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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Primary Medical Center Inc Geriatric Medicine1417927898
Colville Medical Center Ps Geriatric Medicine1265402689
Elias Name MAGeriatric Medicine1881664134
Harry Collins NJGeriatric Medicine1922078377
Preston Lane Peterson ORGeriatric Medicine1245201508
Martha Jean Root OKGeriatric Medicine1720058191
Primary Medical Group,c.s.p. Geriatric Medicine1174593545
Sam M. Nourani NVGeriatric Medicine1528039732
Shanthi Subbiah NJGeriatric Medicine1104897370
Charles P Maine VAGeriatric Medicine1396716668
Mark Zimmerman NMGeriatric Medicine1376514646
Mohammad Hussain TXGeriatric Medicine1326019555
Daphne Eleanor Schneider MAGeriatric Medicine1831160860
Marcelino Daniel Albuerne MDGeriatric Medicine1306817341
Nelson De Jesus Ramos PRGeriatric Medicine1912978958
Sanja Percac-lima MAGeriatric Medicine1508837428
First Knight Medical Inc FLGeriatric Medicine1780655647
A Ray Lewis Do Pa Geriatric Medicine1578534541
William Archibald Kerr MIGeriatric Medicine1184695868
Thomas E Lawrence PAGeriatric Medicine1861463507
Sandra C Busz MIGeriatric Medicine1700857430
Continuum Geriatric Services, Pllc Geriatric Medicine1740251487
Rebecca A Silliman MAGeriatric Medicine1598736076
Donald J Corey PAGeriatric Medicine1245201706
Jessica B Katz PAGeriatric Medicine1598736050
David A Cohen PAGeriatric Medicine1215908645
Michael Joseph Paletta MIGeriatric Medicine1760453195
David Romanoff PAGeriatric Medicine1396716718
Arunima Shrivastava MIGeriatric Medicine1770554164
Jeffrey B Ellis PAGeriatric Medicine1932171154
Primary Care Associates Llc Geriatric Medicine1922070341
Aimee Jane Seidman MDGeriatric Medicine1194797225
Rowansom New Jersey Institute For Successful Aging Geriatric Medicine1881666105
Ana A Padro- Diaz PRGeriatric Medicine1568434850
Lin-yuh Jenny Lee MAGeriatric Medicine1386616670
Geriatric Medical Associates Pc Geriatric Medicine1063484467
David Lynn Fairbrook WAGeriatric Medicine1295707537
Krishnamoorthy Baikady Rao MAGeriatric Medicine1376515643
Leonard Leo Levin VAGeriatric Medicine1679545792
Gregory D Williams PAGeriatric Medicine1083686216
Arthur L Hall Md Pa FLGeriatric Medicine1205808474
John F Nansteel PAGeriatric Medicine1558333583
James A Morris PAGeriatric Medicine1912979923
Rex D. Biedenbender VAGeriatric Medicine1184696148
Robert Dewey Vandenberg WAGeriatric Medicine1033181003
William V Choisser Md Pa FLGeriatric Medicine1215909122
Salustiano Ababon Pino TXGeriatric Medicine1548232457
Erica D Bernstein MAGeriatric Medicine1083686000
Jeffrey G Baxter ORGeriatric Medicine1053383893
Patricia Mcrobbie SCGeriatric Medicine1427020239
Ronald W Simonsen Md Pc PAGeriatric Medicine1447222039
Jacqueline Mohs MIGeriatric Medicine1295707891
Sanjiv K Sharma NJGeriatric Medicine1285607739
Donald A Mcdonald NYGeriatric Medicine1447222989
Blue Ridge Cardiology And Internal Medicine Pa NCGeriatric Medicine1851363311
Paul Chupka VAGeriatric Medicine1104898691
Maria E Samsonov CAGeriatric Medicine1598737025
Felix V Llamido FLGeriatric Medicine1770555203
Wayne R. Carlsen OHGeriatric Medicine1871566356
George Goodstein ORGeriatric Medicine1457324949
Linda A Morrow CAGeriatric Medicine1700859246
Aijaz Hussain NJGeriatric Medicine1851364301
Richard Alan Hochman MAGeriatric Medicine1457324709
Stephen S Falkowski FLGeriatric Medicine1902879158
