Providers with Taxonomy: Hematology oncology in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Hematology oncology
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sumit Sawhney 33321, FLHematology oncology1548263353
Alfred M. Kalman 33321, FLHematology oncology1588667398
Abraham Rosenberg 33321, FLHematology oncology1306849120
Rohan Faria 33321, FLHematology oncology1265435077
Jose Leonel Ochoa-bayona 33612, FLHematology oncology1669475158
Yallappa Nadiminti 34208, FLHematology oncology1609879022
Koteshwar R Telukuntla 34208, FLHematology oncology1588667901
William T Mcgarry 32960, FLHematology oncology1760486005
Frederick M Weeks 32960, FLHematology oncology1225030471
Michaela G Scott 32963, FLHematology oncology1649272899
Rakesh Rohatgi 32159, FLHematology oncology1750383980
Amit Indravadan Shah 33872, FLHematology oncology1407850449
Harish K Malhotra 32504, FLHematology oncology1194729939
Raju V Rao 34613, FLHematology oncology1053315648
Kapisthalam S Kumar 34652, FLHematology oncology1255335758
Bruce K. Stechmiller 32610, FLHematology oncology1245234624
Jaswant S Jadeja 32207, FLHematology oncology1306841622
Keith M Justice 32086, FLHematology oncology1477558708
Suprith Badarinath 32204, FLHematology oncology1972508356
Jeffrey A Bubis 32003, FLHematology oncology1801891288
Yousif Abubakr 32207, FLHematology oncology1023013497
Leann L Fox 32204, FLHematology oncology1285639609
Thomas G Gaddis 32250, FLHematology oncology1346245768
Suneel L Mahajan 32207, FLHematology oncology1528063856
Kevin K Hunger 32204, FLHematology oncology1386649606
Thomas S Davis 32204, FLHematology oncology1710982822
Mehdi M Moezi 32003, FLHematology oncology1053316190
Kenneth H Goldstein 32073, FLHematology oncology1770588733
Jeffrey Dimascio 32258, FLHematology oncology1679578595
Jaydev H Avashia 33853, FLHematology oncology1144225939
Kamal Haider 33805, FLHematology oncology1659376192
Antonio Trindade 33805, FLHematology oncology1306842836
Yasir Alhassani 33617, FLHematology oncology1932105442
David Joseph Ahr 33401, FLHematology oncology1366447880
Todd Adam Gersten 33414, FLHematology oncology1962408047
Elisabeth Anne Mckeen 33401, FLHematology oncology1407852585
Avram Jonathan Smukler 33401, FLHematology oncology1225034309
Daniel Lewis Spitz 33401, FLHematology oncology1134125214
Robert Jeffrey Green 33401, FLHematology oncology1396741377
Florida Hospital Medical Group Inc 32751, FLHematology oncology1225034234
Robert Julian Jacobson 33401, FLHematology oncology1659377638
Neal Evan Rothschild 33401, FLHematology oncology1568468544
Gajanan A Kulkarni 34652, FLHematology oncology1962408849
Paul Melton Dodd 32174, FLHematology oncology1538165113
Rodrigo G Garcia 34236, FLHematology oncology1740287309
Asher Chanan-khan 32224, FLHematology oncology1194722462
Hematology And Medical Oncology Of Southern Palm Beach County Inc 33435, FLHematology oncology1437157062
Alan B Grosbach 32608, FLHematology oncology1891793006
Said M Baidas 32806, FLHematology oncology1871591990
Ruby Anne Deveras 32114, FLHematology oncology1306844360
Marcos Guapindaia Joppert 34684, FLHematology oncology1780683482
Rafael L. Rocha 33733, FLHematology oncology1750380903
Robert Bruce Killeen 34691, FLHematology oncology1841290681
Mark Segal 43219, FLHematology oncology1093715385
Rebecca Lynn Moroose 32806, FLHematology oncology1972503159
Robert B Reynolds 32701, FLHematology oncology1043210263
Nam Hoang Dang 32610, FLHematology oncology1871593913
Subhash P Sheth 40215, FLHematology oncology1942201652
Michael Allen Kutell 33016, FLHematology oncology1992706568
Vijay M Raghavan 40215, FLHematology oncology1316948995
Thomas Joseph Reed 34239, FLHematology oncology1497756811
David F Sciortino 33607, FLHematology oncology1336141241
Ashok Kumar 33027, FLHematology oncology1225030141
Hitesh Patel 33756, FLHematology oncology1831191246
Mark S Michelman 33756, FLHematology oncology1225030620
Priya Shiva Vishnubhotla 32806, FLHematology oncology1952393803
