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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Hematology oncology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Davood Vafai CAHematology oncology1629066220
Bakhti J Sinor NEHematology oncology1477540177
Patrick J Ward OHHematology oncology1093709297
Andres Wilfredo Bhatia FLHematology oncology1700872710
Manuel L. De La Puerta FLHematology oncology1508851577
Unni C Thomas FLHematology oncology1851388573
John J Azar WVHematology oncology1407840572
Walter Quan CAHematology oncology1760479000
Richard J. Gualtieri ALHematology oncology1306839774
Radhika Rachamalla NYHematology oncology1669466595
Dan Costin NYHematology oncology1033103155
Saoud Loutfi ILHematology oncology1598750101
Agnes Charles Torres PRHematology oncology1639166689
James R Cohen NVHematology oncology1578557682
Matthew Page Jones WVHematology oncology1548255755
Stephen E Campbell PAHematology oncology1649264946
Kaleem Ahmad NJHematology oncology1629065982
Dima Haitham Abdul Jabbar FLHematology oncology1790926269
Elyse E Lower OHHematology oncology1447244843
Robert L Donnell MIHematology oncology1700874542
Martin Abrams CTHematology oncology1073507851
Andrea Lee Veatch WAHematology oncology1952398158
Bhanu Visvalingam FLHematology oncology1336132844
Joseph Wynn Sullivan FLHematology oncology1982691689
Ronald N Rubin PAHematology oncology1639167489
Alina Mastan NYHematology oncology1285620245
Carlos M Castillo FLHematology oncology1922095884
Mathew Luke FLHematology oncology1790772044
Zhen Hou FLHematology oncology1912994872
Jeffrey M Harris FLHematology oncology1225025182
Eric M Bonnem NHHematology oncology1265426035
Leonard Thomas Hackett CAHematology oncology1669466868
Benjamin S Himpler NYHematology oncology1962497529
Douglas K Hawley OHHematology oncology1821082595
Roger J Waltzman NYHematology oncology1093703654
Michael K Bergen COHematology oncology1851385330
Forrest Swan WIHematology oncology1841284429
Venkatadri C Beeki MOHematology oncology1619960044
Gerard J Ventura TXHematology oncology1962499947
Gus A Gonzalez MOHematology oncology1962497594
Robert Kenneth Oldham FLHematology oncology1548255334
Mark Anderson MAHematology oncology1588652093
New York Oncology Hematology, P.c. Hematology oncology1609863448
Rufus Collea NYHematology oncology1205822012
Lawrence Garbo NYHematology oncology1740276484
Peter Lamparello NYHematology oncology1821085242
Alan Rauch NYHematology oncology1356338917
Regina Resta NYHematology oncology1144217712
Howard Schlossberg NYHematology oncology1023005691
Karen Tedesco NYHematology oncology1083601124
Michael Willen NYHematology oncology1912994849
Ira Zackon NYHematology oncology1578550414
Blanche Mavromatis DCHematology oncology1336137876
Linh Khuu WIHematology oncology1801884218
Eastbay Hematology/oncology Consultants, Inc Hematology oncology1700874120
Rizwan Danish MIHematology oncology1720076284
Joyce Renick Fahrner MIHematology oncology1639167109
Myron Emil Bednar NJHematology oncology1235127622
Jose Noy FLHematology oncology1497743736
Martha A. Tracy CAHematology oncology1174511448
Jorge Antunez De Mayolo FLHematology oncology1407844798
Luis Villa FLHematology oncology1932197233
Kenneth Blankstein NJHematology oncology1184612566
Hunterdon Hematology Oncology, Llc Hematology oncology1154319531
Hugh E Tobin TXHematology oncology1548258833
Sarkis Anac FLHematology oncology1326036534
Sergio Xiques FLHematology oncology1922096130
David H. Irwin CAHematology oncology1780672048
Aqeel Abbas Gillani NYHematology oncology1639167737
Jose C Suarez AKHematology oncology1346238474
Donald E Macfarlane IAHematology oncology1013905181
John E Smith NJHematology oncology1275521361
Lawrence Negret FLHematology oncology1033107156
Jonathan J Cohen FLHematology oncology1396733424
Everardo Cobos TXHematology oncology1194713354
Charles M Farber NJHematology oncology1144218215
Kenneth F Mangan PAHematology oncology1740278829
Lance Leopold PAHematology oncology1386632461
Thomas R Klumpp PAHematology oncology1194713271
Carlos A Vidal FLHematology oncology1891783932
Stacey B Leibowitz NJHematology oncology1801884853
Matthew T Hurford NYHematology oncology1598753543
Frances Valdes FLHematology oncology1487642583
John Patrick Stoutenburg NYHematology oncology1306834411
James Kyle Bryan WAHematology oncology1467440446
Stefan Korec NMHematology oncology1134117278
Muhammad Zafar ILHematology oncology1811985856
Michal Gillian Rose CTHematology oncology1962490904
Thein H Oo TXHematology oncology1215925250
Jonathan D Lopez CAHematology oncology1881682714
Prabodh C Shah ILHematology oncology1316935240
Zoneddy Ruiz Dayao NMHematology oncology1124016084
Krishna A Rao ILHematology oncology1235128109
Thomas H Carter IAHematology oncology1093703951
Daniel J Berg IAHematology oncology1841289790
Raymond J Hohl PAHematology oncology1710975651
Stuart A Monroe VAHematology oncology1942299714
Gang Ye WAHematology oncology1245229137
Susan Carol Guba TXHematology oncology1558350462
Jaya Vanisti Juturi TXHematology oncology1710976626
Gabriel Avaum Shapiro TXHematology oncology1124017033
