Providers with Taxonomy: Hand Surgery in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Hand Surgery
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Benjamin E Lesin 91405, CAHand Surgery1790788453
George W Balfour 91405, CAHand Surgery1053314716
Matthew Malerich 93311, CAHand Surgery1437154853
Alexandra M Burgar 94588, CAHand Surgery1801891932
Gregory Horner 94588, CAHand Surgery1295730331
Norman Paul Zemel 90045, CAHand Surgery1609871383
Albert R. Swafford 93311, CAHand Surgery1528063815
Eric L Freedman 92211, CAHand Surgery1417952797
Joel Louis Frazier 95350, CAHand Surgery1366448466
Tyler Elliott Harris 95816, CAHand Surgery1265439103
Richard D Perlman 92123, CAHand Surgery1013915941
Dori Neill Cage 92123, CAHand Surgery1871592253
Daniel Todd Robertson 89705, CAHand Surgery1801895974
Donald Bittner 92835, CAHand Surgery1538169578
Anthony Joseph Zoppi 90292, CAHand Surgery1972503431
Daniel P Birkbeck 94558, CAHand Surgery1265433254
Marc A Trzeciak 95350, CAHand Surgery1033111026
David Lee Daugherty 92056, CAHand Surgery1679575344
Dennis B Phelps 93105, CAHand Surgery1912991662
David Gail Smith 92037, CAHand Surgery1962497636
Mark N Halikis 92868, CAHand Surgery1114914397
Joseph Anthony Matan 94564, CAHand Surgery1568450146
Nathan Lewis Taylor 95630, CAHand Surgery1770570566
Joseph M Mann 92025, CAHand Surgery1851389977
Robert M Szabo 95817, CAHand Surgery1386634665
Robert H Allen 95817, CAHand Surgery1700876026
Michael W Leathers 95816, CAHand Surgery1386635332
Brett M Peterson 92868, CAHand Surgery1770564718
Raymond Benjamin Raven 91505, CAHand Surgery1932199478
Jean Ding 91006, CAHand Surgery1215918354
Thomas James Mcdonald 95370, CAHand Surgery1073504320
Toby Johnson 93720, CAHand Surgery1144203258
Enass Eskander Rickards 92037, CAHand Surgery1609850080
Cary Tanner 93720, CAHand Surgery1942284096
Harkeerat Singh Dhillon 92507, CAHand Surgery1811972375
Carl C Chen 92835, CAHand Surgery1235114950
Andrew P Hartman 92056, CAHand Surgery1356328355
Hot Springs Medical Surgical Group 93105, CAHand Surgery1740269174
Andre M.v. Chaves 90240, CAHand Surgery1659341766
Lis A Zin Stark 90240, CAHand Surgery1306816418
Richard David Tortosa 95991, CAHand Surgery1114902202
Steven S Shin 90045, CAHand Surgery1164407862
Eric Paul Hofmeister 91914, CAHand Surgery1093785206
Michael M Moore 95448, CAHand Surgery1356329577
Ricardo Avena 93720, CAHand Surgery1114903648
Roy J Caputo 90240, CAHand Surgery1003886029
Steven Nolan Brourman 90211, CAHand Surgery1891768396
Brian Fitzgerald 92134, CAHand Surgery1720050321
Edwin Meridith Ashley 90211, CAHand Surgery1417920919
Kodi K Azari 90095, CAHand Surgery1730152711
William A. Billings 94612, CAHand Surgery1710954649
Jacqueline Lezine-hanna 90292, CAHand Surgery1336116854
Christopher Jerome Wilson 95816, CAHand Surgery1043287618
Gregory M Alberton 92123, CAHand Surgery1457310179
Michael S Petersen 95616, CAHand Surgery1467428656
John Theodore Schwartz 94583, CAHand Surgery1114994985
Kendrick E. Lee 94611, CAHand Surgery1508833377
James Rafael Mcclurg 92121, CAHand Surgery1306817895
Norman Kenneth Poppen 95825, CAHand Surgery1760457196
Hiromu Shoji 92503, CAHand Surgery1164484069
Michelle A James 95817, CAHand Surgery1205892346
Michael Prados 94143, CAHand Surgery1467419432
Community Orthopedic Medical Group 92691, CAHand Surgery1508823873
Todd C Smith 95355, CAHand Surgery1104875517
Edward Diao 94108, CAHand Surgery1427009794
Helmer W. S. Huseby 94520, CAHand Surgery1245281419
Michael R Sathy 94040, CAHand Surgery1275586828
Douglas M Freedman 90404, CAHand Surgery1801846423
Lorenzo L. Pacelli 92037, CAHand Surgery1457315178