Luis Ramon Barreras 33308, FLHematology oncology1780676346
Francisco Ernesto Belette 33176, FLHematology oncology1669464129
Mohammad Jahanzeb 33442, FLHematology oncology1114919503
Raul C Castillo 32701, FLHematology oncology1073506341
Arshad Ahad 33952, FLHematology oncology1487647293
Marco Andres Ruiz Andia 33028, FLHematology oncology1356334171
Anju Vasudevan 34471, FLHematology oncology1043203888
Geethanjali K Akula 32806, FLHematology oncology1366435927
Barry S Berman 33442, FLHematology oncology1578556098
Carlos A Alemany 32804, FLHematology oncology1770576258
Bhanu Visvalingam 32763, FLHematology oncology1336132844
Dima Haitham Abdul Jabbar 33612, FLHematology oncology1790926269
Maria R Flores 32806, FLHematology oncology1003809435
Frederick N Wittlin 33180, FLHematology oncology1306830138
Robert A Hirsch 33180, FLHematology oncology1093709669
Manuel A Martinez 33180, FLHematology oncology1447244017
Michael H Greenhawt 33180, FLHematology oncology1891789467
South Florida Oncology Hematology 33180, FLHematology oncology1306831722
Elmer P Brestan 32503, FLHematology oncology1801881222
Allen J Patton 32501, FLHematology oncology1841285368
Thomas D Sunnenberg 32504, FLHematology oncology1225023641
Alejandro A Inclan 32503, FLHematology oncology1023003456
Thomas J Fitzgerald 97330, FLHematology oncology1336134766
James Cohen 33021, FLHematology oncology1194710400
Anna Ninny Abraham 33028, FLHematology oncology1922093335
Gabriel Domenech 33027, FLHematology oncology1427043785
Thomas B Tan 32503, FLHematology oncology1275528382
German Herrera 32501, FLHematology oncology1073508180
David Frank Andrews 32501, FLHematology oncology1326033440
Manuel L. De La Puerta 32605, FLHematology oncology1508851577
Daren Grosman 33028, FLHematology oncology1831184738
Atif Hussein 33021, FLHematology oncology1245225143
Robert Kenneth Oldham 32536, FLHematology oncology1548255334
Lucio Navarro Gordan 32605, FLHematology oncology1346235975
Robert R. Koch 33701, FLHematology oncology1972598597
Sandra Franco 33021, FLHematology oncology1376539924
Lyle Craig Feinstein 33176, FLHematology oncology1871589416
Alejandra Perez 33021, FLHematology oncology1396731964
Andres Wilfredo Bhatia 32605, FLHematology oncology1700872710
Prashant R Patel 34994, FLHematology oncology1336135102
Steven Siegel 32204, FLHematology oncology1033106752
Joel Stone 32204, FLHematology oncology1942297668
Unni C Thomas 32207, FLHematology oncology1851388573
Joseph Wynn Sullivan 32177, FLHematology oncology1982691689
Linda Sylvester 32073, FLHematology oncology1669469367
Kelley A Trent 32073, FLHematology oncology1689661399
Fernando O Recio 33487, FLHematology oncology1245227818
Marc A Warmuth 32086, FLHematology oncology1265429989
Linda F Lukman 32701, FLHematology oncology1568459006
Emad Salman 33908, FLHematology oncology1538156906
Integrated Community Oncology Network Llc 32258, FLHematology oncology1932196250
Mathew Luke 32034, FLHematology oncology1790772044
Robert Allen Joyce 32207, FLHematology oncology1699762906
Alan David Feinberg 33176, FLHematology oncology1538156872
Paul Robert Kaywin 33176, FLHematology oncology1598752842
Integrated Community Oncology Network Llc 32250, FLHematology oncology1467449785
Alan Roy Marks 32207, FLHematology oncology1538156856
Regional Consultants In Hematology Oncology, Inc. 32207, FLHematology oncology1447247762
Grace Wang 33176, FLHematology oncology1881681013
Fernando Ignacio De Zarraga 33176, FLHematology oncology1578550810
Alberto Larcada 33176, FLHematology oncology1679560924
Integrated Community Oncology Network Llc 32073, FLHematology oncology1821085101
Integrated Community Oncology Network Llc 32177, FLHematology oncology1730176017
Integrated Community Oncology Network Llc 32256, FLHematology oncology1932196243
Leonard Kalman 33176, FLHematology oncology1215924535
Integrated Community Oncology Network Llc 32207, FLHematology oncology1922095207
