Providers with Taxonomy: Hematology oncology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Hematology oncology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Anita Kaul 93065, CAHematology oncology1689677205
Robert Andrew Dichmann 93454, CAHematology oncology1245232578
James Yu-chih Tsai 92543, CAHematology oncology1437152857
An Duy Nguyen 92648, CAHematology oncology1023011384
Rupa Subramanian 92081, CAHematology oncology1376547174
Gary L. Harkins 93401, CAHematology oncology1942204375
Everard Hudson Hughes 95501, CAHematology oncology1225033152
Thomas A Marsland 94954, CAHematology oncology1477558716
Vandana Agarwal 91767, CAHematology oncology1134124548
Vinod Chandrashekhar Patwardhan 91786, CAHematology oncology1114922606
Julie Anne Dunhill 90211, CAHematology oncology1083610570
Barry E. Rosenbloom 90211, CAHematology oncology1518963016
Fred P. Rosenfelt 90211, CAHematology oncology1306842802
Philomena F. Mcandrew 90211, CAHematology oncology1104822600
Dorothy J. Park 90211, CAHematology oncology1083610596
Robert Leon Robles 94523, CAHematology oncology1518963958
Jewel Johl 94523, CAHematology oncology1407852858
Lucy Song 95051, CAHematology oncology1699771030
Matthew Nelson Sirott 94523, CAHematology oncology1023014461
Erwin Peter Gabor 90211, CAHematology oncology1992701239
Elber S Camacho 92262, CAHematology oncology1598761710
Robert W Decker 90211, CAHematology oncology1023014164
Leland M. Green 90211, CAHematology oncology1730185877
David M.j. Hoffman 90211, CAHematology oncology1538165675
Raymond W. Lee 95116, CAHematology oncology1053317818
Ravinder K Arora 94578, CAHematology oncology1952307720
Michael P Fangman 93463, CAHematology oncology1093711806
Glen Robert Justice 92708, CAHematology oncology1295731826
Gabriel Carabulea 92673, CAHematology oncology1063419604
Marsha Gay Fink 91910, CAHematology oncology1801892419
Krishna Reddy 91767, CAHematology oncology1063417624
Karen Elaine Mercola 90212, CAHematology oncology1225035884
John T Ganey 94531, CAHematology oncology1215935713
Ostap G Melnyk 94578, CAHematology oncology1205834702
Hyma Tanikella Vempaty 95051, CAHematology oncology1750389250
Bimal J Patel 94531, CAHematology oncology1841298221
Andrea Stebel 92663, CAHematology oncology1447258389
Shehzad Aziz 93901, CAHematology oncology1295732410
Geetha Varma 93901, CAHematology oncology1740287978
Raymond C Heung 92117, CAHematology oncology1699772756
Michael Mcgrath 94110, CAHematology oncology1508399155
George Labban 95124, CAHematology oncology1114925542
Gilbert Mudiwa Nyamuswa 89052, CAHematology oncology1235136854
Kishore Sehgal 92543, CAHematology oncology1689671034
William Maxwell Buchholz 94024, CAHematology oncology1699774406
Sultanali Alidina 90805, CAHematology oncology1063411684
Jerome Gary Davidson 91325, CAHematology oncology1114926490
Sheldon Jerome Davidson 91325, CAHematology oncology1457350738
William Lawler 92835, CAHematology oncology1700886702
Carl Lester Singerman 91325, CAHematology oncology1134128556
William A Newsom 95945, CAHematology oncology1518959188
Changgao Yang 90740, CAHematology oncology1366435638
Lloyd Stuart Nagasawa 92691, CAHematology oncology1487647335
Howard H Cheng 92653, CAHematology oncology1366435299
David B Okun 92653, CAHematology oncology1306839287
Minch K Fong 92691, CAHematology oncology1407849284
James M Malone 93401, CAHematology oncology1457343113
Jeffery Marc Krakower 94062, CAHematology oncology1144213190
Anuj Mahindra 92037, CAHematology oncology1063405082
Marshall Stanley Flam 93720, CAHematology oncology1891789004
Peter Stephen Wittlinger 93720, CAHematology oncology1609860808
Harry Samuel Menco 91360, CAHematology oncology1720074099
John A Hayward 95926, CAHematology oncology1376539411
Chester Walter Gottlieb 90277, CAHematology oncology1033106026
