Camden Clark Memorial Hospital Corporation 26101, WVGeneral Surgery1699704254
Robert L Kardos 25143, WVGeneral Surgery1538199989
Paul A. Gilley, D.d.s., Inc. 24740, WVGeneral Surgery1831123850
David Malcolm Ross 25504, WVGeneral Surgery1669407631
Michael Howard Conley 25177, WVGeneral Surgery1427083781
Daniel P Bonner 25428, WVGeneral Surgery1912922873
Charleston Area Medical Center 25304, WVGeneral Surgery1194740035
R. Allen Vanatter 25504, WVGeneral Surgery1912922691
Stephen Michael Miller 24963, WVGeneral Surgery1871519660
Kenneth Lionel Psillas 25414, WVGeneral Surgery1285650440
David A Najar 24740, WVGeneral Surgery1528084001
Ricardo Dean Zambito 26003, WVGeneral Surgery1295753507
Va Medical Center 26301, WVGeneral Surgery1508884552
Ernest N Pennington 25301, WVGeneral Surgery1023037694
Jeanne Kaye Bailey 25526, WVGeneral Surgery1629097241
Alex Warren Skaff 25301, WVGeneral Surgery1275552093
George D. Conard 25705, WVGeneral Surgery1225058886
Joseph Gatens Vaughan 24970, WVGeneral Surgery1972523678
James Nighbert Aldridge 25701, WVGeneral Surgery1134149834
Michelle Chapman Paterno 25301, WVGeneral Surgery1962421867
John C Dixon 25304, WVGeneral Surgery1912927690
Thomas Scott Lilly 25401, WVGeneral Surgery1952321614
Louis A. Johnson Vamc 26301, WVGeneral Surgery1740200757
Gabriel N Sella 43935, WVGeneral Surgery1073533873
Garry L. Lewis Dds Inc. 26041, WVGeneral Surgery1386665800
William Herbert Brown 25701, WVGeneral Surgery1376564773
Harry Talbott Tebay 26105, WVGeneral Surgery1487675690
Jefferson Urgent Care, Llc 25414, WVGeneral Surgery1992726236
Rachel M Turak 26505, WVGeneral Surgery1881615128
Richard Diaz, Dds Inc. 25414, WVGeneral Surgery1700807856
Upshur Medical Management Services 26201, WVGeneral Surgery1295756559
Kerry Lee Kendrick 25526, WVGeneral Surgery1821019027
Robert M Krieg 25304, WVGeneral Surgery1225050461
Jason M. Roush D.d.s. Inc. 26101, WVGeneral Surgery1033131537
Michael Medovic 26003, WVGeneral Surgery1972525434
Thane Scott Farmer 25401, WVGeneral Surgery1750305504
Richard Nelson Diaz 25414, WVGeneral Surgery1760406706
Douglas Andrew Florence 26105, WVGeneral Surgery1841213915
Douglas Wayne O'dell 25301, WVGeneral Surgery1427072339
Robert L Campbell 25015, WVGeneral Surgery1447274170
John Maroulis 26554, WVGeneral Surgery1255355509
William James Artrip 25523, WVGeneral Surgery1467476622
David Anderson 26508, WVGeneral Surgery1629082243
Daniel Leonard Rairigh 26003, WVGeneral Surgery1932113248
Patrick G Rosario 15108, WVGeneral Surgery1881609527
Debra Walsh Donaldson 26505, WVGeneral Surgery1659388171
Bartley Reed Moore 26354, WVGeneral Surgery1740297068
Stanley Earl Dixon 25705, WVGeneral Surgery1083622690
Floresita B Bravo Edora 26362, WVGeneral Surgery1407864465
John P Burgess 25301, WVGeneral Surgery1568470680
Ernesto T. Yutiamco 25130, WVGeneral Surgery1942219365
Ernesto T.yutiamco,m.d.,p.c. 25130, WVGeneral Surgery1366451700
Marc William Wild 25701, WVGeneral Surgery1912916180
John M. Falbo 25301, WVGeneral Surgery1356350102
Jill Ann Glover 26508, WVGeneral Surgery1225049604
Ignacio Z. Bernardo 25136, WVGeneral Surgery1669483079
Stuart Craig Deem 26101, WVGeneral Surgery1346251683
Melissa Jane Keaton 25801, WVGeneral Surgery1306857578
Aaron Scott Perkins 26101, WVGeneral Surgery1811908072
Alfredo Jose Seco 43906, WVGeneral Surgery1871505628
William P Bennett 26452, WVGeneral Surgery1811909427
Jeremiah Raymond Shelton 26241, WVGeneral Surgery1588676605
Robert K Hartman 25313, WVGeneral Surgery1730192568
Roger Lee Williams 26041, WVGeneral Surgery1043223761


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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