Integrated Community Oncology Network Llc 32204, FLHematology oncology1851388128
Howard William Wallach 33156, FLHematology oncology1346237575
H Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Life Time Cancer Scrn Ctr Inc 33612, FLHematology oncology1306833595
Christopher T Soprenuk 34788, FLHematology oncology1962499111
Syed Khalid Mahmood 32405, FLHematology oncology1174510184
Steven Gary Fein 33176, FLHematology oncology1437146552
Enrique Davila 33180, FLHematology oncology1750378709
Carlos M Castillo 32256, FLHematology oncology1922095884
Jeffrey M Harris 32073, FLHematology oncology1225025182
Zhen Hou 32204, FLHematology oncology1912994872
Arnold S. Blaustein 33140, FLHematology oncology1497743124
Jose Lutzky 33140, FLHematology oncology1235127929
Jason Tache 33324, FLHematology oncology1679561294
Elisa Krill-jackson 33140, FLHematology oncology1427046085
Joseph Frank Pizzolato 33140, FLHematology oncology1447248109
Michael Alan Schwartz 33140, FLHematology oncology1972591683
Mike Cusnir 33140, FLHematology oncology1962490631
Jose Noy 33133, FLHematology oncology1497743736
Mary Jo Villar 33016, FLHematology oncology1003804287
Tomas Braunschweig 33013, FLHematology oncology1265420459
Jorge Antunez De Mayolo 33133, FLHematology oncology1407844798
Luis Villa 33133, FLHematology oncology1932197233
Jolly Varki 33125, FLHematology oncology1912995101
Sarkis Anac 33133, FLHematology oncology1326036534
Sergio Xiques 33175, FLHematology oncology1922096130
Julio Garcia 33133, FLHematology oncology1093703126
Lawrence Negret 33176, FLHematology oncology1033107156
Jonathan J Cohen 33125, FLHematology oncology1396733424
Carlos A Vidal 33125, FLHematology oncology1891783932
Frances Valdes 33133, FLHematology oncology1487642583
Marc Alan Saltzman 33180, FLHematology oncology1750379897
Steven William Mamus 34233, FLHematology oncology1730178658
Gopal R. Kunta 34711, FLHematology oncology1043209950
William James Maples 32224, FLHematology oncology1043209778
Alvaro Moreno-aspitia 32224, FLHematology oncology1952390684
Candido Edgardo Rivera-linares 32224, FLHematology oncology1497744122
Lawrence Arthur Solberg 32224, FLHematology oncology1124017850
Carlos Roberto Midence 33176, FLHematology oncology1073502753
Kerry E Chamberlain 33770, FLHematology oncology1073502233
Bojana Bjekic-bhardwaj 33179, FLHematology oncology1497744403
Steven B Newman 34119, FLHematology oncology1750370755
Osama A Hlalah 33880, FLHematology oncology1144210022
Richard D Fernandez 33919, FLHematology oncology1558351437
Frank B Lane 33609, FLHematology oncology1447240775
James A Stith 33907, FLHematology oncology1255321584
Shalini Mulaparthi 33805, FLHematology oncology1427048537
Craig Kenneth Deligdish 32901, FLHematology oncology1679564462
Vance M. Wright-browne 33980, FLHematology oncology1528059227
Luis G Rangel 33013, FLHematology oncology1487645149
Luis Chu 34236, FLHematology oncology1336130046
Janice F. Eakle 34232, FLHematology oncology1386635019
Lowell L. Hart 33905, FLHematology oncology1245221993
Robin D. Lifton 34285, FLHematology oncology1437140068
Richard H. Buck 34232, FLHematology oncology1609867472
Vinicio Hernandez 32819, FLHematology oncology1154312783
Scott D. Dunbar 33908, FLHematology oncology1912998634
Paul W. Gonter 34292, FLHematology oncology1295726933
Kenneth S Graff 32901, FLHematology oncology1720079304
Scott D. Lunin 34288, FLHematology oncology1003807645
Paul R. Landry 34205, FLHematology oncology1902897523
William N. Harwin 33908, FLHematology oncology1164413589
Eric T. Lubiner 33980, FLHematology oncology1487645628
Brian K. Kim 33901, FLHematology oncology1861483166
Vernon P Montoya 32024, FLHematology oncology1124019427
Jeffrey L. Paonessa 33707, FLHematology oncology1215928478
Jennifer L. Ball 33761, FLHematology oncology1386635548
Andrew E. Hano 33701, FLHematology oncology1801887062
Joseph R Mace 33705, FLHematology oncology1083605240


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