Chaparral Medical Group, Inc. 91730, CAHand Surgery1093777666
Mathias A. Masem 94612, CAHand Surgery1508810938
Christopher Arjang Zahiri 90211, CAHand Surgery1679528236
Vincent C Leung 95204, CAHand Surgery1972558021
Lorenzo Giles Walker 93036, CAHand Surgery1649210725
John Hearst Welborn 94564, CAHand Surgery1235179144
Ross Nathan 90807, CAHand Surgery1013957679
Kai Uwe Mazur 95405, CAHand Surgery1558304188
Kyle D. Bickel 94109, CAHand Surgery1619910726
Stuart Harvey Kuschner 90211, CAHand Surgery1275577892
Richard A. Rogachefsky 90260, CAHand Surgery1316981954
Charles Sherwin Lane 90048, CAHand Surgery1235173436
Trevor P Lynch 91405, CAHand Surgery1740225432
Montri D Wongworawat 92354, CAHand Surgery1235175035
Robert Michael Fay 92253, CAHand Surgery1609803287
Nicholas Elias Rose 92660, CAHand Surgery1174550784
Barry E Watkins 92354, CAHand Surgery1689603011
David T Bowen 92260, CAHand Surgery1821027228
Gregory J Hanker 91405, CAHand Surgery1811926975
Gordon Brody 94063, CAHand Surgery1275563561
Paul M Simic 91405, CAHand Surgery1205867488
Raymond Severt 95405, CAHand Surgery1003854159
H. Relton Mccarroll Jr. Md A Medical Corporation 94115, CAHand Surgery1528423506
Arthur Thiel 92354, CAHand Surgery1164461539
Reid A Abrams 92103, CAHand Surgery1548202245
Leonard Bodell 85004, CAHand Surgery1053365528
Rebecca S Yu Md A Professional Corporation 94705, CAHand Surgery1366475816
Stephen Joseph O'connell 92270, CAHand Surgery1831114966
Gary Kent Frykman 92374, CAHand Surgery1861418055
Robert M. Fay, M.d., Medical Corporation 90262, CAHand Surgery1275550154
Richard Alan Brown 92037, CAHand Surgery1477571958
James Kayvanfar 91321, CAHand Surgery1548288194
Mohamed A. Ibrahim 95350, CAHand Surgery1821011578
Stephen S Tzeng 91754, CAHand Surgery1932117272
Ross Nathan Md, Inc. 90807, CAHand Surgery1467465039
Christopher R Damon 95991, CAHand Surgery1093731622
Vatche Cabayan 94806, CAHand Surgery1558476903
David Charles Schiff 94510, CAHand Surgery1699795336
Myles J Cohen 90048, CAHand Surgery1437161080
Trung D Nguyen 92404, CAHand Surgery1528086279
Gary You-gang Chen 90015, CAHand Surgery1831123934
Alon A. Garay 92123, CAHand Surgery1578676573
Lamont Joel Cardon 94705, CAHand Surgery1245263789
Rebecca S Yu 94705, CAHand Surgery1306871231
Lamont J Cardon Md A Professional Corporation 94705, CAHand Surgery1295768745
Jerome Harold Unatin 90505, CAHand Surgery1619084969
Andrew Yoo Seung Lim 90505, CAHand Surgery1457468738
Michael Jameson Behrman 93105, CAHand Surgery1932217411
Daniel Robert Baxter 93701, CAHand Surgery1952411423
V Prabhu Dhalla 92501, CAHand Surgery1538279559
Paul Joseph Casey 92649, CAHand Surgery1740392802
Stephen M Hankins 95661, CAHand Surgery1306957584
Edward Horacio Bestard 92673, CAHand Surgery1396857769
David Lincoln Nelson 94904, CAHand Surgery1033220850
Tri valley Orthopedic Sports And Medical Group Inc 94550, CAHand Surgery1467563007
Annette Billings 90017, CAHand Surgery1528170784
Tri valley Orthopedic Specialists, Inc 94588, CAHand Surgery1043321680
Tri valley Orthopedic And Sports Medical Group Inc 95377, CAHand Surgery1609987254
Byron King 92123, CAHand Surgery1548371925
Stephen P Ferraro 96001, CAHand Surgery1366544595
Basil Rashad Besh 94538, CAHand Surgery1316040876
Robert Howard Roth 91355, CAHand Surgery1609971027
Tichenor Lowman Miller Medical Group Inc 90804, CAHand Surgery1801991963
George A. Macer 90807, CAHand Surgery1871699462
Donald Robert Huene 93701, CAHand Surgery1508962119
David Joseph Slutsky 90503, CAHand Surgery1932209491
Cathleen Ann Godzik 90017, CAHand Surgery1124128533