Qaiser Niaz 94545, CAHematology oncology1528056389
Davood Vafai 92270, CAHematology oncology1629066220
Walter Quan 92555, CAHematology oncology1760479000
Leonard Thomas Hackett 93720, CAHematology oncology1669466868
Amy Li Matecki 94704, CAHematology oncology1770571077
Martha A. Tracy 94609, CAHematology oncology1174511448
David H. Irwin 94704, CAHematology oncology1780672048
Jonathan D Lopez 94533, CAHematology oncology1881682714
Nora Chien Yee Ku 90277, CAHematology oncology1649269465
John M Morrison 93292, CAHematology oncology1821087933
David S Hewitt 93292, CAHematology oncology1124018148
Albert Dekker 91345, CAHematology oncology1578553590
David M Kaufman 93292, CAHematology oncology1639169592
Ina Planas 92708, CAHematology oncology1871583575
Mala N. Reddy 94611, CAHematology oncology1144211749
Thomas S. Lossing 93436, CAHematology oncology1265423487
Labib Hashimi 91710, CAHematology oncology1508847625
Alex S Metzger 94904, CAHematology oncology1821070590
Lisa Law 95695, CAHematology oncology1548242308
Carol M Richman 95817, CAHematology oncology1326020090
Richard Mcneill Guy 95817, CAHematology oncology1578545190
Jerry Sherman Powell 95817, CAHematology oncology1780666198
Derick Hon Man Lau 95817, CAHematology oncology1801879077
Kit Sang Lam 95817, CAHematology oncology1306829577
Michael S Tanaka 95817, CAHematology oncology1205819471
Mukundkumar V Patel 86305, CAHematology oncology1164411724
Jayaram S. Bharadwaj 92801, CAHematology oncology1083602155
Susan R. Lessin 94085, CAHematology oncology1629066618
Lidia Schapira 94305, CAHematology oncology1669463709
Lisa E Lamberth 93703, CAHematology oncology1245297233
Amitabha Mazumder 90241, CAHematology oncology1881682318
Swarna Sundari Chanduri 91767, CAHematology oncology1629050489
Ronald Wisdom 95817, CAHematology oncology1184607079
Karen Chee 94402, CAHematology oncology1487637310
Rajiv Malik 92404, CAHematology oncology1255314977
Samir Kubba 92404, CAHematology oncology1164405882
Diana Superfin 94598, CAHematology oncology1750365953
David Raymond Gandara 95817, CAHematology oncology1528042587
Dennis A Hilliard 92404, CAHematology oncology1659355691
Warren H Fong 92663, CAHematology oncology1699759555
Mihail Obrocea 91355, CAHematology oncology1942284559
Ghaleb Aadel Saab 92506, CAHematology oncology1396720850
Stacy D'andre 95817, CAHematology oncology1629053939
Gregory Heestand 94305, CAHematology oncology1770568867
Fairooz Kabbinavar 90095, CAHematology oncology1801871819
Srinivas C Gummaraju 95817, CAHematology oncology1154306991
Jeffrey Mcleroy 95817, CAHematology oncology1134104946
Minh Tue Huynh 90720, CAHematology oncology1023093838
Cheryl Ho 95817, CAHematology oncology1912982729
Samuel S Kuo 93274, CAHematology oncology1861478422
Grace Ku 95817, CAHematology oncology1538145719
Miguel Cerejo 94523, CAHematology oncology1447236344
William H. Isacoff 90024, CAHematology oncology1891773123
Joan F. Kroener 92037, CAHematology oncology1720067150
Sangeeta Aggarwal 95128, CAHematology oncology1225008394
Quy Nguyen-hoang Tran 95655, CAHematology oncology1437135266
Brian J Leberthon 91790, CAHematology oncology1326023979
Tait D Shanafelt 94305, CAHematology oncology1295712677
Yi-kong Keung 91801, CAHematology oncology1326023482
Lyudmila A. Bazhenova 92037, CAHematology oncology1093791006
Lesley C Martin 94520, CAHematology oncology1114900834
Vasanth K Kumar 91011, CAHematology oncology1689657496
Gigi Qiqi Chen 94523, CAHematology oncology1821073636
Akil Abid Merchant 90048, CAHematology oncology1821074857
Michael Denis Masterson 91361, CAHematology oncology1649240052
Rowan Chlebowski 90502, CAHematology oncology1902876386
Preston S. Gable 92134, CAHematology oncology1275504466
Elaine Melissa Kaime 96161, CAHematology oncology1396716114
Kota Chandra Shekar 93465, CAHematology oncology1013988583