Radha A Ramamrutham AZGeriatric Medicine1508839937
Gerald Gennaro Dimaso NYGeriatric Medicine1477526531
Keith Jay Lerner FLGeriatric Medicine1124091202
Richard Kelter NJGeriatric Medicine1154394286
Ronald William Simonsen PAGeriatric Medicine1043283096
Judith M Crouch MAGeriatric Medicine1437122413
Robert William Vaughn PAGeriatric Medicine1811960792
Mina Mamdouh Zeini FLGeriatric Medicine1871566786
Daniel Eric Wollman CTGeriatric Medicine1659344596
Christopher M Coley MAGeriatric Medicine1144293002
Susan Elizabeth Hardy MAGeriatric Medicine1124091905
Robert Henry Williams DCGeriatric Medicine1699748483
Nicole A Padmore VAGeriatric Medicine1932172756
Matthew Joshua Narrett MDGeriatric Medicine1144293838
Kenneth C. Dozier TNGeriatric Medicine1184697898
Jianming Xie FLGeriatric Medicine1922072529
Ronald A Gilson ORGeriatric Medicine1871566471
James Grayson Dixon VAGeriatric Medicine1609849272
Keiko Kimura NYGeriatric Medicine1518930189
William Cooper Thornton NCGeriatric Medicine1851364426
Elizabeth Foy White-chu MAGeriatric Medicine1588638183
Daniel E Fortier FLGeriatric Medicine1932173390
Marie J Trenga GAGeriatric Medicine1932173440
Daniel Kesden FLGeriatric Medicine1851365142
Joseph Thomas Palermo WAGeriatric Medicine1922072396
Andrew W March AZGeriatric Medicine1700850922
Marissa Caganap Galicia-castillo VAGeriatric Medicine1144294182
Nirmal B Singh FLGeriatric Medicine1194799288
Howe Avenue Medical Services, Pc Geriatric Medicine1902870090
Maria-dorina Cruz Sevilla NCGeriatric Medicine1114991098
Edgar A. Calvelo CAGeriatric Medicine1912971995
Duke T Lee AZGeriatric Medicine1306810338
Donald Ezra Rutherford MIGeriatric Medicine1811961899
Adam Karp NYGeriatric Medicine1346214236
Luis A. Guzman-lugo PRGeriatric Medicine1053385005
Fahim A Kazi MAGeriatric Medicine1427022672
Thomas Russell Grant VAGeriatric Medicine1427022169
Younghee J Limb NYGeriatric Medicine1811961766
Joseph Davy Kennedy VAGeriatric Medicine1851365613
Alicia Garcia Pangilinan VAGeriatric Medicine1477528131
Floyd E Knight MNGeriatric Medicine1902871577
Mark Howard Overton SCGeriatric Medicine1568437184
Ghassan Bachuwa MIGeriatric Medicine1437124062
William R Smith MAGeriatric Medicine1881669448
Myles Sheehan ILGeriatric Medicine1184699753
Consuelo M. Alvarez NHGeriatric Medicine1578537254
Manish Chopra NHGeriatric Medicine1275508988
Jeffrey B Burl MAGeriatric Medicine1699749309
Andrew W March M D Pllc AZGeriatric Medicine1922073535
Gregory L Johnson ILGeriatric Medicine1417922857
Charles Roy Klepper ARGeriatric Medicine1942275334
Gabriel Gavrilescu FLGeriatric Medicine1124093331
Ismael Toro Grajales PRGeriatric Medicine1063487171
James Dan ILGeriatric Medicine1841265964
Henry F Weil NYGeriatric Medicine1841265980
Jeffrey L Schneider OHGeriatric Medicine1174598080
Eric G Rodriguez PAGeriatric Medicine1073588067
Joseph John Ryan NJGeriatric Medicine1689649576
Diego Fallon FLGeriatric Medicine1932174794
Verna R Sellers VAGeriatric Medicine1396710422
Raymond Lanza NJGeriatric Medicine1376518407
Nancy T. Kenney PAGeriatric Medicine1316913130
James Evans MDGeriatric Medicine1568438208
Linda E. Aoyama CAGeriatric Medicine1760458533
Robert Allan Alter ILGeriatric Medicine1821064585
Karen Lynn Josephson CAGeriatric Medicine1356316129
Harry H. Rinehart ORGeriatric Medicine1972579720
Cardiology And Vascular Associates Pc Geriatric Medicine1962478743