Robert Merrill Ruth 93105, CAHand Surgery1730273681
James D Matiko 92374, CAHand Surgery1407942113
James Roy Doyle 94574, CAHand Surgery1811085756
Gregory H Rafijah 92868, CAHand Surgery1740379809
Ranjan Gupta 92868, CAHand Surgery1285714337
Monica Sue Wood 95355, CAHand Surgery1740363605
Advanced Orthopedic Specialists Medical Corporation 93555, CAHand Surgery1679656649
Hand Center Of San Francisco 94109, CAHand Surgery1952485013
Mary Ann Bos 90240, CAHand Surgery1780768879
Donald Pang 94536, CAHand Surgery1235214909
Prosper Benhaim 90095, CAHand Surgery1669558615
Charlotte Shum 94611, CAHand Surgery1205914090
Alpine Orthopaedic Medical Group Inc 95204, CAHand Surgery1114005352
Stewart W Brown 90815, CAHand Surgery1811086077
Tracy Lee Bigelow 95209, CAHand Surgery1578662342
Solano Orthopaedic Spine And Joint, A Medical Corporation 94510, CAHand Surgery1467542126
M Ramin Modabber 90404, CAHand Surgery1922198092
Joseph M. Mann Iii, Md, Handsurgery Apc 92025, CAHand Surgery1891870044
Sohail Shayfer 91436, CAHand Surgery1134215395
Robert Ira Gelb 92024, CAHand Surgery1710079314
Regents Of The University Of California ucsd Medical Group 92103, CAHand Surgery1225130677
Mark David Jacobson 92120, CAHand Surgery1760551915
Leo T Kroonen 92134, CAHand Surgery1669547857
John F Cook 92660, CAHand Surgery1063588705
Sports Orthopedic And Rehabilitation Medicine Associates 94063, CAHand Surgery1538227707
Anthony H Nguyen 94040, CAHand Surgery1558421883
Douglas Howard Chin 94612, CAHand Surgery1578626271
Hand Surgery Consultants An Incorporated Medical Group 90806, CAHand Surgery1639233661
Thomas J. Sabourin 92014, CAHand Surgery1851456206
John M. Agee 95825, CAHand Surgery1861558215
John Fain Lawrence 90404, CAHand Surgery1346399466
Reginald Mccoy 95030, CAHand Surgery1902957178
Jeffrey Yao 94063, CAHand Surgery1699821942
Amy L. Ladd 94304, CAHand Surgery1710033071
Danny Levi Harrison 90240, CAHand Surgery1184763435
Matthew M Malerich Md Inc 93311, CAHand Surgery1619010287
Mark Rechnic 92037, CAHand Surgery1114060126
Andrea Sesko Bauer 95817, CAHand Surgery1639205354
Gregory Michael Balourdas 92103, CAHand Surgery1194856427
Jonathan Lam 94063, CAHand Surgery1134250103
Lorenzo G. Walker, M.d., A Professional Corporation 93036, CAHand Surgery1417075490
Parviz H Goshtasby 92663, CAHand Surgery1912030479
Bruce V Foerster 92119, CAHand Surgery1467593335
P. Bertil Weldon Smith 92078, CAHand Surgery1295890101
Basil R Besh Md Inc 94538, CAHand Surgery1649316399
Torrey Pines Orthopaedic Medical Group Inc 92037, CAHand Surgery1942344791
Torrey Pines Orthopaedic Medical Group Inc 92037, CAHand Surgery1982749586
Desert Orthopedic Center, A Medical Group Inc. 92262, CAHand Surgery1003973389
Hand Surgical Associates, Inc. 94040, CAHand Surgery1104944933
Amirhesam Ehsan 90027, CAHand Surgery1316163744
Gary Chen Md Inc 90015, CAHand Surgery1891912432
Mike Lehoang 90033, CAHand Surgery1962629030
Adam Z Franklin 92673, CAHand Surgery1508084120
Mitchel U Silverman 91403, CAHand Surgery1215156328
Jonathan Allen Gant 95661, CAHand Surgery1720295231
Mohana Amirtharajah 94158, CAHand Surgery1902014574
Stephen A. Smith 93711, CAHand Surgery1679782924
Ying Chi 92708, CAHand Surgery1518178169
Medical Group Of Beverly Hills 90211, CAHand Surgery1255534459
Ramin Pooyan 92262, CAHand Surgery1568666022
Justin B. Heller 93534, CAHand Surgery1639373590
Charles S Lane ,m.d., Inc. 90048, CAHand Surgery1396941720
Dominic J Mintalucci 95405, CAHand Surgery1114126869
Paul Thang Dinh 92868, CAHand Surgery1518159961


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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