Alden Hostetter VAHematology oncology1124017041
Nora Chien Yee Ku CAHematology oncology1649269465
Robert C. Dillingham VAHematology oncology1013906874
Maxwell C Mcdonald LAHematology oncology1699764589
Steven William Mamus FLHematology oncology1730178658
Brian M Quinn NJHematology oncology1811986664
Ralph S Desimone VAHematology oncology1629067491
Hampden County Physician Associates, Llc Hematology oncology1992794770
Gopal R. Kunta FLHematology oncology1043209950
William James Maples FLHematology oncology1043209778
Richard G Emanuelson PAHematology oncology1407845191
Catherine L Mathieu VAHematology oncology1447249057
Madhuri Yalamanchili NYHematology oncology1528057189
John N Rust VAHematology oncology1568451219
Anne L Rassiga PAHematology oncology1548259294
Lynn H Samuel VAHematology oncology1013906627
Daniel P Bellina NYHematology oncology1720077373
Harvey James Hamrick GAHematology oncology1124017769
Ronald P Harris NYHematology oncology1447249099
Broome Oncology Llc Hematology oncology1518956176
Jon Reisman OHHematology oncology1407845902
Marian Frances Fagan TXHematology oncology1205825775
Arthur H Rossof ILHematology oncology1558350942
Joseph Nicholas Napoli COHematology oncology1629067012
Rajat Malhotra ILHematology oncology1982693370
Claudia Tellez ILHematology oncology1114916517
Richard Torres CTHematology oncology1194714519
Cheryl Dawn Kovalski MIHematology oncology1144219577
Jonathan D Kloss NYHematology oncology1134118565
Iftikhar-ahmad Shahid Chouhdry NYHematology oncology1639168933
Mark Michael Guffy IAHematology oncology1982693289
Robert Henry Laugen WAHematology oncology1548259740
Susan G Brown ILHematology oncology1003805375
Manatosh Banerji ILHematology oncology1164411435
Mark T Stivers KSHematology oncology1992794143
Michael T Lyster ILHematology oncology1114916350
Alicia Detraglia NYHematology oncology1376532499
Arun V Sheth NYHematology oncology1548259583
Fermina M Mazzella NJHematology oncology1275522344
John M Morrison CAHematology oncology1821087933
Serazul A Khan NYHematology oncology1073502019
Charles D Taylor MAHematology oncology1104815190
Bojana Bjekic-bhardwaj FLHematology oncology1497744403
Robert Louis Sheffler WAHematology oncology1427047455
Bassim Kobrossy IAHematology oncology1639169675
Jeffrey L Berenberg HIHematology oncology1275523250
David S Hewitt CAHematology oncology1124018148
Albert Dekker CAHematology oncology1578553590
David M Kaufman CAHematology oncology1639169592
Osama A Hlalah FLHematology oncology1144210022
Laviza Mahmood DCHematology oncology1093705972
Mitchell Garrison WAHematology oncology1114917960
Alessandro Papa RIHematology oncology1295725141
Lawrence Scott Blaszkowsky MAHematology oncology1225028137
Ina Planas CAHematology oncology1871583575
Sparks Regional Medical Center Hematology oncology1669462461
Mountain View Hospital Llc IDHematology oncology1669462362
Leonard A White MOHematology oncology1821088550
Olga Frankfurt ILHematology oncology1962492611
Duane P. Moores GAHematology oncology1598755191
Abraham Cheong GAHematology oncology1285624882
Robert James Mayer MAHematology oncology1659361327
Donald M Birch MIHematology oncology1740270420
Pravin Chimanlal Mehta KYHematology oncology1720078173
George R Bowers MAHematology oncology1629068119
Andrew D Mckee MEHematology oncology1811987316
Lata Chandi Thatai MAHematology oncology1447240858
Kathleen M Tonkin NEHematology oncology1144210402
Amanda Dawn Bauer NEHematology oncology1053301317
Melissa A Cetak NEHematology oncology1588654842
John Joseph Weitz MNHematology oncology1942290465
Jayashree Krishnan DCHematology oncology1679563118
Vincent T Devita CTHematology oncology1891785341
Ann Marie Mullally MAHematology oncology1679563910
Thomas Richard Spitzer MAHematology oncology1477543783
Frank B Lane FLHematology oncology1447240775
Richard Jaebong Lee MAHematology oncology1871583096
Erkut Bahceci CTHematology oncology1043200272
Bimalangshu Ranjan Dey MAHematology oncology1679563845
Jeffrey K Klotz TXHematology oncology1659361855
Beverly Moy MAHematology oncology1932199106
Osteopathic Medical Oncology & Hematology P.c. Hematology oncology1780674093
Kevin L Mortara WIHematology oncology1033109210
East Norriton Physicians Services Hematology oncology1316938483
Lauren E Dias MAHematology oncology1215928346
New York University NYHematology oncology1528059532
Thomas Ryan NYHematology oncology1194716134
Andrew Jenho Yee MAHematology oncology1568453496
Naim T. Nazha Md Pc NJHematology oncology1013908847
Medical Oncology hematology Associates Inc. Hematology oncology1649261470
Sierra Hematology And Oncology Medical Center Hematology oncology1992796759
Craig Kenneth Deligdish FLHematology oncology1679564462
Vance M. Wright-browne FLHematology oncology1528059227
Michael Mullane WIHematology oncology1053302729
Luis Chu FLHematology oncology1336130046
Malik T Bandealy WIHematology oncology1568453298
Janice F. Eakle FLHematology oncology1386635019
Lowell L. Hart FLHematology oncology1245221993
William G Matthaeus WIHematology oncology1326039074


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