Syed Fawad Hussain NVGeriatric Medicine1265408041
Syed A Moqeeth OHGeriatric Medicine1669448171
James Ray Larzalere KSGeriatric Medicine1184690695
East End Geriatric & Adult Medicine Pllc Geriatric Medicine1851367304
Jay P Slotkin NYGeriatric Medicine1780650226
Diane Eve Meier NYGeriatric Medicine1669448262
Denise A. Rettenmaier CAGeriatric Medicine1861468373
Senthil Raj Meenrajan FLGeriatric Medicine1215903638
John E Dugaw WAGeriatric Medicine1407822836
Samir Yamil Array FLGeriatric Medicine1811963234
Robin R Gunning COGeriatric Medicine1790751147
Christine Chang NYGeriatric Medicine1477529857
Hamid Reza Okhravi VAGeriatric Medicine1912973397
Helen Fernandez NYGeriatric Medicine1033185418
Eileen H Callahan NYGeriatric Medicine1396711776
Patricia Bloom NYGeriatric Medicine1699741074
S Brent Ridge NYGeriatric Medicine1609842988
Reena Karani NYGeriatric Medicine1427024702
Beatriz Korc-grodzicki NYGeriatric Medicine1336115617
Karen Gershman MEGeriatric Medicine1699741918
John R Dietlein UTGeriatric Medicine1447226717
John Loome MDGeriatric Medicine1023084209
Nathan P Newman FLGeriatric Medicine1861468019
Antolin J Padilla PRGeriatric Medicine1235105495
Elisabeth M Sethi MDGeriatric Medicine1215903471
Cheryl K Seymour MEGeriatric Medicine1023084233
Rex Shad Morgan SCGeriatric Medicine1992771000
Linda B Welles NYGeriatric Medicine1326014366
Cynthia Pan NYGeriatric Medicine1144296120
Kristin L Foley MAGeriatric Medicine1851367890
Mark C Baylor ILGeriatric Medicine1740256700
Candace Kim MAGeriatric Medicine1952377079
Emily J Chai NYGeriatric Medicine1861468837
Kay Flowers Mcfarland SCGeriatric Medicine1205803020
Donna Dawkins Ray SCGeriatric Medicine1598732307
Charles Stephen Davis NYGeriatric Medicine1689641490
Jeffrey K Larkin MNGeriatric Medicine1821065533
Methodist Manor Health Center, Inc. WIGeriatric Medicine1538136254
Jennifer L Lamberg ORGeriatric Medicine1548237332
Paulo Guillinta CAGeriatric Medicine1881661536
Leonardo Sison Delrosario FLGeriatric Medicine1518934272
Igor Bidikov ALGeriatric Medicine1649247545
Nathan Goldstein NYGeriatric Medicine1083681761
Abimbola Y. Awodipe TXGeriatric Medicine1508833203
Alexie Cintron TXGeriatric Medicine1386611051
Rosanne M Leipzig NYGeriatric Medicine1811964596
Midwest Medical Associates, Inc Geriatric Medicine1033186663
Steven B. Eisner PAGeriatric Medicine1285601773
Meade A Perlman OHGeriatric Medicine1417924978
Audrey Chun NYGeriatric Medicine1831166271
Donna Desmone NYGeriatric Medicine1356318703
Judy Baker Harrison FLGeriatric Medicine1912974288
Emmanuel Paintsil ILGeriatric Medicine1942277231
Andrea Ohldin MAGeriatric Medicine1427025717
Methodist Manor Health Center Inc. WIGeriatric Medicine1235106576
Suzan K Abdo MDGeriatric Medicine1588631824
Migy K Mathew OKGeriatric Medicine1154398352
Jonathan Hollister OHGeriatric Medicine1487621652
Vicki T Lampley OKGeriatric Medicine1841267036
G Paul Eleazer SCGeriatric Medicine1093782229
R Sean Morrison NYGeriatric Medicine1083681217
Germaine L Odenheimer OKGeriatric Medicine1508833732
Nancy Jane C. Friedley MDGeriatric Medicine1235106329
Banu Sezginsoy OKGeriatric Medicine1104893346
Anna Ursula Loengard NYGeriatric Medicine1699742841
Allison L Scarborough ORGeriatric Medicine1700853827
Karen M Ross OKGeriatric Medicine1265400170
James W Mold OKGeriatric Medicine1174591002


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