Nelson Lim 94553, CAHematology oncology1093786592
Gary G Shi 95642, CAHematology oncology1235101437
George Anthony Luiken 92134, CAHematology oncology1780656090
Robert Brouillard 92037, CAHematology oncology1487626420
Rafael Bejar 92093, CAHematology oncology1720051493
Michael Wu 95065, CAHematology oncology1700850104
Robert Allan Havard 93277, CAHematology oncology1225002694
Shu Dean Hsu 93277, CAHematology oncology1912971300
Bhupinder Singh Chatrath 93230, CAHematology oncology1023082088
David Alfred Pfister 94609, CAHematology oncology1689649212
Jeffrey W. Andrey 92037, CAHematology oncology1700851482
Paul J. Dugan 94558, CAHematology oncology1992770069
Kathryn Alyce Henick 90404, CAHematology oncology1912972779
Teresa Lynn Helsten 92093, CAHematology oncology1265408678
David S Cheng 94539, CAHematology oncology1104892652
Gregory B. Smith 94574, CAHematology oncology1265408447
Sam Mazj 95926, CAHematology oncology1043287378
Elvira A Milano 95240, CAHematology oncology1558339119
Jurgen W Kogler 92123, CAHematology oncology1972571263
Thomas A Shiftan 92123, CAHematology oncology1659349710
Charles H Redfern 92123, CAHematology oncology1225007396
Huan-you Wang 92103, CAHematology oncology1689633729
Ming Choo Kuan 94577, CAHematology oncology1043279995
Ahmed Kamal Sadiq 94538, CAHematology oncology1700845229
Henry Chang-lien Yang 91723, CAHematology oncology1255391512
Sivakumar Reddy 95661, CAHematology oncology1710947858
Holly Yamada 91016, CAHematology oncology1003876038
Merry Lynn Tetef 92653, CAHematology oncology1194784785
Kristie A Bobolis 95661, CAHematology oncology1932168598
Alfred Saleh 92123, CAHematology oncology1780653857
Ram Lalchandani 95608, CAHematology oncology1114993813
Albert K.q. Siu 95355, CAHematology oncology1710955364
Marilou Terpenning 90272, CAHematology oncology1033184890
Maria C Dungo 90720, CAHematology oncology1235101874
Gregory Blair 95608, CAHematology oncology1598731291
Paul Herman Coluzzi 92604, CAHematology oncology1972563906
Colin Paul Spears 95819, CAHematology oncology1023084720
Elwyn Clement Cabebe 95124, CAHematology oncology1821067281
Shahid Pervez Malik 89128, CAHematology oncology1588635312
Milton Rolando Drachenberg 90806, CAHematology oncology1245291723
Gerald Randgaard Hanson 92646, CAHematology oncology1770545287
William E. Miller 92037, CAHematology oncology1669434874
Sung Ha Ryoo 94565, CAHematology oncology1043272206
Gene Victor Sherman 90245, CAHematology oncology1073576310
Tiffany Holcombe Svahn 94523, CAHematology oncology1518920479
Lloyd Damon 94143, CAHematology oncology1548224058
Alan P. Venook 94143, CAHematology oncology1487618831
Ted Alan Heckman 95969, CAHematology oncology1730143116
Charles A. Linker 94143, CAHematology oncology1811951957
Richard Vadheim Smith 95966, CAHematology oncology1740244979
Bichlien Nguyen 92708, CAHematology oncology1417912239
Khai The Vu 92708, CAHematology oncology1770548596
Timothy R Hamill 94107, CAHematology oncology1124083944
Leonid Kleynberg 90048, CAHematology oncology1891750212
Bruce H Zietz 91307, CAHematology oncology1184689002
Lee Joel Levitt 95128, CAHematology oncology1386600211
Peter Samuel Kennedy 90057, CAHematology oncology1104882810
Vera Kleynberg 90048, CAHematology oncology1568428324
Melanie Palomares 91010, CAHematology oncology1750347548
George W Sledge 94305, CAHematology oncology1780640318
Nabil A Phillips 92705, CAHematology oncology1043276405
Ming Zhou 95355, CAHematology oncology1619933850
Promila Dhanuka 96001, CAHematology oncology1225094469
David H Adkins 95355, CAHematology oncology1104883644
Hope S. Rugo 94115, CAHematology oncology1033176581
Margaret A. Tempero 94115, CAHematology oncology1225095730
Sanford J Shattil 92103, CAHematology oncology1679530844


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